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Month: December 2018

A little insight

Hi folks!

I figured I give you a little insight on how I get inspired for new stories. Currently I’m working on a new story named “The Magnificent Zafar”. Most of my inspiration for this story came from the picture you see below. Okay, maybe someone photo-shopped it, but heck! I like it!!!

So stay tuned! I think it’s about 75% finished by now, so hopefully in the beginning of January I’ll post it up here.

For now I wish everyone a happy new year and thanks for reading my and Alex’ stories!

Take care!


I did it!

It’s done! I’ve submitted Eternal Transcendence to Nifty. Now it’s out there for everyone to read. I’m really excited about it I must admit.

I’ve also made a little change on the site. A fan emailed me with some comments, compliments and his own story for my inspiration and he asked if the text of the story blog could be in black for better readability.  I figured he was absolutely right, so I just changed it. Thanks for the tip Kevin!!

Take care everyone!


My first story ever!

Hi guys!

I’m really proud of just posting my first ever story! I just completed it and posted it on this site. In a few days I’ll send it to Nifty too, but this way you all get to be the first to read it. As this is my first story and Englsh isn’t my native language, I’m super duper curious what you guys think of it. All comments (good and bad!) are greatly appreciated!
Right now I’m starting to write my second story, but considering the time it took to finish this one, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you 🙂 But of course I’ll keep you posted if there is anything new to report.

Your comments can be e-mailed to: jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com, as a comment under this post, or the story post. Or just drop it in the Guestbook section. I don’t care, as long as there is feedback…



Eternal Transcendence

Eternal Transcendence – Other formats:


Eternal Transcendence
Started by Alex Hawk
Completed by Jason Crow

Her name was the Eternal Transcendence, a 40-foot sailboat based out of San Diego. I’d rented her for… well, more money than I cared to think about, but it was worth it. Currently, I was at the wheel, getting everything set to go. This was a state-of-the-art, high-tech sailboat. All I’d have to is program the course (San Diego to Hawaii, stage one of our round-the-world cruise), and the computer would control the course, it would control the sails, etc. It was pretty neat! Basically, all I and my thirteen-year-old son, Jaden, would have to do is hang out, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Jaden was currently sitting at the bow, waiting for us to get started. He was the love of my life! I’d gotten his mother pregnant back when we were both nineteen. We’d decided to get married cause it seemed like the right thing to do, but we broke up and divorced several years later when he was seven. I had the better income (about $200,000 a year thanks to my programming job), and the more stable life, so I got custody.

“We ready to go, Dad?” he asked, standing up and walking towards me.


I made a few last adjustments. I ran over a mental checklist, making sure we had all the emergency gear, the food, and everything else we’d need.

Finally, I said, “Ok, let’s cast off!”

“Cool!” Jaden said, fairly bouncing with joy.

This was his birthday present, though he’d turned thirteen a couple of months ago. I hadn’t been able to do anything special with him then, but I was determined to make up for lost time, and a summer vacation that involved sailing around the world seemed like the best bet. We cast off and I took the boat out. For the first part of the trip, until we were out of San Diego, I was planning to pilot the boat myself. With the traffic around here, it seemed like the best bet. I trusted the computer to get us across a few thousand miles of empty ocean but even I wasn’t about to trust it to get us out of San Diego in one piece.

“I’m gonna cook us some breakfast!” Jaden announced as he dropped down into the lower part of the ship.

It was pretty cool down there. We had a small galley, a small bathroom (head), and a little living area with benches that folded out into bunks. It was cramped, but we’d spend most of our time up on the deck anyhow. By the time Jaden had some breakfast ready I’d gotten us past the worst of the traffic. I still didn’t want to engage the autopilot until we were really out into the open ocean, so I ate standing at the wheel. It actually took me a lot longer to get out there than I thought and it wasn’t until about two in the afternoon before I felt comfortable turning control over the computer. In the meantime, Jaden had changed into a pair of Speedos and an unbuttoned shirt. He was currently laying out on the deck reading from his Kindle. I’d purchased him copies of all the great seafaring novels, like the works of Rafael Sabatini, the Horatio Hornblower novels, and the Jack Aubrey books. I hoped he’d like them. I also hoped for something else.

“I hope you have sunscreen on,” I called out.

“I do, Dad, don’t worry.”

A couple of hours went by. I pulled out my own Kindle and began to relax and unwind. During this time, Jaden removed his shirt and was now lying face down on the deck in only a pair of Speedos. I smiled to myself seeing him. He was such a good kid. The rest of the day passed with us just relaxing together. Eventually, I went to the galley and made us some dinner. We talked for a bit and then dropped into our bunks fairly early, drifting off to a quiet sleep on the wide-open ocean.

* * *

We woke up early the next morning, the sun streaming through the ports into the bunk area. Jaden was already awake and wearing nothing but his Speedos and preparing some coffee. I yawned, stretched, and got out of bed, pulling on my shorts and t-shirt.

“Hey, Dad,” Jaden said as I walked up to him.


I cooked us up some breakfast. We ate quietly and then I went up onto the deck, checking the settings on the computer and seeing how much farther we had to go before we got to Hawaii (it was a few days yet). A bit before noon, as I was sitting with my feet dangling in the water and pondering the idea of trying to fish, Jaden came up to me.

“Hey, Dad? I got kind of a strange question.”


“Is it ok if I take off my Speedos and tan without them? I got a really bad tan-line from wearing them yesterday, see?”

He pulled down one side of his Speedos, exposing a line of pale, white flesh.

“Since we’re out here all alone, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to just tan naked, you know?”

I considered this and then shrugged.

“Well, go ahead. Just make very sure you have sunscreen everywhere. The last thing you want is a sunburned dick.”

Jaden laughed.

“I will, Dad. Thanks!”

He vanished below and then a few minutes later came back up. I looked over in time to see his bare ass as he walked over to the bow of the boat, laid out a towel, and lay on it face down. He did have a nice butt, I noticed vaguely. Smooth, round, and firm. If he’s gay, I thought to myself, he’ll have no problem finding a boyfriend. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to fish, so instead, I grabbed my Kindle and sat back against one of the masts, where I began to read “Master and Commander”. It seemed appropriate.

I lost myself in the world of 19th-century sailing and after a bit, when I looked up to take a small break, I saw something that caused my heart to skip a beat. Jaden was still lying on the deck getting his suntan, but now he’d flipped over and was lying on his back, his face turned away from me, apparently asleep. He really had a magnificent body for a thirteen-year-old boy, but what really caught my eye was his very stiff adolescent penis. It was crowned by a small patch of brown hair and was about four inches long.

My mind pictured a girl his age riding him and my own penis paid an instant visit to Hard-On City. Now I wasn’t gay, and I certainly wasn’t into teenage boys, much less my own son. Sure, when I was about his age, I’d fooled around with some other boys; it was a good way to get off, but since I’d lost my virginity at sixteen, I’d be strictly into girls. But seeing Jaden’s stiff penis, seeing his innocent young sexuality out on display, well… something about that really hit me hard and got me hard.

Before I knew it, I was reaching into my shorts and pulling out my own penis, stroking it as I looked at my son and thought about some lucky young girl riding him to mutual orgasm. With a shuddering gasp, I suddenly had my own orgasm, my sperm spurting out onto the deck. As the pleasure of the orgasm faded, I thought to myself: “what the fuck was THAT?”

I put my penis away and cleaned up my sperm, wondering what on Earth had possessed me to jerk off to my naked son. I’d never had any even remotely sexual thoughts involving him before. I shook my head to clear it. Oh, well. This was just a one-time thing. I had no reason to believe it would ever repeat itself, so I could safely ignore it and move on with my life.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I did my best to put out of my head the fact that I’d jerked off while looking at my naked son. It wasn’t as easy as I’d initially thought it would be, since Jaden seemed to enjoy being nude and didn’t put on any clothes even after he was suntanned everywhere. I didn’t have the heart to tell him to put his Speedos, or anything else, on.

At one point when Jaden and I were both fishing, he was standing just a couple feet from me, his now soft penis at my eye level as I was sitting. I tried not to stare as I remembered it hard. It was almost hypnotic. I eventually had to force myself to turn away, cause the last thing I wanted was for my son to see me staring at his junk.

We went through the rest of the evening, just generally making small-talk with me trying to ignore his gloriously nude body. I had no idea why I was getting so obsessed over him! It was really frustrating and very annoying, not to mention more than a little creepy. Eventually, we went to bed and I did my best to fall asleep and put any thoughts of Jaden out of my mind.

Then at one point, sometime late after I’d fallen asleep, I woke up to an odd noise. Staying motionless, I cracked open an eye and looked over at Jaden’s bunk. In the faint moonlight from the port, I could see him lying on his back, his mouth slightly open, his eyes closed and his hand moving rhythmically under his blanket, right at crotch level. He was masturbating, I realized, and got instantly hard. It was all I could do to keep from whipping out my own penis as I watched my son indulge in his adolescent sexuality. It brought out so many feelings of lust in me it wasn’t even funny.

I figured they were all based on my own memories of sex with other boys when I was his age. Either that or I really wanted my son, which didn’t seem likely. Jaden continued to masturbate and as I watched his breathing began to increase. After a few more moments, he pulled the blanket down, and I saw him stroking his penis rapidly.

Soon he let out a little gasp of pleasure and I watched as his sperm arced out of his young erection and all over his chest and stomach, the fluid glistening in the moonlight. God, it was incredible! Jaden laid there on the bunk, breathing hard and still holding his penis. Eventually, he grunted a little, cleaned up his sperm with a sock he’d had near his pillow, and then covered himself back up and turned towards the wall, drifting off to sleep.

My own sleep didn’t come so readily, and in fact, didn’t come at all until I did so in the head. After that, I was able to fitfully pass out.

* * *

Several days went by. I spent most of my time monitoring the auto-pilot, reading from my Kindle, and trying not to look at Jaden too much, since he’d not bothered to put clothing on since he’d taken it off to sunbathe. It was an incredible sight to see. We arrived on time in Hawaii, coming into port in Honolulu. A day out from the port, I told Jaden to start wearing clothes again, which he did, though somewhat reluctantly. That was nothing compared to the reluctance I’d felt in having to ask him to.

We got into Honolulu a bit afternoon. I had in mind for us to spend all of this day and the next in Hawaii, and then we’d set out again. We went to a hotel I’d arranged for us, where we both took nice, hot showers, glad to have all the salt off our bodies. Then we got a late lunch and spent the day just wandering about the city, playing tourist.

The next morning, I dropped Jaden off at a movie theatre in a mall by the hotel so he could see a film he’d wanted to watch. I took that time to restock the galley, knowing that it was a pretty long away to our next stop in Saipan. On a whim, I also made two other, minor stops. I figured these two stops wouldn’t amount to anything, but you never knew.

Then I went to a bar where I picked up a reasonably attractive woman, took her back to our hotel room, and nailed her hard. I was hoping that by doing so a: I’d restore my near-total heterosexuality and b: I’d stop lusting after my son. The sex was good and when I picked up Jaden later in the day, I felt that I’d restored myself to my default settings and desire him anymore, which was, to put it mildly, a good thing.

The next morning we got ourselves together, had a good breakfast, and went down to the Eternal Transcendence. Two hours later, after going through all the checklists and making sure everything was stowed, we were off, sailing through the harbor and heading out to sea.

Our first day back on the ocean was interesting. We had to both regain our sea legs and get used to being out on the water instead of dry land. For Jaden, this meant stripping down to his Speedos and heading up to the deck to work on his tan, read and fish. For me, this meant trying not to pay attention to Jaden being in his Speedos.

Eventually, the night came and we retired below-decks for a nice little dinner and some TV watching. After a bit, we settled down and I tried to get to sleep while keeping one eye on Jaden’s bunk in case he decided to masturbate again. Sadly, I fell asleep pretty quickly and had no idea if my boy got off or not…

* * *

Sometime during the night something startled me and woke me up. I assumed it was Jaden masturbating again, so I once again cracked open an eye and peeked at his bunk. It was empty, so I assumed he was taking a leak or something. When I turned around to sleep some more, I heard Jaden call me.

“Dad! Come quick! I think someone’s in trouble!

I quickly got up and went on deck to check it out. Far away in the distance, I saw a flare going down in the sky. I hurried to the wheel to turn on the radio and scan the channels. I didn’t hear anything but decided to turn off the computer, take the wheel myself and sail towards the place where we last saw the flare. Maybe we saw it both wrong, but I could hardly imagine it. I realized I was still in my boxers and then I looked at Jaden and saw he too was in his sleeping outfit with even fewer clothes than me.

“Jaden, I think there’s been an accident or something We need to go check it out and maybe help those poor people”

“What can I do to help?”

“I need you to be an extra pair of eyes and ears Together we have a better chance of spotting them.”

“Okay, dad. Do you think it’s bad like maybe some people died?”

I hadn’t thought about that yet. I figured we’d call for help if we knew what was going on. Now I was second-guessing that thought.

“I don’t know son. I honestly don’t know. Maybe someone is making fireworks for fun, but I doubt it.”


Jaden looked a little pale and I decided to distract him a little.

“We’re not exactly dressed to have some company over, are we?”

He looked at my boxers and down at his own nude body and smiled a bit.

“Why don’t you put some clothes on and get me my trousers? In the meantime, I will keep sailing toward that flare we saw.”

He did what I suggested and was back in no time. I slipped my trousers on and kept sailing toward the point I had in my mind, wondering if it was still the right spot considering the dark, black ocean that will make you feel disoriented fairly quickly.

“There it is again dad!” Jaden called out.

I saw the flare again almost at the spot I had pinned in my mind. We were heading in the right direction.

“Turn on the searchlight Jaden,” I said.

Jaden went to the bow of the ship and flipped on the searchlight. He pointed it toward where we were sailing and we saw… Well, nothing. In the dark, it’s pretty hard to estimate the distance. I thought I was almost there, but then we saw a little yellow light in the distance.

“Dad! That’s a fire burning! Hurry up!”

I realized he was right. Unfortunately, the ship wouldn’t go any faster on just its engine and we both weren’t able to operate the sails properly, so this was it. The good news was that now I could focus on a destination instead of guessing where to go. The bad news of course was that the people on, what I assumed was a boat on fire, were probably in a lot of trouble. It took us way too long to get close to the fire. Jaden urged me on several times, which I ignored after telling him we couldn’t go faster. I figured it was the adrenaline speaking for him. I was acting on some sort of autopilot myself.

The fire was slowly dying, which I doubted was a good sign. We sailed through some debris and at last, we saw the silhouette of what seemed a half-sunken boat in the water with a small fire on one end. Jaden pointed the searchlight on the boat and I saw I was right. This was a half-sunken boat that would probably sink pretty soon.

“Please help us!” we heard a voice call us.

In the searchlight I noticed two small forms moving toward us. I couldn’t see them very well, due to the dark and the moving searchlight. I rotated the boat, so it was parallel with their boat. Jason did a great job operating the searchlight and keep them as much in the light as possible.

“Can you swim?” I asked them.

“Yes. And we have our lifejackets on” a boyish voice said.

“Good. Do you think you can swim to our boat?”

“Yeah. I think we can” the boy replied.

“Jason. You follow them in the water with the searchlight, so we won’t lose ‘em.”

“Will do, dad.”

“Okay. You swim to us one by one and I will help you get aboard”

“You go first” I heard the boy say.

I went to the stern of the boat and took the boat hook so I could help them aboard if they were unable to. The stern had special stairs to help us get aboard if we went swimming but I didn’t know if they were exhausted or something. This way I could quickly help them aboard. I heard a splash and looked over to their ship. Jason did as I told him and followed the person in the water with the light. After a short swim, I saw a girl appear at the stern and helped her get on.

“Your turn!” I shouted, and there was another splash.

After a few moments the boy appeared at the stern and then he got aboard.

“Anyone else?” I asked.

The boy looked down at his feet.

“No. Nobody else….” He softly said. I noticed an accent that I couldn’t quite place.

And just like in some bad movie, the boat slowly sank while we were standing there, just having saved everyone. We all watched as the last bit was going underwater and then I took a first real look at our guests. The boyish voice I heard did belong to a boy, that was sure. He was about the same age as Jaden judging by his height and form. He was wearing an orange life jacket and bright pink swim shorts that were completely torn on his right leg.

I could see his multi-color Björn Borg boxer briefs where his shorts were torn. I also noticed he wore a white tank-top-like shirt under the lifejacket. The boy had dirty blond hair which was, not surprisingly, dripping wet just like the rest of him. The other person I guessed was his sister. Maybe even his twin sister. She had the same dirty blond hair and about the same height and age. She was wearing yellow bikini bottoms and a black t-shirt under her lifejacket. She too was dripping all over the deck. Jaden obviously had been thinking ahead, because he brought some large towels with him when, at least I assumed it was, he went down to get clothes for him and me. He gave both of them a towel.

“Here. And why don’t you take off your lifejacket?” he softly said.

“Thanks,” the boy said and he took off his lifejacket, wrapped the towel around him, and looked at his feet again. The girl did the same, but she still said nothing. Then the boy started crying. He started crying with everything he had in him and it broke my heart. I wrapped my arms around him and tried to comfort him. The girl came to us, hugged the boy and me and started crying too. I looked at Jaden and I saw he found it difficult to keep himself together, so I nodded my head to come too. He came to us and we stood there hugging each other and crying. With all this misery around me, it was impossible for me to keep my own eyes dry. After a while, the kids stopped sobbing and we broke the hug. I could feel that the boy and girl were shaking a bit from the cold despite the towels. Of course, they still had their wet clothes on.

“Jaden, can you get some of your clothes up here? I guess they want to change in something dry, don’t you?”

“Yes mister. That would be nice. I’m pretty cold”.

“Please. Call me Jim.”

“Okay, Jim. And thanks a lot for helping us” he said and he gave me a very big hug.

Jaden came up and laid some of his clothes on the benches. He gave one of his swimming shorts and one of his t-shirts to the boy. To the girl, he gave her a sweater and a pair of khaki shorts.

“You can go down below and change if you like,” I said to them.

“You go, Lilly. I’ll change here” he said to the girl and she went down to the lower deck.

The boy took off his tank top and looked at the clothes Jaden had given him. He dropped his torn swim shorts and smiled at us.

”I don’t think I’ll wear these again” and tossed them aside.

He turned his back to us and dropped his boxer briefs. I knew I had to look away but was mesmerized by his cute butt. He had a really nice tan except for his white butt where I assumed his shorts usually were. He took the towel and started drying himself. I tore my eyes away from his butt and looked at Jaden. I saw he was checking him out too. I heard Lilly come up on deck behind us and turned around. She was wearing the khaki shorts and the blue sweater Jaden gave and carrying her yellow bikini and black shirt.

“Shall I hang these to dry?” she asked. It was the first thing she said since all this had started.

“Give me that. I’ll do that. You can go sit over there” Jaden said and took the clothes from Lilly.

In the meantime, the boy had pulled up Jaden’s shorts and walked toward Lilly while putting on the Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt Jaden had given him. He gave the girl a hug and a kiss on her cheek. She hugged back, looked at me, and started smiling a little.

“Are you ok?” the boy asked.

“Yes. Now that we’re safe and I still have you, I’m starting to feel a bit better again Elias” she said.

“All right. Now we know you’re your names we can get to know each other. My name is James, but everyone calls me Jim. This is my son Jaden. Why don’t we sit down, drink some tea, and talk a bit about what happened and what to do next, Okay?”

“Good idea! I’ll go make some tea” Jaden said.

“Can I help you?” Lilly asked.

“Sure. Come with me” Jaden said and he smiled at her.

Just before they went down, Elias looked at the horizon.

“The sun is coming up!” he called and he started to smile too.

Damn! They both had very cute smiles. I really liked seeing them that way. Elias and I sat down on the seats on deck and started talking. I quickly learned they indeed are twins and both 13 years old. In fact, they are only three weeks older than Jaden. We made some small talk and pretty soon Jaden and Lilly joined us with the tea. Elias, Jaden, and I talked a lot. We learned that Elias and Lilly came from Sweden, which for me explained the accent, and they were on a similar boat trip as us with their stepdad. Both Elias and Lilly, who was quite quiet until now, talked a lot. I got the feeling they were getting more and more comfortable with us which was nice.

They didn’t yet want to talk about what exactly had happened on their ship and Lilly went even quieter when this subject came up. I decided to let the subject rest for now. Eventually, they’ll want to talk about it and I was a willing ear to listen to it. The only thing I really wanted to know is what they thought I should do with them. I couldn’t reach the coastguard around here and besides that, I wasn’t even close to the US. Elias and Lilly said they wanted to go with us wherever we were heading. When we would reach ashore, we would at that moment decide what to do.

After a while, we had learned a lot about each other. Elias was a great soccer player he said and Lilly really liked swimming. She swam contests on a national level in Sweden which Jaden and I found really impressive. Of course, we also told a lot about ourselves. By the time we were done talking we had eaten our breakfast and the sun was high in the sky. Jaden had changed into his speedos and Elias had taken off his t-shirt. I was down to my trunks, but Lilly was still wearing that sweater. I could see she was hot so I suggested to take off the sweater not realizing she was naked under these clothes.

She apparently thought it was a good idea because she walked over to the spot where all clothes were drying and picked up her bikini. She stood with her back to us, pulled up her sweater, and dropped her pants. I could hear a little gasp from Jaden beside me, but he continued to talk with Elias like nothing happened.

Elias didn’t notice or didn’t care, but I had another instant hardon. Lilly had pretty much the same butt as Elias and I was really enjoying the view. She pulled up her bikini briefs which caused me to see a little sideboob. Jaden cleared his throat beside me and I found my hardon get increasingly painful. Lilly didn’t have real boobs so it seemed. Maybe just an A cup, but damn! It was a fine sight! It also made me think about the way people from Europe deal with nudity. They don’t seem to make such a big fuss about it like we do in the US. I was suddenly quite glad about Jaden’s approach to his nudity so far and was a bit proud he was so comfortable with it.

I looked over at Jaden from the corner of my eye and saw he too was having an issue in his lower region. Except in his speedo’s, it was virtually impossible for him to hide it. I was wearing board shorts and it was wide enough to hide everything after a little adjustment. Jaden casually put his hands in his lap to hide it as much as possible. After Lilly put on her bikini top, she came back to us and sat down between me and Jaden. If she noticed Jaden’s state, she didn’t show any reaction to it.

Lilly gave me another hug and asked if she could sit with me. I said I didn’t mind and lifted my arm for her to snuggle up against me. She did just that and let out a big sigh. I sat back a little myself and started to relax. We’ve already had a long and intensive day behind us, even if it was only about 1 p.m. yet.

“Dad? Do you mind if we lie down on the bow and sunbathe for a while?”

“Of course not. Go ahead, boys.”

Lilly gave another sigh. I looked down at her and noticed she had dozed off. So I decided to sit back a bit more and nap a little too. A lot had happened today and I needed to figure out what actually happened on that ship and what to do with these two amazing kids. In the distance, I heard Jaden and Elias giggle a little. At least everyone seemed to get along well. That was a great plus.

* * *

Sometime later I woke up. Lilly had turned a bit at my side which apparently woke me. The sun was still high in the sky. I seemed to have slept for about two hours which was good and made me feel refreshed. My leg was sleeping because of the way I fell asleep. I looked down at Lilly and could barely hold back a gasp. Her bikini top had shifted a bit and now her right tit was almost completely showing. And just like when Jaden laid on deck with his stiff penis on display this one hit me hard too. Also literally quite hard.

The upside for me was that Lilly was a girl so I could fool myself there. But she was also a 13-year-old girl, which was a little bit disturbing. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who liked teenagers. To make matters worse, Lilly had dropped her hand on my thigh only inches away from my boner. I tried to think about dead puppies or something, but that didn’t work too well. So I looked over to the bow of the ship in an attempt to take my mind of the almost naked girl with her hand practically on my boner. That was a bad idea….

Jaden had obviously meant by asking about the sunbathing if they could sunbathe the way he did it so far. In their defense, I must say it resulted in a wonderful sight. Two adolescent boys, both with wonderful bodies, lying side by side on their back in their full, nude glory. I knew then and there I was hooked. Jaden’s penis was soft and lying a bit to his left and Elias’s penis was between soft and hard and lying straight up his body.

I could still see his light-colored patch of pubes above his penis. The size of their penisses didn’t differ that much. Elias’s penis was a little bit bigger and fatter, but not too much. Both had a good, a little above sized penis for a thirteen-year-old. The big difference was that Elias’s penis wasn’t circumcised. Jaden, and me too for that matter, had been circumcised when he was a baby. Every guy I knew was circumcised and now I was seeing my first real-life uncircumcised dick on a really fine thirteen-year-old boy!

This was all too much for me. I couldn’t help my penis twitching hard in my shorts. It hit Lilly’s hand. And again. I needed to regain some control over myself, so I started doing some math in my head. I calmed down a little bit and soon felt Lilly stir beside me. She was waking up because my penis had hit her… It was a bit mind-blowing. She began to sit up, which allowed me to quickly adjust my dick so it wouldn’t be that noticeable and less painful. I hoped it would go down soon this way.

“Wow. I was really out of it” Lilly said.

“Me too. I slept for nearly two hours.”

Lilly must have felt her bikini problem because she blushed a bit and adjusted herself while trying not to be too obvious about it. I decided to act as if I hadn’t noticed her nude breast with the hard nipple almost touching me… And there was the math again.

“Oh…” I heard Lilly say beside me.

I looked at her and saw she was looking at the boys. She smiled a bit but didn’t look away.

“Do you want me to tell them to put some clothes on, Lilly?” I asked.

“No, no. It’s fine. Let them be. I’ve seen my brother naked lots of times when we hit the sauna. We’re from Scandinavia, remember? I just didn’t expect it. That’s all.”

“I think we should wake ‘em up, don’t you?”

“Yeah. We should. Uhm… Does Elias have an erection?”

“Not quite. It’s between soft and erect. Jaden’s penis is soft and I’m guessing Elias can get bigger and stiffer than this.”

“I’ve never seen it this way….” She said.

“Why does Jaden’s penis have a red tip? It’s different from Elias’s penis.”

“Jaden was circumcised when he was a baby. That means they cut off the extra skin covering the head of the penis. That’s what you see on Jaden’s penis.”


“In Jaden’s case, his mother and I decided to do it mainly because of hygiene reasons. But in the US most boys are circumcised as a baby, so it felt like a natural thing to do.”

“Oh.” She let that sink in for a moment and asked “Are you circumcised too?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I am.” Acutely aware of my returning boner.

“Do you like it?”

“I don’t have any memory of not being circumcised, so I cannot compare. But yes. I really like my penis” I laughed.

Lilly smiled that gorgeous smile again. I saw her nipples sticking up through the fabric of her bikini top. Apparently, she was getting a little aroused too.

“I’m really glad I can talk to you about this stuff. Our stepdad would never do that. He would also never let Elias lie in the sun like this.” And that great smile was gone.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“No. Not yet. I want to tell you, but I won’t do it without Elias at my side. And I don’t want to talk about it yet. We will talk about it later. I promise!”

“No problem Lilly. I understand. We do have to talk about it eventually, but I agree now is not the time.”

“Can I wake the boys?” She asked.

“Sure. But be gentle okay?”

Lilly got up and started to walk toward the boys. Her right bum was hanging below her yellow bikini briefs. This was one sexy little girl. She adjusted her briefs and stood by the boys. I could see she was looking over both their naked bodies and took her time doing that. Elias’s penis had softened a bit, which would make it a little less awkward for him.

Lilly gently woke both boys by gently shaking them by their shoulders. They both stretched and yawned. Seeing these glistering young bodies move in such ways was a real treat for the eye. I saw Lilly look too and she couldn’t keep her eyes of Jaden’s body and in particular his penis. Jaden’s first reaction was to cover himself when he saw Lilly, but he quickly realized that it wasn’t necessary. Elias looked over at me with a little worry on his face as he quickly started to look for his swimming trunks.

“Don’t,” Jaden said to him. “My dad doesn’t mind if we get an all-over tan. Do you dad?”

“I don’t mind, but I’m not the only one on this ship anymore. What do you think Lilly?”

“I don’t care. I like what I see” she said and gave me a little smile.

In my mind, I had abandoned the idea that this was all wrong. Heck! I liked what I saw, the kids didn’t mind my presence at all, so I might as well enjoy it. It wasn’t like I was molesting them or something, right?

* * *

We spend the afternoon relaxing some more. Jaden and Lilly did some fishing and had a good time judging by all the laughing and talking. I saw Lilly look at Jaden’s penis several times and it looked like Jaden didn’t mind. And why should he? Elias relaxed on the couch with me. He laid his head in my lap and started reading Moby Dick which he found below.

I read some more on my Kimble but was distracted a lot by his beautiful body. At a certain moment, I felt him move a lot and instinctively I looked over. He had sported a boner and was trying to hide it from me. It was an incredibly erotic sight to behold. He sure did have a nice penis. A bit longer and thicker than Jaden’s penis, who was also well endowed as I had seen earlier. I guessed Elias’s penis was about 5 inches and a little thicker than my thumb. I felt that familiar stir in my pants, but with Elias’ head in my lap, that could become a problem.

“You don’t have to do that Elias” I softly said to him. “When you walk around naked, erections are a fact of life. And besides, you do have a nice penis”

Elias smiled a very wicked grin and stopped trying to hide his boner. He even gave a little show by pushing his hips a little forward so I could see it better. That did it. Now I sported serious wood too. He must’ve felt it because now his smile was even more wicked! What he did next caught me totally off-guard. He put his hand up behind his head and took hold of my dick. He squeezed it a bit and seemed to be judging its size.

“I think you have a nice penis too.” He said as he let go of my dick and continued reading as nothing had happened.

“What the fuck was that!!??!” I thought to myself. Was this boy a tease, or was he just more open about sexuality because of his European upbringing? It sure got me going. Now my erection would probably never go down. I decided to act like it was a natural thing too and continued reading. It still was hard to concentrate on my reading though.

By the time my erection had subsided, I started to make diner. It was nothing special, just some rice, chicken and a curry sauce, but the four of us all acted like it was a real feast. After we had cleared the dishes I pulled open a bottle of wine. I figured it wouldn’t be a big thing to give the kids a bit of wine too, considering everything we’ve all been through. The sun was starting to set and we needed to get the sleeping arrangements in order. There were only two bunks on the ship and four of us. It was quickly decided that Jaden would sleep next to me and Elias and Lilly would sleep in the other bunk.

We talked some more, but they both still weren’t talking about what exactly happened on their ship. But the little wine they ingested did get them started a bit. We learned that they lived near the city of Uppsala, which Jaden found a very funny name. Each time they said Uppsala, Jason giggled a bit. Their parents had died in a car crash about two years ago, which of course made them instant orphans. The parents were very rich and left them both a gigantic trust fund, but the money wouldn’t be available until they turned 17.

Their uncle and aunt had gained custody and took care of the kids. They all went to live in their parents’ house, which was the best option, considering their aunt and uncle were the Swedish form of trailer trash and did not own a home, only a cabin. They hadn’t been really close to their parents, but they were the only relatives they had, so it made sense they got custody. In the beginning, things were pretty much the same, but after a while, there were some struggles. Their uncle was constantly looking for money he figured must be hidden in the house and he began to drink a lot more. A few months after their aunt and uncle moved in, their aunt suddenly died of a heart attack. She was the sister of their mother, and now there were no direct relatives left.

“These kids sure have had their share.” I thought.

And the end of this talk of their history so far, they became less open and the conversation died a bit. That was the moment I decided we should all go to bed. All the kids agreed and considering it was only about 10 p.m. For a holiday it was a little early to hit the sack, but we were all tired and wanted to get to bed. The boys still hadn’t bothered to put on some clothes and I figured they would only start wearing them when I told them to, which was fine by me and apparently Lilly too.

I got down to my boxers and laid down on the bed. These beds were designed as a two-person bed, but on a ship, space is limited so they were smaller than regular beds in a house. I was lying closest to the wall and was already in bed when Jaden joined me. Jaden was still naked of course and when I looked over to the other bunk I saw Elias already in bed, also naked. He took the spot closest to the wall in their bed. Lilly went to the bathroom first and when she came back she was wearing one of my shirts.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“No. Go ahead. If this is more comfortable for you.” I said.

The shirt was of course too big for her. It showed one bare shoulder, which must’ve meant she took off her bikini top. The bottom went halfway down her thighs, so I couldn’t make out what she was wearing underneath. I had to admit I found myself a bit curious about that.

It was a warm night and we didn’t need sheets or blankets. There was an almost full moon out, shining in through the portholes and it cast a nice glow over our bodies. We said good night to each other and I closed my eyes.

* * *

Maybe it was because of all the flesh I’d seen during the day, but I suddenly woke up and felt horny as hell. I couldn’t remember my dream, but it must’ve been pretty hot because I had a raging hardon and was leaking a decent amount of precum. I felt Jaden move beside me. He turned over on his side and faced me.

He too had an erection because I felt it pressed against my leg. And he was leaking a bit of precum too. I noticed this because now his erection was rubbing against my leg. Jade started rubbing his erection up and down my leg and the precum must have lubricated everything enough because pretty soon he started humping me in earnest. Then something snapped inside my head. If it was the dream I had, all the young nudity around me, or just Jaden’s humping I don’t know.

I shifted a little and took Jaden’s penis in my hand and started to jerk him off slowly. I figured he wasn’t sleeping when he started to hump me because he opened his eyes slightly and smiled at me. He then turned on his back to give me better access to his dick. I started to stroke him more seriously now which made him moan softly. With my free hand, I took out my own dick and started to stroke it too. It was a little awkward this way, but extremely erotic. I stroked both our dicks faster and faster which caused Jaden to moan more. Luckily he kept the volume down, but at that point, I didn’t care about anything else but to get him off. At that moment he took in a deep breath and whispered

“OHHHH Yessss!!”

I felt his dick spasm in my hand as he sprayed his sperm over his nude body glowing in the moonlight. That did it for me. I didn’t feel it coming, but suddenly I came. And I came hard. I sprayed my sperm over the bed, but most of it landed on Jaden’s body. He laid there panting and sweating and looked at me with a wicked grin on his face.

“That was awesome dad!” He whispered.

That was reassuring for me. I just molested my son pretty hardcore, but he found it awesome. Thank god. I realized I still had his and my dick in my hands, both covered in sperm. Jaden turned on his side, reached out, and took a towel from the cabin under the bed. He wiped his body clean and handed me the towel.

“Here you go, dad.” He whispered and I started to get myself clean.

“You sure shoot a lot of stuff” he giggled.

“I couldn’t help it” I whispered back. What else do you say when your son says something like that to you?

I laid on my back and Jaden snuggled up against me. He kissed me on my cheek and laid his head on my shoulder. He draped his left leg over me causing his knee to touch my balls. This made me realize my dick and balls were still hanging out in the open, but at that point, I didn’t care. Jaden pressed his semi-hard dick against me as he got comfortable.

I looked over at the bunk where Lilly and Elias were sleeping. They appeared to still be sleeping. Luckily they hadn’t woken up by my actions. That would’ve been something to explain… Lilly was draped over Elias much like the way Jaden was lying with me. Her knee was pulled up and touching Elias’ balls. Because of the way she was lying, her t-shirt has ridden up enough to reveal the big mystery to me. She was naked under the t-shirt. I could clearly see her naked, beautiful ass. I found it extremely exciting to see because this way all that was needed was Elias to have an erection and Lilly to move a little bit and they would be having intercourse. I felt my penis started hardening again with this thought. The tip was now touching Jaden’s elbow, but that didn’t seem to be bothering him at all because he left his arm the way it was.

“I really liked it dad” he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.

I felt myself drift away too and soon fell into a dreamless sleep.

* * *

The next morning I woke up hearing soft whispering and giggling. I felt Jaden’s hard penis press against my leg and sporting morning wood myself. I looked over at Elias’ and Lilly’s bunk finding them lying on their side facing us. Elias was spooning Lilly and was holding Lilly against him with his left hand and arm. They were looking at us and smiling both.

“Good morning,” Lilly said

“Morning” I softly said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. We slept great!” And Lilly giggled again.

“What’s up? What’s so funny?” I felt like they were making fun of me and was not in the mood yet after just waking up.

“Elias‘ penis is tickling my butt,” she said. “Stop it Elias!” she said playfully.

“I can’t help it I have this every morning,” he said. “Look. Jim has it too and I bet Jaden does too.”

I looked down and saw my stiff penis was fully out in the open and by boxers halfway down my thighs. Apparently, they didn’t mind, and strangely enough, neither did I. I wondered what was happening to me. Was I turning in some kind of child molester, or was I just getting used to being around more free-spirited people?

“Yeah…. Well… Boys and men almost always have an erection in the morning. And yes, I can feel Jaden does too” I smiled.

Lilly giggled again and moved her butt a bit. I saw her face was a bit flushed. I wondered what was exactly happening over there. Beside me, I felt Jaden starting to wake up. He slowly began grinding his stiff dick against my leg. He wasn’t fully awake yet, so I guessed it was some sort of primal action. Lilli giggled again.

“Look. Jaden is waking up” She said to Elias. He looked over and smiled a big smile.

“He sure had a cute butt when he is doing that!” And I laughed at that remark. I rubbed him over his back and face to save him from further humiliation.

“Hmmph,” He said and opened his eyes.

The grinding stopped and he smiled at me. Then he turned on his back exposing his morning erection to Lilly and Elias. I didn’t know if he was aware of this, but he had nothing to be ashamed of and I liked what I saw, so said nothing about it. Lilly looked straight at his boner.

“That’s too much flesh for me” she smiled and got out of bed.

That left us looking at Elias’ boner on which I saw a clear drop of precum. Lilly walked out of our site and pretty soon came back wearing her yellow bikini.

“Come on, boner boys! Time for breakfast!” she said and went on deck.

The three of us started laughing and all got out of bed. Elias and Jaden stood up and I sat on the edge of the bunk. That put me at eye level with their boners which of course got me excited again. They almost simultaneously turned to go on deck making their boners touch.

“Swordfight!” they giggled and started slapping their dicks together. I laughed at this good old-fashioned boy’s fun.

“You go first,” Jaden said after a few moments.

“Thanks” and they climbed the stairs which gave me another great view. This time both their cute, muscular asses going up the stairs. What a great way to start the day!

I decided to drop my boxers and to put on a t-shirt and my tight swim shorts. Maybe we would go swimming today and if, more likely when than if, I would get a boner no one apparently cares about that. So why bother? When I came on deck I saw Lilly was already preparing breakfast. I asked if I could help but she made me sit down and said I had done enough and she wanted to help out too. I looked over to the bow to call the boys and ask them to help Lilly, I couldn’t help but laugh. They were standing shoulder to shoulder, hips pushed out which made their ass muscles even more noticeable, and peeing in the sea.

“Boys!” I shouted. I assume you clear the dishes after Lilly made the table?”

“Sure thing dad!” Jaden shouted back and I could see the peeing was almost done.

We ate a wonderful breakfast. Lilly made us all some eggs, some coffee, and even made some orange juice from the few oranges that were left. When we were done, we all sat back a little, and Jaden started clearing the dishes. A few moments later Elias joined him.

“Now it’s my turn to lay on the bow and get some tan” Lilly announced.

“I’ll talk to boys to leave you alone, okay?”

“That would be nice,” Lilly said and she gave me a big hug which made me aware of her bikini-clad breasts press against my chest.

I didn’t know why, but this girl got to me under my skin in a really nice way. I constantly had to remind myself that she was thirteen and it would be completely unacceptable to get in her pants, but this was getting increasingly harder.

Lilly laid down on the deck on her belly. I watched her closely as she undid the back of her bikini top and pulled it out from under her. Now I could see my second sideboob with this girl, which made my boner come to life. Again. She then pulled up her bottoms and pulled the fabric in her ass crack, so her bikini bottoms looked like a thong. She turned her head toward me and looked at my, as I now noticed myself, obvious bulge in my pants. She smiled that gorgeous smile again looking me in the eyes. She didn’t seem disturbed at all looking at my boner.

“Wow” I heard Jaden say beside me.

I looked over and saw him standing there looking at Lilly. I looked at his dick and saw it was rising to a full-on boner. A few moments later Elias came up and looked at Lilly too. His dick only chubbed up a bit at the sight. I guessed he was more used to seeing her this way than Jaden was.

“You leave her alone, okay?” I said and both boys seem to snap out of a trance.

“Of course we will,” Elias said. “We want to swim a bit. Can we do that?”

“Sure! I was thinking about that myself. I’ll stop the boat so we can take a dive and Lilly can sunbathe without being disturbed.”

I did just that. The boat stopped and I checked if we were still on the right course. I didn’t check it in a while, but the autopilot worked flawlessly. We were about three days out of the Mariana Islands. As far as I knew, these weren’t shark-infested waters, so we would be safe swimming, just as long as we stayed close to the boat. So I gave the boys instructions to stay close to the boat and off they were with two big splashes. I saw Lilly lookup because of the noise, but she laid down her head to sunbathe some more.

I myself pulled off my t-shirt and jumped in the water too. It was perfect! The water was not too cold and the water was calm enough for us to have some fun. We splashed around and dunked each other several times. I couldn’t help myself to cup a feel as much as possible, but so did both Elias and Jaden. Pretty soon we all had boners but that didn’t stop us from physical contact. On the contrary. At one time I had Jaden on my back with his dick poking my ass and Elias on my side, rubbing his dick against me in earnest.

I got out of their grip and calmed down a bit. We all calmed down and drifted in the water together. Jaden came close to me and I felt his hand on my waistband and slow-progressing further down inside my trunks. I knew I must stop him, but somehow I couldn’t. I felt his fingertips playing with my pubic hair. In the meantime, Elias chatted about something I can’t remember as I felt Jaden’s fist close itself around my shaft as he started to slowly jerk me. I looked him in the eye and he smiled at me. My only hope was that Elias couldn’t see this, but he acted as nothing happened. A small wave hit us and torn us a bit apart. I gained some self-control and excused myself with some lame excuse of being tired from swimming. Jaden smiled at that comment but said nothing.

I decided I needed to get some relief, so I was determined to go directly to the toilet to give myself a quick wank. When I got on deck I couldn’t help but notice Lilly had turned over and was now showing off her beautiful breast. As I guessed earlier they were big A – small B cup sized breast with small, hard nipples on them. She had her head turned toward me and looked at me and then down at my trunks.

“Had fun in the water?” she asked playfully.

“Euhm… Yeah… It was nice” I said a little uneasy.

“You can look if you want. I don’t mind” she said and pushed her chest a little more forward.

“You really look nice Lilly” I sincerely said

“Really? You think so? Thanks! Uhm… Can I ask you a question?”


“I don’t have any sunscreen on. Do you have some on the ship?” she asked.

I knew where this was going, but still, I couldn’t help myself. So I got the sunscreen and handed it to her. She wouldn’t have it and insisted I put it on. She turned over and asked me to do her back first. I poured some of the stuff on my hands and started rubbing it on her shoulders.

“Mmmhmm… That’s nice. You have strong, soft hands” she moaned.

I went lower to do her back and her sides, careful to not be too obvious about her breasts. I did touch them of course and there was no sign of any protest. I didn’t think she would protest but still wasn’t 100% sure about it. Maybe I read into things that just weren’t there. I began rubbing her feet and up her legs. One at a time. As I came close to her thighs, she spread her legs a little giving me a great view of her bikini covered vagina. I could see the folds through the fabric.

“Don’t forget my bum”

I placed my hands on both her ass cheeks and rubbed them too. I was now leaking precum as hell, but the wet trunks covered that nicely. This girl had one fine ass!

“All done” I croaked and cleared my throat.

“Will you do my front too?” she asked sweetly and she turned over.

I gave up. This girl was sexy as hell and asking me to rub her tits for her. So I took the bottle and started to do her front. I started at her neck and shoulders but was just killing time to do her breasts. When I got to them, I felt her nipples harden even more and a little moan escaped her lips. Her face was flushed too. I stayed with her breasts as long as I could and went lower. I did her tight belly and all the way to the waistband of her bottoms.

“Do a bit inside my bottoms too?” she asked. “That way I won’t get burned if it shifts a bit”

Yeah right… But hey, I wasn’t going to complain, so I put my hands inside her waistband and rubbed there. I could feel some pubic hairs against my fingers but didn’t stop. I needed to get a little lower. Lilly was holding her breath, which was my cue to go for broke. I felt the top of her vagina at my middle finger and slipped it in between her folds.

“Ohhhh…. YES!!!!” Lilly said as she arched her back.

I felt her clitoris at my fingertip and her vagina was already dripping wet. I kept rubbing at her clitoris as Lilly bit her lower lip and started moaning and panting. I had to adjust my straining dick. It was hurting this way in my pants, so with my free hand, I adjusted it.

“Take it out!” she hoarsely commanded.

As I continued to finger this thirteen-year-old girl, I took out my dick. She turned her head to look at it, moved my hand away, and took it in her hand.

“I’ve never touched one before…. Ohhhh… Keep doing that! Hmmmmm…. It’s hard… Oh yeah! And so sof….” She was having a hard time keeping her thoughts together and so did I.

She clumsily started stroking me. Normally this wouldn’t bring me anywhere close to an orgasm, but considering Jaden’s action just a few minutes ago and me fingering this wonderful girl, would get me off. Lilly was moving her pelvis against my hand and finger. Her eyes were on my dick, but a bit unfocussed.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh yeah…” she moaned. “

“I think I’m cumming!”

At that point, I slipped my middle finger inside her vagina past my second knuckle.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes……..” She wasn’t a screamer, it was more some hard whisper. I then felt her vagina contract sharply against my finger. Feeling her cum, pushed me over the edge without notice. I just came. I shot all over her tits and belly, which made her vagina contract another time. She was still panting and grinding her pelvis against me, so I pulled out and rubbed her clit again. I felt her body stiffen a third time.

“Enough…” she whispered. “I can’t have any more”

Lilly lay there panting and covered with my cum. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“I really needed that. All these boners around me sure turn me on”.

She looked at my softening dick and gave the head a little kiss. She then licked the cum left on my dick with her tongue and smiled. I took a nearby towel and tenderly started to clean her breasts and belly. After that was done she sat up and gave me a big hug. I could feel her bare, hard nipples against my chest. She looked me in the eye and gave me a big kiss. Then she surprised me by sticking her tongue in my mouth as she started to French me. I started to get hard again and broke the kiss. My guilt was trying to get the better of me, but Lilly helped me out.

“Will you do that again sometime? I’ve never experienced anything like this and I like you a lot!” she whispered to me.

“But this is wrong Lilly. I’m an adult and you are thirteen. I could go to jail for this.”

“You won’t go to jail for this. I won’t let that happen!” she said sternly and she hugged me again.

“We’ll see,” I said and started to get up. I adjusted my trunks and looked down at Lilly.

“You could sunbathe some more. I’ll go check on the boys.”

“Okay James,” Lilly said as she laid down and got comfortable. She whispered “I love you” and smiled that beautiful smile again.

“I love you too, but we should keep this between us, okay?

“Of course!”

I walked back to the stern to check on Jaden and Elias and to make sure they didn’t see my actions with Lilly. Strangely I didn’t feel any more guilt. It was nice, I liked it, and apparently so did Lilly. Of course, my mind told me it was wrong, but my heart told me there was nothing wrong with this.

When I reached the stern, I saw Jaden and Elias sitting on the boat with their legs hanging in the water and they were chatting about some computer game they both liked to play. I sat down next to them and hung my legs in the water too. I stared in the distance and felt completely happy. This was turning out to be a great holiday.

* * *

After a while, I got up to do some reading on the more comfortable seats on deck. Both boys found it a good idea apparently because we all got up and went on deck. When we got on deck, I could see Lilly lying on her back with her head turned away from us. A second later I heard two gasps beside me. I looked over and saw Jaden looking wide-eyed at Lilly’s naked breasts. I could see his penis and getting stiff real quick. The same happened to Elias’s dick, but he looked more at Jaden’s dick than Lilly’s breasts. I guessed he must’ve seen them plenty of times, but didn’t see a stiff dick that often.

“Lilly must hate her tan lines too,” Jaden said and smiled a big grin. He absent-mindedly gave his dick a squeeze looking at Lilly.

Lilly turned her head and looked at us. Well mostly at the two boners on display. After our little get together she must’ve decided to leave her bikini top off. I didn’t mind a bit.

“Well yes. I did get a bad tan line, so I decided to leave my top off. Does it bother you guys?”

“Of course not!” I said. “You are really nice to look at and if they can run around naked, so can you for that matter.”

“You’re right,” she said.

She then surprised me, and probably both boys, by also taking off her bikini bottoms which left her gloriously naked.

“Oh wow!” Jaden said. “I’ve never seen a naked girl”

“Well… You better get used to it” Lilly laughed.

Jaden couldn’t take her eyes off her beautiful body. In fact, that was the same for me. She had a small patch of pubic hair above her thirteen-year-old slit. I could see her lips puffing out a bit, so I guessed she was still turned on by me fingering her. Or she was excited about being on display like this. I was wondering where all this nakedness would leave us.

“All right boys. Enough drooling over the pretty girl. We were supposed to read a book or something, so get to it!” I said sternly, but friendly.

I took out my Kindle to read a bit. Lilly got up and asked the boys if she could join them in the game of Risk they took out. The three of them started playing a game of Risk. During the game, Jaden’s erection died down now and then, but when he looked over at Lilly, which he did quite often, he got hard again. This was also true for Elias. Like almost every thirteen-year-old boy, he apparently liked naked girls a lot too.

* * *

The rest of the day passed by without any incidents. Jaden and Elias had their occasional boners and so did I. I noticed Lilly was a lot more physical than before. She playfully hit Jaden when he made a joke, and a pretty bad one for that matter, laid her hands on Elias’ and Jaden’s bodies when talking to them and she hugged me a lot. I didn’t mind feeling these perky breasts pressed against my body and feeling the nipples harden. After dinner, the subject of their accident inevitably came to the table. During this conversation, it became painfully clear that their stepdad was a bad man. He drank a lot and could sometimes be very aggressive, resulting in hitting one of them pretty hard. On one of his drinking stints during the boat trip, he got brave, or stupid, enough to slur the truth to them. He had sabotaged the brakes in their parent’s car, resulting in their deadly car crash. He had assumed that he and his wife would get custody and access to all the money. When he later learned that this wasn’t the case, he poisoned his wife so he would be alone with the kids.

“We were shocked when he slurred these words…” Elias said quietly.

When we confronted him the next day with this, he denied it and said that the police would’ve found something pointing in his direction. And killing his wife was something he could never do.

“We didn’t believe him anymore and were really scared of him. We never trusted him, but now it was obvious he couldn’t be trusted. We agreed to take turns sleeping and keeping watch during the nights.” Elias said, still quiet.

“And then on that awful night, he tried to kill us.” Tears flowing over his cheeks.

I took him in my arms and he sat real close to me as I hugged him tightly. I tried to ignore his dick resting on my leg.

“I opened my eyes and saw him standing there with a big kitchen knife, trying to stab me or something. Before I realized what was happening, I heard a big -THUD- and saw him falling down”

“It was my turn to stay awake and I saw what he was planning on doing. So when he walked up to Elias with that big knife, I took the fire extinguisher and hit him as hard as I could on his head.” Lilly quite proudly said.

“When I saw Lilly standing there with that extinguisher, I realized what had happened. We looked at our stepdad and he was out like a light. I took the knife and we ran on deck to get help. That’s when we saw he wrecked the radio, but we saw one ship on the radar. It was far away, but we figured maybe they could help us. Lilly started looking for the flare gun while I watched the stairs leading to the deck. The moment Lilly found the gun, we heard a loud bang and the whole boat shook.” Elias took a moment to take a drink and catch his breath. I was glad he wasn’t crying anymore and seemed pretty comfortable sitting with me. I still found it hard to ignore his dick on my leg, but I managed.

“The boat started to capsize and Lilly quickly gave me the life jacket as she slipped one on herself. All the time I didn’t take my eyes away from the stairs. Our stepdad must have also known there was a boat relatively nearby because he blew a hole in the hull. At the moment Lilly fired a second flare, I saw him storming up the stairs and screaming: “I’ll kill you, you little rats!!”. I didn’t think as he stormed toward me. I pointed the knife at his chest and his own movement did the rest. He made some strange gurgling noise and collapsed on the floor of the boat. We both knew he was dead. In the meantime, the boat capsized further and we were all thrown overboard.”

“I gave Elias a hand so when we all fell in the water, we wouldn’t lose each other. When we surfaced again, we saw our stepdad floating away. Motionless with the knife sticking out his chest. Gravity turned him over on his belly.” Lilly needed to talk about this too, which was fine.

“Yeah,” Elias said. “We then climbed on the bottom of the boat, so we would be out of the water. Where our stepdad blew a hole in the hull, a little fire had started to burn. When we were on top of the boat, Lilly fired another flare, hoping we would be seen and helped as soon as possible, because either the boat would sink, or the fire would get to us. It was also at that point that I realized I just killed someone….” He trailed off.

“Look,” I said. “The way you describe the events, I think you did the only right thing. It was him or you. You just protected you and your sister and I think that’s the best thing you could do.”

“I thought about it a lot the past day, and I know that’s true, but….”

“You saved our lives!” Lilly said. “Thank you for that, big brother!” and she gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek, laying herself partly over me. I could feel the warmth between her legs on my knee because that’s where her vagina was at the moment. It was nothing sexual, but I simply couldn’t deny it and felt my dick stiffen. Elias must’ve also felt it, but he didn’t let anything on. Jaden joined us in one big group hug on that couch. I felt dicks and tits all around me, leaving me with a full boner again.

After we broke the hug I noticed Elias didn’t want to look at me.

“Elias, you did the right thing!” I assured him. “You can stay with us as long as you like.”

That put a smile on his mouth and he looked me right in the eyes.

“You won’t call the police?”

“No. Of course not.”

“And we can come live with you guys?” Lilly chimed in.

“Euh… Well…” I stammered.

“Yeah, dad! That would be great!” Jaden shouted.

“Well… We’ll have to check the possibilities in this situation. So I think we’ll have to go to the authorities once we get ashore, but we won’t mention the murder, just the accident. I think that will be enough.”

In my head, I toyed with the idea of these two kids living with us, and I actually liked the idea. Not because of their beautiful bodies and the open sexuality, but these were genuinely nice kids to be around with and Jaden also got along with them. So… Why not? I asked myself.

Jaden went down and came back with a bottle of Champagne. He was so excited I could almost see him beaming. We all toasted on the idea of them living with us and relaxed for the evening. We played some silly card game when Lilly suggested playing a game of strip poker. We all laughed at that.

“But you still have some clothes on!” she pointed out.

“I know. But you guys have nothing to bet, so it would be a pretty boring game, don’t you think?”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right” she pouted.

“If me wearing clothes is bothering you, just say so and I’ll take ‘em off,” I said, feeling a bit naughty.

Lilly looked up and smiled a sly smile.

“Yes. It does bother me. We’re all naked and enjoying ourselves. You look a bit like a party pooper this way.”

“Yeah! Take it off!” both boys joined Lilly.

Maybe it was the champagne or all the nakedness around me. I don’t know, but I didn’t care anymore. I stood up and dropped my trunks, leaving me naked. I felt my dick hardening a bit because of the six eyes focused on my dick, but I managed to stay away from a full mast and only chubbed up a bit.

“Woohoo!” they cheered.

I laughed a bit and decide to sit down to not make too big of a fuss about it. We played some more games and drank another bottle of champagne. The kids all had three glasses in total and I had… Well… More… I went to the steering wheel to check if the plotted course was still on target and everything looked fine. It was approximately another two days of sailing, so we could relax some more tomorrow.

“Alright. Bedtime” I announced.

After we brushed our teeth and all the other stuff, we went to bed. Jaden immediately crawled up against me pressing his body against me. I felt his dick harden against my leg, which had its effect on my own dick. I kissed him on his forehead and wished him goodnight. He surprised me by taking hold of my dick. He didn’t jerk me off, but just held my dick which was nice. I looked over at the other bunk and saw Lilly draped over Elias. She wasn’t holding his dick, but her right leg was so high up his body, I saw only about half his erection. If Lilly moved to her right and down a bit, he could enter her. That was a pretty erotic sight.

I felt Jaden starting to fall to sleep as his hand twitched a bit holding my dick. It woke me up each time he did that, but eventually, I fell asleep too.

* * *

I woke up because of a weird dream. My dick was being cleaned by a three-headed girl/boy combination with tongues instead of fingers. Like I said… Weird….

When I was more awake, however, I was aware that I was still on the ship. But when I looked down, Jaden was giving me some serious head. He tried to fit it completely in his mouth, which was a nice effort but would never work. Immediately I was horny as hell. He noticed me waking up and looked up at me with my dick in his mouth and smiling.

“Turn your body around” I whispered.

I guess he must have seen some porn on the internet or something because he immediately knew what I was suggesting. Without my dick leaving his mouth, he turned so his stiff dick was in my reach. I pulled him closer and looked at his dick in close-up. It was wonderful! A small bend to the left with a good, big glans.

He had a little patch of hair above it, and a little above average dick with a big glob of precum on it. I didn’t think twice and licked it off. It was sweet and salty at the same time and a little moan escaped his mouth but was muffled by my dick in there. He was doing a great job sucking me off. I’ve had better, but he made it up with his enthusiasm. I would cum pretty soon this way. I needed to concentrate on something else, so I went down on him with all my energy. This helped a bit but made Jaden moan a bit more.

The way we were lying, I could watch Elias and Lilly. I hoped they wouldn’t wake up because of the noise Jaden was making. I looked at them and like the morning before, they were spooning. Elias laid behind Lilly and had his hand over her body. I looked at Lilly’s eyes and they were open and looking at us. At first, I felt shocked, but she smiled at me and seemed to be a little distracted.

When I looked closer, I saw Elias’s hand between her legs. He was openly fingering his sister. I started to think of dead puppies again to keep my orgasm from happening. Lilly lifted her left leg up a bit. Elias moved behind her and I could see the head of his dick poking through between her legs. Lilly closed her legs again, trapping Elias’s dick, and started moaning too. Elias started to move his dick between her legs and also started fingering Lilly in earnest. Their moans got Jaden’s attention which made him look over there too. As he looked at what was happening I flicked my tongue over the back of his glans and sucked in his entire dick. He then started fucking my mouth and couldn’t restrain himself anymore.

“OH YESSS!!! Oh, Dad!! I’m cumming….”

“OHHHHHH” he yelled as I felt his cum fill my mouth. I started swallowing it all, but it was pretty much for a thirteen-year-old boy. I did manage to swallow it all though.

Jaden went back to sucking me and I looked at Lilly and Elias again. Elias had sped up his fucking motion and started to groan. Lilly had her mouth open and was breathing in short bursts.

“Here it comes!” Elias shouted and sperm flew out of his dick on the floor and onto Lilly’s vagina and legs. That did it for me.

“I’m cumming Jaden! Ohhhh!!!” I expected him to take his mouth off my dick, but he started to swallow my cum. It didn’t work. Most of it went out of the corners of his mouth down my dick and into my pubic hair. I had a fantastic orgasm! An orgasm easily in my personal top three.

The moment I came Lilly moaned too and started spasming on the bed, still holding Elias’ dick between her legs.

I laid there panting with Jaden’s softening dick still in my mouth. Everyone was quiet and panting.

“That was awesome!” Lilly exclaimed. “You guys look really hot doing that”

“Thanks. I said” What else do you say at a moment like this? ”You guys are really hot too! You do that more often?” I asked.

“No. This was the first time” Elias said. “I couldn’t contain myself looking at you.”

“Sorry..” Jaden giggled.

“You do this more often?” Lilly inquired.

“Nope. First time too” Jaden said. And we were silent for a bit, enjoying the post-orgasmic afterglow.

“It smells like sex down here,” Lilly said and we all burst into laughter.

“Ehm… It’s still pretty dark out.” And I looked at my watch. “We should get some more sleep guys, It’s only 4 am.”

“I think I’ll manage,” Elias said sleepily and yawned.

Jaden got up to get the towel we used earlier for cleaning up our sperm and whipped me clean. He then went over to Lilly and Elias and cleaned them too. He made sure everything between her legs was cleaned thoroughly before coming back with another hard-on.

“Thanks,” Lilly said sweetly which made Jaden blush a bit.

We all got comfortable and a few minutes later everything was quiet and we were sleeping again.

* * *

The next morning I was the first to wake up. I surprisingly didn’t feel any guilt. I looked at Jaden lying on his back with his morning erection proudly standing up.

He looked absolutely wonderful in this morning light. I resisted the temptation to jerk or suck him off. Instead, I looked over at Elias and Lilly and saw Elias was waking up too. I carefully got up, trying not to wake Jaden or Lilly, which worked quite well. I got up and went on deck. I looked for my swimming trunks, but after last night figured I wouldn’t need those anytime soon. Elias followed me on deck and we both went to the edge to take care of our morning piss. As we stood there side by side I couldn’t help but admire his great body and pretty big dick again.

“That was pretty neat last night” Elias snapped me out of it.

“Yeah… It was!” I said seeing his dick stiffening.

“Damn. I’m still pretty horny about it all” he said and I saw his dick growing to a full-on boner.

“Yeah. Me too. I’m getting hard just thinking about it” I said.

“I see. Me too” and he licked his lips.

I couldn’t help it. His mesmerizing body and big dick got me pretty worked up. I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my hands. I slowly jerked it and took a good look at it. I pulled back his foreskin exposing his shining glans. His dick had a slight turn to the left but was pretty straight. He had a small birthmark at the base of his dick that soon would be not visible because of his growing pubic hairs. I slowly slid my lips over the head of his dick which made Elias moan. My left hand started playing with his balls which made him moan even more.

“Ohhhh… You’re really good at this” he moaned.

This urged me on even more wanting him to have a mind-blowing orgasm. My right hand started kneading his tight ass. Elias started moving his dick in my mouth and I did my best to keep swirling my tongue around it.

“Ohhh… Yesss… Keep doing that! Please!” He pleaded.

I kept playing with his balls and moved my right hand toward his anus. My finger pressed against it. I started to deep-throat him as I put my first knuckle in his tight asshole.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” he shouted and I felt his balls move up in his sack, his dick stiffening even more and is anus contracting around my finger.

I felt the first spurt hitting me in the back of my throat and started swallowing. I felt his knees go weak, so I started supporting him. If I hadn’t done that, I think he would have fallen on the deck.

“Oh my god!!!” He smiled. “That was absolutely fabulous!!” and sat down where he stood, totally spent.

I was really getting into blowing these boy’s dicks. I started jerking off still sitting down. Elias saw it and scooted closer.

“I’m almost there….” I panted, and Elias took hold of my balls to play with them.

That was already enough to put me over the edge and I sprayed my cum on deck, over the deck in the sea, and on Elias’ hand and arm.

“That was quick!” Elias said.

“Yeah… I know. You got me pretty worked up” I smiled at him.

* * *

Elias and I had made breakfast when Lilly and Jaden joined us. We were all acting a bit silly after last night, not exactly knowing how to react to it. No one really knew what to do next. Me neither. Luckily Lilly was there to save the day.

“I want to go swimming. Anyone want to join me?”

I was glad she changed the subject and apparently had no problems with what we all did last night. I offered to clean up the breakfast table as the kids went to the back of the boat to swim. As I was cleaning I heard a lot of laughter, splashing, and giggling, indicating everyone was generally having a good time. When I was done cleaning up, I went to the back of the boat and jumped in with them creating the biggest splash I could create. That of course resulted in laughter and trying to dunk me. We wrestled in the water and feeling up each other in the meantime. I felt boners and pussy’s on my legs and belly and an occasional hand on my boner and ass. It was all good fun.

Later that day I was lounging on the deck with Lilly sitting beside me. Jaden and Elias were lying in the sun again. I saw Jaden saying something to Elias and Elias got up. He took the sunscreen and walked back to the sundeck. It didn’t take a genius to know what Jaden asked. Elias took the bottle and started to rub it on Jaden’s back.

He took his time rubbing it in and I must say it was an extremely erotic sight watching this boy practically massaging my son. Elias’s boner was pretty obvious. When he was done rubbing Jaden’s arms and back, he went to his feet and worked his way up. He took extra care of Jaden’s buttocks and rubbed his hands between Jaden’s legs, massaging his anus and balls. I felt Lilly move beside me and she cuddled up against me with her back to me. She took my arm and draped it over her shoulder, putting my hand on her left breast. She took my erection in her hand and slowly played a little with it, while she looked at the boys.

“That is a nice view…” she whispered.

“I know” I whispered back, afraid I might break the bubble the boys appeared to be in.

Elias got up a little and we saw Jaden turn on his back. Elias sat back down, straddling Jaden’s waist, their dicks almost touching. Elias started on Jaden’s shoulders again, slowly working his way down. Lilly was starting to pant a little beside me. I was toying with her nipples and was getting pretty turned on by those boys. I slowly moved my hand down….

“Hmmm…. Yes….” Lilly purred as she was shivering with anticipation.

When I finally reached her vagina, I slipped my finger between the furrow and found her very moist clit. She kept on stroking me real slow and I played with her clit real slow. With that sight before our eyes, this would certainly get me off, but not anytime soon. It was wonderful!

In the meantime, Elias had reached Jaden’s cock and started to massage it too. Jaden was moaning and squirming beneath Elias’ hands. Elias suddenly let go of Jaden’s dick, scooted up a bit, so he was sitting on Jaden’s dick. He lifted his body and took Jaden’s dick in his hand, pointing it upward. He started lowering himself down on Jaden’s slippery, sunscreen covered dick.

“Ahhhh… Oh my god!” I heard Jaden moan as he got deeper and deeper inside Elias’ body.

“I’m getting close” Lilly moaned beside me and she sped up her action on my dick.

I held my hand still. I didn’t want her to cum yet. She pushed her pelvis against my hand and whimpered a bit, but I made sure my finger didn’t help her out.

That made her stop her actions on my dick too, which wasn’t a bad thing, as I was approaching the point of no return too.

“Why won’t you let me cum?” she pouted…

“Let’s see what they do. I like to watch and this way we won’t distract them”

“Please Jim?? Finger me! Make me cum I’m so close. Please??” She pushed on.

This was very exciting! A girl begging me to finger her! How could I say no? So I very slowly moved my finger. Her orgasm must’ve backed down a bit now, as had my own. But I needed to be really slow.

By that time Jaden was balls deep inside Elias. They both had blissful looks on their faces and seemed oblivious to their surroundings. Elias bend forward and
started tonguing my son. He moved his body up a bit, which made Jaden’s dick appear a bit. Then Elias moved down as they slowly started to fuck. They kept kissing and moaning as they sped up the pace.

“Ahhhh…. Ahhh…” Lilly moaned as I felt her tensing up beside me. She was close. Real close, so I slid up my finger inside her vagina with my thumb rubbing her clit.

“OHHHYEESSSSSSS!!!” she screamed as she climaxed beside me. She held my dick real tight. Almost to the point, it started to hurt and then went completely limp beside me. Jaden and Elias were now fucking in earnest and moaning real loud. Jaden’s hands were on Elias’s butt and Elias’s hands were all over Jaden’s body. Lilly had gained her cool again and stroked me real good now. I kept going at her clit, keeping her squirming. Elias was sitting up and riding Jaden with ease.

Realizing Elias needed attention too, Jaden took Elias’ dick in his hand and started stroking him in a good, fast rhythm. At that moment I felt something warm on my dick and when I looked down, I saw Lilly blowing me. I could see Jaden getting close because his face screwed up just like when I jerked him off in bed. He pushed his body up against Elias and started spasming. He was cumming and so was I at that moment. I came so fast, I couldn’t warn Lilly, but she didn’t need any warning as she was attempting to swallow everything I gave to her. She too was cumming at that same moment. I could feel her vagina contracting around my finger. Elias must’ve gotten over the edge too because of Jaden’s orgasm. I saw him spurt his juice all over Jaden’s glistering body and face.

“Wow! Four orgasms in less than a minute from each other!” I thought as I felt myself going weak and leaning back against the couch.

Lilly lay there panting beside me with a huge grin on her face and some of my cum in the corner of her mouth.

“That was absolutely awesome!!” she said.

“Yeah… It was great!” Not knowing what else to say.

She got up from the couch and went over to Elias and Jaden. Elias had laid himself down next to Jaden and laid there catching his breath. Lilly, obviously still horny as hell, started Frenching Jaden. Jaden’s hands went up and they started massaging Lilly’s breasts. Lilly laid herself between the boys and started frenching with Elias too with Jaden’s hands still on her tits. Lilly’s hands started caressing Elias’ body as their frenching became pretty hardcore. I saw both boys starting to get hard again (oh, how I wish I was thirteen again!) and Lilly’s hand going lower and lower on Elias’ body. Lilly had a goal, that much was clear.

“Oahhhh” groaned Elias as Lilly wrapped her hand around his dick.

Lilly started jacking her brother as Jaden kept massaging her tits and playing with her nipples. She must like to give blowjobs because she crept down to Elias’ crotch in virtually no time. She took a good look at her brother’s dick and gave it a sloppy wet kiss. She then looked up in his eyes and took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. Elias moaned and kept looking at his sister. I think Jaden felt a little left out, but when Lilly pushed her ass up in the air, he immediately got his face between her legs and started licking her pussy. This all resulted in a lot of moaning.

Lilly stopped sucking her brother and sat up.

“Come over here James,” she said. “And you boys get on your knees”.

Lilly guided us and pretty soon the three of us sat on our knees beside each other, our dick practically touching. She got on her knees too and took Elias’ dick in her mouth again. She also guided Jaden’s dick to her and put both dicks in her mouth.

“This is awesome!” she moaned.

She then took turns sucking us off. Sometimes two dicks, sometimes one. She also had her hands full, jacking off the ones left out. She asked us to warn her when we got close which didn’t take that long before Jaden and Elias got close. Lilly laid down and said:

“I want you guys to shoot your stuff on me!” and the three of us started jerking ourselves.

We aimed our dicks on her and moments later her belly and tits were covered in cum. She took globs of cum on her finger and started putting them in her vagina.

“Why do you do that?” Jaden asked.

“I don’t know… I wanted to try how this feels. I like it!”

Elias scooped up some cum and started to put it up her sister’s pussy. Pretty soon we were all doing it until all the cum was in her. During this constant probing in her pussy, Lilly was massaging her clitoris and by the time we were done, she had come two times.

After this was all done, we were all pretty spent. We laid there side by side, close to each other. Lilly was on her side halfway over her brother, Jaden was spooning her and I was on the other side of Elias lying on my side. We all started to doze off a bit.

* * *

After a short nap, I was woken up by some movement beside me. I looked up and saw Elias and Lilly kissing each other hungrily and felt Elias’s stiff dick poking my thigh.

“Still didn’t have enough?” I laughed.

“Hmmm..” was their reply.

Jaden and I looked at each other and the two siblings making out. He smiled at me.

“Nice way to spend the holiday, isn’t it?” he said.

“I want you to fuck me!!” I heard Lilly say.

I looked at her and saw she was speaking to her brother.

“I don’t know how,” Elias said a little nervously.

“James does,” she said. “Will you help us?”

“Sure,” I said, not wanting to miss out on this opportunity.

“Lay on your back Lilly and Elias, get between her legs” I instructed.

Elias sat on his knees and looked down at Lilly’s vagina.

“Now what?”

I took his dick in my hand and guided it to his sister’s pussy. I put the tip at the entrance and with my other hand pushed his butt a bit forward.

“Ahhhh… I can feel it going in a little!” Lilly said.

“Now just push it in slowly,” I said, keeping my hand on his tight butt. I kept it there until he was completely inside his sister.

“Hmmm… Ohh…” they both started moaning quite loudly now.

“Start moving” I whispered in his ear, still holding his butt.

I felt his butt muscles move as he started fucking his sister. I looked over at Jaden and saw him looking in awe as the twins started to fuck their virginities away. If anything of the actions until now got me going, this was definitely the most erotic thing I ever saw! I couldn’t help myself and moved my hand down between Elias’ cheeks, seeking his anus, and started massaging him there.

“Ohhh… Yessssss” He moaned, obviously enjoying all the attention he was getting and his first ever fuck.

Lilly turned her head toward me and I saw her eyes were a bit unfocused. She took Jaden’s hand and put it on her tit. Then she put her mouth on his and slipped her tongue in his mouth. She moaned in his mouth as Elias sped up up the pace. His movement made it hard for me to keep my hand on his ass, but I managed to put a finger into his anus. That immediately put Elias over the edge.

“I’m cumming!! Ohhh….” Elias screamed.

Elias’s body stiffened and I felt his anus contracting around my finger as he was shooting his cum in a girl for the first time ever. He laid on top of his sister, joining Jaden in their passionate kissing.

“Thank you,” Lilly said to Elias after a few moments.

“Was this your first time ever?” Jaden asked.

“Yes,” they said at the same time and giggled at that answer.

Elias pulled out his dick and laid down on his back smiling at me. We both knew what I had done with my fingers, but weren’t too obvious about it. Lilly then smiled her cocky smile again.

“I’m not done yet,” Lilly said and pulled Jaden on top of her, spreading her legs again in the process.

“What do I do?” Jaden asked nervously.

I knelt beside them, took his dick in my hand, and pointed it at Lilly’s opening.

“All you need to do is push in slowly,” I said and I watched as my son lost his virginity with a blissful look on his face.

“Will you please fuck me too?” I heard Elias ask timidly as he laid there with his legs in the air presenting his pink pecker to me.

As it turned out we all fucked that day. And the day after that. I also fucked Lilly several times, but she liked getting fucked by Jaden the most. I even ended up getting fucked by my own son, but I liked getting fucked by Elias the most. He had a wonderful dick and knew how to push my buttons just right. I had always
considered myself being straight, but this boat trip had put everything in a new perspective.

After the vacation was over, we all were pretty spent. Back home we started explaining everything to the authorities. After a lot of paperwork and a bunch of visits from a couple of agencies, I ended up adopting Lilly and Elias and becoming their legal guardian. They moved in with Jaden and me and we ended up having a lot more sex together, but eventually, we became a more ‘ regular’ family. Lilly and Jaden became a couple, got married, and had two wonderful kids.

Elias and I had a relationship that lasted a few years, but we drifted apart. I guess it was due to our age difference. Elias got himself a really nice boyfriend, but couldn’t help himself from engaging in a steamy hot threesome with me from time to time. These threesomes only happened occasionally. I found myself a new girlfriend which was also the end of my sexual escapades with these kids. The sex was nice while it lasted, but this way we all had some fond memories and acted more like a normal family now. Life was great.

Lily and Elias both got their trust fund and ended up in nice homes, not too far from me and each other, making sure I got everything I wanted. In retrospect, it was an awesome period with the four of us and I would do it again without thinking. I’m sure glad I helped these kids out of their shitty situation and quietly praised myself for doing so.

The end.

There you go, kids. The first story almost written entirely by me. Alex got me on the right track, but I took it in a direction I liked. I must say it’s great to make these decisions about the characters! I also must say that it’s a lot harder (pun intended!) than I first thought. English is not my native language (I can type pretty quick and I think also pretty good in my native language) and that makes it hard to keep going. I hope you all enjoy it and every comment (good or bad) is greatly appreciated!! Just drop a comment on the site (https://jasoncrow.eu/blog) or email jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com.

And to let things stay in Alex’ spirit: Recte etiam omnes fines

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