There’s a new author coming to the site!

Hey guys,

Recently, I came into contact with a new author who writes pretty awesome stories! E-o-F found his stories and pointed them out to me. And I’m sure glad he did! It’s the high-quality stuff I like so much. The focus isn’t solely on just a quick wank, but written with great detail for character development and a ‘realness’ over them.

We started emailing back and forth, and when I asked him if he was willing to post them on, he was a bit hesitant. Maybe even shy 😀 But there’s absolutely no need for that! Eventually, he was convicted and even excited.

His catalog isn’t as extensive as Alex’s, but neither is mine. As long as the stories are good, that isn’t a real issue, is it?

So… stay tuned for more high-quality work on my site! I’ll send an email broadcast when the first story is online. So if you didn’t subscribe yet, make sure you do to be the first to read these new stories!

I know… a bit of a cliffhanger 😊