I Hate You! – Chapter 6

“Okay. Here we go,” Jake said softly as we entered the school.

“Good luck,” I whispered and smiled nervously.

“You too,” he said, and we went our separate ways.

When I met Jake’s friends, I was cautious at first. But after a few minutes, it was clear they didn’t suspect a thing. And why would they? As I slowly mingled, I learned that boys weren’t that complicated. Jake pretty much told me everything I needed to know, and I started feeling more and more comfortable hanging with them.

The first few classes went great, and Jake and I exchanged just a few glances every now and then. We didn’t want to raise any suspicion about ourselves and act all friendly around each other all of a sudden.

Nobody seemed to suspect anything, and I had to admit that I really enjoyed looking at our class from another angle. I was amazed at how arrogant the girls I usually hung out with reacted to some of the boys. I never realized this, but they were acting like regular bitches.

I saw Jake was holding back a little, but he had to keep up appearances. If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t notice. But I could.

When I went to the bathroom between classes, Ben, Jake’s best friend, went with me. It was a bit weird at first to pee right next to another boy. But when Ben started chatting away as if it was all perfectly normal, I figured it probably was. And there was no denying that I liked holding a dick between my fingers, even if it was for something as trivial as peeing.

As we walked into the cafeteria and chatted away about some lame-ass video game, I saw Jake standing by the counter. His eyes were focused on Brian, and they were shooting fire. He promised to keep a low profile, but I knew this would be difficult for him.

Brian walked toward the tables, and Jake waited long enough so everyone could hear him. He yelled loudly, “HEY, PINKY!!”

Brian didn’t react and kept chatting away with the boy beside him.

“PINKY!” Jake shouted again, getting the attention of everyone inside the cafeteria.

Brian looked at Jake, who had a shit-eating grin on his face. Jake extended his pinky and wiggled it a bit as the girls around him started to giggle.

“See?” Jake said to one of them. She nodded and held her hand in front of her mouth to hide her huge smile.

“Still trying to get any?” Jake said with fire shooting out of his eyes, but his voice was remarkably calm with a clear hint of sarcasm.

“What? I… wait… me?” Brian stammered, looking around but quickly realizing Jake was talking to him.

“Told ya he wasn’t the brightest bulb…” Jake chuckled, and so did everyone else around him.

I felt the need to step in before it spiraled out of control. But before I could say anything, Jake said with venom in his voice, “If you ever try to touch me again, I’ll break your fucking legs!”

Brian looked confused, and everyone in the cafeteria was quiet. He didn’t know what to do or how to act. He was cornered, and his friends stepped back, making him look even more alone.

Right at that moment, his eyes met mine, and he stepped toward me. He pointed a finger at me and said, “What the fuck did you tell her?”

I just couldn’t help myself, and against my better judgment, I answered, “The truth…”

This caused everyone to giggle, and a few “OOHHs” could be heard. Brian’s face went redder than I ever saw on anyone’s face, and his lips were just a thin line. I never saw it coming, but the moment his fist hit my cheek, I felt a sharp sting shoot through my face.

Before I knew it, I had balled my right fist and swung at his chin. I struck him dead-center on his chin, and he started to waggle on his feet. Just a heartbeat later, I saw another fist fly through the air, hitting him right on his nose. Blood spat out of his nostrils, and his eyes watered immediately.

“You fucking bitch! You broke my nose!” he grumbled as he grabbed his nose and saw blood dripping onto the ground and his clothes.

“Don’t you ever touch me or any girl ever again, you pencil dick!” Jake said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Okay! Break it up!” Mr. Hoff said as he stepped between the three of us.

He assessed the situation momentarily and then said, looking at us, “To the headmaster, you two!” And when he looked at Brian, I could see a hint of a smile appear, but he quickly got himself together and said, “Go clean yourself. I’ll get to you later!”

Jake and I walked out of the cafeteria, and I saw Ben wink at me, and a couple of kids gave us a quick thumbs up. I already knew that Brian was a bit of a bully, and I got the vibe that everyone liked how we put him on the spot.

“Mom will be pissed,” Jake said as we sat on the chairs in front of the headmaster’s office.

“Yeah,” I replied and looked at him. The grin on his face was priceless, and I couldn’t hold back a giggle

“But… thank you! I know I asked you not to do this. I’m glad you did, though. You stood up for me, and… You were fucking awesome!” I whispered loudly.

“Well… I… he needed to be kicked back into a corner,” Jake said, blushing a bit. And after a few seconds, “we WERE awesome, weren’t we?”

He stuck out his fist, and we bumped them together. Right at that moment, the door to the office opened, and we needed to come inside.

Needless to say. She was pissed! She didn’t allow fighting in school, and they had a zero-tolerance policy on that. We had to go to detention for a whole week. But after she listened to our part of the story, which Jake played out perfectly by crying when he talked about it, we were down to just two days of detention.

When we got home, Mom was already waiting for us. The headmaster had called her, and Mom made sure to be home before us. She was sitting at the table with her arms crossed and a stern look on her face.

The first thing she said when we walked into the kitchen was, “You’re grounded.”

The headmaster clearly hadn’t told her the whole story, just the fact that we had to go to detention tomorrow and Wednesday. We sat down and let her rage on for a while. After she was done, Jake started crying again, which softened Mom’s frown immediately.

Jake started talking but hearing what he said between his sobs was difficult, so I took over. I explained it to her and ended with, “I couldn’t let that douchebag do that to my sister, right?”

“He really did that to you, honey?” Mom asked, looking worriedly at him, and Jake simply nodded.

“He’s a genuine a-hole, Mom,” I chipped in.

“I’m calling his mother,” she said and stood up.

“Please don’t!” Jake and I said simultaneously.

“Why not?”

“Moms don’t do that anymore. It’ll make us look stupid. And besides, he’s been made a fool in front of the entire school and will probably have to walk around with two black eyes for a while…” I said, “I mean… Kate punched him right on his nose!”

We all started to chuckle. Mom looked convinced but pointed out she didn’t want us to fight, so we had to go to detention. But she praised Jake, and with that, basically me, that she stood up for herself and had clearly drawn a line that a boy wasn’t allowed to cross. When she said she was proud of that, I felt an extreme sense of pride wash through me.

We did our homework together as Mom cooked dinner. After dinner, we watched tv together, hardly thinking anymore about the risk of being discovered by her.

After we went upstairs, we went into Jake’s bedroom for another workout session. As I stood there in my boxers, looking at Jake undressing, I thought that I’d probably be okay with it if we never changed back again. But I was brutally interrupted when Jake started giggling. He threw his clothes on a pile and checked out his thong-clad ass.

“What?” I asked, feeling stupid for being caught.

“Nothing,” he chuckled and glanced at my groin.

I looked down and realized I had popped another boner. I sighed and said, “This is getting annoying!”

“It is, right? It’s like… I don’t know, balancing a pile of dishes on your fingers. Sometimes it drops, and you’re screwed. But when you pay attention, you’re fine.”

“That’s basically it…” I grumbled.

“And you can always… you know…” he said, moving his fist in the air.

“I already did, but that didn’t… oh fuck…” I said and blushed furiously when I realized what I had just confessed.

Jake looked wide-eyed at me, and then a sly smile spread across his face. I noticed how his nipples had hardened in the lace of his bra. His eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, “How was it?”

“Dunno… okay, I guess. And messy!” I said, not wanting to tell him how much I enjoyed it.

“Messy, huh?” he said and paused for a moment. “I get that. And it’s true. With girls, it’s way easier.”

“You did it too?” I asked, trying to sound surprised but knowing perfectly well what he did last night.

Now it was Jake’s turn to blush, and he stammered, “Yeah… well… I wanted…”

“Don’t sweat it. I heard you moan,” I chuckled, feeling sorry for how embarrassed he looked.

After a few moments of silence, he said, “I knew girls could come multiple times, but… that’s pretty mind-blowing!”

“It is. But yours is way more powerful! And I instantly wasn’t horny anymore after I came. That was a first for me.”

“Yeah.. that’s basically how it works,” Jake said to no one in particular.

After another couple of moments of silence, Jake asked, “I uhh… I don’t know… Do you like, need some pointers or anything?”

That caught me by surprise. I never considered asking Jake for help, but now that he offered, I immediately saw the plus side of it. I did feel a bit tense about it, though. Wasn’t this… weird? But I quickly weighed the positive against the negative and excitedly said, “Sure! Do you?”

“Definitely!” he said smiling, “Your bits are a little more difficult.”

“No, they’re not!” I laughed and playfully hit him on the shoulder.

“Yes, they are!” he said between giggles. After a few moments, he looked at me seriously and asked, “Uhh.. how do we do this?”

“Let’s get on the bed. It’s more comfortable than standing up. And your bed is big enough for both of us,” I smiled.

“Alright. You first?”


“Good. Get naked and lie on your back,” Jake said.

Again, I felt absolutely no hesitation and dropped my boxers, causing my boner to bounce up and down as I did this. I flopped down on the bed and looked at Jake.

“Show me what you did,” he softly said, eyes glued to my boner.

I felt thrilled to be able to wrap my fist around that beautiful piece of hard meat again, so I wasted no time and grabbed it firmly in hand. I hesitated a second but then started moving my fist slowly up and down on it.

“Is it weird to get horny by watching yourself beat off?” Jake asked with a flushed face.

“Dunno. Why don’t you get started? Then I’ll know,” I softly said.

In record time, Jake disrobed, and I was looking at my naked body. All the while, I continued my slow jerking motion. Jake got comfortable at the other end of the bed and faced me. As he spread his legs, I could see how wet he already was.

“You need to focus on the backside of the dickhead and not so much on the shaft,” Jake said as he idly rubbed his finger over his slit.

“Like this?”

“No. A little high…” Jake sighed and looked frustrated, “Fuck! Do you mind?” He then said as he scooted over and extended his hand.

“Uhh… no. Go ahead,” I said, releasing my dick, a little surprised at the sudden change of events.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The moment his fingers wrapped around my shaft, it felt like his fingers were charged with electricity or something. It tingled all around my hard-on, and it felt absolutely mind-blowing. But the moment Jake’s fingers touched, he pulled back.

“Whoa! It’s like… it’s like… I’m… it’s like I’m touching myself and another person at the same time!” Jake said, looking at his fingers and then at his crotch.

“It’s like you’re electrically charged,” I said, “weird, but not unpleasant or anything.”

I didn’t see what the fuss was about and looked questioningly at my little brother. He saw the question marks in my eyes and looked down at our naked bodies.

“Here!” he said as he laid back down on the mattress and spread his legs, “you try if it’s the same when you do it.”

I was very curious about what Jake was feeling and if it was the same with me. So I scooted over and extended my hand toward his pussy. I figured I might as well start as I always did, so I rubbed two fingers over the outer lips and my middle finger just a tiny bit between the folds.

And the moment I did this… oh boy! My fingers had that electrical tingle, just like I felt on my dick. But the weird and downright mind-boggling part was that I felt every move in my own body as if I still had my pussy instead of Jake’s dick.

“Oh fuck!” I said after realizing this and immediately pulled back.

“Freaky, right?” Jake asked wide-eyed.

“This is… wow!”

“Yeah… it’s like we’re still connected to our own bodies there,” he said thoughtfully and to no one in particular.

“I… uhh… I actually like it,” I said and felt myself blush.

Jake checked me out for a moment, then smiled and whispered, “me too…”

Neither of us made a move, and I thought about it for a second. I wanted to feel the incredible sensations my pussy could give me again, and I also started to love how my dick felt when I jacked it. And I couldn’t decide which orgasm I liked best. So I figured that trying both simultaneously would solve these problems.

I glanced shyly at my brother and asked, “What if we, like… do it to each other?”

“I… uhh…” Jake mumbled and was quiet for a second. Then his face lit up, and he said, “We’d feel both at the same time, I guess, right?”

I didn’t want to waste too much time on this, so I got comfortable next to Jake, slid my hand over his pussy, and said, “Only one way to find out.”

“Ohhh…” we moaned simultaneously as my middle finger rubbed my clit.

Jake recovered quickly and wrapped his fingers around my throbbing cock. As his fingers rubbed the back of my dickhead, we moaned again.

The stimulation I felt was almost too much. It was as if I had a pussy and a dick at the same time. Jake’s actions on my cock were at the top of these feelings. But just slightly below that, I felt my own pussy being stimulated, extra accentuated by my tingly fingers.

I was panting heavily and heading toward my peak in no time. I noticed Jake’s heavy panting and asked between my moans, “This is… oohhh… fucking… hmmm… great! Are you getting… aaahhh… close too?”

“Fuck… fuck… oohhh… fuck… I never… yes!”

We kept our mutual stimulation going, and I just loved how it felt being jacked by another hand. This was way better than just my own fist. And Jake obviously was more familiar with his own tool, so that probably also helpt a lot.

But damn! This was so fucking hot! I never did anything close to this, but now that I did, I wish I had done it earlier!

My orgasm started building, and as I reached the point of no return, I realized two things. It wasn’t orgasm but orgasms. Plural. And second, I didn’t have to ask Jake if he was close because I knew exactly how close he was, as I was just as close.

“Fuck!” we simultaneously grunted when we came.

I experienced what only can be described as two orgasms at once. I felt the spurts of cum land all over my chest and belly as the deep, intense feeling of my dick and balls washed over me. A little more to the back, my pussy was contracting sharply, and the muscles in my belly tensed with every wave of my orgasm.

After my spraying had stopped and cum was just dribbling out of the tip, my pussy-based orgasm kept going. It came more to the front, and as my fingers kept going, it grew bigger and bigger. Jake’s fingers rubbed over my glans and smeared out the remaining cum, which did it! My fingers just wouldn’t stop, and we came again.

I had my eyes slightly open, and for a very brief moment, the view of the ceiling switched a few inches to the left. It was over before I knew it, but I did switch back into my own body for a very short time. This switchback occurred to me later because I was way too busy cumming to think straight at that time.

Jake’s fist clenched around my cock, and we both moaned loudly again. This was basically my third orgasm in under a minute, and I just had to give my body some rest. So I stopped fingering Jake and just lightly patted his pussy. Jake’s movement also stopped, and as we lay there, panting heavily and trying to get our breath back, I realized an immense grin was plastered on my face.

I heard every hum, buzz, and beep in the house. My senses were on fire, and they registered everything with extreme detail. I heard Jake’s breathing as if he was panting right by my ear, which he wasn’t. I had never felt this marvelous before in my life, and I figured this is what doing drugs must feel like.

“Holy shit…” Jake whispered after a moment.

“Did you feel that too?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

“I felt… you… and me… and…” he paused for a second, lifted his head, and looked wide-eyed at me, “I came three times!”

I chuckled at his excitement and said, “We sure did!”

“Is it always this good as a girl?” Jake asked as he dropped back on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

“No! Absolutely not. This was freakin’ amazing!”

“There’s a towel under your side of the bed,” Jake said without looking up and still panting.

I reached under the bed and found the towel. I wiped myself clean while checking out Jake’s naked body. It was glistening with sweat, and I loved how it looked as I roamed my eyes over him. I was once again amazed at why I was so insecure about that body. The tiny, neatly trimmed patch of pubes above the slit, the firm breast with pointy nipples. The hourglass-shaped curves. I looked good; there was no more doubt about that!

I lay back down and said, “I felt both you and me when we did this. That was weird at first, but holy shit! Double the fun!”

“I know. I couldn’t believe it either,” Jake said excitedly, “but… uhm… did you notice how we… like, switched back for a second?”

“Yeah. I did! It was real quick, but… yeah.”

“We need to figure this shit out, you know? I mean… I really, really, REALLY liked what we just did. But I just, like, miss my dick…” Jake said softly.

“Yeah. If detention is in the library, we might be able to check out some books there or something,” I replied.

Jake smiled and said, “What do you think?”

“Guess you’re right. Probably not… I mean… Ah, fuck it!” I said, feeling bummed.

“We’ll head over to the library after detentention,” Jake said.

This put me a bit at ease. I looked at Jake, and said,”You’ve got a great body, but I wanna have my boobs and pussy back. Those are still a bit more fun than a dick,” I chuckled, “although the whole peeing while standing is pretty handy.”

“We’ve got plenty of time tomorrow. Mom has to pick us up and won’t be there until six. So it sounds like a plan.”

As we lay there enjoying each other’s company, we were quiet for a while. I was getting tired but enjoyed the company, so I didn’t say anything. Jake broke the silence by saying, “Gym class tomorrow,” giggling softly, “and I’m going to see a couple of naked girls if I’m lucky!”

“Right! Almost forgot,” I answered, feeling excited all of a sudden, “Is it like… a sausage fest in your locker room?”

“Some guys don’t feel any shame. But most of them are careful. But don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of dicks,” he laughed.

“And Brian?”

“He’s probably the shyest of them all! But I know why. He’s REALLY small! I still don’t know where his big mouth comes from.”

“Shy is good!” I said with venom in my voice, “And I’m guessing his big mouth has everything to do with the fact that his dad owns that big car dealer shop and thinks he’s the town’s big shot. I mean… the way Mom talks about that guy… She always talks well about other people, but him… Go figure.”

“I know. And it probably has a lot to do with Brian’s ‘confidence,’” Jake said as he made air quotes, “But I’m sure he won’t bother us anymore. He’s got a big mouth, but he’s a scared little weasel. When he doesn’t have a group of guys surrounding him, he’s nothing. And I know for a fact that most of the guys that hung out with him dropped him like a hot potato.”

“Thank you!” I said and kissed my brother on his cheek.

Jake looked surprised and asked, “For what?”

“For standing up for me! I never thanked you for that.”

“Well… you told me not to, but I couldn’t help myself. Now I’m glad I did.”

“Me too! So thanks for doing that.”

“You deserve to be protected. You’re my sister, and it’s my job,” he said, beaming a little.

“I’m SO glad we’re on the same page again,” I said, looking warmly at him.

I suddenly felt enormous affection for my brother. I don’t know if it had anything to do with our mutual masturbation session or the fact he declared to be my protector. But I wanted him close, so I asked, “Uhm… do you mind sleeping here tonight? I mean… it’s not like Mom will check in on us, and we’re comfy the way we are now, right?”

“Uhh… I uhh…” Jake stammered.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I quickly added.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…”

Jake paused for a second, and I didn’t know what he was thinking. I might have overstepped something here and was anxious to know what it was.

“I’d love to!” he said with a warm smile, “I just don’t wanna impose myself here, you know?”

“I’m the one asking!” I replied.

“Yeah… but I was already thinking of a way to ask this. And then when you asked me, I… never mind. Let’s sleep!”

“Dimwit!” I laughed and punched him playfully on his shoulder.

We got under the covers, and neither seemed to mind that we were naked. I don’t know why, but since we switched bodies, I didn’t think about this when I was around my original body. It was as if it somehow didn’t matter, and it was perfectly natural to be naked around each other.

I cuddled up against Jake, cupped his boob, and kneaded it gently. I felt his nipple harden and whispered, “I sure miss them.”

“We’ll figure it out, Sis! Don’t worry,” Jake soothingly said.

For the first time since our bodyswap, I felt at ease with the whole situation. Jake and I were friends again, and we were battling this together. This was a very comforting idea, and I felt myself drift off to sleep quickly.

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