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The Vlog

The Vlog by Rwxxx13 is a pretty hot story about a teenaged girl seducing her younger brother and his friend. It’s one of Rwxxx13’s hotter ones, and that means a lot! The ending is a bit abrupt, but most of his story end this way. I guess he loses interest, and then its… over.

A hot story, nevertheless, so enjoy yourself!

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The Vlog – Part 6

The Vlog – Part 6

The Vlog
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

The Vlog – Part 6

Back in her room, Natalie sat on her bed with Luke’s iPad in her hand, looking into the blank screen but not seeing it, lost in thought. She wasn’t sure why she’d wanted it. She’d had the vague idea that it would somehow help her with her seduction of Jacob.

Seducing Jacob. She felt weird just thinking about it. The weirdest thing was that it wasn’t a totally creepy feeling. She felt it should be, but in the midst of all the mildly creepy stuff was a solid core of excitement. She knew she really wanted to do it, despite her mind telling her it was wrong.

She’d imagined the iPad would help. Her initial plan was to get him to go swimming. She was worried, though, that even if he agreed, he’d come down in board shorts, when she wanted to see him in a skimpy Speedo. The iPad she figured she’d use as excuse to get him to change, making up something about wanting to do test lighting for a pool challenge she was thinking about.

Or maybe she could make him breakfast again, and when he came downstairs she’d be wearing something even skimpier than she had on that last time. Of course, she worried then that because she knew he was already naked, he would put on shorts instead of underwear and it would be harder to seduce him because she wouldn’t be able to see that he had a boner.

So she sat, and thought, and stared at the blank screen. After maybe fifteen minutes she sighed and flopped onto her back. This didn’t think this should be so hard. Then she cocked her head as a thought struck. Why was she going through so much trouble, she wondered. Did the seduction really have to seem accidental in some way? After all, Jacob was in his room right now. In his bed. Naked. What would happen if she just went in there and got into bed with him? Would he freak out?

Standing up, her heart suddenly beating a rapid tattoo in her chest, Natalie began to strip out of her bikini. Her nipples were already stiff, and she felt the coolness as the air hit the dampness between her legs. She’d just go crawl into bed with him, she determined. The worst thing he could do is kick her out, and she couldn’t imagine that happening. She’d just stop torturing herself with scenarios and what ifs and just get in there and do it.

So she started for the door and then paused, looking back at the iPad lying on her bed. An idea flitted through her mind. After all, if watching clips of Luke and Jacob was a powerful tool for masturbation, imagine how great a film of her seduction of Jacob would be. With a small grin she grabbed it and left her room.

For the second time that morning she found herself in front of her brother’s door, silently turning the knob. The door slid slowly open and she peeked around its edge. Jacob was lying in bed on his back, pale body glowing in the sun through the window. He was still completely naked, but it was hard to make out details from the doorway.

Natalie crept closer to the bed, again carefully avoiding the minefield of crap all over the floor. There was a desk just to the right of the door which had shelving over the part that held his pc monitor. She turned on the iPad, set it to record, and then carefully adjusted it so that it had a perfect view of Jacob lying there.

She stood over her little brother for a moment, just staring, caught up in the beauty of him. She wondered how it had ever escaped her. Jacob was fit and lean, with strong arms and legs and a muscular chest for a boy of twelve. His stomach, even in repose, was flat and showed hints of the muscles underneath. That deep V that all her girlfriends were always admiring on boys was well defined and led to a pale groin where rested the heart of the boy.

He was much as she’d seen when he’d shown himself previously. His little penis was like a mushroom, poking up out of the ground with no stalk showing, just the cap. The ground where this little thing grew was the little fan of sparse hairs around its base. Natalie remembered how weird it had been sucking Luke, because his dick was so obviously a boy’s dick, being smaller than Noah’s and basically hairless. Jacob had a bit of hair, but his dick would be even tinier. She was feeling weirder about this moment after moment, but she felt she was committed now. Besides, a boy wasn’t just his dick, and she didn’t want to do this with Jacob just because of that. The thought of her little brother holding her in his strong arms and holding his muscular little body against hers made her shiver.

Moving as carefully as she could, Natalie lowered herself onto Jacob’s mattress, sliding into bed with him as slowly as she could, expecting at any moment that he would explode upward and demand to know what she was doing. It took her well over a minute to get settled, lying on her right side facing Jacob. She looked over her shoulder to make sure that the camera would still be able to see Jacob’s dick over her, but she’d set it high enough that it should be fine.

Then she turned her attention to Jacob. Now that she was here, she found herself relaxing a bit. She was committed now. There would be no jumping up and running out of the room without him knowing she’d been here naked.

Reaching out, she placed a tentative hand palm down on Jacob’s stomach. She felt his warmth. Her hand rose and fell with his gentle breathing, which whispered in and out between his soft, full lips. His raven-colored hair was spread out in a fan over his pillow, looking almost artfully arranged, as if he were posing for a photo shoot.

Natalie lightly moved her hand downward, thrilling at the silky feel of Jacob’s skin under her fingers. He had a slightly elongated bellybutton, and she slid a finger through the little trough as she passed it. A smooth expanse of pale groin, and then her pinky was in amidst the silken hairs at the base of his little mushroom stalk. She ran her fingers through it, remembering when hers were that soft and straight, how thrilled she’d been at their appearance. Jacob must be so proud of them, she thought.

Steeling herself a bit, Natalie finally allowed herself to touch Jacob’s penis. This was so taboo, she knew, but it seemed strangely natural to her now that it was happening. She’d never played with such a small dick. It was so cute. She used a finger to lay it down so that the head was pointing towards Jacob’s chest, exposing the little bundle of nerves in that tiny inverted V where the mushroom head split. She brushed her finger over that spot again and again.

It was hard to tell, but Natalie thought her brother’s dick might be growing. She took it between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it lightly, watching the way the little peehole would gape open. Releasing it, it lay on… its back? She wasn’t sure. Anyway, it was lying there pointing at Jacob’s chest on its own and looking a bit longer than before. She left it there then and slid her hand downward, teasing fingers sliding over the smooth, hairless skin of the sac that held his balls.

Natalie noted that Jacob’s balls were definitely larger than Luke’s. It was so funny to her that Luke would have smaller balls, but have hair on them, and Jacob had larger ones but no hair there at all. Puberty was weird, she decided.

After gently rubbing and weighing her brother’s nuts, she returned to his dick, which she was sure was bigger. This time she was able to take it between her thumb and first two fingers. It was warm to her touch and she enjoyed squeezing and gently tugging on it, watching the way all the wrinkles along its length would straighten out. She was afraid to pull on it too hard, but she was already surprised how far she could stretch it. She hadn’t realized that boy’s penises could stretch further than they got when hard.

As Natalie continued to play with her little brother’s cock she was able to add a third finger, and then she was holding it in her fist. In a surprisingly short time it was stretching beyond the confines of her fist. It was like a switch had been thrown and it had decided that if it was getting hard, it was getting hard fast. Then Natalie found her eyes widening as she realized that she’d been wrong. A boy’s dick didn’t stretch beyond its erect length, she’d just completely misjudged her brother’s size.

The change had been so gradual at first that she hadn’t really noticed it, but then when that switch was thrown, Jacob’s cock grew rapidly. And boy did it grow. What started as a tiny mushroom head without a stalk was suddenly an achingly hard erection at least as long as Noah’s had been; a bit over five inches. It may have even been a bit longer, and it was surprisingly thicker. At a guess, Noah had been about an inch thick; her baby brother’s was an inch-and-a-half. Which made it a good inch or more longer than Luke’s and twice as thick. Natalie let go of it, just staring as it lay there, stiffly bobbing over his pale groin.

The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How could such a tiny thing become so big? She’d been convinced that Luke’s dick was bigger than her baby brother’s, so what was this? She couldn’t get over the size of it, and Jacob was only twelve. Reaching out, she took it in her fist, amazed as she gently stroked the hot, velvety length of it. She could see the throbbing veins along the shaft, the tiny blue ones under the surface, and the pink, spongy cockhead, flared so widely above.

Suddenly, Jacob moaned. Natalie’s eyes flicked to his, which suddenly opened. She quickly released his cock, but it was too late, as a moment later the brief haze of waking cleared from his eyes and they widened in alarm.

“Nat?” he asked, then he glanced down to see his erect cock bobbing above his groin. He jerked and rolled away from her, desperately grabbing his pillow and putting it over his lap as he sat upright. “Wh-what are you doing?!”

“I…” she began, but didn’t know how to continue. She sat up as well.

Jacob’s eyes widened even further. “You’re naked!” Although he was clearly shocked, the boy made no effort to look away, drinking in the sight of her, eyes flicking between her small breasts and the dark triangle between her legs. “Why are you naked? Were you…?”

Natalie blushed deeply. She cursed herself, telling herself she should have used one of the more complex plans for getting down his pants. Or maybe the whole idea of seducing Jacob was stupid to begin with. “I was… curious,” she finally said.

Jacob seemed to take a moment to consider that and what it meant. He glanced down at his lap, where his erection was stronger than ever and pressing against the pillow. “You were touching my…?”

Natalie reddened anew and shrugged.

Now it was Jacob’s turn to blush, imagining what she’d been doing while he’d slept. His eyes crept back to her breasts. “Then why are you naked, Nat?”

“It just seemed fair,” Natalie said. “If I was gonna look at you, I should be naked, too.”

Jacob thought about that, and then his face twisted with suspicion. “How does that work if you don’t wake me up?”

“I was going to,” she told him. “I just got… curious.” Then she caught his eye and asked, “Aren’t you curious? About me?”

Jacob shrugged and lowered his eyes. “I guess.”

“You and Luke sure look at me like you’re curious,” she pointed out to him.

“But you’re my sister,” he said, meeting her eyes.

“And you’re my brother,” she said, sliding closer to him. Jacob pressed his back against the wall. “Don’t you want to touch them?” she asked softly.

Jacob’s eyes flashed guiltily from her chest to her eyes. “It’s wrong, Nat,” he said, chewing his bottom lip.

“Who says?” she asked, reaching out and placing her hand on his knee. He was sitting cross-legged and she slid her hand up along his leg. She felt him shudder.

“What if Mom…?” Jacob began, but his voice was weakened by the feeling of his sister’s hand climbing up his thigh.

Natalie’s hand slid behind the obstructing pillow. “Mom’s not here,” she said with what she hoped was a sultry tone. “It’s just you and me.” The back of her fingers bumped against Jacob’s erection, and she turned her hand, raised it and took it in her fist.

Jacob gasped and stiffened. “Nat,” he protested, but his voice was hoarse and barely audible.

“You can touch me, too,” she said gently. With that she reached out her left hand and took his right, then brought it to her chest. She held it there, wondering if he’d move it, but hormones got the best of him and he began to lightly squeeze her. She felt her breathing deepen.

“That feels really nice,” Natalie breathed, sliding her hand up her brother’s erect cock until she could squeeze the head of it.

“We shouldn’t,” Jacob said, but it was a whisper and his hand was moving on its own now, caressing her small breast, teasing the tiny nipple with his thumb.

“Let me see,” Natalie said, reaching out to grip the pillow. She gave it a small tug and Jacob used his free hand to toss it aside. Once again she was greeted by the sight of her baby brother’s big cock, throbbing in her fist as she slowly jacked him. “It’s really nice, Jakey,” she said, using his childhood nickname.

“So are you,” he said, both hands on her breasts now, but eyes between her legs.

“Lay down,” Natalie said, and she showed him what she meant, lying on her right side. Jacob hurriedly slid to his left side, boner bouncing and perfectly horizontal even with him lying down. Scooting close, she reached out and took her baby brother’s right hand in her left, then brought it between her legs.

“Touch me here,” she instructed.

Hand between her legs, Jacob said, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just rub me, like this,” she instructed, using her own hand to slide his fingers up and down her pink slit. She felt herself tingling to his touch. It took her a moment before she could speak again. “This is my clit,” she said, taking his finger and brushing it against the tiny hooded button. She gasped as his finger touched her. “It’s like your dick,” she said. “Really sensitive.” Then she moved his finger downward, and carefully helped him to insert it into her. She gasped again. “That’s my pussy. Inside me, Jakey.”

Jacob forced his finger deeper, eyes on his sister’s face, watching the way she reacted. After a moment he added a second finger, then began to move them in and out.

“That’s it,” Natalie said with a soft gasp, reaching out to take his cock in her fist again. “That feels so good.”

As Jacob continued to finger her, experimenting with speed and depth and motion, watching for her response, she worked harder on his cock, jacking him strongly, but taking the time to squeeze his cockhead and rub at his little bundle of nerves.

Natalie could feel her orgasm coming. Her toes were tingling and she could feel the warmth in her middle. Unable to help herself, she suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips to Jacob’s. Her brother’s fingers stilled in her for a moment, and then they resumed while he returned the kiss, tongue sliding boldly into her mouth.

Natalie gasped and moaned into her baby brother’s mouth. She was surprised by how well her baby brother could kiss, and she instantly wondered if he’d been practicing with Luke. In her hand, she realized she felt wetness. Curious, she explored the top of Jacob’s cock and realized his pisshole was wet with leaking precum. She rubbed it around with her thumb like she used to do with Noah, then continued jacking his cock.

That’s when Natalie realized she wanted to fuck her brother. Her pussy was suddenly aching for it, desperate to be filled up with his throbbing stiffness. She pulled back from the kiss, panting, about to tell him to fuck her, when the boy suddenly grunted and she felt her stomach painted with a blast of hot boycum.

The very knowledge that Jacob could cum somehow set her off, and she felt herself clamping down around his fingers, her pussy spasming as her orgasm rocked through her. She kissed him again, groaning, shuddering as she breathed her lust into him.

Natalie was searching her brother’s face when his eyes opened and met hers. Instead of the elation and excitement she was feeling, she saw confusion and a hint of fear. Her hand was still around his cock, and it was still throbbing, showing no sign of softening.

“Nat…” Jacob began uncertainly.

“It’s okay,” she assured him.

“We shouldn’t have,” he said softly. Then he seemed to realize where his fingers were and he removed them with a guilty look. His hand fluttered for a moment, as if he didn’t know what to do with it, and he eventually let it settle on the bed between them.

“Didn’t you like it?” she asked, disappointed. She gently began to jack him again. A quick glance showed a line of thin boycum dripping over her fingers. She felt the same against her stomach, cooling against her skin.

Jacob shuddered, eyes glancing down nervously to where she was clutching his young cock. “It felt good,” he allowed, “but you’re my sister.”

“So?” she asked. She leaned forward so she could kiss Jacob’s neck. He squirmed uncomfortably.

“It’s… you know,” he started softly, then whispered “…incest,” as if he’d be heard.

“Haven’t you ever heard ‘incest is best’?” she asked a bit flippantly as she began to slip downward, kissing her way across Jacob’s wide swimmer’s chest. Her hand continued to work on his pulsing boner.

“It feels weird,” he said, swallowing audibly.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty?” she asked, lifting her head from where she’d been licking his belly.

“You’re beautiful,” the boy allowed.

“You’re beautiful, too,” she told him, and then she wrapped her lips around the head of her brother’s cock.

Jacob gasped and stiffened. Natalie pushed him onto his back while she took more of him into her mouth. The boy arched his back, driving more of his cock into her mouth, and Natalie nearly choked on his length. She tried taking all of it, but she knew from experience that she could only get about four inches before her gag reflex kicked in on her. Still, she was a fairly experienced cocksucker for a fifteen-year-old girl, and she began to work on her little brother’s cock in a way that had the young boy groaning and trembling in no time.

Once again Natalie was reminded how much she enjoyed having a cock in her mouth. The fact that it was her brother’s throbbing member only made it better for her somehow. Here was that indefinable something that had been missing from sucking Luke, that taste of bittersweet precum on her tongue. Jacob’s cock was thicker, too, stretching her lips deliciously while the boyish scent of his tiny bush of dark pubes made her head spin with lust.

She reached between her brother’s legs and cupped his hairless balls, squeezing and scratching, rolling the delicate orbs between her fingers. She couldn’t get over how smooth the skin was there. Noah’s were a bit rough and always wrinkly. Even Luke’s nuts had that wrinkly, crepe-paper look, but Jacob’s balls were somehow smooth and silky in her hand.

Letting her brother’s cock slip wetly from her mouth, she moved down and rasped her tongue slickly over the smooth flesh of his balls. She remembered doing this for Noah and feeling a bit weird about the way the crinkly hairs felt against her tongue and in her mouth. Luke’s ball hairs were still silky enough not to have given her much of that feeling, but Jacob’s smooth, hairless balls were something else altogether. The way his largish balls felt as she swirled first one and then the other around in her mouth made her feel as if she were doing this to a boy for the first time.

Jacob’s nuts were definitely tighter in their sac as she left them behind and slid her tongue up along the pulsing length of his cock. She gripped it in her fist, pulling it upright, then slid her mouth over the top of it, closing her lips tightly just beneath the flared crown while she began to suck and twirl her tongue around, sliding it again and again into the tiny groove of his pee slit, sucking up the slowly leaking precum. She couldn’t believe how much it was stretching her lips.

She moved then, sliding over to her right hip so that she could stretch out her legs and spread them apart. Then she slid her left hand down to her pussy, feeling her heat and wetness. She shuddered as she dipped two finger into her sucking hole, feeling her cunt tighten around the invading digits. She imagined it was Jacob’s cock between her legs and she began to work her fingers in and out of herself while she worked a similar rhythm on the pulsing cock in her mouth.

Then Natalie realized that there was no reason at all not to do it. She was here, Jacob’s cock was already in her mouth. The boy had gone this far with her. Surely he’d want to go further. She backed off and stared for a moment at her brother’s long, thick cock while her fingers continued to work inside her and she was convinced.

Without a word, Natalie rose to her knees and maneuvered until she was straddling Jacob’s hips.

“Nat?” Jacob said, clearly worried about her intentions.

“Shhh,” she said gently, bending over to reach between her legs. She clutched her brother’s stiff prick and he jerked. “It’ll be okay.”

“Natalie, we can’t,” Jacob practically whined as he felt the head of his cock come into contact with the heat of his sister’s pussy. “What if you get pregnant?” he asked desperately, as if searching his mind for excuses.

“I’m on the pill,” Natalie said as she pushed back against the solid heat pressing against her entrance. She drew in a breath of excitement as she felt herself spreading wide… wider, even wider, until the head of Jacob’s cock slipped into her.

Jacob’s eyes were wide, whether with fear or excitement, she couldn’t tell. She hissed as she pushed down around him, her thighs trembling as he filled her. Her head dipped as all her attention was drawn to the feelings between her legs. It had been so long since she’d had a cock inside her. She’d nearly forgotten the heat, the stiffness, the sensation of being full and complete, and she’d never been as full as this. Before she knew it she felt herself bottom out. Jacob’s cock jerked hard inside her.

“Fuck,” Jacob sighed.

Natalie blinked and raised her head to catch her brother’s eyes. He was staring down at where they were joined. Sensing her gaze, his rose to meet hers. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Feels so good,” he breathed.

Natalie grinned. “Just wait,” she said, and then she drew herself upward. Jacob moaned, and then gasped and she slammed herself downward, the shock of it rocking them both.

“Do it again,” Jacob said weakly.

Natalie was happy to oblige, and she began to almost violently ride her little brother’s big cock, shuddering as his five inches stuffed her over and over again, as her clit was teased by the nearby friction and her pussylips were mashed again and again against Jacob’s nearly hairless crotch.

Natalie gripped Jacob’s shoulders, her head bent and her dark hair a curtain that pooled against his chest. Her knees were set on either side of the boy’s slim hips and she rocked back and forth above him, her pussy gliding up and down his big boycock. In the dark circle of her hair it was like she was in a world by herself, and her only focus was the sensation of her pussy moving on her brother’s cock, feeling it stuff her as she rocked backward with a wet squelch of flesh on flesh and then the emptiness as she rocked forward, which was only bearable because she knew she’d be filled again in just a moment.

She could feel Jacob’s hands on her hips. His touch had been tentative at first, but as he gasped and moaned beneath her, his grip became more confident, until he even began to lift his own hips to meet her downward motion, adding force to their joining.

Not breaking her stride, Natalie threw her head back, flipping her hair back over her shoulders so she could see. Jacob was staring at her intently, eyes a bit wide and mouth gaping like a fish. “You feel so good inside me, Jakey,” she moaned as she continued to ride him.

Jacob opened his mouth as if he were going to say something, but nothing emerged but a moan. His lips moved like a fish gasping for air, trying to form words, but coming up empty. He let his body speak for him though, continuing to thrust himself upward while reaching up and taking a double handful of his sister’s firm little breasts.

Natalie groaned as she felt her brother’s hands on her tits. Her nipples tingled where they touched his palms. She imagined how hot this must look, and glanced over her shoulder where the iPod was sitting, still filming them. She reached up between her legs, her first and second fingers spreading her puffy cuntlips apart, imagining the camera picking up the glistening length of her baby brother’s fat cock sliding in and out of her gripping pussy.

That was when Jacob surprised her. With a bunching of wiry muscles, the boy lifted her at her hips so that she was up and off of him. Then he rose to his knees and slid around behind her while practically tossing her onto her hands and knees. “Jakey?” she asked, shocked.

Her brother didn’t bother answering, and in a moment she felt his left hand on the small of her back. A moment later she hissed as she felt the heat of his thick cockhead pressing against the pink pucker of her asshole. “Jacob!” she cried, fearing he was about to shove that fat cock of his into her bowels. There was a moment of hesitation and then a bit of awkward fumbling, and then he was back, lower this time, and a moment later he was sliding into her pussy while his hands gripped her hips.

Natalie grunted as he filled her. She’d never made love in this position and she cried her brother’s name as she felt his cock sliding deep inside her, deeper than she’d ever been fucked before. Her head dipped, and she found herself once again in the dark little world her hair created. Between her legs Jacob’s cock worked with a surprising amount of confidence, sliding in and out of her, the slap of his groin loud against her ass while his hands gripped her slender hips, pulling her back against him with each thrust.

The slick sliding of Jacob’s cock in and out of her little pussy had Natalie panting with excitement and gasping for breath. Her whole body was alive with sensation, the pleasure radiating out from her cunt pulsing through her. Jacob continued to thrust his big preteen cock in and out of her, stretching her deliciously and diving deep into her depths, rocking her body with each powerful thrust. His hands gripped her confidently and his strokes were smooth and assured. She shuddered each time his groin smacked into her, the shock of it in combination with his swinging balls sending sparks through her.

Then Natalie thought of the camera again. As much as this new position was pleasuring her, the thought of a new position and how it would look on camera made her call out to her baby brother. “Jakey,” she gasped. “Stop a sec.”

He ignored her, continuing to drive his cock into her gripping pussy, his breath rasping, his hands gripping her tightly.

“Jacob!” she said with more force, trying to twist out from under him, but the strength of his grip was incredible.

Finally the boy stuttered to a stop, but his big cock continued to jerk and throb inside her. “Huh?” he asked, seeming barely cognizant of what he was doing.

“Lay down,” Natalie instructed, finally able to squirm out from beneath him.

She guided him until he was lying on his back. She could barely tear her eyes away from his swollen boycock, glistening wetly from the wetness between her legs. Glancing at the camera, she turned until she was facing away from her baby brother and then squatted over him. Carefully, she fisted his big dick and lowered herself onto it, shuddering as it filled her. Then she carefully maneuvered herself so that she was lying stretched out on her back atop Jacob’s sweaty chest, her legs spread wide.

She turned her head then till her mouth was near her brother’s ear and whispered, “Fuck me, Jakey.”

The boy didn’t need more prompting than that. Slowly at first, acclimating himself to this new position, Jacob began to thrust himself into her. Natalie knew that the camera would be able to see her pussy plainly, spread wide with the thickness of her baby brother’s cock as it slid wetly in and out of her.

Gaining confidence, Jacob reached up and cupped his sister’s small breasts, squeezing them lightly as he worked his hips. Natalie felt her sensitive nipples rubbing against her brother’s palms and she bit her lips, her eyelids fluttering with pleasure. Next, she slid her hands down over her trembling stomach until her fingers were sliding through the silky black hairs of her small pubic bush. Her own heat and wetness turned her on as she spread the first two fingers of her right hand and moved them down until she could feel her brother’s slick boner sliding between them.

Natalie moved her legs so that they were on the outside of Jacob’s, spreading herself even wider for the camera. She closed her thumb and forefinger in a ring around her brother’s thrusting cock, the sensation of him moving through her fingers somehow intensifying the movement of his erection as it thrust in and out of her pussy. With her left hand, she used a finger to slowly circle her swollen clitoris, her whole body thrumming with pleasure as she teased her little button.

“You’re so good inside me, Jakey,” she said, her voice deep and husky with lust. “Your cock feels so good.”

Jacob gave a little mewling cry against her neck as he heard his sister’s dirty talk. His hands tightened against her little breasts and he began to thrust into her with more intensity.

“That’s it,” she gasped, her hands reaching down to clutch her inner thighs, feeling that if she didn’t do so she’d somehow fall apart. “Fuck me, Jakey,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your big cock!”

“Nat!” the boy said with a strangled gasp.

“Cum in me, baby,” she said. “Uhhhhnnnn, shoot your hot cum into my pussy. I want to feel you shoot it inside me!”

Jacob’s thrusts were crazed now. The mattress shook as his thin hips drove his throbbing cock rapidly in and out of her. The smell of their sex was everywhere, the sounds of their joining filled their ears. Natalie could feel the sheet of hot sweat between them as her little brother struggled beneath her. It was slick and she could feel the way her body slid back and forth atop him. His hands were almost uncomfortably hot against her breasts. It was the heat between her legs that mattered the most though, as Jacob drove his steely cock into her again and again, like an iron in a furnace.

Just as Natalie felt herself exploding, Jacob stiffened as he were being electrocuted. His big cock jerked inside her and she felt the heat of his boycum filling her, coating the walls inside her with his watery seed. For herself, her pussy was clamped down tightly against his pulsating dick, ripples of pleasure spreading outward from her delightfully abused pussy.

The End

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Yes, really! The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another chapter. Even though I think it deserves a more satisfying ending, I’ll never write and end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!

The Vlog – Part 5

The Vlog
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

The Vlog – Part 5

Natalie woke early the next morning and just lay staring up at the ceiling, listening to the quiet of the house. There was no noise from her brother’s room next door. The boys were no doubt still deeply asleep and would be for some time.

She thought about the night before. Not just about what had happened, but what it might mean going forward. She’d basically had sex with her baby brother’s best friend. A twelve-year-old boy. Not even a teenager. Barely a hair between his legs. And she’d loved it. Even now, remembering it, reliving it, she could feel warmth down between her legs that began to spread through her body. Her skin tingled where the sheet touched her. Her small breasts, exposed above the sheet, swelled, and her little nipples stiffened.

Part of her still resisted. She didn’t want to be turned on by the thoughts in her head. She wanted to forget the sight and sensations of Luke’s blond head between her legs, of his eager mouth against her sex, of his sturdy little cock in her mouth, pulsing and then twitching with his mostly dry cum. She knew it was wrong. She knew there must be something seriously off with her.

Natalie shuddered as her skin tightened against the slight temperature change as she kicked the sheet off her body. She gathered her small breasts in her hands, squeezing them together, pressing against her nipples with the tips of her thumbs, circling the rubbery little tips, shivering at the tingles that raced through her.

As her hands moved down over the front of her body, she thought of Luke and Jacob in the next room, sleeping and innocent. Or not so innocent. In her mind’s eye, each boy was stiff and they held each other in their skinny arms, warm and heavy with sleep, locked in a naked embrace. That’s when it hit her, just as her fingers were dipping down into the silky hairs of her small bush.

When Luke had appeared in the bathroom door last night, he’d been naked.

She lay there and thought of the implications of that while she drew lazy circles on her mound. He’d been naked. He wouldn’t have gotten undressed to go to the bathroom, that would be crazy. Which meant he’d been nude already. It had been late, so the boys had likely been asleep for some time before his need to pee hit him. So he’d been naked, and sleeping with her brother.

Natalie knew the boys shared the bed. Still, even after Luke’s admission the day before that Jacob had touched his dick, she hadn’t really explored what that meant. Boys screwed around. That wasn’t a big leap in logic. Girls screwed around as well, she knew. However, it was sort of a big deal to go from show and tell or some light touching to sleeping with each other in the buff. Her image of the boys curled up naked, little cocks stiff between their legs, might just be more than fantasy.

The young teen began to wonder what else the boys got up to in her brother’s room, behind closed doors. Had Jacob ever tasted the oily little drops of Luke’s immature cum in his mouth? Had Luke ever felt her brother’s tiny penis growing in his mouth? Felt his lip tickled by those silky little preteen pubes? Had he rasped his pink tongue over Jacob’s hairless little ballsac? Why did the thought of two preteen boys getting together suddenly inflame her?

Natalie shuddered and realized that while she’d been fantasizing about the boys, she’d unconsciously slipped two fingers into her pussy. While her pinky and index finger caressed the mostly hairless outer lips of her swollen teen pussy, her middle and ring fingers worked wetly in her gripping little cunt. With her left hand she caressed herself; the insides of her thighs, her taut stomach, her firm little breasts, teasing her nipples, wetting her finger in her mouth and then circling each, forcing a shuddering moan from between her lips.

She imagined Jacob leaning over Luke, lust shining eyes in his stormy gray eyes, full pink lips working up and down on the little blond boy’s straining erection. However, as she fantasized, a small corner of her brain began to work at the problem. Just what was she going to do now? She’d sucked Luke’s cock. She’d basically forced him to eat her pussy. She’d stepped over a major line. Where did they go from here? What happened when Jacob found out? She didn’t fool herself for a minute that the wild little blond kid would be able to keep it a secret for long. Would Jacob hate her? Would he want equal treatment? Could she suck her own baby brother’s cock?

It was the thought of taking Jacob’s twelve-year-old erection into her mouth that sent her over the edge. The orgasm had been growing slowly, like a gently returning tide, but at the thought of sucking his pale little cock, it was like a damn broke unexpectedly and she was suddenly flooded with pulsing heat. Her slim hips lifted up off the bed as she rapidly worked her fingers in and out of her spasming pussy, gasping as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body.

In the afterglow of her climax, Natalie once again turned her mind to a solution to her predicament. She knew Luke would never let it go. He would want to do again, and again. Not just that, but he would want more. She knew he’d never be satisfied until he got that hot little boner between her legs. In the meantime, he had all this leverage over her. One word to Jacob and it would all be over. She didn’t want to hurt her brother, and she thought him finding out would seem like a betrayal. What could she do, though?

After weighing possibilities she came to what seemed to her to be the only logical conclusion: she would have to seduce Jacob.

If Jacob got what Luke had gotten, then the worst Luke could do would be inform her brother that he’d gotten there first. That would lose most of its sting if he also got sucked off by his big sister. As little aftershock tremors caused her pussy to tremble, she wondered just for a moment how much of that was sound logic, and how much was just a sick desire to suck her brother’s cock. Because she couldn’t lie to herself any longer. That’s what she wanted to do. Jacob had always been a beautiful boy, but this new epiphany that he was also sexually desirable was playing hell with what she’d always felt were common moral boundaries.

Mind set upon her task, she just had to figure out how to implement it.

Natalie realized quickly that the first thing she had to do was get rid of Luke. There was no way the boy would give her the space she needed, especially not without giving up the game or interfering in some way. This was difficult because Luke spent almost every single Saturday at their house, and getting him to go home voluntarily wouldn’t be easy. However, she’d sucked the kid’s dick last night, and she felt the promise of a repeat performance would be enough to get him gone. After that her plans got a bit fuzzy. She decided she’d just have to play it by ear.

In order to kick off the first part of the plan, she got up and dressed. She rummaged around in her top drawer for a bit before coming up with a swimsuit she hadn’t worn in awhile. It was coral colored and had a high neck top, so it didn’t leave as much skin exposed as other bikinis, but it also molded perfectly to her small breasts, so if anything they seemed even more visible. The bottoms were a bit small, so they didn’t quite fit her athletic ass, and the front hugged itself so tightly against her that you could see the slit of her vulva.

Modeling in the mirror, Natalie looked at her bedside clock. It was just a bit after eight. There was no way the boys would be up for a couple of hours yet. She hoped that equated to deep sleep. She knew from experience that Jacob could be a heavy sleeper and she hoped that didn’t change this morning.

Natalie started by gently turning her own doorknob and silently pulling the door open, then carefully turning the knob back before releasing it. A glance down the hallway showed her mom’s door standing open. She’d have left by six, an opportunity to sleep in a bit later due to it being Saturday.

The girl stopped outside her brother’s room. Putting her ear close to the door, she was pretty sure she could hear soft breathing from within, although there was nothing louder. She reached out and gripped the knob, being careful not to jiggle it. Then she carefully twisted it, praying neither boy had locked it. It turned easily and quietly. Natalie let out a soft breath.

Now for the hard part. Well, one of them anyway. She very carefully pushed the door forward, willing it not to make any noise. It slid in silently. She saw Jacob’s dresser, top drawer partially pulled out to expose a hanging sock. The top was covered with a collection of junk, including change and a couple of rocks along with semi-expensive jewelry they’d received from their father. There were also two trophies, both for diving, both first place. There were many others of those spread throughout the room, including gold and silver medals on colorful ribbons and framed photos and certificates.

As the door slid open further, she was presented with a landscape of destruction that would have made her mother wince. Action figures, RC cars and helicopters, drones, stuffed toys, two game consoles and their discs and boxes and clothes. Clothes everywhere. Shirts, shorts, swim stuff, and underwear. A veritable river of dirty laundry.

Natalie peeked around the edge of the door, just barely getting the impression of sprawled limbs before pushing the door until it was half open and then once again carefully releasing the doorknob.

Jacob’s room had two windows. One was facing the door. The blind was open, so she was presented with a view of a beautiful Saturday spread across the backyard, sunlight dancing on the water in the pool. The other window was at the head of Jacob’s bed, which sat against the far right wall. As she stepped into the room, careful to avoid the traps on the floor, she was presented with the sight of Luke asleep on his back.

Luke’s mouth was open just a bit, soft breath in tune with the slight rise and fall of his lightly muscled chest. His right arm, the one closest to her, was draped over his stomach. His left was flung off to the side, presumably on top of Jacob, who she couldn’t quite see. What she could see was the gorgeous sight of Luke’s young dick standing upward in the sunlight, like a plant straining for nourishment. His knees were a bit bent, but his legs were gaping wide open, as if presenting his little cock to the world.

There was a tree right outside the second window, which was swaying gently in an early morning breeze. This caused a beautiful hide and seek upon Luke’s body, parts of his body constantly going in and out of leafy shadow. Natalie snuck forward, mesmerized. In the light of the morning sun, the blond boy seemed to glow. When lit up by the sun, every tiny golden hair upon his tanned body lit up like molten gold. His arms were fiery with it, as were his thin legs. Even his stomach. However, it was the tiny hairs around his rampant morning erection that most drew her attention. Like strands of optical fibers, the tiny hairs shone brightly. On his little scrotum could be seen at least a dozen small golden wisps.

So caught up in staring at the beautiful boy, Natalie found herself nearly at the side of the bed before she noticed her brother, and her hand went to her mouth with a soft gasp. Jacob was also nude. His pale body was bathed in the light of the sun, his skin flawless and also glowing as the tiny hairs up and down his arms and legs were illuminated. Unfortunately, his back was facing her as he lay on his left side. His left leg was stretched out straight beneath him and his right was cocked at the knee, giving her a glimpse of his balls in the shadowy space that had been created between his body and the mattress, and even the pink pucker of his tiny asshole, which she would never have imagined would be a sight which would excite her as it did now. His ass was gorgeous, fading up subtly into the artful curve of his slender back and his soft shoulder. His inky black hair was a dark fan over his pillow and the side of his head.

She wasn’t sure how long she stood there, staring at the boys. It was the soft sound of a car driving up the road outside that snapped her out of her daze. Biting her lip nervously, doubly worried now because of his naked state about being caught by her brother, Natalie stepped forward and bent over to wake Luke. She didn’t want to startle him, so she wasn’t sure the best way to go about waking him. Finally, with a bit of a wicked smile, she ran a finger along the short length of his little penis. It quivered and bounced under her touch. She did it again, then again. It seemed to be straining upward ever more urgently.

Finally, on about the seventh such tender caress, Luke’s eyes opened. She’d been half watching for it, torn between that and the sight of his bouncing penis. Seeing him draw breath to say something, she quickly motioned him to be quiet, and then she crooked a finger at him, indicating he should follow. She quietly made her way out of the room.

Once she cleared the door, she hurried into her own room. There was about a twenty second wait, and then she heard a slight scuffling footstep and Luke came full of eager nervousness into her bedroom. The boy was still naked and being led by his stiff dick.

“You’re naked,” Natalie hissed accusingly.

Luke glanced down and then squeezed his cock. “I thought you wanted to… you know,” he said lamely, disappointed.

“Is Jacob still asleep?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah, I was careful,” Luke said, stepping forward, still hopeful. He jacked himself a couple of times.

“We are not hooking up,” she told him pointedly, careful to speak quietly, although her eyes were drawn again and again to his cock as the little pink head kept peeking out of his fist as he slowly stroked himself.

“Then why did you get me up?” the boy asked grumpily.

“You have to go home,” she told him.

“Why?” he asked, puzzled. “I don’t have to be home till tomorrow.”

“Because I need some alone time with Jacob,” she explained. “I have to work all this shit out.”

“What shit?”

“This,” she said, her gesture taking in both of them. “That,” she indicated his penis. “Just… everything.”

“Are you gonna tell him?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I have to do something though, and I can’t do it if you’re here.”

“But what am I supposed to do all weekend?” the boy whined.

Natalie sighed. “I don’t know. Look, maybe I can work it out today and you can come back and spend the night, okay?”

“This sucks,” he complained.

“If you do it,” she said, playing her trump card, “then I’ll suck you again.”

Luke’s blue eyes lit up with excitement. “Right now?” he asked.

“No, not right now,” she said as if he were crazy. The boy slumped dejectedly. “Like, the next time you come over.”

The boy’s hand hadn’t stopped working on his little erection, and he shuddered a bit. “How about do it now and then I’ll leave,” he equivocated. “C’mon, Nat,” he pleaded. “I’m about ready to bust.”

Natalie sighed. She’d known that this would happen. That the little brat would keep bugging her and bugging her and holding this thing over her head. Still, as she stared down at the winking little cockhead peeking again and again in his fist, she had to admit the idea turned her on. She thought about sucking Luke’s cock, sitting right there on her bed, with her door open, with Jacob’s door open, and him lying in his bed maybe twenty feet away.

“I’ll do it now,” she said, and Luke’s face lit up with glee, “but then I’m gonna call your phone. You pretend it’s your mom and you tell Jacob you have to go until at least tonight. Deal?”

“Deal!” Luke whispered loudly, and Natalie scowled at him, making him cringe and hold his hands guiltily over his mouth.

Natalie backed a couple of steps until she was at her bed and then she sat down. When Luke stepped up she realized it wasn’t going to work. Her mouth was at Luke’s chest. Unless she wanted to get a crick in her back bending over, she was going to have to find another solution. Finally she just sank to her knees and Luke moved in front of her, penis bobbing, body shaking, like an eager little puppy who’s master has just come home from work.

Natalie reached out and took the little treat between her fingers, then leaned forward and rasped a tongue up the boy’s short length. She cupped his small balls in her palm, feeling the grape-sized orbs against her fingers.

“Take your top off,” Luke said. “I didn’t get to see your boobs very good last night.”

Natalie looked up, amazed by the… well, the balls on the kid. “You’re a cocky little shit, aren’t you?” she asked.

“C’mon, Nat,” he pleaded. “You got such beautiful boobs.”

With a sigh of exasperation, she pulled her top over her head, freeing her small tits. Luke stared at them avidly and she felt her nipples stiffening with the attention. Hooking a finger around the slender little boner, she pulled it down a bit, then slipped the tip into her mouth. Luke sighed and shuddered as she circled the small glans with her tongue, flicking it over the tiny pisshole.

With her own groan of satisfaction, Natalie moved her lips downward, feeling the slender little stalk sliding into her mouth, until she reached the warm, naked base. The smell of the boy was stronger here. The indefinable funkiness of boy, like sweat, and rainy days, and the little crannies between couch cushions, comfortable and mysterious all at once.

With nearly four inches of boycock in her mouth, Natalie experimentally slid her tongue out, poking it into the loose skin of his hanging scrotum, feeling the tickling presence of the sparse hairs there. The tip of Luke’s small cock sat right at the entrance of her throat. She sucked at it lightly, contentedly. When she felt it jerk in her mouth she realized that time was an issue. While it was unlikely Jacob would get up before about ten, he might just have to go to the bathroom. Every moment she spent kneeling on her bedroom floor with this young boy’s cock in her mouth was a dangerous one.

Reaching out, Natalie stroked her palms up along Luke’s legs. She could feel just the tiniest of hairs on his calves, and then nothing but smooth skin as her hands when higher, caressing his silky thighs, then finally sliding up over the perfect skin of his firm young ass. She squeezed and caressed him there as her mouth began to work in earnest, sliding up and down his glistening shaft, feeling every little groove along that four inch length as she held him tight between her lips.

Luke’s hands drifted to the sides of her head and he began a slow but steady rocking. Natalie dipped her fingers into the cleft of Luke’s ass, amazed at the velvety warmth there. Eventually her fingers found the boy’s rubbery little sphincter, making him tense as they brushed across it. Natalie had never considered any type of ass play, being too new to sex herself, but she found herself curious.

As her mouth worked on his preteen boner, Natalie began to circle that tight little mound of tissue. Luke began to squirm, and gave a warning whine. Intrigued, she began to rub at it more forcefully, even pressing against it.

“What are you doing?” the boy asked nervously.

Using the finger of her other hand, she slipped it into her mouth while she sucked. Then she returned to the cleft of Luke’s ass and located that spot again. Slick with her spit, the circling digit moved with much greater ease, and when pressed forward, it slid to the first knuckle into that tight ring without any resistance.

The effect on Luke was immediate. The boy stiffened and went to his knees, his cock flying from her mouth. Her hand moved with him though, and she could feel his sphincter practically sucking at her finger, just like her own pussy often did. Between his legs, Luke’s little cock suddenly jerked, and a few droplets of boycum spurted out to strike hotly against her stomach. She quickly reached down to catch them and wipe them across her belly before they could run down into the material of her bikini bottom. Luke’s dick continued to jerk, but he only managed one more tiny drop, which hung on a little streamer of wetness before dripping onto the carpet between them.

Natalie moved her arm back, removing her finger from Luke’s ass. Now that she’d done it she felt a bit grossed out and didn’t want to touch anything with that finger before she could wash it thoroughly. Watching the boy cum had been exciting though, and so much different than the thick, ropy strands of white cum that Noah would produce. Then she realized she’d need to clean his little boy jizz off her as well.

Breathing heavily still, Luke caught her eyes and looked at her almost accusingly. “You put your finger in my butt.”

Natalie shrugged it away. “It’s something people do. You didn’t seem to mind all that much.”

Luke had the good grace to blush. “It was weird.”

Feeling a bit giddy, Natalie leaned forward and gripped the boy’s softening erection and then gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Go to bed,” she said. “I’ll call you in a few minutes. Remember to pretend it’s your mom. You have to go somewhere with her. Whatever makes sense to Jacob. Tell him you’ll hopefully be able to come back later today and I’ll call you and let you know.”

“But what are you gonna do?” Luke asked. He couldn’t help thrusting his thin hips, thrusting his once more fully erect dick into her fist.

“You are such a horndog,” Natalie said with a smile. With a last squeeze she released him and said, “I’m not sure yet, but I’ll think of something. Now go!”

Reluctantly, Luke rose to his fee and made his quiet way back to Jacob’s room. Still topless, Natalie followed and watched him until the door was quietly closed, then made her way to the bathroom. She carefully washed her left hand, where her finger had been in Luke’s butt, and then used a washcloth to wipe her belly free of any lingering cum.

As she stood there, she once again found herself examining her body in the mirror, admiring her small, perky breasts and sleek stomach and firm arms. Her little nipples were stiff and she pinched them lightly, feeling a little tremor race through her. Sucking Luke had gotten her all hot and bothered. She wanted to slide a hand between her legs, but was worried about her pussy getting too damp.

Instead, Natalie made her way back to her room. She retrieved her top from the floor and put it on, carefully adjusting it in the mirror. Then she sat on the end of her bed for another minute, just to give Luke plenty of time to get back into bed with her brother. The thought of that sent yet another shiver through her.

Finally, she picked up her phone and called the boy’s number. She didn’t hear anything and reasoned that the volume was down on his phone. After a moment though, he answered. Not wanting Jacob to hear anything, she said nothing.

Natalie was impressed. Luke sounded genuinely tired when he said hello to his ‘mother’ and then paused to allow her space to talk. Then he complained about having to leave. Then he sighed and said he’d be home soon. He disconnected the call.

Natalie thought about pressing her ear to the wall to listen, but couldn’t see what would be gained by it. Instead she sat on her bed, unable to hear a sound, but imagining the boys talking, comfortable in the warmth of the bed, naked together, perhaps kissing goodbye. She felt another shudder.

After a minute or so she heard soft voices and a bit of movement and then Jacob’s bedroom door opened. A moment later it closed with a soft snick, and then Luke was standing in front of her door. He was fully dressed again and had his backpack. He waved and gave the ‘call me’ sign, and then turned and headed down the stairs.

Suddenly struck with an idea, Natalie got up and raced after him. She caught him at the bottom of the stairs. Luke turned curiously. “Let me get your iPad,” she said. She saw his golden eyebrows bunch in confusion and raced to say, “I have an idea. Just let me use it.” Then the boy shrugged and dug it out of his backpack.

“Thanks,” Natalie said, then she gave him another little peck on the lips, opened the door, and smacked him on his tiny ass on the way out.

End of part 5

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The Vlog – Part 4

The Vlog
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

The Vlog – Part 4

Back in the house, Natalie sat at the kitchen table, already transferring the footage from the iPad to Luke’s laptop, which had the editing software. Luke joined her a few seconds later as she hit play on the video. He was hovering at her left side, watching over her shoulder. A glance from the corner of her eye showed that the boy was still at least half hard, his young penis poking straight out against the tight swimsuit. She’d have laughed if the sight didn’t tighten things low in her body.

This close, Natalie could smell the boy; could feel the heat from his body. His hip would occasionally touch her shoulder. As the video progressed, they got to the part where Luke loaded the front of his Speedo with ice. He insisted they slow it down and when they did they got a shadowy, yet unmistakable view of his young dick, lying at an angle in his Speedos as Natalie followed the ice. It was only two frames, and deep in shadow. Natalie wondered if it would be too much. You wouldn’t notice unless you downloaded the video and did it frame by frame like they were doing. They decided they’d keep it in the film.

Apparently seeing himself like that had an effect on Luke, because a glance showed Natalie that his dick was fully erect again, straining at the shimmery yellow material of his suit. It was less than a foot from her face, and the thought struck her that she could hook a finger in the front and pull down, exposing his slim little cock and have it in her mouth all in the space of about five seconds.

A couple of minutes later, they heard Jacob coming down the stairs. Luke hurriedly took a chair next to her, apparently wanting to hide what was again about a half-hard dick at that point. Jacob had apparently been feeling vulnerable, and he’d changed into a large t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that dropped below his knees.

Nobody said anything about his dress or his earlier reaction. He just pulled up a chair and they all went to work on the video. Jacob didn’t even react when they got to the end and his partial erection became clear on the screen. Natalie was surprised to see in this closeup that it was nearly as big as Luke’s. After an uneasy moment, Luke teased him about it and there was an awkward moment and some serious blushing, but then they were all laughing and the tension was gone.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Natalie made spaghetti, which was a staple around the house. Luke got teased while they were watching tv later when he developed an erection. He’d never changed out of the Speedos. Jacob seemed embarrassed, which is why he covered it with the teasing. Natalie pretended to be a bit disgusted and uncaring. Luke just lay back on the sofa with his dick standing up proudly, unconcerned by their reactions.

After dinner and some television everyone headed up to bed. Natalie transferred the footage from earlier to a flash drive, which she installed on her own laptop. Then she got to do something which she hadn’t been able to do earlier with the boys around, which was to do slow motion and step by step replays of Jacob loading ice down his front. Much like with Luke, there was a very brief moment where a dedicated observer would catch a bit more than a casual one. Namely, a quick flash of dark pubic hairs as Jacob pulled out the front of his Speedo.

Then, a few minutes later into the video, Natalie watched as her brother’s cock began to grow. When she’d filmed it, she’d been too busy with all the other aspects of filming to concentrate on it, but now she could observe the phenomenon at her leisure. At first, the little lump of her brother’s dick was hard to discern from all the ice cubes around it. It was just another anonymous bump. However, as the boys jumped around, constantly touching themselves, screaming in their boyish voices about how much the ice burned and the possibilities of being unmanned by it, Natalie saw it began to shift.

It started slowly. At first it was poking out towards the camera, what at first could be mistaken for a shifted ice cube. An adjustment from Jacob’s hand, and it was pushed to the side, but it didn’t stop growing. In fact, there was a moment when Jacob actually gave it a little squeeze. As Natalie watched, it began to slide to the side, growing and growing. It was like slow motion footage of an icicle forming, except it was stretching sideways across his groin within the tight confines of the neon green Speedo.

Natalie felt herself growing excited as she watched her baby brother’s cock growing. It was hard to tell, but she thought it was nearly as large as Luke’s. She was disappointed when she reached the point where she’d realized what was happening and moved the camera away from it. She waited to see if she’d gotten another inadvertent shot of it, but she hadn’t. She spent a few minutes taking the best moments and splicing them into her secret montage of the boys.

Then, with the light of the laptop coruscating on the walls while it sat on the bed beside her, she pulled off her t-shirt and then laid back and lifted her hips to push her shorts and panties down and off. Eyes filled with thoughts and images of the young boys, she fingered and caressed herself to a couple of powerful orgasms before drifting off to sleep.

Some time later, Natalie’s eyes snapped open and she looked around, confused. A glance to her right showed her Luke’s cock, hard, framed in wet briefs. She felt once again that tingle that the sight engendered in her. She listened, wondering what had woken her. She heard nothing. Closing the video, she glanced at the time on the desktop and saw it was nearly 3am. She thought about going back to sleep, but decided to get up and pee beforehand.

Considering the time, she decided not to bother with clothes. She very quietly opened her door and peeked out into the darkness in the hall. Nothing. Darkness and quiet. As she stepped into the hallway she saw that Jacob’s door was closed. A short stop outside his door revealed no noises from within.

She continued down the carpeted hallway on soft feet. In the bathroom, a small nightlight came on, activated by her motion. She avoided looking at the large mirror over the vanity on her left. Mirrors at night freaked her out a bit and she never looked into them if she could help it. Past the mirror, she sat down on the toilet and sighed as she peed. Then she carefully wiped herself, stood, and was reaching for the handle to flush when she froze, sensing a presence.

Taking a breath to scream, Natalie turned and saw Luke framed in the doorway. The twelve-year-old seemed just as surprised to see her, eyes wide and startled. Then the young eyes widened even further as he realized what he was seeing.

Natalie whispered, a bit more harshly than she’d intended, “What are you doing up?”

“I had to pee,” the boy answered, eyes drinking her in eagerly.

Natalie had been so startled that she somehow didn’t put it together until she realized that Luke was naked, and that the young cock between his legs had grown almost instantly erect over the last couple of seconds. She instinctively began to cover herself, but then stopped herself, although she couldn’t imagine why. Perhaps it was that view of Luke’s dick on the video as she woke and seeing it again right in front of her. There was no way she was going to do anything with him, she knew, but still…

So the two kids just stood there, staring at each other. Finally, Natalie decided fun time was over and she said, “Well, I’m-”

“You’re so beautiful,” Luke whispered.

That shut her up. It seemed silly, but Natalie hadn’t been told that many times. Sure, her parents used to tell her all the time, and family, and even friends, but hardly any boys, and the last had been Noah. “Luke,” she began.

“I mean it, Nat,” the boy said, using Jacob’s nickname for her. He said it softly, eyes wide and sincere. Between his legs, he’d reached down to grip his erect young cock, and he was squeezing it, just the pink head peeking above his fist. His eyes were in a tug-of-war between her tits and the dark triangle above her pussy.

“You ever seen a naked girl in real life?” she asked, curious, taking an unconscious step forward.

Luke swallowed. “Over the summer me and my cousin Laura messed around some.” He met her eyes. “She’s only eleven, but she’s got little boobs and some hair.”

“And you messed around?” Natalie asked, stepping forward deliberately this time.

Luke nodded. “I fingered her. Twice.”

“Oh yeah?” Natalie said, a bit surprised despite herself. She’d never have let a boy finger her at eleven. Although she’d had her own female cousin at about that age… She shook off the thought and said, “And what did she do to you?”

Luke gulped, almost like a sitcom gulp and Natalie nearly laughed. “She… you know… jacked me.”

Natalie stepped forward again, seemingly unable to stop herself, not sure why she wanted to. “Down here?” she asked, reaching out and touching Luke’s clutching hand, which melted away, leaving her fingers half an inch from his throbbing little boner. Knowing it was too late to back down, wondering where this would lead, she reached out that last little bit and took his young erection in her hand.

Luke gasped softly. Natalie had nearly forgotten the feeling of a boy’s cock in her hand, all heat and satiny smoothness. She gently wrapped her fingers around him, her pinky wrapping the head, her thumb down near his balls, her palm pressed against the pulsing warmth of him. Luke shuddered and sighed.

Without a word, Natalie slid her hand downward, turning her hand under so that she could cup and caress his little balls, then came up the other side, this time forming a proper fist around his short length. She rubbed her thumb over the velvet flesh of his small cockhead and he trembled in her grip.

Then it was Natalie’s turn to gasp as she felt his hand on her left breast, his thumb circling her quickly stiffening nipple with only a small amount of awkwardness. She gripped him more tightly then, feeling him pulsing in her fist, and she slowly began to jack his preteen cock. Then she felt his other hand brushing against her thigh and had a moment to prepare herself before she felt his eager young fingers rubbing at her pussy.

Natalie felt herself shiver against him. She was already so wet down there, and she felt his fingers rubbing back and forth in the groove of her lips, searching. Finally he found her center, and with a bit of fumbling, he was inside her and she felt herself clamping down around his fingers while tingles raced through her suddenly quivering thighs.

Natalie felt her head tip back. It had been months since she’d been touched and she’d been craving it every day. Now that he’d gotten started, Luke seemed even more adept than Noah had been, as he moved two fingers in and out of her. Maybe it was the practice with his young cousin. She was losing herself in the pleasure.

She wasn’t sure what made her do it. Even later, thinking back on the moment, she had only the haziest sense of intent. It was born of need, and frustration and perhaps a sense of power. Whatever the reason, Natalie found herself releasing Luke’s wildly throbbing boner and backing away from him. Then she hopped up onto the counter and scooted up so that she was just barely perched there.

Luke, apparently thinking something else was about to happen, stepped forward, already pushing his boner down to horizontal, which was ridiculous as he was much too short to reach her, even if she’d have allowed it. Instead, Natalie placed an imperious hand upon his blond head and pushed him downward until there was no mistaking what she wanted.

Luke sank downward slowly, uncertainly, until his head was between her legs, and then giving him no chance for discussion or instruction, she pulled his face against her pussy. There was nothing but his hot breath at first, but Natalie waited, and she was soon rewarded with the feeling of a tentative tongue against her molten flesh. Natalie moaned encouragement and the force and movement of the tongue grew more assertive and sure.

Noah had only done this for her twice, for about the thirty or forty times she’d sucked his cock. She’d enjoyed it to an extent, but knowing her boyfriend wasn’t really into what he was doing lessened the pleasure somewhat. Luke was different. Though still a bit cautious, she could sense his interest.

“That’s it,” she said softly, stretching out the words, gently coaxing the boy. She could feel the boy’s tongue against her most intimate parts, lapping gently up and down along her pink slit and the puffy outer lips. Natalie had very little hair below the dark triangle on her mons, and Luke’s tongue and lips against that slick, hairless flesh was making her shudder.

“Put it inside,” she said softly, leaning back until her head and neck was against the mirror and spreading her legs wider. Luke started to rise, thinking she meant something else, but a firm hand on his head kept him in place and after a moment he apparently sussed her meaning.

For the next half a minute or so, she felt Luke’s tongue probing here and there, trying to find her entrance. She was about to intervene when she felt his finger take over, sliding between the lips of her pussy, making her tense as he neared her clit, then shudder as he moved downward and located the spot he’d been trying to find. She gasped as the tip of his finger invaded her, and then it was withdrawn and after a moment his tongue replaced it.

Luke couldn’t spear his small tongue very deep into her teen pussy, but he was game to try, his face pressed hard against her, shining with wetness in the dim glow of the nightlight. The tongue felt great, but was ultimately frustrating, as it wasn’t deep enough. Natalie was about to suggest a change when Luke, apparently feeling the same way, changed things up on his own.

Suddenly, in place of his tongue, his index finger was back. She moaned as it slid into her, and she felt her cunt clamping down around it, wanting more. Meantime, he was licking upward again and in moments he found her clit. Natalie nearly jumped off the counter when he flicked his tongue across that swollen little nub, and the gasp that escaped her was anything but quiet.

The girl saw the young boy’s shadowy grin as he took in her reaction, and only her anticipation of it allowed her to sit still when the wet flick of his tongue came again, and then again. Meanwhile, the finger inside her young cunt was joined by another and he began to work them in and out of her with a wet, squelching noise.

Then he was kissing her, right on that throbbing little button, and she felt the pleasure spiking through her body. Luke’s lips pressed against her at first, then after a few moments took her in, sucking at her tingling pearl. Once again she nearly flew off the counter; the pleasure was so intense it was nearly overwhelming. She slid her hands into the boy’s silky blond hair, pulling him against her, shaking uncontrollably as his lips sucked and his fingers pistoned in and out of her gripping pussy.

With a muffled cry, Natalie felt her legs shooting out straight. She hooked them over Luke’s shoulders, squeezing her thighs tightly together against either side of the boy’s head, part of her wanting more of the pleasure he was inflicting upon her and part of her instinctively wanting to push him away. Her back arched, her slim ass rising up off the marble counter, her body thrumming with orgasmic currents as she gasped and panted wildly, desperately trying to suck in oxygen. She almost felt as if she were drowning in pleasure.

Natalie lost some time then. The electric currents still sparked through her on occasion, like a thunderstorm moving on after a deluge, but mostly she was suffused by warmth. She realized finally that her eyes were closed. She blinked against the brightness of the nightlight when she opened them, the dim light seeming so much brighter. She was lying slumped on the counter, most of her ass hanging over the edge, her head lolling against the mirror, her arms limp at her sides. Luke was standing uncertainly in front of her, almost angelic in the dim golden glow, his nearly four-inch erection straining upward between his legs, bouncing with his heartbeat. She could tell his breathing was more rapid than normal and his eyes raced over her body, a bit wide and wild.

She became aware next of the void inside her pussy, missing the stretch of his fingers filling her, fucking her. As she stared at his small cock she imagined opening herself to him, lying back and letting him fill her with his slim little tube of flesh, the heat of him sliding into her cunt, the delicious collision of his hairless groin with hers, the sweaty warmth of his slim body wrapped in her arms. Lost in the fantasy, she felt her pussy quiver again in a tiny orgasm.

Shivering, Natalie slid forward until she was standing on rubbery legs. Luke stepped forward eagerly, pressing himself against her, his eyes even with her chin, his breath against her neck, the very tip of his small sex brushing against the heat between her legs while her nipples pressed against his collarbone. Overwhelmed by his closeness, by the boyish scent of him, she felt herself bending her head, searching. Luke bent his head back, and they kissed.

The kiss was immediately needy and passionate. Natalie felt Luke’s slim, athletic arms slide around her, holding her close, and she wrapped her arms around him as well, her hands sliding up and down his smoothly muscled back, down to the soft curve of his perfect little ass. She shuddered as the boy rose on his tiptoes, feeling the head of his cock press eagerly at her swollen young pussylips, begging for entrance. She imagined how easy it would be to give in, but she wasn’t ready to take that step.

Natalie wasn’t sure what was holding her back. It wasn’t as if she was a virgin. She’d been fucked before and wasn’t plagued with the fear of the pain she’d had when Noah had deflowered her. She was no longer sure she even cared about the boy’s age. Of course, if someone found out she was screwing a sixth grader that would be another matter altogether. Mostly she thought it seemed like a betrayal of Jacob somehow. Still, she couldn’t leave the boy in his present state. That would just be cruel. Especially after the wonderful orgasm he’d just given her.

While her left hand continued to caress the boy’s firm ass, she slid her right hand around the front, raising it slowly to gently cup his little nutsac. Luke gasped into her mouth and she felt his olive-sized nuggets shift against her fingers. She could feel the silky little hairs on his sac tickling her palm. Then she was drawing her hand upward, sliding it up over the silky heat of his pubescent cock, feeling the slim length of him hot against her hand. Luke whimpered.

Gently leading him, Natalie guided the boy until he was standing with the back of his knees against the toilet. Wishing she’d had time to flush earlier, she quickly lowered the lid and then helped him to sit. A hand against the sweaty hollow of his chest and he was leaning back against the tank, his slim, hairless legs spread wide, offering himself to her, nearly four inches of throbbing boyhood straining upward from a bald base.

Silently directing him, he scooted forward, not saying a word, each afraid to break the spell. Natalie knelt on the floor between his legs, a hand on either tense, hairless thigh. As she leaned forward, the sight of his cock filled more and more of her vision. The thing she’d previously stared at this closely only through a video screen and only hinted at though a layer of wet underwear was now fully exposed to her, in the flesh.

Luke’s preteen cock seemed to quiver. Even in the dim light she could see the little bulging veins along his slim length. The cockhead was pink and nearly glowing, wider than the shaft, like a mushroom. A quick glance at the boy showed that he was staring at her avidly. With a grin, she ran the back of one teasing finger up his length, watching his penis bounce and eliciting a gasp from him. She ran the finger up and down, stroking him with her knuckle, loving the way it made the boy squirm.

“Nat…” the boy begged, his need so clear in his voice.

Forming a ring of her index finger and thumb, she took hold of him, somehow loving the surprising thinness of him. With silky smoothness she stroked him and watched him shift uncomfortably on the toilet set, his little balls bunching up underneath him. She loved the wild throbbing of his young boner, feeling an answering throbbing between her legs.

Worried about going down that road again, Natalie slid her fingers down to the base of his thin penis, holding him still while she leaned her head into his lap. Luke shuddered as her silky hair tickled his overly sensitive flesh, and then gave a shuddering sigh as the wet heat of Natalie’s mouth closed around the small head of his cock.

Natalie gave an involuntary mewl of pleasure as her lips closed around the widely flared little head of Luke’s cock. She’d nearly forgotten the sensation of a boy’s cock in her mouth, the pulsing heat, the velvety stiffness, the strangely textured skin of the spongy glans. She added a bit of suction as her tongue flicked across the immature pisshole and Luke gasped and quivered beneath her. She loved having a cock in her mouth. However, she realized something was slightly different.

After a few moments Natalie realized what the difference was between this cock and Noah’s, other than the size, of course. She lapped at the little pisshole again to be sure. It was the taste. The taste of a cock, she’d realized before, was fairly bland, overall. It was like sucking a finger, or licking a boy’s chest; a bit salty perhaps, redolent of the boy’s unique oils and sweat, but pretty bland. What gave it that heady, exotic flavor, was the precum which constantly leaked from the little peehole. Probably that and the scent from a pubic bush in her nose.

She realized that she wasn’t tasting that from Luke. A moment of reflection told her that she hadn’t seen or felt any of the substance either. Surely she would have by now. Usually by the time Noah would get his underwear off when they were making out his boxers would be soaked with the stuff. When they would play around naked, and she’d try teasing him from his feet up or the like, by the time she’d get to his crotch he’d practically have a pond of the stuff underneath his hovering dick. It was actually a bit gross, but also admittedly exciting in some illicit way.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about the fact that Luke didn’t seem to have any. On the one hand it was nice that there was no mess, but on the other, it really hammered home to her just how young the boy was, for she imagined that was the only explanation for the missing emission. She also admitted, as she lowered her mouth around his straining little boner, that she sorta missed the taste. She began to wonder if the boy was even capable of cumming.

If not actually squirting, Luke certainly seemed capable of climaxing, because he was apparently racing towards just that. After teasing the young boy’s cock a bit, she’d just begun to get into a good rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down, lips tight around his slender boner, and already the boy was squirming and tensing. His knees were knocking against her sides, and his fists were clenched tightly on his thighs. A glance showed her that he even had the tendons in his neck bulging as he practically thrummed beneath her.

Finally the boy gave an explosive gasp and his body jerked. Natalie felt his cock pulsing rapidly in her mouth, but she didn’t get the jets of fiery cum she was used to receiving. Instead she caught just a faintly oily taste coating her tongue. She held herself still, remembering how sensitive Noah’s dick would get as he came, just sucking lightly, allowing Luke to come down from his orgasm.

After a few long moments his limbs lost their stiffness and he relaxed back on the toilet. With a last delicate suck, she allowed his little penis to slip out of her mouth, where it lay wet and glistening on his hairless groin. She stood up on her knees then, so his face was even with hers, and leaned in and pecked him lightly on the lips.

“Did you like that?” she asked softly.

Wide-eyed, Luke nodded. “That was amazing, Nat,” he answered.

She reached into his lap. His little preteen dick was already softening and felt small and squishy between her fingers. For only a moment though, then it quickly stiffened again. “If you tell anyone, anyone,” she emphasized, “then say goodbye to this.”

“I would never,” he swore.

“Even Jacob,” she said, staring at him intently. “Especially Jacob.”

The boy solemnly crossed his finger on his chest. “I swear, Natalie.”

“I’m glad we understand each other,” she said with a smile. Then she leaned forward and kissed him again. She realized his cock was still between her fingers and she gave it a little squeeze, forcing a moan out of him.

“Can we do it again?” Luke asked hopefully. “Maybe we could… you know.”

“Don’t push your luck,” she said with a grin. “Greedy little pig.”

Luke made a soft oinking sound while reaching out to gently pinch her left nipple, which instantly stiffened. Realizing how easily she could do something more stupid than she’d just done, she quickly rose, reached around him to flush the toilet, and fled back to her room.

End of part 4

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