November 4, 2008

Wishful Thinking – Chapter 1
Alex Hawk

I let out a soft, quiet sigh as I peer through the blinds, hand stroking my penis as I watched Devin, thirteen-year-old neighbor boy, mowing my lawn. He’d ditched his shirt some time ago and was really, really easy on the eyes.

I was a thirty-two-year-old man who was intensely attracted to teenage boys. Seeing their young, cute bodies in motion, even without them having sex, was one of the best, most perfect things I’d ever experienced. I’d had sex with girls aplenty back in the day. Heck, I had a thirteen-year-old son, Ebin, currently visiting his mother, due to one of those girls. But boys were my preference.

Much as I loved boys, I never acted on my desires for them. All I ever did was masturbate to pictures of teenagers and fantasize extensively. I had a large collection of kiddie porn on my computer and regularly enjoyed it.

Part of why I never acted on my desires was because of fear of getting caught, but there was also the fact that I was, let’s face it, an older man. More than twice the age of the boys that I wanted to have sex with. I’d had sex with guys my age and some a little younger, I considered myself gay, but never with a boy the age I really wanted. They were probably all straight, too, which made it even more difficult.

I felt very envious of teenage girls. The smart ones were able to get all the boypenis they wanted while all I had was my hand, my porn and, currently, the sight of a beautiful young boy mowing the lawn without his shirt.

Eventually Devin finished mowing the lawn. Sadly, this happened before I came. I quickly zipped myself up as the boy walked up and knocked on the door. I opened it up, looking at his half-naked young body, a couple beads of sweat working down his chest, onto his stomach and disappearing into the loose fitting shorts he was wearing.

“I’m all done, sir,” he said.

Smiling a little I said to him, “Devin, I’ve told you. You can call me Kelly.”

“Ok. I’m sorry, Mister Kelly.”

I rolled my eyes. “Just Kelly, Devin, just Kelly.” I walked outside and looked over the lawn. “Very good!”


I had to fight down the urge to run my hands down his bare chest and cup his penis. I imagined it would be very beautiful.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out my wallet and took out a twenty. “Here you go,” I said, handing it to him.

“Wow, really? I thought you were only going to pay me ten!”

“Well, I don’t have a ten. Only a twenty. Besides, you did a really, really good job. I’m very pleased by all your hard work.”

“Thanks, Kelly!” Devin said smiling. “See, I remembered this time.”

“Yes, you did.” I so wanted to hold this boy. Kiss him, caress him, fondle him.

He pocketed the money. “Thanks a lot! I’ll see you next week.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, waving to Devin as he walked. God, he had a cute little butt.

Quickly I sprinted back into my house, booted up my computer, found a series of pictures of a boy who resembled Devin and gave myself a pretty good orgasm, all the while dreaming and wishing that I could have the boy himself.

Images of Devin’s body stayed with me all day, providing much distraction as I tried to get stuff done around the house. I kept picturing him naked, having sex with me, having sex with other boys, having sex with girls. Just having sex in general. I wanted the boy so much!

That night as I laid there in the darkness of my bed, I experienced another really good orgasm while picturing Devin fucking some lucky young girl. As I cleaned up my sperm with a towel I kept near the bed, one thought kept going through my mind.

“Man, I wish I could turn into an attractive teenage girl,” I mumbled.


The light blinded me for a couple seconds, and there was an odd smell of spices and perfume. And there, hovering about a foot above my bed was a small, rather fat looking man about two feet tall and floating with his legs in the lotus position. He looked rather like Buddha only he had an odd smirk and was entirely nude. Thankfully his stomach was fat enough to act as something of a fig leaf, keeping me from seeing what I didn’t really want to see.

“Good evening, efendi,” he said, salaaming to me.


“I am called Hasim. I am your most humble, worthless servant and am here to grant your wish.”

“Wish?” I said, finding my voice.

“Your wish, Grand Magisterial Magnificence,” he said a little testily. “You wanted to be able to be a girl, yes?”


The creature, a genie I supposed he was, sighed and pulled out a small tape recorder and pressed a button. My voice came out saying, “Man, I wish I could turn into an attractive teenage girl.”


“So I am here, O Lord of my Skills, to grant your wish.”

I shook my head. “Ok, ok. I know what’s happening. I’m sleeping and dreaming, yes?”


“Ah, but I’d expect you to say that as part of my dream.”

Hasim rolled his eyes. “O Master, I do not desire to contradict you in your infinite wisdom. However I must contend that I am, in fact, real and not a vision caused by too much pepperoni pizza washed down with Kool-Aid.”

“Yeah, but… you’re a genie, right?”

“Correct, O Ruler of the Heavens.”

“But genies don’t exist.”

“Well, I’m sure, O Great Fount of All Wisdom, that you’d know better than me, what with me only being a genie and all,” Hasim said, sounding testy again.

“Alright, alright,” I said, holding up a hand to placate him. “So you’re real and you’re a genie and you’re here to grant my wish.”

“Correct, O Mighty One. I am but your humble servant.” He salaamed again.

I sat up, figuring still that this was a dream. I’d had stranger ones. Once I had a dream where I dreamt an entire documentary on the early days of the telephone system. It was historically factual, too. This dream was at least far more interesting.

“Ok… Hasim, right? So you’re going to turn me into a girl?”

“Not unless that is your wish, O Worshipful One. What I shall do, in fact, is enable YOU to change from your current… form… to that of an comely maiden of approximately thirteen years of age.”

“And will I be able to change back?”

“At a whim, O Soon-to-be-Transmogrifying One.”

I considered this. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch, Great Sun of the Skies. You shall have this ability without strings or conditions.”

“Uh-huh… ok.”



Hasim pulled out a small bit of paper and looked it over. “You shall have this ability for 240 hours. Ten days from the time you wake up. You shall only have the power for ten days.”

“Only ten days?” I asked a little disappointed. Even if this was just a dream, I wanted more than that. “Is there any way to make it, you know, permanent?”

“There is, Great… Great…” Hasim thought quietly for a moment. “Great Desirer of Boys.”

“That was pretty weak.”

Hasim shrugged. “One does what one can, Most Illuminated Master of-”

“Let’s just stop it with the honorifics, ok?”

“Sure.” The genie sat back and said, “Ok, here’s the deal, pal. You can make the power permanent by having no less than ten boys ejaculate into you. Each must be a virgin prior to the encounter.”

I blinked. “What? What kind of condition is that?”

“The kind someone who planned to use the power to have sex with young boys might find to be fairly appealing,” Hasim retorted.

I sat silently for a second. “Ok, good point.” Something crossed my mind. “I won’t get pregnant, will I?”

“No, you’ll be infertile,” Hasim said, lighting up a cigarette he’d produced from somewhere. The smoke dissipated only a couple inches from him. “So, what’s it gonna be, bub? You want the wish or not?”

Thinking again I said, “There’s not, like, some weird Twilight Zone style thing that’ll happen, is there? Like I’ll turn into a beautiful teenage girl, but suddenly every cute young boy will be gay?”

Hasim rolled his eyes. “You people are so paranoid these days.”

“Well, I’m just asking.”

“If you had clients to please, would you go out of your way to put on strange conditions and weird consequences that made them unhappy and screwed them over?”

“Cell phone companies do,” I pointed out.

Hasim hesitated. “Ok, that might be a valid point. But we genies don’t.”

“Hmmm… and if I change my mind?”

“Then don’t turn into a girl and don’t have sex with ten boys and you’ll be you again, just like you are now, though why you’d want that, I can’t begin to guess.”

Staring hard at Hasim I said, “You know, I kind of miss those honorifics.”

“I bet.”

Silence prevailed for a bit. Hasim pulled out a watch and was pointedly looking at it as I considered my options.

“What do I have to do to change?”

“Just will that it be so.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. What, you want to say some stupid little rhyme or something?”

“Well, not really,” I confessed.

“Then accept what you get.”


“So you gonna take this offer, then? I do have other appointments tonight.”

Shrugging I said, “Sure. This is an interesting dream. Can’t wait to see where it goes.”

“Fine, then.” Hasim put out his cigarette and cleared his throat. Speaking in a language I didn’t recognize, he made many strange gestures and then finally stood up and said, “Right, that’s it.”

“I don’t feel any different,” I said after a bit.

Hasim rolled his eyes once more. “Listen, mortal, I told you it wouldn’t take effect until after you wake up.”

“Oh, right.”

“By the Great Hand of Allah you humans are so…” He pulled himself together. “Anyhow, let me help you sleep.” He pointed again at me and I felt my eyes grow heavy. The last I saw of Hasim was him muttering, “I don’t know. They promised me seventy-two virgins in Paradise, and what did I get? A bunch of raisins and a new job. Makes you wonder why you even bother…”

* * *

I woke with a start and a faint headache, the images of the dream still infused in my mind. I rolled over and laid on my back, thinking to myself how strange it had been, and how nice it might be to have something like that actually happen.

“Oh, well,” I said to myself. Then I paused. “Uh… hello?” My voice didn’t sound right.

I sat up and pulled the blanket back, looking down at myself. Where my penis should have been was a small slit with just a tiny bit of hair at the top. My beer gut was gone, replaced by smooth, flat stomach and my breasts had actually shrunk and firmed up, now looking very girly.

“Holy shit,” I whispered, my voice sounding very different from what I was used to. Getting rather awkwardly to my feet I walked over to the mirror and looked.

I was a girl. No two ways about it.

Not a bad looking girl, either. I looked to be a young thirteen. I had blue eyes and blond hair and a nice face. I would have fucked me. I placed a hand on one of my breasts and ran it between them and down onto what I guessed was now officially my vagina. Little tingles went through my body as I touched myself.

“Oh, my god,” I whispered. “It wasn’t just a dream.”

Then I thought about what Hasim had said about turning back. I closed my eyes and sort of imagined my vagina turning back into a penis. A shudder went through my body and when I opened my eyes I saw my old self looking at me.

“Oh, holy fuck!” I said with a laugh. “Oh, god! I can actually do this!”

I closed my eyes again and turned back once more into a girl, now giddy with excitement.

Now I could have any of the boys I wanted. I could get fucked by cute teenage boys whenever I wished. Flouncing over to my bed, I laid down and started rubbing at my vagina, enjoying the incredible new pleasure of being a girl. I even quickly found the entrance and worked first one and then two fingers up into myself, pleased as pie.

I actually kept masturbating for several minutes, picturing a series of young boys on top of me, spending themselves within my vagina. I eventually reached my first orgasm as a girl moments later. It was quite a bit different from what I’d experienced as a man. I couldn’t wait to have more!

Knowing that I’d have to gussy myself up for all this, I went and took a shower and then pondered what to wear. I wanted to go to the mall and buy myself some girl clothes, but first I had to figure out what to put on to get there. Finally a smart idea occurred to me and I went to my son’s room, standing there naked and looking through his clothes, feeling rather naughty about the idea that I was the first girl to be naked in my boy’s bedroom.

I eventually picked out a nice, loose, white t shirt, a pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. I then added a pair of white socks and white tennis shoes. I looked good. Not great, but good. No bra, of course. I figured this was good enough, and headed out.

Quickly I realized I had a problem. I didn’t have a driver’s license as a thirteen-year-old girl. Sighing a little I headed to a nearby bus stop. There would be a bus to the mall in a few minutes. Excellent. While I sat there, I looked around at the world, seeing a couple boys go by on their bikes. They checked me out as they passed. I checked them out, secure in the knowledge that I could probably get them to fuck me without any real effort. Wonderful.

The bus came and I went to the mall. I used my ATM card and pulled out three hundred bucks which I used to to buy myself all sorts of girl clothes. I was also aware of the eyes of many boys and men on me as I wandered. It was wonderful and I pondered the idea of just taking a boy and going to a dark corner and having him fuck me, but no. My first boy would be Devin.

Shopping done, I headed home, mind whirling with all the possibilities for what the next ten days might hold.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. Copy? Wrong. Copyright! ^_^