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Day: January 15, 2023

Dear Jason – Chapter 3

Dear Jason – Chapter 3

“I’d like to speak with Mr. Robinson,” I said to the well-dressed man behind the big desk.

“I see,” he replied politely. “And are you here to open or close an account?”

“I’m only here for the air conditioning.”

The man’s face didn’t show any signs of surprise or anything. Instead, he asked, “and might I ask what the preferred temperature is?”

At first, I wanted to make it sound casual and not drill up my lines like a horrible actor. But instead, I decided it was best to just play it safe. So I just said the line, just like it read in the email, “It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s below seventy degrees.”

“Follow me, please,” the man said as he got to his feet.

We went to a corner of the bank where a small gate was. The gate was closed, but the man pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked it. We went through a small but tastefully decorated corridor and eventually arrived at a more prominent room where the safe door was located. The man pressed a few buttons, held his finger against some biometric fingerprint reader, and with a few loud clicks, the door opened.

I waited for the man to enter the safe, but he waited and politely gestured for me to enter first. So I entered the safe, which looked like a safe from a movie. It was well-lit and had small safety deposit boxes along the wall and a big table in the middle.

The man saw me looking, smiled, and walked over to one of the boxes against the wall. He unlocked it, pulled it out, and placed it on the table in front of me. Next, he unlocked the box and nodded kindly. He didn’t say a word, turned around, and left the safe.

I opened the box, and inside was a big beige envelope, just as JD had written. I opened my briefcase and put the envelope inside. I closed the locks and, for the very first time since I had this suitcase, twisted the combination lock, so the locks couldn’t easily be opened.

I closed the box and wasn’t sure what to do next. So I coughed softly, and the man peeked his head around the corner. When he noticed I was done, he entered the room and stopped next to the table.

“Thank you, sir. Have a very nice day, and thank you for doing business with us.”

I hesitated a second but quickly realized I was supposed to leave now. So I thanked the man, left the safe and walked to my car. The envelope was constantly on my mind as I drove home. What was it? Was it something illegal?

And then it dawned on me! Was I being followed? Maybe this was all a trap to catch a man who wrote smut on the internet about subjects, of which the general population had determined, was the worst of the worst. Maybe my witchy ex found out about me and told the police!

At that moment, I felt extremely paranoid. I kept looking in my rear-view mirror and checked every car that passed me as inconspicuously as possible.

I kept taking detours and routes I’d usually avoided, and after almost an hour of driving pointlessly around, I passed my house for the fourth time. And just like the previous three times, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

By now, my heart rate had dropped significantly, but I still wasn’t convinced. I kept telling myself that I was safe, no one followed me, and nobody was waiting at my house for me.

As I rounded the corner and entered my street for the fifth time, I decided to take the chance. I turned onto my driveway and parked the car as close to my front door as possible. I grabbed my suitcase, got out as quickly as I could, and almost ran to the door. I immediately closed it behind me and locked every lock and bolt it had. I quickly checked the back door, just in case, and it was still closed.

Next up: checking the rooms if anything was out of order. Even the slightest change could mean trouble. So I checked everything meticulously, and more than an hour later, the entire house was inspected. If they bugged the house, they did it in such a way that only the best of the best could. And honestly, that was kind of hard to believe. After all, I was just an internet writer, and I figured the high-end spies had bigger fish to fry.

So I started to relax a little and went upstairs to check my emails. When I booted my computer, I noticed that a few new recordings had been made by my own spy setup, but I ignored these and immediately opened my mailbox.

There were a few new messages, but the one without a sender address with the subject ‘ELDS’ immediately caught my attention. So I clicked on it, and it was immediately clear this was an email from him.

Dear Jason,

As I mentioned earlier, I work at a government agency. Of course, which agency that is, has to remain a secret, but one of our tasks is developing and experimenting with certain specialized drugs and technologies.

A few moments ago, I was informed that you picked up the package. I trust you’re home safely, despite all the detours you took. I’m sorry, but I have had you placed under surveillance ever since you went to the bank. I hope you understand because I needed to be sure I could trust you.

And don’t worry, your house isn’t bugged. This was also the last time I had you followed because now I know you’re a trustworthy person, and the package is in your possession. So no more drones over your head 😉 I’m really sorry for this intrusion in your personal life, but I hope you understand.

As of this moment, you are in possession of the ELDS kit. ELDS stands for Enhanced Light Distortion Serum. This is actually our fourth iteration, hence the E in the name. I won’t go into details on how this serum actually works, but I’ll inform you about the what and how.

What it does is that it distorts the light that touches you. In its bare essence, light has no mass. The energy it carries is transported through particles, and the fact that light travels in waves. We managed to dissect that particle and wave pattern and created a serum that allows your skin to manipulate that light. To keep it simple: it will make you invisible to everyone that uses light in the visible spectrum to see. We didn’t manage to make it work in the infrared spectrum yet, but the most brilliant people I know are working on that.

Having this serum in our weapons arsenal is obviously a huge plus and gives us a massive advantage on the battlefield. But I don’t want it to be solely used in warfare. If you think about it, the practical applications are almost limitless!

You’re probably wondering why I chose you to have some of this. I can’t give you the exact answer, but I did my background checks, and I just know you won’t do anything stupid or evil with it. And, for my personal gain, I reckon that you’ll be able to come up with a few new and exciting stories!

And that’s basically all I want In return. I want to be the first to read the stories you will create while you put ELDS into practice.

About the package. Inside the envelope, you’ll find a few things. Syringes, a short explanation about what is what, and a few small boxes containing the patches.

First off: the syringes. Inside these syringes, you’ll see one containing a blueish liquid and one a more greenish. I’d recommend getting comfortable on your couch or bed. It’s best to remove your pants and take something like socks or a towel to put into your mouth. Next, you inject the fluids into your upper legs. It’s absolutely vital that you inject both fluids simultaneously. But I must warn you! Be prepared for excruciating pains! That’s why you need the towel. Trust me, it hurts!

It will feel like your entire skin is on fire. The reason for this is that the molecular structure of the outer layer of your skin will change. An unexpected but not entirely inconvenient side effect is that you will no longer feel cold or hot. Your metabolism will also change; these things combined will let you walk outside naked in the frigid cold, and you won’t be harmed. You won’t even catch a cold.

The time it takes for the pain to die down varies between fifteen and forty-five minutes. After that, I can only recommend a good night’s sleep. You will need it! The total effect of the serum takes about eight hours to kick in, so you won’t miss anything on that part, either.

After these eight hours, take the round patches out of their packages. Next, you apply the patches to your thumb and index finger. These small, round patches are custom-made based on your DNA. They will mimic the state of your skin and are barely visible. These patches are one of the greatest technical wonders our scientists came up with, and they make the practical application of the serum possible.

There are about twenty pairs of these patches included. When you run out, just let me know. They’re reusable, but people sometimes lose them or wear them out.

The purpose of these patches is to activate the serum. Once you press them together for more than two seconds, the serum starts to work, and the light will curl around you and make it look as if you’re no longer present. This effect will last for about ten minutes. After this, you can press the pads against each other again, and the ten minutes will start again. You can also do this while the serum is active. Just look at it as a timer that’s being reset.

At first, you will feel a bit disorientated. Don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal. For instance, the human brain subconsciously uses your eyes to determine where your hands and arms are. With being invisible, your brain loses that ability, which means that you must actively focus on the state and place of your limbs in the beginning.

You will also need to learn how to pick things up while you cannot see your hands. Walking can also be a challenge. So, in short, practice in your own home and don’t get over-confident. Don’t go to the mall or other public places in the beginning. We’ve had some of these cases in the past, which wasn’t pretty.

That is about all there is to say about ELDS. There’s no prescription or manual, just a few tips and tricks, and do’s and don’ts. You will have to learn as you go.

I can only hope you appreciate my gift and will return the favor. If not, I misjudged you, but there will be no hard feelings. I assume it is unnecessary to mention, but I need to point out that no matter whether you choose to use it or not, confidentiality is a must. There will be consequences if you talk about it with anyone else.

If you want to return the gift, just go to the bank again, use the same sentences, and leave the envelope in the safe. That’s all there is to it.

I hope you’ll have fun and if you’ve got any questions, just reply to this email, and I’ll get in touch with you.

Kind regards,


“What… the… fuck!” I mumbled again after I read the email for the second time. No way this could be true! Why would a big-shot CIA -like officer send me this? How could he use drones on US soil to spy on a citizen? DID he actually use drones? And wouldn’t anyone notice? Wouldn’t there be consequences? And why me? I’m just a regular IT guy with a few mediocre incest stories to show for. There’s no way this can be true!

But then again, how did he know where I lived? How about the bank? What about the way his email showed up? So what if it WAS true? Wouldn’t it be an amazing superpower someone handed me out of the blue? The possibilities it provided were virtually limitless!

I decided to let it rest for a few days and think about it. I dropped the envelope in my drawer and poured myself a big glass of whiskey. I needed to calm my nerves, and what better way to do this than to continue with my story.

I closed my email app, ready to open the text editor. And that’s when I noticed the red icon above my recording software again. I almost forgot it recorded something. I clicked on the .mkv file, and my video player opened.

In the frame was James’s room. Seconds later, the door opened, and James walked in. He wore a t-shirt and shorts and looked like he was singing a song. Then, again, he took off his shirt and threw it in the corner. So I figured I could zoom in and check out his chest later. But first, I needed to know what I recorded.

He walked toward his closet, and it was now clear he was singing to a song, as he also danced a bit to the music. He fished out what looked like swimming trunks and a towel. All the while, he kept moving on the beat of some tunes I couldn’t hear. He threw his trunks and the towel on his bed and stood with his back toward me.

I could hear myself sucking in a breath the moment he dropped both his shorts and underwear, showing his tight ass to me. He moved his butt from left to right on the same rhythm as he sang his song. After he kicked his shorts aside, he grabbed his trunks and started pulling them up.

As he put one leg into his trunks and was bent over, I could see his boy bits dangling between his legs. I couldn’t see anything clearly, but it was unmistakably his junk I was looking at. Then, way too soon, he stood straight, grabbed his towel, and left the room.

I replayed the video several times, even skipping through it frame by frame. I opened the high-res photos, and as I scanned through these, I realized my dick was painfully hard from the moment I pressed play. This kid was HOT!

The moment I saw a close-up of his dangling balls, I lost it. I whipped out my dick and wanked to a quick but powerful orgasm. And as I sat there, covered in my cum and looking at a tight, twelve-year-old naked ass, I knew it. I needed to be in the same room as this hottie while he undressed. I needed to show him how to enjoy his body in the best possible ways. I needed to fuck him… I wanted him, and now I had a way to do this. If it worked, it would be absolutely perfect!

So I cleaned myself up, pulled the envelope out of my drawer, and emptied it on the desk in front of me. JD was right. Two syringes, about two-dozen patches, and a simple leaflet with tips and tricks inside. I opened one of the packages containing the small pads and examined them closely.

They had about the same color as my skin and were extremely thin. You could almost see through them. I rummaged through one of my other drawers and found my magnifying glass. I zoomed in on the patches and saw there were hundreds of tiny spikes at one side. They were very close to each other and just long enough to penetrate my skin but not pierce through it.

JD mentioned they were reusable, so I decided to press one against my left index finger. It was almost as if it was glued to my finger. It was stuck that firmly. But at the same time, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and you couldn’t feel the needles. So that was a plus.

But the syringes. Oh boy. They looked brutal. The needle wasn’t very long, but the syringes were thick! On the leaflet, a small illustration pointed out how and where the injection should take place. It looked easy enough, but the ‘excruciating pains’ he mentioned were slightly off-putting. But then I glanced at the cute ass on my screen again and realized I shouldn’t wuss out now.

I switched off my computer, gathered everything from the envelope and went to my bedroom. I threw it all on the mattress, grabbed a pair of socks, and pulled down my pants. I looked at the illustrations one final time and figured, ’what the hell!’ the worst thing that could happen was that I’d die. I didn’t leave a child behind, and my ex-wife would hardly miss me. A few close friends would be sad, but that was it. So what did I have to lose, right?

So, before I could chicken out, I prepared the syringes, laid back against my headboard, and pushed the needles into my skin. This, of course, wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but it didn’t hurt. My thumbs pressed on the back of both syringes, and as the fluid entered my body, I sighed deeply. No going back now.

The moment both syringes were empty, I placed them on my nightstand and quickly put the pair of socks into my mouth to bite on. I already felt a minor burning sensation around the places where the fluid entered my body, and I was prepared for the worst. I looked at my clock and made a note to myself that it was seven thirty-five.

The burning feeling spread quickly, and before I knew it, I wished I had never ever injected this stuff. I felt like I was about to pass out, and I heard my muffled screams that were partially muted by my socks.

That guy wasn’t wrong! I had never ever felt this kind of pain before. During this time, I wished I could die. It was that bad! But eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the burning feeling started to subside a little. Finally, I could open my eyes again and tried to focus on my alarm clock and figure out how long it has been. Almost thirty-five minutes had passed, and the burning feeling started to go down seriously now.

I lay there panting heavily as I let the soaked socks drop from my mouth. I was feeling completely drained, and I could only think about sleeping. I had never felt this exhausted before in my life. It took every willpower I had left in me to crawl under the covers, and when my head finally hit my pillow, I was out.

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quid futuis?

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Dear Jason – Chapter 2

Dear Jason – Chapter 2

The following day, after I arrived home from a day at the corporate office, William called me as I came out of my car.

“Hey Jason!” he said as he walked toward me.

“Hi, William. What’s up?” I asked, feeling my stomach tighten as I assumed he wanted to talk to me about me perving on his son.

“Please! Call me Bill,” he smiled.

“Right. What’s up, Bill?” I replied, feeling more relaxed now.

“We’re throwing a small party this Saturday to celebrate us moving in here. We’re also inviting some neighbors, and we hope you’ll be able to join us.”

“I… uhm… sure! Of course! I don’t think I’ve got anything important that I can’t reschedule. Thanks,” I stammered, still somewhat expecting him to punch me on the nose about last night.

“Great! We start at around noon. And you can bring your trunks if you’d like. The pool is repaired, so the kids decided it should be a pool party,” he laughed.

“Will do,” I said, also laughing.

“See you Saturday!” Bill said as he turned around and walked back toward the house where his wife was looking and smiling at us.

I started walking to my front door, where I noticed the Amazon package lying on the porch. I felt excited as I picked it up and immediately went up to my new office, where I started unpacking it.

It was a small but powerful camera. It had twenty times optical zoom, could shoot pictures in forty megapixels, and record video at 4K. But the best feature of it was that it was so small. It was bigger than some fancy spycam but way smaller than your regular camera. I liked it!

I played with it a bit during my microwave dinner to learn all about its features. Then, after I was done and cleaned downstairs, I placed it in my office window, facing James’s room. Next, I put some more or less logical things around it, so the camera couldn’t be noticed. And if I could hardly see it from here, I was positive it couldn’t be seen from across the street.

I plugged in the USB cable and opened up the recording app I had downloaded earlier. It would start recording when there was motion inside the predetermined frame and take a high-def picture every second it recorded.

I was content with my current setup and opened up my text editor to continue writing on my latest story. As I was getting into it, my email beep went off. I usually turn that off because it’s too distracting, but I forgot to do it this time.

So, feeling slightly annoyed, I opened the email app. Moments ago, a new message had arrived, and it was a reply to the “Offer” email I received yesterday. I expected some YouTube link, zip files, or pictures in it, but it was just plain text.

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your kind and honest reply. You brought a smile to my face today, which is greatly appreciated.

Let me tell you something about my ‘token of appreciation.’ I work for a domestic government agency. I can’t tell you much about this, obviously, but in my position I’ve got access to all sorts of assets that we work on.

Given the fact that you live in Chadron, Nebraska, I have arranged for the token to be delivered to a safe at the local bank.

If you decide to go to the bank, ask for Mr. Robinson. He’ll ask you if you want to open or close an account. Your reply will be, “I’m only here for the air conditioning.” Next, he’ll ask you about the preferred temperature. You’ll reply, “Below seventy degrees is fine.”

After this, he’ll take you to the vault, where he’ll open a safety deposit box for you. In there, you’ll find a big envelope. Put it in a bag or something, take it home, and wait for further instructions.

I know this all sounds very ‘Cloak and dagger’ like, but I promise you you’ll love it!

Kind regards,


What! The! Fuck!? Is he shitting me? That’s either a very elaborate way to distribute kiddie porn or a nut job trying to yank my chain.

But as I reread the email a few times, it hit me that he could never know where I lived. This was one of the best-kept secrets as my alter-ego. I always use a VPN when I do some work on my sites or communicate with my readers. I disable trackers, double-check files that I upload, everything! So how did this guy pick out this little city in the entire US? This couldn’t be just a gamble.

I read the email several times but couldn’t wrap my head around it. There wasn’t much writing to be done anymore, either. So I checked the recordings my new camera had made, and it was immediately apparent that James had gone to bed already. He came in, threw his shirt in a corner, gave me a quick glance at his boyish chest in the process, and closed the curtains. A few moments later, his lights went out, and that was it.

I had already planned to work from home the following day, so I might as well go and pick up the package. And as I lay in bed, contemplating all of this, I just couldn’t figure out how this guy knew where I lived. The only remotely logical explanation I could come up with was that he was indeed a very high-ranked figure at that agency. But then again, that sort of agency and mysterious figures only exist in movies and books.

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Ridiculum est questus, vox?

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Dear Jason – Chapter 1

Dear Jason – Chapter 1

Dear Jason
Jason Crow

Time is on my side. Finally! Now I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Last week, my now ex-wife moved out to go and live with her new lover. She met him at work, and as I later learned, she had a sexual relationship for over a year before she found the courage and decency to tell me.

I was a little shocked when she told me, but it also opened my eyes and explained a lot. Our sex life had dropped to nearly nothing, and now I knew why. And after her confession, all the overtime she did at work made much more sense.

I was past the mourning stage when she packed her things and moved out. We said our goodbye, and I even managed to make it sound sincere, we shook hands, and that was it. I kept the house, she got the cat and some other shit I didn’t give a damn about. And since I was allergic to that stupid cat, I figured I came out even better than before.

I worked as an IT professional, and since the whole COVID drama, I have worked from home at least three days a week. In my spare time, I started writing erotica featuring kids who are supposed to be from ages twelve to fourteen. Somehow these kinds of stories turned me on, especially when there’s an incest element in them. Of course, it’s a niche market, but I managed to establish a small fan base and created and maintained a website. I used it to post my stories and other exciting things I found online.

Every now and then, I would receive an email from a fan. Most of the time, they complimented me on how hot the story was and how much they enjoyed it. Sometimes I received some pictures or other stuff that they thought would interest me. News articles, links to other stories, YouTube videos, etc. I tried to reply to every email I received because they took the time and effort to contact me, and it’s only decent to acknowledge that.

So when I opened my email app, I wasn’t surprised to see two legit messages between some obvious spam. The first commented on how pissed she was that I killed off a character in one of my stories. I kindly thanked her for contacting me, and I once again explained the reason why I thought the story needed it.

The second email was a bit more interesting. Somehow it managed to spark my attention. The title, ‘Offer’, was one thing, but I couldn’t see the email address it was sent from. Even the tools I had at my disposal couldn’t find the message trail.

Dear Jason,

The stories you write are among the best I have ever read! Every time you release a new story, I feel excited and thrilled. You truly light up my life!
I know you write because you enjoy coming up with new ideas and seeing how they unfold. And you pointed out that you are not in it for money or fame. But I want to offer you something in return as a token of my gratitude.

Just let me know if you are interested, and we will work something out.

Kind regards,

It wasn’t that uncommon for people to offer me something. Usually, this meant some pictures I could use, story ideas, and that sort of stuff. I knew they meant well, but it was mostly illegal stuff or useless story ideas. So I clicked on reply and typed:

Hi JD,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories, and I hope I can keep doing that for you.
And you’re right, I’m not in it for the money or fame. It’s emails like this that keep me going. But I can’t deny that I like to get presents! So, yeah. I’m interested. But I won’t accept any illegal pics or vids! I’ll delete these immediately. Just so you know.

Again: thanks for letting me know you enjoy my work. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and stay safe,
Jason Crow

I pressed the send button and actually expected an error because the email address was empty. But it was sent out without problems. Ah well… In this genre, even though we’re doing nothing wrong, everyone is pretty fond of their privacy, so I figured this guy had found a new way to hide his true identity.

Tonight was actually the first night I sat in my new office. After Karen had moved out, I almost immediately moved my in-home office into the spare bedroom in the front of the house. Karen didn’t want to ‘sacrifice the room’ for some make-believe office, as she called it. So, finally freed of the witch and no longer doomed to sit in the hot attic with only two small windows, I hauled down my desk and equipment and installed them in front of the window. This way, I could look at our street and see some real-life people during the day.

I noticed it was getting dark, and as I got up to close the curtains, I saw the light flipped on in the opposite room in the house across the street. A few weeks ago, new people moved in there. The house had been empty for almost a year, and these new residents sure put in some elbow grease to fix it up.

I talked to the guy, William, a few times and learned that he and his wife Ellis moved here from San Francisco. They wanted to leave the big city behind them and give their kids a more rural upbringing. What better place to do this than in Chadron, Nebraska?

William’s parents lived nearby, and with a population of around 6000, it was big enough to have some of the luxuries of a city but still small enough to be rural.

The moment I laid eyes on their kids, I felt a stir in my pants. I didn’t want this to happen, but I couldn’t help myself around kids this age, being this cute. I never acted on my impulses and promised myself I’d never do. And up until now, I’ve never been even remotely close to crossing the line. So I knew I wouldn’t do it now, but it couldn’t hurt to look, could it?

As James came to introduce himself, his sister Julia was right behind him. William already told me they were twins and about to turn thirteen in two months. But he failed to mention how cute they were.

James was a typical twelve-year-old boy. About 5 ft 1, not fat and not skinny. His shoulders were still about as wide as his hips, maybe even narrower, but it was close. His dirty blond hair was cut in a style that many boys have today. A little bit longer on top, short at the back and the sides. His sister looked basically the same, but her hair was a little over her shoulder in a cute ponytail, and her small breasts started to fill out her t-shirt. But other than that and, what I could only assume, were the bits inside her underwear, she looked exactly like her brother. As they turned around and walked away from me, both of their asses made my mouth water. I’ve never seen an ass that good. Ever.

I had my hand on the curtain to close it as I noticed James enter the room across the street. He walked over to his closet, and as he did this, he started taking off his shirt and threw it in a corner like a typical twelve-year-old boy does. I could see he had a nice tan and a black necklace around his neck, but I lacked the details from this distance.
I made a note to myself to go out and buy a telescope to pretend to look at the stars. Or maybe a camera with a lot of optical zoom.

James stood in front of his closet, hooked his fingers in his shorts, and dropped them to the floor. He kicked them into the same corner as his shirt and opened a drawer. After he grabbed a clean pair of boxers, he turned around and looked my way.

“Fuck!” I grumbled, realizing I was busted looking at a twelve-year-old in his multi-colored boxer briefs. James noticed me, and instead of looking angry or offended, he smiled and waved at me. I felt relieved and also started smiling as I waved back at him.

I pretended my curtains were stuck and wouldn’t close while keeping an eye on him from the corner of my eye. I got a good, long look at his cute butt as he left the room and turned off the light.

“Damn! That kid is cute!” I mumbled to myself. I closed the curtains, opened up a new browser, and started searching for a small but powerful camera on Amazon. Nobody would notice if I could place it in the corner of my window along with some other equipment.

If he decided to make a habit out of this, I might as well enjoy it.

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All rights reserved

Videamus quo hoc it

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P.S. Sorry for the stock pics as the featured image. This kid was the inspiration for James and I didn’t want to keep him from you guys…

Dear Jason

And there it is! Dear Jason is my first story in 2023. It’s written in that dark-ish period in my life. I know it isn’t my best work. But I think it turned out okay, nevertheless. E-o-F put it nicely: the plot is unfocused. And he’s right! I found it hard to keep focused during writing. I had a nice premise in my head, but there was a considerable risk of writing myself into a corner. When I realized that, I started drifting a bit. And I wasn’t in the mood AT ALL to read back and make changes. So I did all of that after I was done. I never had such an extensive read-back and correction phase because of that approach.

But anyhow… It’s a story where I’m the main character. Yay! Something has happened to me, and I write about that. I don’t want to give away too much, so you’ll have to find out for yourself this time! I asked Randall to illustrate again, but he made a good point that one of the significant plot elements is pretty challenging to illustrate. So maybe next time! Thanks for even considering, Randall!

Another big thanks to E-o-F!! He’s the best at proofreading my stories. He’s always honest and immediately knows how to pinpoint weaknesses and strong points in the story and plot. And he always finds the typos I missed. I’m not a native speaker, and sometimes I still make stupid mistakes. E-o-F always manages to find them. And he’s ALWAYS willing to help! So, thank you very much, Ed!! Again.

I’m unsure yet at what pace the chapters will be released, so check out the website to see if new work is released. Or, maybe better, subscribe to the email service on my site. I’ll drop an email with that tool whenever I release new work. I sure hope you all enjoy this one. As always: please drop me an email, comment, or whatever, telling me what you think of it.

Here’s the link to the story page. Enjoy!

Story page


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