Dear Jason – Chapter 1

Dear Jason
Jason Crow

Time is on my side. Finally! Now I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Last week, my now ex-wife moved out to go and live with her new lover. She met him at work, and as I later learned, she had a sexual relationship for over a year before she found the courage and decency to tell me.

I was a little shocked when she told me, but it also opened my eyes and explained a lot. Our sex life had dropped to nearly nothing, and now I knew why. And after her confession, all the overtime she did at work made much more sense.

I was past the mourning stage when she packed her things and moved out. We said our goodbye, and I even managed to make it sound sincere, we shook hands, and that was it. I kept the house, she got the cat and some other shit I didn’t give a damn about. And since I was allergic to that stupid cat, I figured I came out even better than before.

I worked as an IT professional, and since the whole COVID drama, I have worked from home at least three days a week. In my spare time, I started writing erotica featuring kids who are supposed to be from ages twelve to fourteen. Somehow these kinds of stories turned me on, especially when there’s an incest element in them. Of course, it’s a niche market, but I managed to establish a small fan base and created and maintained a website. I used it to post my stories and other exciting things I found online.

Every now and then, I would receive an email from a fan. Most of the time, they complimented me on how hot the story was and how much they enjoyed it. Sometimes I received some pictures or other stuff that they thought would interest me. News articles, links to other stories, YouTube videos, etc. I tried to reply to every email I received because they took the time and effort to contact me, and it’s only decent to acknowledge that.

So when I opened my email app, I wasn’t surprised to see two legit messages between some obvious spam. The first commented on how pissed she was that I killed off a character in one of my stories. I kindly thanked her for contacting me, and I once again explained the reason why I thought the story needed it.

The second email was a bit more interesting. Somehow it managed to spark my attention. The title, ‘Offer’, was one thing, but I couldn’t see the email address it was sent from. Even the tools I had at my disposal couldn’t find the message trail.

Dear Jason,

The stories you write are among the best I have ever read! Every time you release a new story, I feel excited and thrilled. You truly light up my life!
I know you write because you enjoy coming up with new ideas and seeing how they unfold. And you pointed out that you are not in it for money or fame. But I want to offer you something in return as a token of my gratitude.

Just let me know if you are interested, and we will work something out.

Kind regards,

It wasn’t that uncommon for people to offer me something. Usually, this meant some pictures I could use, story ideas, and that sort of stuff. I knew they meant well, but it was mostly illegal stuff or useless story ideas. So I clicked on reply and typed:

Hi JD,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories, and I hope I can keep doing that for you.
And you’re right, I’m not in it for the money or fame. It’s emails like this that keep me going. But I can’t deny that I like to get presents! So, yeah. I’m interested. But I won’t accept any illegal pics or vids! I’ll delete these immediately. Just so you know.

Again: thanks for letting me know you enjoy my work. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and stay safe,
Jason Crow

I pressed the send button and actually expected an error because the email address was empty. But it was sent out without problems. Ah well… In this genre, even though we’re doing nothing wrong, everyone is pretty fond of their privacy, so I figured this guy had found a new way to hide his true identity.

Tonight was actually the first night I sat in my new office. After Karen had moved out, I almost immediately moved my in-home office into the spare bedroom in the front of the house. Karen didn’t want to ‘sacrifice the room’ for some make-believe office, as she called it. So, finally freed of the witch and no longer doomed to sit in the hot attic with only two small windows, I hauled down my desk and equipment and installed them in front of the window. This way, I could look at our street and see some real-life people during the day.

I noticed it was getting dark, and as I got up to close the curtains, I saw the light flipped on in the opposite room in the house across the street. A few weeks ago, new people moved in there. The house had been empty for almost a year, and these new residents sure put in some elbow grease to fix it up.

I talked to the guy, William, a few times and learned that he and his wife Ellis moved here from San Francisco. They wanted to leave the big city behind them and give their kids a more rural upbringing. What better place to do this than in Chadron, Nebraska?

William’s parents lived nearby, and with a population of around 6000, it was big enough to have some of the luxuries of a city but still small enough to be rural.

The moment I laid eyes on their kids, I felt a stir in my pants. I didn’t want this to happen, but I couldn’t help myself around kids this age, being this cute. I never acted on my impulses and promised myself I’d never do. And up until now, I’ve never been even remotely close to crossing the line. So I knew I wouldn’t do it now, but it couldn’t hurt to look, could it?

As James came to introduce himself, his sister Julia was right behind him. William already told me they were twins and about to turn thirteen in two months. But he failed to mention how cute they were.

James was a typical twelve-year-old boy. About 5 ft 1, not fat and not skinny. His shoulders were still about as wide as his hips, maybe even narrower, but it was close. His dirty blond hair was cut in a style that many boys have today. A little bit longer on top, short at the back and the sides. His sister looked basically the same, but her hair was a little over her shoulder in a cute ponytail, and her small breasts started to fill out her t-shirt. But other than that and, what I could only assume, were the bits inside her underwear, she looked exactly like her brother. As they turned around and walked away from me, both of their asses made my mouth water. I’ve never seen an ass that good. Ever.

I had my hand on the curtain to close it as I noticed James enter the room across the street. He walked over to his closet, and as he did this, he started taking off his shirt and threw it in a corner like a typical twelve-year-old boy does. I could see he had a nice tan and a black necklace around his neck, but I lacked the details from this distance.
I made a note to myself to go out and buy a telescope to pretend to look at the stars. Or maybe a camera with a lot of optical zoom.

James stood in front of his closet, hooked his fingers in his shorts, and dropped them to the floor. He kicked them into the same corner as his shirt and opened a drawer. After he grabbed a clean pair of boxers, he turned around and looked my way.

“Fuck!” I grumbled, realizing I was busted looking at a twelve-year-old in his multi-colored boxer briefs. James noticed me, and instead of looking angry or offended, he smiled and waved at me. I felt relieved and also started smiling as I waved back at him.

I pretended my curtains were stuck and wouldn’t close while keeping an eye on him from the corner of my eye. I got a good, long look at his cute butt as he left the room and turned off the light.

“Damn! That kid is cute!” I mumbled to myself. I closed the curtains, opened up a new browser, and started searching for a small but powerful camera on Amazon. Nobody would notice if I could place it in the corner of my window along with some other equipment.

If he decided to make a habit out of this, I might as well enjoy it.

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