October 20, 2008

College Guys – Chapter Two
Alex Hawk

When I woke up the next morning, I felt a great surge of anticipation. I knew that, probably, I’d get fucked by Jarrod today. Given how good it had felt to be fucked by Brian, I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like with an older, more experienced boy like Jarrod.

I got really turned on thinking about how it had been to get fucked by Brian. So turned on that I had to take a few moments to enjoy myself before I finally got out of bed. I hopped into the shower, put on a tight t-shirt and a skirt, leaving aside the bra and the panties, got some breakfast and went out next door. I knocked on the front door and waited, trying to figure out a good excuse for why I was here.

Des opened the door. He was wearing only a pair of boxers. I nearly pounced on him right then and there, he looked so hot. He blinked at me.

“Oh. Hey, Shannon. What’s up?”

“I think I might have left something of mine with Jarrod. Is he awake?”

Des shrugged. “I don’t think so. You can go knock on his bedroom door, though, if you want. Upstairs, second on the left.”

“Thanks, Des!” I ran up the stairs, pictures of what Des might look like naked playing through my mind. When I got to Jarrod’s door, I knocked.

“Who is it?” came his voice.

“Me, Shannon.”

I heard lots of movement on the other side of the door. Then it was opened by Jarrod, who stood there wearing, like Des, just boxers.

“Hey, Shannon. What’s up?” he asked, casually.

“Well…” I smiled. “You asked me to come up to your bedroom the other night. I couldn’t then. But now I can.”

Jarrod blinked and then grinned. “Oh, yeah? Well, come on in.”

I followed Jarrod into his bedroom. It wasn’t very big. There were two beds, but it looked like he was only using one. There were lots of boxes around, most of which hadn’t been opened yet. He saw me looking at them and shrugged.

“I been busy,” he said by way of explanation.

“That’s ok. I didn’t come here to look at your boxes anyhow.”

“Oh?” He smiled and raised an eyebrow. I saw his penis begin to harden inside his boxers. “And why ARE you here, little girl?”

Feeling rather bold, I walked up to Jarrod and took hold of his penis through his boxers. “I think you know.”

Jarrod smiled wide. “I knew there was something about you I liked.”

“But before we do this,” I said. “I want you to know… I’m not going to sleep with ust you. I’m still going to do it with other guys. Like probably Des and Taz and some other guys, too.”

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. “Well, that’ll make them happy. I don’t mind. It’s your body, after all.”


“So…” Jarrod laid down on his bed. “You wanna come join me?”

“Sure.” Rather than simply laying on the bed, I straddled Jarrod’s waist, feeling the tented fabric of his boxers rubbing against my bare vagina. God, I was horny.

“Wow, you’re direct,” Jarrod said with a grin.

“Yeah, well, when you know what you want, why pretend?” I asked, pulling my shirt off my body and exposing my breasts to Jarrod.

“Ooooh… nice.” He put his hands up and cupped each of my breasts. “Very nice.”

“Thank you.” I placed my hands on his chest and ran them along his body. He was really nicely put together. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Thanks.” He moved his hands from my breasts down to my skirt and slipped them up inside. He raised his eyebrow as he encountered the outskirts of my pubic hair. “No panties?”


“Good.” He lifted my skirt up and rubbed a couple fingers along my clitoris.

I moaned and wiggled on the bulge in his boxers, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on me. The skirt was getting in the way, so I reached back and unhooked it, tossing it onto the floor of Jarrod’s bedroom.

Now I was interested in more than just feeling what lay inside Jarrod’s boxers. I scooted myself back a little and reached down into the fly of his underwear, wrapping my fingers around the shaft of his penis. It seemed like it was a little bigger than Brian’s, and as I pulled it out into the light, I saw that it was, but not by much. There was also a lot more skin, which I later learned meant that he was uncut.

“This is the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” I said honestly stroking his penis slowly.

“Yeah?” Jarrod grinned. “How many have you seen?”


He laughed. “Yeah, I’ll give that assessment all due consideration.”

I couldn’t stand this too much longer. I had to have him inside me. I held up Jarrod’s erection and scooted forward, lining him up. Then I backed up, feeling his hard penis slipping smoothly and comfortably into my teenage vagina. I let out a sigh of happiness as he entered me. This was heaven!

Jarrod’s penis twitched inside me as he grinned and said, “Man, Shannon. I’m liking you more and more! You don’t want me to wear a condom?”

“You can if you want to,” I replied, sliding around on his penis a little.

“Are you on the Pill or anything?”


“Then I probably should. Get off for a moment.”

Reluctantly I lifted my body up, Jarrod’s penis falling out of me and slapping against his stomach. He sat up a little, pulled his boxers completely off. He had this wonderfully pale skin where they’d been contrasting with the tan on the rest of his body. Jarrod then reached over to his nightstand, pulling out a condom from the drawer. He opened it up and unrolled it onto his erection and then turned back to me.

“You mind if I’m on top? I like that better.”

“Sure.” I laid down and spread my legs wide, just as I had for Brian.

Jarrod knelt down between my legs, pressed the tip of his latex covered penis against my vagina and slid back inside me. It didn’t feel quite as good as it had felt with his bare skin but I knew that it would be bad to get pregnant. Still, I wanted that bare skin to bare skin feeling again. I’d have to talk with Corine about going on the Pill.

“Oh, yeah,” Jarrod said, pushing deep into me. “Jesus, you’re tight.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a reason for that,” I said, running my hands down the side of his body as he lowered himself on top of me.


“Yeah. I just lost my virginity less than twenty-four hours ago.”

Jarrod’s eyes opened wide and I felt his penis kick within me. “Really?”

“Yeah. I had my best friend’s brother fuck me so that when I came over here to do it with you, it would be better.”

“Cool,” Jarrod replied with a grin. “So I’m only the second guy to get into you?”


“You lost your virginity just for me, huh?”



With that Jarrod leaned down and kissed me as he started moving his hips, working his penis back and forth inside my body. I moved my hands down to cup his pale ass as he screwed me faster and faster.

Soon Jarrod was really pounding into me, my breasts shaking as he fucked me, my mind spinning with delight as his penis worked its magic inside my tight, wet vagina. He knew how to use his penis better than Brian had, but that wasn’t a big surprise. I was sure Jarrod had a lot more experience.

It wasn’t too long before Jarrod began gasping and moaning. Then he gave out a series of grunts and closed his eyes as I felt his penis begin kicking and bucking inside my vagina, filling his condom with his sperm.

This pushed me right over the edge, and my vagina began clutching tight around Jarrod’s still thrusting penis as the waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over my young, inexperienced body. It was even better than the orgasm I’d had with Brian!

Jarrod kissed me some more as we both came down from our orgasms. Then I felt him slide out of me, and watched as he took off the condom, tied a knot in it and tossed it into the trash can. He then laid down next to me on the bed and gave me another kiss.

“Shannon? Anytime you wanna give me a wake-up call like that, feel free.”

I laughed, and snuggled up in his arms, happy and sated. For the moment, at least.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Go Nationals!