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A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 11 – March

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 11 – March
Alex Hawk

March was always my favorite month of the year. Why? Because March 3rd was my birthday! Yes, as of this month, three weeks ago, actually, I was thirteen! I was officially a teenager!

Also, I was a very horny teenager.

I’d hardly been laid at all since my return from the ski slopes. I was down to getting some penis about four or five times a week instead of a couple times a day. There were lots of reasons for this (my brother was busy with after-school stuff, Lucien was dating someone, Scott was… well, Scott, etc), but it all boiled down to me needing to get some more often.

One Saturday morning I was hanging around the house alone (Jacob was off at a friend’s house, and my parents were out shopping). I heard the sound of a big truck moving by and then stopping a couple houses down. Curious, I got up and went outside where I saw a U-Haul pulling into the driveway of an empty house two doors down from us.

My curiosity satisfied, I was about to turn and go inside when I saw someone get out of the passenger side of the truck. My eyebrows shot up. He was a boy, probably not too much older than me. He had short, brown hair, a fine looking body and a cute face. Suddenly I had a feeling I’d be able to get laid a lot more. True, after playing with Zach I’d thought I’d look for love first and a fuck second, but, well, I was REALLY horny!

I went back to my bedroom, fingered myself silly and tried to figure out how to meet this amazing-looking boy. Eventually I hit on a plan. I’d just go over there, introduce myself, offer to help unpack, find a way to get the boy to himself, then mount up and go for a ride. Perfect!

The next morning I woke up at about 10:00am. My parents were working on the garden in our backyard and Jacob was still gone at his friend’s house (that would be his friend, Sean, who was terribly cute, had just turned twelve, and needed to stop being a virgin soon). I had some breakfast, got cleaned up and put on some nice clothes. Then I snagged my bike and went outside.

My plan was quickly derailed. First, the U-Haul was already gone. Second, I didn’t see any cars or anything like that in front of the house. On the other hand, I did see the hot boy sitting on the patio talking on his cell phone. Grinning, I rode up towards him, getting there as he hung up.

“Hi,” I said once within range.


“I’m Madison. I saw you guys moving in yesterday.”

“Cool. I’m Brandon.”

I parked my bike and walked up to shake his hand. He had nice hands.

“Well, welcome to the neighborhood.”


“You need any help unpacking or anything…?”

He shook his lovely face. “No, we got most of the important stuff packed last night. My parents are just returning the truck and getting a few more boxes from our storage unit.”

“Oh, ok.”

“You wanna see our place?”


I followed Brandon inside, my eyes fixed onto his firm, gorgeous ass. I pictured my hands holding onto it as he fucked me, sending a nice little thrill through my newly teenage body.

“So you have any brothers or sisters?” I asked as we toured through his family’s new house. The furniture was all in place as were some of the books and things. Not a lot of nick-nacks positioned yet, though.

“No, I’m an only child. You?”

“One brother.”

“That’s cool.”

We wound up the tour in his bedroom, which was fine with me. I looked around, seeing not one, but two shelves filled with trophies, ribbons and the like.

“Nice,” I said, looking at them. “What are these all for?”

“Little League and swimming. Mostly Little League.”

“Oh, really? That’s cool.” Baseball and swimming. That went a long way to explaining Brandon’s incredible body.

“Yeah. You play any sports?”

I shook my head and sat down on his bed. “I tried to a couple times, but sports pretty much bores me.”

“Oh, ok. I can understand that.”

“How old are you?”

“Fourteen. You?”


“That’s cool.” Brandon sat down next to me on the bed. “You got a boyfriend?”

“Nope. You got a girlfriend?”


“Poor us,” I said with a little smile.

“Yeah,” he said back, a little gleam in his eye. “Just two single people stuck here together.”

“You know what?”

“What?” he asked, moving a little closer.

“I really want you to fuck me,” I said.

Grinning, Brandon said, “You welcome all the guys to your block that way?”

“Only the really hot ones.” I leaned forward and kissed him. He kissed me back with some real skill.

After breaking the kiss, Brandon said, “You looking for a relationship, or just a quick lay?”

“Friends with benefits?” I suggested.

“Cool.” We kissed some more.

“So how many girls you fucked?” I asked, pretty sure he wasn’t a virgin.

“Three. How many boys?”

“More than three,” I said with a little grin.

“Cool,” he said, laughing. “I don’t like doing it with virgins.”

We kissed some more and I started unbuttoning his shirt, then pulled it off, revealing a smooth, tanned, hairless chest with a bit more definition than I was used to.

“God, you’re fucking hot,” I whispered, leaning down to suck one of Brandon’s nipples.

He responded by pulling off my shirt and grinning when he saw I wasn’t wearing a bra. “You’re not bad yourself.”

We kissed again, his bare chest pressing against my bare breasts, and then he pushed me slowly onto my back. Once I was there he kept kissing me and slid a hand up inside my skirt, grinning once more when he found out I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You came prepared, didn’t you?” he asked, sliding a finger slowly inside my vagina.

“Ah… oh, yes. I knew what I wanted.”

“Mmmm… you’re nice and tight. How many dicks have you had in here?”

“More than five,” I said.

He laughed and pulled off my skirt. “Cool. Damn, nice body.”

“Thank you.”

I then gasped a little as Brandon dipped his head and started licking my clit as he kept fingering me. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair. It was a nice thing not to have to teach a guy how to go down on me.

Brandon’s other hand had apparently been busy unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. I found this out when he got up on his knees and they were already open. He kicked them aside and then made a great presentation of lowering his boxers, revealing a very hard, shaved, cut, penis that looked probably about five-and-a-half inches or so.

“You one of those girls who likes giving head?”

“Fuck, yeah. Bring that thing up here.”

Brandon giggled and moved up towards my face. I lifted my head up and wrapped my mouth eagerly around his penis, savoring the sensation of having it inside my mouth. My hands travelled back onto that ass I’d been drooling over earlier and rested there, enjoying the feeling of the muscles moving.

“Mmmm… fuck,” he mumbled, moving his hips slowly. “Damn, you give good head.”

I licked my tongue down the shaft of Brandon’s penis and then pulled my mouth off. Looking up at him I said, “You should see how that feels inside other parts of me.”

“Your ear?” he suggested.

“I don’t do aural sex.”

Brandon laughed and said, “Let me just get on a condom.” He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a small packet.

I put a hand on his arm. “You don’t need one. I’m on the Pill.”

He shook his head. “I always use condoms anyhow. I’ve never fucked a girl without one.” He looked at me. “If you want, we can do other stuff, but I gotta wear a condom when I fuck you.”

I shrugged, and said, “Alright.” Secretly I was kind of curious to see what it would be like to get fucked by a boy wearing a condom. Lucien had put one on our first time, but had taken it off once he figured out he couldn’t get me pregnant.

Brandon unrolled the condom onto his penis. It was blue and, I must admit, looked kind of hot since it was the only thing he was wearing. He gave himself a couple strokes.


“Yeah. You want to be on top?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind.”

I laid back and spread my legs high and wide. “Does that answer your question?”

Laughing again, he said, “I like you, Madison. You’re cool.”

“You are, too. Now please fuck me.”

Laughing once more, Brandon said, “Well, if you insist.”

“Oh, I do.”

Brandon got on top of me and started kissing me. He reached down between our bodies and lined himself up, then very slowly started to slide his condom-covered, fourteen-year-old penis into my thirteen-year-old vagina. Once he was all the way in, he lifted his face off mine.

“Fuck, it’s nice inside here. How many dicks you had in here before mine?”

I giggled. “More than seven.”

“Damn.” He sucked one of my nipples for a moment and then kissed me some more before he started very slowly fucking me.

Brandon had an interesting style of fucking, I noticed quickly. Basically he wrapped his body around mine, pushed his penis as deep inside me as it could go and then barely moved at all after that. All he really did was shift his weight around rather than thrusting. I wouldn’t have thought it would do anything for me, but it really did, especially since so much of him was against me.

I held Brandon’s naked body tightly as we kept fucking. He buried his head in my shoulder and my eyes fell on the small diamond earring he was wearing. I was jealous for a moment, cause it was nicer than any I had. On the other hand, I was getting fucked by him, and I strongly doubted that was something he could do to himself.

After about five minutes of screwing me in this odd, but amazing, body-wrap method, Brandon disengaged himself and stretched his body over me. He held himself up like he was doing push-ups and started fucking me with deep, long strokes. I moaned and grabbed at his ass, rolling my eyes back into my head as the pleasure swept through me.

I then moved my eyes onto Brandon’s beautiful nude body and watched him fuck me. God, it was spectacular, and provided the last bit of incentive I needed to cum. I sat up a bit and held him tight as, with me moaning loudly in pleasure, my orgasm hit, sending waves of pleasure through my convulsing vagina and out through my head. It wasn’t the best cum I’d ever had, but it was in the top ten.

When I was done cumming, I fell back onto Brandon’s bed, breathing hard. He looked down at me.

“You came, right?”

“Oh, god, yes.”

“Good.” With that he started fucking me good and hard and, after about thirty seconds, gave a moan of his own, then pushed deep inside me as his penis began to spurt, filling the condom with his teenage sperm. It was the first time I’d been denied a boy’s cum. It left me feeling vaguely incomplete, though not dissatisfied by any means.

Once he was done cumming, Brandon got off me. He unrolled the condom from his penis and tossed it onto the floor.

“That,” he said with a kiss to my cheek. “was fucking hot. You’re a great lay.”

“Better than the other three girls?” I asked with a coy smile.

“Oh, yes. Two of them were virgins and the other one just wanted me for my cherry.”

“So did I, really.”

“Yeah, but you were really into it. I could tell.”


“Was I better than the… how many was it?”

I laughed. “Nine, if you have to know. You’re number ten.”

“Wow, really? And you’re only thirteen?”

“I’ve had a busy year.”

“I guess!”

Brandon’s penis was still hard. I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly. “When was your first time?”

“Back last year right after the Little League playoffs. I pitched a no-hitter and my best friend’s sister though that was hot, I guess. She was sixteen and really hot and wanted to get my virginity.”

“So kind-hearted guy that you are, you let her have it?”


“So nice of you.”

“I thought so,” he said with a little wink.

I straddled his waist, keeping his penis in front of me. I kept stroking it slowly. “Lucky girl,” I said.

“Yeah. What was your first time?”

I told him an edited version of my first time, leaving out any mention of Jacob and the interruptions from Kyle was Lucien and I screwed. I didn’t think I was ready to wow him with stories of incest just yet.

By the time I’d finished my story, he was leaking quite a lot of pre-cum and was reaching up to play with my breasts. I leaned down and kissed him.

“So you really never had this thing inside a girl without a condom?” I asked, continuing to play with his penis.

“Not once.”

“Never curious?”

Brandon shrugged. “A little. But it’s not worth a baby.”

I rubbed the tip of his bare penis gently, teasingly, against the entrance to my vagina. “You know I’m on the Pill, right?”

“Yeah, I remember,” he mumbled, looking down to our genitals.

“So, you want to find out?” I asked, lowering myself just enough to let the tip of his penis slide into me.

“Ah…” he gasped. “Uh… we really shouldn’t. I don’t want to take a risk…”

“There’s no real risk. If you want to, you can always pull out before you cum.”

“Yeah… I guess I could…”

I lowered myself down a little more, so that half of Brandon’s penis was inside my vagina. “You’re running out of time to say no,” I pointed out.

“Oh… yeah, I know…”

I lifted my body up a bit so that he slid most of the way out, and then lowered back down so that his entire bare teenage penis was inside my vagina. I hadn’t taken his virginity, but at least I’d be the first girl he fucked without a condom.

“Too late to say no now,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah… god, yeah…”

“You like it?”

He nodded. “Jesus, that’s so much better than with a condom…”

I leaned down to kiss him. “Glad you like it,” I said, and then sat back up and started riding him good. As I did, I watched him moving under me. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, his mouth open.

“Madison…?” he said after about three minutes. “Uh… oh, god… I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Cool!” I started riding him faster in case he got any notions about pulling out of me. I didn’t know if he did or didn’t, but I certainly did know when he came, since he moaned, pushed so hard into me he lifted me off the bed and, of course, I felt his sperm shooting into my vagina where it belonged, not into some stupid latex sleeve.

“And how was that?” I asked, keeping him inside me.

“That… wow, that was… really good.” He looked up at me. “You’re a really fucking great lay, have I mentioned that?”

“You have.”


I kissed him. He kissed back and within a few minutes I was on my back, him fucking me like he had before, but without the condom. His penis hadn’t left my vagina since he came and if I had my way, it wouldn’t be leaving again any time soon.


Copyright 2009 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Ok, it wasn’t much of a story as far as length, but I hope you all liked it. If you’re good, I might later post up a pic of the boy who inspired Brandon. If you’re good. ?


  1. Avatar for critock

    Just curious if there was a girl that inspired Madison and a pic of her.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi critock,
      Good question! I honestly don’t know if Alex had a girl that inspired him.
      If you have a pic of a girl you think represents Madison, please send it to me and I’ll place it up here!


      • Avatar for Pete

        The girl you selected is terrific! The others are sort of stale.

  2. Avatar for Anonymous

    I am new to Alex’s stories. So far what I have read is great. I must add that the girl attached to this story is spectacular. Good job.

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