This is actually a first. After co-writing with E-o-F, I now teamed up with Randall Stanhope in this new story. Randall and I got in touch. We talked about a lot of things, including my desire to illustrate my stories. We discussed the tools and such, but after a short while, he offered to do the illustrations for me. Isn’t that nice!?

Well… I think it is, and when you check out the results, I’m positive you’ll feel the same 😊. So a big shout-out to Randall Stanhope this time! Let’s hope Randall is willing to do more of his fantastic work for my future stories! You can reach him at for both praise and comments. Also, make sure to check out his story ‘The Grown Up Oath’.

But… as always, we can’t forget E-o-F either. As my regular proofreader, he improved the story on several levels again. Thanks, Ed!

And the story? It’s another short-ish story. I’ve done enough big ones for a while, so that’s why I’m more focused on the shorter ones. Easier to finish and quicker results. A girl wants to head to the family cabin up the mountain and asks her mom. But she doesn’t want the girls to go up there alone, so the deal is that the girl’s brother has to come. Since you’ve probably read my other stories, you can probably do the math…

You can check it out here or navigate to it through the menu. Whatever you want. There’s already an ebook and an Audiobook in multiple formats. Whatever suits you. It’s all there for your convenience.

Just have fun reading it! I know I did writing it.

P.S. the cute boy in the featured image above this post, is the inspiration for one of the story’s characters. Just so you know… The complete Youtube video where I took the pic, can be found here.