Hi guys,

A short while ago, Parker Monroe contacted me about the story ‘Blake and Ashley’ by Alex Hawk. He loved the story and wondered if there were any accompanying pics available. When I told him there weren’t, he offered to create some himself. Well… let AI generate pictures.

I’ve done some digging in the AI department myself, but it isn’t quite as easy as one might think. I’m getting some results that I can use on my site, but it’s a slow process with a high learning curve.

But Parker is WAY higher on the learning curve than I am, and he sent me two pics that I’ve added to the ‘Blake and Ashley’ story. So, now there’s a new story header image and one inline pic to liven up the story. And all of this is on the brink of a new year! (Check out ‘Ringing in the New Year’ part one and part two for more fun 😊 )

I want to thank Parker for his efforts, and hopefully, he can help me out with animating some of my new stories.

To everyone, a Happy New Year, and see you next year on the Jason Crow website!