October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Seven – Sexing Up Spencer
Alex Hawk

I got really horny (Bryce said. The three of us were in Tyler’s bedroom laying naked on his bed), thinking about what you guys were going to be doing with Storm and Rain. Horny, and, you know, jealous, cause I wasn’t going to be getting any.

Spencer had played kinda crappy in the last game. He played left-field and he’d screwed up on a couple easy catches. Being that I am the catcher, I figured I might be able to teach him some things. So I cornered him in the showers.

(TYLER: Yeah, I bet you’ve dreamed about that for a while.)
(BRYCE: Remember, Tyler, how when you were telling your story you kept telling me to shut up?)
(TYLER: Yeah, but that’s because you babble a lot.)
(BRYCE: Bastard.)

Spencer was in there, showering of course. Naturally he was naked. I let my eyes surf all over his wonderful body, while trying my damned not to get a hard-on. God, he was hot! Makes me horny just thinking about how sexy that boy is.

(TLYER: Doesn’t EVERYTING make you horny?)
(BRYCE: Pretty much, yeah.)

“Hey, Spence,” I said as I joined him in the shower.

“Oh, hey.” He kinda stepped away from me a little. I’m used to this. It’s not easy being an openly gay boy on a baseball team.

“So, hey, I saw you having some problems out there today.”

He shrugged. “A little, maybe.”

“You’ve dropped catches in the last few games, you know.”

Spencer sighed. “Yeah, I know.”

“Well, look, I mean, I AM the catcher. If you want, I’ll give you some tips.”

Spencer said, “Well… thanks, but I think I can get it on my own.” He turned off the water and reached for his towel, penis swinging as he moved.

“Wait.” I put a hand on his shoulder. “Look, you’ve been having problems lately. I’m the catcher. I know what I’m doing. Let me help you.”

“Alright, Bryce.” He wrapped his towel around his waist, unfortunately. “What do you wanna do?”

“Well… how about if you and I head back to your place? I can go over some stuff with you there.”

Spencer thought about this. “You really think you can help me? I know I’ve been doing kinda bad lately.”


“Ok. Alright. I’ll see you outside, ok?”

“Ok.” Once he was out of sight, I made sure to give myself a couple slow strokes, thinking hard about what might be happening later.

(AMBER: Bravo. Very nicely done. Always get them on their own turf if you wanna molest the fuck outta them.)
(BRYCE: Thank you, thank you. I consider that to be praise from the master. *OW!*)

Once I was dressed, I met Spencer outside the locker room. “You ready? I asked him.


“Then let us away.”

We started walking to Spencer’s house. I saw Storm and Rain wandering off together with a couple other people I could mention I was slightly jealous cause I wouldn’t get to join in on that bit of fun, but that was ok. I was gonna get Spencer’s hot little body and that was ok.

(AMBER: You actually saw us walking off?)
(BRYCE: Well, yes.)
(TYLER: If it’s any consolation, not much happened.)
(BRYCE: Really?)
(TYLER: No, I lied.)
(BRYCE: Bastard.)

When we got to Spencer’s house we went into his backyard, I warmed up my pitching arm-

(TYLER: Oooo! Oooo! I got something really obnoxious to say to THAT!)
(BRYCE: Amber, can’t you, like, shut him up or something? Like you did with me?)
(AMBER: I would, but I had a similar comment in mind.)
(BRYCE: Fuck you both!)
(TYLER: You’ve already fucked her and you might get to fuck me, if you’re good.)
(BRYCE: Erp! I’ll behave!)

-and started lobbing out a couple easy slow pitches to Spencer. Pretty soon I was throwing them a little harder and at a greater height and distance.

“Ok,” I said after about twenty minutes of this. “I think I know what your problem is.”

“Ok. What?”

I had Spencer toss me a few pitches and showed him some different methods of getting under the balls-

(BRYCE: SHUT UP, you two!)

-and making the catches. Spencer wasn’t bad, and I didn’t know why he was doing so awful lately. Finally I thought of something.

“Hey, Spence,” I said when we were taking a break and drinking some lemonade.


“Look… I’ll say this right out… do you need glasses?”

Spencer winced a little. “Uh… why do you ask?”

“Cause you’re playing like you can’t see the ball all that well.”

Spencer sighed. “Yeah. Well. I do kind of need them, yeah. I mean, I don’t need them all the time, but I do need them sometimes.”

“So… why aren’t you wearing them during the games? Obviously you need them there. I’ve never seen you even wearing them in class or anything.”

He shrugged. “I don’t wear them in school if I can avoid it. They make me look like a dick.”

I laughed. “Spencer, I’ve had a really close-up view of many, many dicks, and I can say with relative certainty that you do NOT look like a dick.”

Spencer actually laughed at that, which surprised me. I thought he’d be kinda grossed out. “Well, yeah. But I don’t like how they make me look.”

“Let me see you in them?”

“Alright. Be right back.” Spencer ran upstairs and then came back a few moments later. He had a glasses case in one hand. “Promise you won’t laugh?”

“I promise.”

Spencer took out the glasses and put them on.

I grinned a little. “Spence?”


“They make you look cuter.”

“They do NOT. They make me look like a dick,” he said, reaching up to take them off.

“No, wait. Let’s try a few catches with those on.”

“Do we have to, Bryce?”

“Yes.” I tossed him the ball.

“Alright, fine.” He tossed it back and soon was managing to very easily catch every pitch I tossed at him.

“See?” I said after a while. “You do MUCH better with the glasses.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do.” He looked kind of amazed.

“Of course you do. You can actually see the damn ball now. That makes a big difference, you know.”

“Yeah.” He grinned a little. “Thanks for your help, Bryce.”

“You’re welcome.”

As we started walking back into his house, Spencer said, “They really don’t make me look like a dick?”


“Good. I thought, you know, no girl would want me and stuff.” He blushed a little.

I laughed. “Spencer, even I’VE fucked a girl. If I can do it, anyone can.”

(AMBER: See? I told you having sex with me would be useful.)
(BRYCE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.)

Spencer was really surprised. “You have? YOU? You’ve fucked a girl?”

I nodded. “Oh, yeah, lots of times.”

By this time we’d made it up to Spencer’s bedroom. Once we were inside he stripped off his midly smelly tshirt and tossed it into his laundry basket as he said, “You’ve really had sex with a girl?”


“Like you had your penis in her vagina?”

“That IS how it works, you know.”

“Yeah, but I thought you were… you know… gay?”

I grinned. “Yep!”

“So… ok. If you’re gay… how come you’ve fucked a girl?”

I shrugged. “I had the chance and I was kinda curious about it.”

“Wow.” He sat on the edge of his bed. “So what’s it feel like?”

“Well… you ever get your dick sucked?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer was.


“Ok. Well, it’s like the best blowjob in the world. No tongue, no teeth, just pure, wonderful pleasure. It’s so fucking amazing you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Wow.” I could see him getting a hardon. “So who did you fuck?”

“You know Tyler’s sister Amber?”

“The school slut?”

(BRYCE: Amber. Come on. You’ve been fucked by, what, twenty boys?)
(AMBER: Fourteen!)
(BRYCE: Well?)
(AMBER: Tyler, aren’t you supposed to be defending my honor?)
(TYLER: What? I’m your little brother and you took my virginity last week.)
(BRYCE: And mine just a few days before.)
(TYLER: And Storm’s last night, and you got me to take Rain’s virginity and you got her to let Storm fuck her.)
(BRYCE: Oooo! More incest!)
(AMBER: Yes, Tyler, I took your virginity and all that other stuff, too. Now if you ever wanna fuck me again, defend my honor.)
(TYLER: Uh… bad Bryce. Bad. No Tylerdick.)
(BRYCE: Aw…)
(TYLER: Well… maybe a little Tylerdick.)
(BRYCE: How little?)
(TYLER: Not that little.)

“Yeah, that Amber.”

“You fucked her?”



“She’d probably let you fuck her, too, if you wanted.”

Spencer’s eyes widened. “She would? Really?”


“Damn.” He moved his hand down and rubbed at his crotch. “Damn, I’d like to try that.”

“Yeah.” I stared down at his pants, my own penis hard as fuck. “Spencer?”


“Can I give you a blowjob?”

Spencer blinked. “You wanna blow me?”


“Uh… Bryce, I’m straight.”

“So? I’m gay, and I’ve fucked Amber. You’re straight, and if I suck your dick, that’s not going to make you gay.”

Spencer shifted awkwardly. “Bryce, I don’t know…”

“Look, Spence. It’s just a blowjob. Who cares? It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.”

(TYLER: Well, well, well… what a little lairpants.)
(BRYCE: Hey, you told us about you, Angelo and Spencer.)
(TYLER: …)

“You really wanna just suck me off? You don’t want to, like, have me jerk you or suck you or anything like that?” He was rubbing at his crotch again.


Spencer licked his lips. “If I let you suck me, will you help me get laid by Amber?”

“Of course, as long as you don’t mind me being there.”

“Ok.” He reached down and started to unzip his pants. Soon he had his penis out. It looked just delicious! “Can I cum in your mouth?” he asked as I sat next to him on the bed.

“If you didn’t, I’d be offended.” With that I took his penis in my hand and then lowered my mouth down around it.

“Ah…” Spencer put his hand on the back of my head and rested it there as he laid on his back. “Oh, Bryce… you’re good at that…”

(TYLER: You ARE good, but I still say Colt gives the best head in town.)
(AMBER: You are so lucky to have a penis, you know that?)
(TYLER: And I’m REALLY lucky you give me a place to stick it.)
(AMBER: Mmmm…)

Having Spencer’s penis in my mouth was more than enough to make me happy. I could have just stuck to blowing him all day long and been a happy little boy. But me being me, I of course have FAR more in mind than just a blowjob. I figured, though, that if I could give him one orgasm now, with my mouth, then I could give him a few other orgasms later using other body parts.

With that in mind, my hand joined my mouth on Spencer’s penis, moving up and down in concert with my lips and tongue. Just as I could tell Spencer was getting close to cumming, I pulled my mouth off him and said, “Hey, Spence?”

“Huh? What?”

“Can I stay the night?”

“Uh… yeah, if you want to.” I could feel the anxiousness pouring off him as he wanted me to start sucking again.

“Can we have sex?” I asked, starting to masturbate him again. “Cause if you think THIS feels good…”

“Ooooh… yeah… anything you want… just… please… make me cum…”

Grinning, I lowered my mouth back down, knowing that it wouldn’t take long. To my utter lack of surprise it wasn’t more than about fifteen seconds before Spencer grunted loudly and began pushing up with his hips. Seconds later his penis began pulsing, and I swallowed every bit of sperm that shot into my mouth.

(TYLER: So, wait, wait. Basically you got him really close to cumming and then used that to make him agree to let you stay the night and have sex with him?)
(BRYCE: Yeah. Ain’t I a stinker?)

I milked Spencer’s penis as much as I could until I could tell there was no sperm left. I sat back, wiped my mouth off and grinned down at him.

“Can I suck, or can I suck?”

Spencer simply laid there on his bed, pants down around his ankles, and nodded. “Yeah… that was just… whoa…”

I ran my fingers along the sides of his pubes. “Just so you know, when I said I wanted to have sex? I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t wanna do. Mostly, I just really wanna have you fuck me.”

“Fuck you?”

“Yeah. Then after you do it with me you’ll be more ready to do it with Amber.”

“Oh.” He looked at me. “Have you REALLY fucked her?”


“How did that happen?”

I laid on the bed next to Spencer. “Well, she invited me back to her house one day to talk about some stuff that she’d seen.”

“What did she see?”

“Tyler and Colt blowing each other.”

(BRYCE: OW! Yes, I did! SO?!)
(TYLER: Well, I just… I…)
(AMBER: Tyler, Spencer knows you’ve had sex with him and with Angelo. Chill.)
(TYLER: Sorry. I just… sorry, Bryce.)
(BRYCE: It’s ok. You just owe me a really good fucking later.)
(TYLER: Sounds good.)

Spencer looked taken aback. “They were… wow!”

“Yeah. She really got horny, I guess.”

He looked puzzled. “For Tyler?”

“No, horny for Colt.”

“Oh, ok.”

I reached down to rub my penis through my pants. “Anyhow, the more we talked about what she saw, the hornier both her and I got and she saw me getting hard and wanted to know if she could see my dick. I showed it to her, she started sucking me and the next thing I knew, she was straddling me and had me in her pussy.”

“Wow…” Spencer’s penis had started stiffening again and was now entirely hard once more.

“Yeah, we’ve done it a lot of times since then.”

“So you really think she’ll let me do her?”

I nodded. “Yeah. She’s talked about wanting you before.”

“She has?”

“Yeah.” I reached down and took hold of his penis. “If all goes well you could get this into her tomorrow.”


(AMBER: Wait, wait… that would be today you were discussing?)
(BRYCE: Yeah. Oh, by the way, he’ll be here at three.)
(BRYCE: Yes?)
(AMBER: You know, I MIGHT have had other plans today.)
(BRYCE: Other than taking the virginity of yet another cute thirteen-year-old boy?)
(AMBER: …)

The two of us laid there for a few minutes, me idly playing around with Spencer’s penis. I said to him, “Hey, Spence?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“What? No!”

“Why not? You’ve kissed Tyler and Angelo, haven’t you?”


(TYLER: Bryce? Dear, beloved Bryce?)
(BRYCE: Yeah?)
(TYLER: Anyhing in your life you’ve left undone is going to stay that way, cause I’m gonna have to kill you now.)
(BRYCE: Oh, hush. Don’t be so suburban.)
(AMBER: What does that mean, exactly?)
(BRYCE: Look, so I told him I knew you and he and Angelo had all fooled around. Big deal. Spencer and I were basically getting it on at that point, so it’s not like he could really sit in judgement or anything.)
(TYLER: I’m still not happy…)
(BRYCE: Let me cheer you up!)
(TYLER: *moan*)

“Tyler told me everything about you three having sex with each other.”

“Oh, did he,” Spencer said in tones of great menace.

“Oh, relax. He told me during a threeway with him and Amber, so don’t worry about it. Besides, I’ve had sex with Tyler, so it’s not like it’s a big deal.”

“Whoa, wait. A threeway?”


“With him AND Amber?”


“Did he fuck her, too?”

“Of course.”

Spencer’s eyes went wide. “Are you shitting me! Why? She’s his sister!”

“If you had a cute sister who wanted you to fuck her would you?”

“Well, maybe.”

I gave his penis a little squeeze. It was nice and hard now. “So no big deal, huh?”

Spencer shrugged. “I guess not. It was just a little surprising, that’s all.”

I continued playing with Spencer’s penis and said, “So, back to my other question. Can I kiss you?”

“Uhm… well, sure, if you want to, I guess.”

I leaned over and gave Spencer a tender little kiss on the lips. He kissed back, but not with any real skill.

(TYLER: Yeah, Spencer’s not very good at kissing.)
(AMBER: I’ll learn him.)

“Now you’re going to get to do something really, really cool,” I said, grinning down at Spencer.


I quickly undressed and reached into my backpack, pulling out a small bottle of lube. I’d taken to carrying one around after recent events.

(AMBER: Gee, I wonder what THOSE might have been.)

I squirted some lube onto my hand and slowly rubbed it all over Spencer’s penis.

“Aaah! That’s cold!”

“Oh, deal with it. You’re about to be stuck somewhere very warm.”

Spencer’s eyes went really wide. “Are you going to be doing what I think you’re going to be doing?”

“Do you think I’m going to stick your dick up my ass?”

Silently he nodded.


With that I lined up Spencer’s penis and settled down onto it, feeling it slide smoothly up into my butt.

“Aaaah…” I breathed out, once he was entirely inside me. “Now THAT’S some good dick!”

Spencer’s eyes were really wide still. “I’m really in you?”

I moved up and down a bit. “Yes. Yes, you are.” I grinned at him. “You like it?”

“It’s… yeah…”

“Try moving your hips up. Fuck me,” I said as I started riding him in earnest.

It took some effort, but eventually we were able to coordinate our efforts. Soon we were fucking our brains out, and GOD was it amazing! Spencer was one hot little number and I was really pleased at myself for getting this far. Having him inside me was certainly one of the best things I’d ever felt in my life.

(AMBER: We all know the best thing you’ve ever felt is me.)
(BRYCE: God, ego much?)
(TYLER: *I* thought the best thing you ever felt was ME.)
(BRYCE: Uh… is there any graceful way out of this?)
(AMBER AND TYLER: Hell, no.)

Much as I liked riding Spencer, I was a little tired from everything I’d been doing all day and so I said to him, “You wanna try being on top?”

He perked up a litte. “Yeah, sure!”

Doing my best to keep Spencer’s penis inside me, I rolled over, taking him along. Once we were both settled down, he started making a couple experimental thrusts.

“Like this, right?”


“This really feels good…” he whispered.

“I know…”

Spencer’s face was really close mine. I put a hand on the back of his head and pulled him towards me, kissing him with some real passion. He responded in kind, which made me very happy.

(TYLER: Oh, how romantic! *gag*)
(BRYCE: Oh, shut up.)

It wasn’t too long after this that Spencer started really pounding my butt. Then he let fly with a whole series of gasping moans and started to cum inside me. It was soooo fucking hot feeling his sperm blast into me!

After he was done cumming, Spencer rolled off me and we lay there next to each other, trying to recover. I still hadn’t cum, but I wasn’t overly worried about that.

“That was sweet,” I said.

“Yeah…” Spencer giggled a little. “I think I need a shower, though.”

“Me, too. Wanna take one together?”


We got out of the bed and went to the bathroom, giggling about the idea of running around Spencer’s house naked. I had him wait outside while I, shall we say, cleaned out the mess from within. Once that was done, I had him come into the bathroom and we hopped into the shower together.

(AMBER: You know what, Bryce?)
(BRYCE: What?)
(AMBER: Don’t EVER make me picture you “cleaning out” again, ok?)
(BRYCE: Yeah, but don’t you have do that after a boy cums inside you?)
(AMBER: …)

In the shower we took turns cleaning each other off. Spencer confessed that he’d always wanted to do this while we were in the locker rooms.

“You did? I thought you were, like, totally straight? Well, before I found out about you having sex with Angelo and Tyler,” I added.

Spencer shrugged. “I don’t think I know what I am right now. I just like having sex, you know?”

“Yeah, I can understand that. I mean, I don’t have any interest in girls, but I really, really like fucking Amber.”

(AMBER: Aw…)

I saw Spencer’s penis start getting hard and he said, “Yeah, I can’t wait to do that!” He rubbed some soap onto my chest and said, “What does it feel like to fuck her? I mean, like, compared to fucking a guy.”

“I don’t know,” I said with a little shrug. “I’ve never fucked another guy. I’ve always been the one getting fucked.”

Spencer looked surprised. “You have? Really? Why?”

“I don’t know. It just never worked out that another guy would let me fuck him. I’m planning to try and pop Tyler at some point, but I haven’t had the chance yet.”

(BRYCE: Yes, oh love of my life?)
(TYLER: You’ve been trying to fuck me?)
(BRYCE: Yeah. You’re cute. Duh.)
(TYLER: Why have you not just asked me?)
(BRYCE: Because you would have said no.)
(TYLER: Oh, yeah.)

“What’s it feel like to have a guy inside you like that?” His hands had moved down my chest and he was now slowly stroking my hard penis.

I reached over to start beating him off and said, “It’s really amazing. When you cum, there’s just nothing like it. The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been with some boy’s dick up my ass.”



“Doesn’t it hurt, though?”

“A little, yeah. Especially the first time and especially if the other person has no idea what they’re doing.”

(AMBER: On that topic, who was the first boy to fuck you?)
(BRYCE: No one you know. His name was Josh Price. I met him when I was visiting Seattle.)

“But if they know what they’re doing, then once they’re inside you, it feels great?” he persisted.


Spencer nodded and very slowly said, “Bryce… if I wanted you to try doing that to me… would you?”

“You want me to try fucking you?” My penis jumped at the thought.

“Yeah… do you want to?”

“Hell, yeah!” I nearly shouted.

Spencer giggled. “Cool.” He gave me a kiss. “Let’s go back to bed, then.”

“Hang on a sec.” I soaped up my hand. “Turn around and bend over a little.”

“You’re not going to fuck me in here, are you?” he asked in a surprised voice.

“No. You’ll see.”

“Ok.” Spencer turned, presenting me with his cute virgin butt.

I put my hand between his buttocks, probing around with my soaped up middle finger until I found the entrance to his body. Once there, I pushed gently into him, hearing him moan a little and feeling his body tighten up as I pushed my finger all the way inside.

“Oooooh… oh, wow… that feels sooooo weird…”

“Yeah, I know. Nice, though, too, right?”


I moved my finger back and forth inside Spencer’s ass. After a couple minutes of fingering him, I slowly worked my index finger up inside him as well.

“Oh, god… is that two fingers, now?”


“Aaaaah… cool…”

(AMBER: Boy’s a bottom, eh?)
(BRYCE: Too early to tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised.)

I had started soaping up my penis and was basically masturbating while I fingered Spencer. I couldn’t wait to get up inside his body. He wasn’t the only one about to have a first time, after all.



“Can I fuck you right now? Right here?”

“Oh, god, yes,” he whispered, pushing back against my hand. “Fuck me!”

(TYLER: Damn, boy. You got him horny as fuck!)
(BRYCE: I love my work.)
(AMBER: Don’t get smug.)

I slowly withdrew my fingers from Spencer and placed my erection up against his backside. Bracing myself a little, I pushed forward, my penis entering him with surprising ease. My first time had been really slow and somewhat painful as Josh tried to get into me. In this case it was just a couple smooth thrusts to have me buried all the way into Spencer’s butt.

“Oh, Jesus, Bryce… oh, god…”

“Are you ok, Spence?” I asked, reaching around with one hand to stroke his incredibly hard penis.

“Oh… yeah… it hurt for a second… but… oh…” He reached back and took hold of my ass, pulling me against him. “God, Bryce… fuck me, dude…”

(BRYCE: Yeah, I rock.)
(TYLER: How much of this are you making up?)
(BRYCE: Nothing, actually. The boy liked getting fucked and apperently he likes talking dirty during sex.)

I started slowly fucking Spencer as we stood there in the shower, water splashing on our naked bodies as we both experienced something new, him constantly whispering for me to fuck him, while I did my best to screw him and masturbate him at the same time. I’d never felt anything so amazingly tight as Spencer’s ass was!

(TYLER: You gotta try fucking a girl virgin at some point.)
(BRYCE: Oh, yeah. You fucked Rain. Better than fucking me?)
(TYLER: I hate to admit it, but… yeah.)
(BRYCE: Damn! I’ll have to start doing some exercises or something.)

My orgasm started to come up on me pretty quickly. I moaned out, “I’m gonna cum, Spencer! You want it in or out?”

“Oh, god, Bryce… don’t you dare pull out… fuckin’ cum in me, dude… shoot your sperm in my ass… fuck me, dude… FUCK ME!” He almost screamed.

Well, that was pretty much all it took. I pushed deep into Spencer, nearly knocking his head against the shower wall, and held myself in him as my penis began to kick and buck inside his tight little devirginized ass.

At about the same time, Spencer let out a sound that was a cross between a scream and a howl, and came so hard I almost thought he’d broken something. His sperm actually shot out of his penis, hit a high spot on the wall and dribbled down into the water.

I pulled out of Spencer and leaned against the wall, my eyes closed as I tried to get my breath back, reveling in the incredible sensations of sex. Spencer moved around and I suddenly felt him hugging me tight and kissing me hard on the mouth.

“Dude,” he said, after kissing me for a good solid minute. “That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had. I am NEVER fucking you again. YOU are going to be fucking ME. Got it?”

“Yessir!” I said with a little grin.

We cleaned up and got ourselves back in order. We spent pretty much the rest of the day naked in his bedroom, fucking our brains out. Contrary to what he said, he DID eventually fuck me once, but it was mostly me fucking him. All around, an amazing night!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk