October 20, 2008

College Guys – Chapter One
Alex Hawk

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time of year ever! No school, no parents around, nothing important to do, just pure, wonderful, uninterrupted fun!

It was especially sweet for me. I had just turned fifteen a couple weeks ago and this summer promised to be the best one ever! I’d get to read all I wanted, talk with my friends, hang out, drool over boys. Everything!

It was only a week into summer vacation that the house next to ours got rented out for the season. The owners were usually gone all summer long and rented it out to vacationers. It was a very, very big house with six bedrooms, a large backyard and a swimming pool.

This year, it seemed, they’d rented it out to a whole group of people. I sat up in my bedroom and looked out one of my windows, watching as our new neighbors moved in. There seemed to be five of them, all about eighteen or nineteen, all male and all HOT AS FUCK!

One of the boys, he had dark brown hair and a ring in his eyebrow, saw me looking down at them. He smiled at me and waved. I felt myself blush and quickly ducked back into the bedroom. When I was sure he was probably gone, I poked my nose out and watched some more as they finished unloading the van they’d used to move with and then went into their house. Then I quickly dashed to my bed and spent some time “getting in touch” with myself.

It wasn’t until late the next day, as I was walking home from buying some Mountain Dew that I got to meet the boys. They were all sitting out on the porch of the house, drinking Cokes and talking. One of them, one that had very blond hair, called out to me.

“Hey! I’ll trade you a Coke for a Mountain Dew!”

I looked at the twelve-pack in my hands and blushed a little. Then I said, “Ok,” and began walking to the porch.

“Thanks,” he said when I handed him the can.

“You’re the girl next door, right?” asked the dark haired boy.

“Yeah,” I said with a little nod.

“Cool. I’m Des. The mooch is Jarrod. This is Taz,” he said, pointing to a boy who had dark hair and light highlights, then pointed to a blond boy with an earring, “this is Jaden, and that’s Sammy,” he concluded, pointing to one with dark blond hair.

“Hi.” I waved at them. “I’m Shannon.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sammy said, reaching out to shake my hand. I shook his and that of the other boys.

“We’re here for the summer,” Des said. “We’ve come out here from ASU. We got some other guys coming in next week.”

“ASU? That’s in Arizona, right?”


“You all go there?”

“Well, I don’t yet,” Jaden said. “I just graduated from high school. I start in September.”

“Yeah, he’s the only minor around,” Taz said, ruffling Jaden’s hair.

“Bite me,” Jaden replied.

“I’ll let Sammy do that,” Taz replied easily.

Sammy punched Taz in the arm with a cheerful, “Go to hell, breeder.”

A little puzzled by that exchange, I said to the boys, “Cool. Well, I hope you guys have a good time.”

“We will,” Jarrod said with a smile. “Especially knowing that there’s such a cute girl living next door.”

I blushed and said, “Uh… yeah. Thanks.”

Des laughed and said, “Ignore him. He’s a pervert. We’re gonna have a little barbeque tomorrow night. Play some volleyball. You can come if you want.”

“Thanks, I will.”

“Cool. See you tomorrow.”

“Ok.” I waved at the boys and they all waved back and I went back to my house, my mind swimming with images of four cute, cute college guys!

* * *

My parents weren’t home the next night, but I’d told them I was going next door for a barbeque. They had no problem with that. They knew the owner of the house screened all applicants before letting them move in, so the boys had to be good people.

I went over to their house with a twenty-four pack of Mountain Dew my parents had picked up for me to bring along. Jarrod answered the door when I rang the bell. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. His body was a little pale, but he had a beautiful build. It was all I could do not to drool over him.

“Hey, Shannon! Cool. Come on in. Let me take that,” he said, taking the drinks from me.

“Thanks, Jarrod,” I said with a little smile.

Jarrod lead me out back to the yard where the other three boys were hanging out. All of them had their shirts off and looked fantastic! Sammy had the buffest body of all of them, but none of them were bad. Just looking at them sent a tingle through my body. I was still a virgin, and not in a huge hurry to change that, but my desire to do so might have just accelerated some.

“Hey, nice to see you,” Jaden said, coming on a skateboard. He handed me a hamburger.

“Thanks.” I took it from him and bit down.

“So what sort of fun is there to do in this town?” Des asked, coming over from the volleyball game. He had sweat dripping down his body. God, he was sexy.

“Uh… not much, really. Just the beach. But that’s cool, I guess.”

“Yeah, beaches are nice,” Des said, nodding. “When I was a kid growing up in Oregon I liked to go down to the beach, but the ones up there suck.”

“Well, California has to be good for something,” Jarrod responded with a grin.

“Hey, we’re good for lots of things!” I protested.

“I bet,” he said, giving me the most direct look I’d ever seen. Something about it really made me quiver inside.

Taz laughed. “Jesus, Jarrod! Keep it in your pants, already.” He tossed the ball to me. “You play?”


We formed up into teams. Me, Jarrod and Jaden on one side and Taz, Des and Sammy on the other. They quickly began to kick our asses. That was when I found out that Des played for ASU’s volleyball team. Turned out all the boys were into one sport or another. Jaden liked to skate, Taz was a biker, Sammy was a swimmer and Jarrod… well, no one would tell me what he did to stay in shape, but there was lots of smirking.

As it began to get dark, Jarrod and I found ourselves spending lots of time sitting by the pool talking with each other. He was really nice and very sweet and pretty smart, too. I really liked talking with him.

Just as things were getting interesting, I heard my parents coming home. They had a very loud, very distinctive engine. I looked at Jarrod.

“My parents are getting home. I probably gotta go home, too.”

“Oh, ok. Well, it was cool talking with you, Shannon.”


We stood up. I shook hands with all the boys and Jarrod escorted me to the front door. Once we were there, I said, “I liked talking with you. Can I come over again?”

“Sure. Of course you can. I’d love to get to know you better.”

“You would?”

“Yeah.” Then Jarrod surprised me. He leaned down his head and kissed me. Right on the mouth! It wasn’t anything fancy. No tongue or anything like that. Just a nice, sweet, kiss. I’d been kissed before, but never as nice as this.

He smiled. “You like that?”

“Oh, yes.”

He put his head back down and we started kissing again. As we kissed, Jarrod’s hand, which had been on my back, moved slowly around to cup one of my breasts. Now THAT I’d never done before, but I liked it. I moved my hand down from his back and onto his butt, feeling the firm muscles under the cloth of his shorts.

Jarrod then slipped his hand under the fabric of the bikini top I was wearing, and for the first time in my life, a boy’s hand was directly on one of my breasts! Then he really blew me away by pulling my top up and leaning down to suck and kiss my nipple.

“You wanna go up to my bedroom?” Jarrod whispered to me as he lifted his face from my chest. It was very clear what he had in mind.

“Yes…” I whispered, overwhelmed by pleasure. Then I shook my head. “I can’t, though. My parents are expecting me to be home.”

“Ok.” Jarrod took my hand from his ass and pulled it around to place it on the front of his shorts. I felt a strange, steel hardness under my hand. I knew instantly what it was. “Maybe next time?”


“Cool.” He kissed me once more and pulled my top back down. “See you later.”

“Bye…” I replied, somewhat dazed, as I left their house and went back to my own.

* * *

“You said NO?!” asked my friend, Corinne. It was the next day and we were hanging out over at her house.

“Well, yes.” I laid back on her bed and smiled. “I had to get back home.”

“You chickened out,” was her reply.

“Ha. I would have let him take me up to his bedroom and fuck me good if he wanted to,” I said, and tingle passing through me at the idea. “But my parents needed me at home.”

Corinne snorted. “Right. I lost my virginity a year ago. I keep telling you how good sex is. You keep saying you want to wait. Now you tell me you want this boy to fuck you?”

“Well… I didn’t say I wanted him to,” I hedged. “I just said that if he wanted to, I’d probably let him.” I would have let any and all of them fuck me, was what I didn’t say, but was true anyhow.

“Same thing.”

Since I didn’t have a reply to that, I changed the subject. “What was it like your first time?”

“It sucked,” Corinne replied. “It was with Jacob.” Who had been her boyfriend at the time. “He had no idea what the hell he was doing. He wasn’t a virgin, and I was a virgin. It was terrible. It hurt a little bit, and it was really strange. That’s pretty much why I only did it with him once.”


“After that I did it with other boys. The first time sucks for everyone, Shannon. If I had it to do over again, I would have picked someone else to do it with first so that when I did it with Jacob it wouldn’t have been so bad.”

“Oh.” I considered this. “So if I decided to have sex with Jarrod, you think I should let some other boy do it with me first so that it can be bad with him but good with Jarrod?”

Corinne nodded. “Pretty much, yeah. I mean, your first time will suck. Just accept that. Now if you want to have nothing but good sex with Jarrod, it’s best if you let someone else pop your cherry.”

I rolled my eyes. “I hate that phrase.”

“It’s still true.”

“Maybe.” I started flipping through Corinne’s CD collection, looking for some music. “What? Since when do you like Tim McGraw?”

She grimaced. “It was a present from Jacob.”

“Oh. So it wasn’t the sex that made you break up, it was the music?”

“Shut up,” she suggested.

I thumbed through some more music and then said, “So… if I decided to let someone else fuck me, who should it be?”

Corinne replied, “Well, don’t do Jacob. He has no clue how to use his dick.”

“Hmmm… it would have to be someone I trust, someone I know, but not someone I’m in a relationship with.”

“What about Arthur?”


“Yeah, he’s your best friend.”

“But he’s gay,” I pointed out.


I just looked at her.

“Alright, alright. Just trying to help.”

“Try harder.”


“Albert White?”


“FAT Albert?”


“But he weighs about 250 pounds!”


“So he’d squash me!”

“True,” Corinne conceded. “Ok, how about Geoffrey Franks?”

“He has a girlfriend.”

“Mitchell Parker?”

“I think he and his family moved away last week.”

“Oh, right. Ok, how about Manuel Lopez?”

I rolled my eyes again. “He’s a criminal.”



“Picky, picky.”

“Sorry. Like I said, it need to be a boy I know and like, but not one I’m in love with, so that the sex can suck.”

“Ok.” Corinne thought quietly to herself and then said, “Well… there’s always Brian.”

“Brian,” I said, flatly.


“Your brother.”


I opened my mouth to argue, but then shut it thoughtfully. Brian was sixteen, had really nice brown hair, a cute smile and a nice body. He was pretty hot. Plus I’d known him as long as I’d known Corinne and that was a long time. I’d even had a small crush on him back when I was in middle school.

“Are you sure he’s not a virgin still?”

Corinne snorted. “Trust me. I walked in on him and Melissa Parker.”

“Oh. That must’ve been awkward.”

Corinne nodded slowly. “Yes. Yes, it was.”

The more I thought about the idea, the more it had appeal. “Are you sure he’d be interested?”



“Brian is a boy,” Corinne said slowly. “He’ll fuck anything.”

“Oh, yeah. Thanks. Gee, that makes me feel good.”

“Oh, shut up. You want him or not?”

I licked my lips. “I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I think Jarrod’s gonna get your pussy one way or the other. I think getting your cherry popped by Brian would be better. That way you’ll know what you’re doing.”

I thought some more as I looked at the CD’s. I finally pulled out a Justin Timberlake CD and put it on. Laying back on Corinne’s bed I played over in my mind all the reasons not to do anything with Brian and then played through all the reasons TO have sex with him. What mostly got me was simple curiosity. I wanted to feel a boy inside me. To know what it would be like to get fucked. Corinne was right that I was probably going to do it with Jarrod, if he wanted to. So I might as well get my first time out of the way so that it’ll be better with him.

“Ok,” I finally said. “I’ll do it with Brian.” I sat up. “Can you ask him for me?”

Corinne gave me a look. “What, you just want me to go into his room and say, ‘Hey, Shannon’s got an itch only your dick can scratch’?”

I glared at her. “No. But, I mean, how the hell do I ask him?”

“Well… how about you wait until tonight, once our mom is asleep, and then just go to him and say, ‘I want you to fuck me’, and see what he says.”

“You’re such a romantic.”

“This isn’t about romance, it’s about sex.”

“Aren’t they the same?”


I sulked a little. “Well… I guess I’ll figure out a way.”

Corinne laughed. “Right. You’ll walk out of this house as virgin as you were when you walked in.”

“Oh, really?”


“We’ll see.”

Thankfully further conversation stopped at that point because Corinne’s mother called us down for dinner. We went down to eat, and I wound up sitting across from Brian, checking him out, imagining him naked and thinking about what it would be like to get fucked by him. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

Late that night, about an hour after their mom had gone to bed, I turned to Corinne and said, “Well… here I go.”


“You still don’t believe I’ll do it with Brian?”

“No.” She didn’t even look up from a book she was thumbing through.

I stood up. “Just you wait.”

“I will.”

Scowling, I left her bedroom and crept down the hall. Once I was at Brian’s door, I put my ear against it and listened, hearing nothing but the sound of quiet music. His light was still on, though, so I knew he was awake. I knocked gently.

“Come in,” came the quiet reply.

I opened Brian’s bedroom door and came inside, closing the door behind me. “Hello,” I said.

Brian looked up at me. “Oh. Shannon. Hey. What’s up?”

“I wanted to ask you a favor,” I said, standing awkwardly.

“Ok. What?”

“Well…” I took a deep breath. Here it was. “I want to lose my virginity to you.”

Brian blinked. “What?”

“I want to have sex,” I said, trying not to breathe too hard. “I want to have it with you, because I think you’d be a good person to lose my virginity to.”

“Right.” Brian sat up. “This is some weird joke, right?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m serious. Look, there’s this guy.” I told Brian the whole story, including everything that Corinne and I had talked about.

“So let me make sure I understand,” Brian said. “Basically, you want me to fuck you so that when you get fucked by Jarrod it will be really good with him, even though it might not be good with me?”

“Yeah. I mean, you’ve had sex with girls before, right? You know what you’re doing and stuff.”

“Well, yeah, I have. I’ve had sex with seven girls since I was fourteen and three of them were virgins, but still.” He shook his head. “Man, only my sister could come up with a plan this messed up.”

“Well, you know how Corinne can be.”

“Yeah.” Brian sat back. “You really want to do this? Cause once we do, you can’t change your mind and go back and undo it.”

“I know. I want to.”



“Prove it.”

I was at a loss. “How?”

Brian reached down and unbuttoned his shorts. After unzipping them he reached inside and pulled out his hard penis. “Suck my dick.”

I stared. Groping Jarrod through his shorts was the closest I’d ever come to a boy’s penis. Now I was looking at one for real. It was probably about six inches long and throbbing a little. I felt a wetness between my legs, and felt my knees go weak as I realized that was going to be inside my body soon.

“Why do I have to suck you?” I asked, not taking my eyes off Brian’s penis.

“Because. First, it’ll prove that you really want to do this. Second, if you’re going to learn about sex you might as well learn everything. That way you can blow Jarrod and he’ll like it.”

Licking my lips I took a step towards Brian’s bed. “And you’ll fuck me if I do this?”

He nodded. “I’ll do better than that. I’ll make sure your first time rocks.” Brian held out his erection to me.

I reached out a hand and slowly put it around Brian’s penis. It was very warm and had an odd little hard and soft feeling to it. The skin was very smooth and had a very cool texture. It was really cool!

“So… what do I do?” I asked.

“Stroke it up and down a little first,” Brian said. I did so and he sighed. “Yeah… yeah, that’s it.”

“Ok. Now what?”

“Well… give it a little lick. Just right on the tip.”

“Alright.” I took a deep breath and stuck out my tongue, flicking it across the tip of Brian’s penis. It didn’t really taste like anything.

“Ok. Now do that a couple more times, and then lick it from the tip down to the base.”

“Ok.” I gave Brian’s penis a couple more good licks and then ran my tongue from the tip all the way down the shaft to the bottom. It was really kind of interesting. I didn’t dislike it, that was sure.

“Good… you’re doing good…” Brian whispered. “Now… here comes the hard part. Open your mouth really wide and slide it down around my dick. Then close your mouth around it and bob your head up and down, but be careful not to hit me with your teeth.”

I swallowed hard. “Alright.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t cum in your mouth or anything.”

I hadn’t even thought about that. The image of it almost made me not want to go through with this, but I wasn’t about to chicken out now. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and settled it down around Brian’s penis, feeling the heat coming off it. Then I closed my lips around the shaft. Once I was comfortable, I began moving my head up and down very slowly, giving a boy my first blowjob.

“Yeah…” Brian whispered, putting a hand on the back of my head. “Yeah… you’re good, Shannon… use your tongue, too…”

Having Brian’s penis in my mouth actually was really cool. It was very nice knowing that I was making him feel as good as I was.

Just as I was really starting to get into blowing him, Brian said, “Ok… I think you better stop now.”

“Ok,” I said, as I pulled my mouth off his penis. I took a long look at it. It was really cool knowing that I’d had that in my mouth and that soon it would be going into another, even more intimate, part of me.

Brian got up and stood next to his bed. He pulled down his shorts and boxers, and then took off his shirt, leaving him wearing nothing but a smile. I let my eyes roam all over him. My first ever naked boy.

Brian got back onto the bed, his hard teenage penis bobbing as he moved. Once he was sitting, he reached over to me and pulled my shirt up off my body. Then he reached behind me and unclasped my bra, letting it drop onto the bed.

“Very nice,” he said, as he reached up to cup each of my breasts. They weren’t really all that big, just a B cup, but still.

“Thanks,” I replied, unsure what else I should say.

Brian leaned his face down and started teasing one of my nipples with his tongue. The same one, interestingly, that Jarrod had gone to work on. I let out a little moan and put my hand on the back of Brian’s head.

Then Brian kissed a trail up my body, ending at my mouth. As he kissed me there, his hands moved down to unbutton my pants. Once they were open, he gently pushed me onto my back and slowly pulled my pants and panties off me. My legs fell open as I ended up completely nude.

“Very, very nice,” Brian said with a smile as he looked down at my virgin vagina. I didn’t have a lot of hair down there cause I kept it trimmed. I hoped he liked that. I hoped Jarrod and the others would like that, too.

Brian placed a hand on my thigh and slowly moved it up until the tips of his fingers were pressing against my vagina. I let out another moan of pleasure as his fingertips traced lazy circles around my clitoris, and then let out another, even stronger moan as Brian worked one of his fingers up into my body.

“You like, Shannon?”

“Oh, yes…” I whimpered.

“You’re really going to like this, then.” With that Brian moved his head down and before I had the chance to really process what was going to happen, I felt his tongue snake out and flick against my clitoris. That was about the last thing I was consciously aware of for the next few minutes, as Brian’s skilled tongue and fingers worked hard on, in and around my vagina, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm.

After not long enough, Brian kissed his way up my body and stretched himself out on top of me, his penis resting against my vagina as he sucked on each of my breasts and then moved up to kiss my lips again.

Brian lifted his wonderful body up off me and reached over to his nightstand and opened up a drawer. I saw him pull out a small foil packet. I knew exactly what it was. Sure enough, when he tore it open there was a condom inside. He placed it on the tip of his penis and slowly rolled it down until his erection was snugly encased. Then he laid on top of me again and started kissing me some more.

As Brian kissed me, he moved his hand down between our legs. I felt the tip of his penis poking at the entrance to my vagina. This was it, I thought to myself. No turning back now.

Brian’s weight shifted on top of me and I felt him pressing against and into me. I spread my legs as wide as I could, feeling the weird but wonderful sensation of Brian’s condom-covered sixteen-year-old penis slipping slowly up into my tight fifteen-year-old virgin vagina. There was a little discomfort and a brief tearing sensation as he entered me all the way, but soon he was completely inside me.

Brian placed one hand on each side of me and pushed gently. I could feel his steel-hard penis embedded within my body. I looked with total passion up into his smiling face.

“There…” he whispered. “No more of that pesky virginity…”

I giggled a little. “Yeah…”

“How’s it feel?” he asked, moving his hips just enough for me to feel his penis moving inside me.

“It’s… oh, it’s nice…”


Brian leaned down and kissed me. Then he began moving his body on top of me. At first he moved slowly, but then he started fucking me faster and faster, the pleasure within my body building with each thrust of his penis into me.

“Oh, god, you’re tight…” Brian whispered, breathing a little hard. “I’m damn happy… I got on… this condom…”

I said nothing. I was lost in the wonderful world of pure bliss. I took my hands, which had been on Brian’s shoulders, and moved them down to his butt, feeling the sensation of his muscles flexing and relaxing as he fucked me.

Then Brian began moving really fast. Suddenly, his face changed dramatically, and he pushed his penis deep inside me. As he let out a little series of gasping moans, I felt his erection twitching within my vagina. He must be cumming, I thought, remembering what Corinne had told me about boys and orgasms.

Gradually Brian’s movements came to a stop. He looked down at me, breathing hard and smiling.

“There… now you’ve… been fucked…”

“Yeah, I’d noticed…” I smiled.

Grinning widely, Brian reached down between our legs and I felt his penis slowly withdrawing from me. He sat back on his knees and unrolled the condom, tying a knot in it and tossing it into the trashcan across the room. Then he flopped down on his back next to me.

“So,” he said after a couple minutes. “Did you like it?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said with a little grin. “Yeah, that was sweet.”

“Good.” He propped himself up on his elbow. “See? Despite what Corinne said, it’s possible for a girl to have a very good first time.”

“Yeah, well, that’s cause she didn’t have you fuck her.”

Brian laughed. “I’d hope not!”

“Well, she doesn’t know what she’s missing,” I said, cuddling up next to my first lover.

“Yeah. Unlucky her.” Brian put an arm around my shoulders and played with my hair a little.

As we laid there next to each other, I reached down and took his penis in my hand, stroking a little, feeling it harden up again.

“It’s cool how it does that,” I said with a smile.

“YOU think it’s cool?” he chuckled. “You should be on my end.”

“I still can’t believe I actually had this thing inside me.”

“You did,” Brian said. He moved his hand down and caressed my vagina just a little. “Trust me, you did.”

About three more minutes went by with the two of us just masturbating each other. Then I said, “Hey, Brian? Can we do it again?”

“Well… I’d like to, but I don’t have anymore condoms.”

“Oh,” I said, my face falling a little.

“We can do bareback, if you want. It’s better that way anyhow.”

“Bareback? You mean without a condom?” I asked.

Brian nodded. “Yeah. You wanna try it?”

I thought about this. “What about pregnancy?”

“Well, what about it? If we only do it a couple times, you’re not really likely to get pregnant.”

“I’m not?”

“No. The odds are against it. That’s why people don’t get pregnant all the time every time,” he explained.

I was excited at the idea of having him inside me again. I knew that risking a pregnancy was a bad idea, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel Brian’s penis in me once more. So I finally nodded at him and said, “Ok. Let’s do it.”


Brian gently rolled me onto my back and got on top of me. He started kissing me again as I felt him reach down and poke around a bit. He quickly found the right place and with three slow, easy strokes had his bare penis deep inside my waiting vagina.

“Aaaah…” he said as he held himself inside me. “Now THAT’S nice.”

“Yeah,” I whispered, putting my hands on his butt again. It DID feel better without a bit of latex between my lover and me.

Brian started slowly thrusting into me again. There was much less urgency than the first time. It was just slow, pleasant and sweet. I loved everything about it. The feeling of his penis inside my vagina, the feeling of his body on top of me, the way he looked while he fucked me, it was just so very wonderful! If sex was always like this, it was no wonder people did it so much.

Once again the feelings between my legs became more and more intense as Brian fucked me. I knew that I was on the verge of having my first orgasm through intercourse. I gritted my teeth and did my best not to scream out as the waves of pleasure began to wash over my body, my vagina clutching hard around Brian’s thrusting penis. To say that it was the best orgasm I’d ever had would be massively understating things. I almost blacked out, the bliss was so intense.
It must’ve felt really good for Brian, too, because he pushed deep into me and let out a soft moan as his penis started kicking inside my vagina. It felt as good as it had when he’d cum the first time, maybe even better. Certainly more intense. I even thought I could feel the sensation of Brian’s sperm blasting into me.

After our orgasms were over, we both laid there on the bed, Brian still in me, as we got our breath back. Finally he rolled off me, leaving me with an odd feeling of emptiness as his penis withdrew from my body.

Several moments of hard breathing passed. Eventually Brian said, “So… you came, huh?”


“You liked it?”

“Oh, yes.” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Brian. My first time was better than I ever thought it would be.”

Brian chuckled. “Sure, anytime. That’s what I’m here for.” He grinned and reached down to take his mostly limp penis in his hand. “You gonna want to do it again some time?”

I hadn’t even thought about that. But now that I did… “Sure. I mean, as long as you don’t mind that I’m going to be having sex with Jarrod, too.”

“No, it’s cool.”

“Cool.” I gave him another kiss and then looked around. “Where did my panties end up?”

Brian sat up. “Uh… oh, here they are.” He passed them to me.

“Thanks.” I got dressed, gave Brian a kiss and went back to Corinne’s room.

She looked at me as I came in. “Uh-huh… I know that smile. You went through with it, eh?”

“Yes. Yes, I did. And you know what?”


“Even the first time was DAMN nice! The second was even better.”

“Well…” Corinne looked a little ticked. “Your first time didn’t hurt or anything?”

I shook my head. “Brian really knew what he was doing.”


Corinne and I spent the rest of the night talking with each other about sex, comparing Brian’s performance with the boys she’d been with. Finally we both settled down and drifted off to sleep.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.