October 20, 2008

College Guys – Chapter Three
Alex Hawk

I spent most of the rest of the day in Jarrod’s bed. We wound up having sex five times before he finally said that he needed to get some sleep. I was disappointed, but I sucked it up and, since I wasn’t tired, got dressed and went out.

Being hungry after what had been roughly six hours of sex, I figured I’d get something to eat. I went to the kitchen, finding Taz standing there thumbing through a biking magazine while the microwave whirred.

“Shannon?” he said, looking up at me. “Hey, when did you get here?”

“About six hours ago. I’ve been up in Jarrod’s room,” I said with a little smirk.

Taz laughed. “That’s why I haven’t seen him yet.”

“Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of him, though.”

Taz laughed again. “I bet! Well, I hope you had fun.”

I nodded. “He’s a pretty good fuck.”

After looking at me for about three seconds, Taz laughed again. “You’re pretty wild, aren’t you?”

“You bet. Is there anything I can snack on?”

“Sure. I’m heating up some Buffalo wings. You can have some if you want.”


The microwave pinged at that point. Taz walked over to it and opened it up, pulling out a plate of wings. He set them down on the table and said, “Dig in.”

“Thanks.” I took a seat next to him.

Taz and I ate in silence for a few moments while I looked over his magnificent body. He was in such wonderful shape! All the guys here were, of course, but Taz really seemed to have it going on, second only to Sammy from what I’d seen so far. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me!

“So do you have a girlfriend, Taz?”

“Naw. I did, but we broke up a couple months ago.”

“Oh. That sucks.”


I gave him a cute look. “So you probably haven’t had sex in a while, huh?”

“It’s been a few weeks,” he admitted.

Softly, feeling a tremble of anticipation, I said, “You wanna fuck?”

He blinked. “You?”


Taz shook his head. “Aren’t you going out with Jarrod?”

“No, I’m just fucking him.”


“I plan to have sex with all of you guys.”

Taz’ eyes went wide. “Really?”



I shrugged. “Cause you’re all fucking hot.”

“That’s a good reason,” he said with a smile. “Good luck with Jaden and Sammy, though.”


“Yeah. They’re gay.”

I laughed. “Really?”


“That will be a challenge,” I said. “But I’m up to it.”

“Cool,” Taz replied with a laugh. He looked me over. “So you really wanna fuck?”


He shrugged. “Ok. You wanna go up to my bedroom?”

I stood up. “I have a better idea.”


I walked over to Taz. He scooted his chair back from the table a little. I put my hands on his shorts and rubbed the hard bulge inside them. My vagina moistened as I thought about how good this was going to feel.

Hooking my fingers into Taz’ shorts, I pulled them down enough to expose his boxers. I pulled those down, too, and up popped his very erect penis. It was a little larger than either Brian’s or Jarrod’s, but that didn’t stop me at all.

“Oooo,” I said, putting my hand around it and stroking it slowly. “I like!”

“Glad to hear it!” Taz replied with a laugh.

I still wasn’t wearing any panties, so my next step was pretty easy. I hiked my skirt up and straddled Taz’ waist. Holding his penis straight up I lowered my vagina down around him, feeling him easily entering me. The position was awkward, but at least I had him in there.

“Aaaah…” Taz moaned. He reached his hands up under my shirt and cupped my breasts. “Now this is nice.”

“Yeah…” I reached down and pulled his shirt off, running my hands down his incredibly well defined chest as I started moving up and down on his penis. I did my best, but riding him while he was sitting in a chair didn’t work too well.

Taz apparently got that impression, too. “You wanna try a different way?” he asked.


“Get up.”

I stood, feeling Taz’ wonderful penis slipping out of my vagina.

“Ok,” he said, standing up next to me. “Bend over the table.”

“Uh… alright.” I turned around and bent myself over the kitchen table.

Taz moved in behind me. I felt him poking around for a moment and then let out a happy moan as his penis slid into me again. He put his hands on my hips and started slowly fucking me. I’d known about doggie-style, of course, but I never knew that it would feel this good! I still prefered to be able to see the boy who was fucking me, but this would do from time to time. Oh, yes.

Taz seemed to be having a good time. He worked his penis around inside my teenage vagina with real skill. He fucked me good and hard, going deep, then shallow, swiveling his hips and literally screwing his penis into me. God, he was good.

Sadly, he didn’t last as long as I would have liked. I didn’t know if it was the lack of a condom or the fact that he hadn’t fucked in two months, but far sooner than I would have liked, he let out a series of gasps and pressed deep into me, his penis swelling, kicking and releasing his sperm into my body.

As Taz finished cumming, I heard a voice from behind saying, “Nice. Really, really nice. You know, some of us have to eat on that table.”

I turned my head around and smiled. “Hi, Jarrod.”

“Hey,” he replied, walking towards me and shaking his head. “Naughty, naughty.”

“You want a turn, dude?” Taz asked, slipping his penis out from inside me.

“Sure.” Jarrod pulled down his boxers, which were all that he was wearing, and got behind me. Seconds later I felt his bare penis pressing against my vagina and slowly entering me. He started fucking me with good, steady strokes.

I looked over at Taz who was standing not far away, watching Jarrod fuck me and slowly stroking his penis. I smiled at him.

“You like… the show?” I asked, a little raggedly.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice.”

“Come here…”

Taz moved closer to me. I opened up my mouth and he got the hint, placing his penis against my lips. I closed them around the tip and slid my mouth and tongue down the shaft, reaching back to cup Taz’ ass as I blew him. I was really getting turned on by the fact that I was being fucked on both ends. A week ago I’d have thought I wasn’t going to have sex at all anytime soon. Now look at me!

Jarrod managed to cum after about seven minutes or so of fucking me. When he came, I thought about how cool it was that I now had sperm from two guys inside my vagina! I knew it probably doubled the chances of me getting pregnant, but I didn’t care right now.

After Jarrod was done, Taz took another turn, this time lasting long enough to give me an orgasm, my vagina spasming tightly around his thrusting penis. Moments latter he added a third blast of sperm to the two already inside me.

When he was done, I was well and truly fucked out. I stood up, staggering slightly, and got dressed. I gave kisses to both guys and made my way back home, knowing that I’d have quite the nice conversation with Corrine about this!


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