Hi Everyone!

I’m delighted to see that the site I’ve put so much effort in, is already over 5000 page views! To me that means my efforts are not in vain. The downside of this all is the overall performance of the site.
In the beginning I’ve made the fundamental choice to make the site without the need to generate money and to stay far away from any ads or commercial banners (of course there is the little ‘powered by’ banner at the bottom right which was the only free way to create an adult based site online). I hate banner ads!! They track you online and are outright annoying! I will keep it that way. I promise!
I then started thinking about a way to transfer the site to a faster hosting platform. This costs (a little) money. So that’s why I’ve added the donate option in the navigation pane on the right. Not for my personal gain, but all donations will be used to increase performance of this site.
I you don’t want to donate: no worries! It’s just an attempt to up the performance a bit.

I’ll start posting some polls in the near future because I’m curious about you guys! So stay tuned 🙂