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Screwing at School – Part 1

November 20, 2008

Screwing at School – Part 1
Alex Hawk

Blayn and I were sitting across from each other in our school cafeteria. He was twelve and I was eleven and we’d gotten to be good friends during the last couple months. Even though he was a few months older than me, he was in the same grade. He’d been sick a lot when he was a kid and had missed some school.

“So what did you think about the movie, Eliza?” he asked around a mouthful of pizza.

I chewed on my food and thought about the question. “It was interesting,” I admitted. As part of our health class we’d been made to watch a movie all about puberty and what it did to both boys and girls. It was strange. “What did you think?”

“I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about sex, though.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean, it’s not like sex is anything big, you know?”

I picked a little at my food. “Everyone says it is.”

“Yeah. But, I mean, how big of a deal can it really be? I mean aside from making babies, what makes it so important?”

Blayn had me there. I thought about it and shrugged. “Everyone says it feels good.”

“It can’t feel THAT good,” Blayn replied. “If it was as good as everyone says, there’d be about twenty zillion people on this planet and everyone would spend all day screwing.”

“Yeah. Maybe you’re right.” The film had indeed left a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. Questions like why people made such a big deal about sex were one of them.

“You haven’t had sex, have you, Eliza?”

I blinked. “No, of course not. Have you?”


“I wonder what it’s like.”

Blayn shrugged. “Well, like you said, everyone says it’s really cool, apparently.”


Blayn got a thoughtful expression on his face. He looked at his watch and said, “Hmmm…”


“I was just thinking about something.”


“Well… ok, this is gonna sound really, really weird, so stay with me, ok?”


“You wanna know why sex is such a big deal and so do I. So… why don’t we have sex?”

I gave him a look. “You and me?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Cause I might get pregnant.”

“I bet you won’t. Cause you have to have, you know, periods, in order to get pregnant. Do you have them yet?”

“No,” I said slowly.

“And I’m not making sperm yet. At least I don’t think I am. So since you can’t get pregnant, why don’t we try doing it with each other? Then we’ll know what all the fuss is about.”

I opened my mouth to object again and then shut it slowly. Blayn made some good points. I mean, aside from getting pregnant, I couldn’t think of any real reason not to have sex. And if Blayn was right, I couldn’t get pregnant and he couldn’t get me pregnant. So that meant that my only real objection didn’t mean much of anything.

“Hmmm…” I said.

“So what do you think?”

“I don’t know. It does sound interesting, I’ll admit,” I replied.

“Well, so… why don’t we try it?”

I thought some more. “You wouldn’t tell anyone we did it, would you?”

“No. Would you tell anyone?”


The thought of having sex with Blayn was really appealing, actually. I DID want to know what it was like and Blayn was a nice boy. If I was to do it with anyone, I should do it with him. If it felt really good, then it’d be something new my friend and I could do a lot. If it wasn’t all that great, then at least I would have learned about how not great it was from a friend of mine. Either way, it was a win for both of us.

“Ok,” I said abruptly, feeling an odd tingle between my legs.

Blayn blinked and then grinned. “You’ll do it with me?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Cool!” He was getting very excited. “Look… we got about twenty minutes before lunch is over, right?”

“Right. And?”

“Well… I was thinking…”


“Why don’t we go do it right now?”

“Right now?” I said. “You mean during lunch?”

“Yeah. We can sneak into the boy’s locker room and do it in there.”

“I don’t know, Blayn. I really don’t want to get caught doing it here.”

“Look, we won’t get caught. Everyone else is at lunch. If we sneak into the locker room we can have sex there and no one will ever know about it.”

I squirmed a little. “Yeah. But still. I mean… in the boy’s locker room?”

“It’s one place that’s not being used at all right now.”


“So, come on! We’ve still got about seventeen minutes.”

Seventeen minutes to have sex. With a suddenness than surprised even me, I put down my lunch and said, “Ok, let’s go do it!”
Blayn’s face broke into a happy smile. “Cool!”

We quickly dumped our lunch trays and made our way through the halls to the boy’s locker room. It was located fairly close to the cafeteria so we made it there with good time. Once we were inside, Blayn informed me that we had fifteen minutes left.

I looked around the room. It looked pretty much the same as the girl’s locker room. There were lockers, there were benches, there were showers, there were towels, everything. From the look of it, no different than the girl’s.

Except that this was where I was about to have sex for the first time.

A tingle of excitement went through me at that thought. Looking at Blayn I said, “So how do you wanna do this?”

Blayn grabbed a couple towels and set them on the floor. “You have to be on your back and I get on top of you and stick my dick in you and move it around. You can lie on the towels here. It’ll be more comfortable that way.”

“How nice of you to think of me,” I muttered as I lay down on the towels. Comfort was not really an option, it seemed.

“No, no,” Blayn said. “You gotta take off your clothes.”

“My clothes?”

“Yeah, how else will we do it?”

“Oh.” I thought about it. “Alright, but I don’t wanna be all the way naked. I’ll leave my shirt on, ok?”

“Ok, ok, just hurry. We only got thirteen minutes left.”

“I know.” I wiggled out of my pants and after just a moment’s hesitation took off my panties as well and laid back, my vagina exposed to a boy for the first time. I felt a little shy, but not too much. The idea that I was about to do something so adult as have sex was overwhelming everything else.

Blayn just looked at it in awe. “Wow… so that’s what it looks like.”

“Yeah.” I looked up at him. “Are you going to take off your pants, too?”

“Oh, right.” Blayn rather awkwardly got out of his jeans and then pulled down his underwear. Up into view popped his penis, the first I’d ever seen. It looked to be only about three inches long. Maybe a little bigger. The idea of something like that going into me was still a little daunting, though.

“Ok,” Blayn said, looking between my legs. “Uh… where’s the hole?”

“What hole?”

“You know. The hole where my dick is supposed to go?”

“Uh…” I looked down at myself, not really sure. I wasn’t about to admit that to Blayn, though. “Right here,” I said, pointing vaguely. “Now hurry, we can’t have to much time left.”

“Ok.” Blayn put one arm on each side of my body. He moved forward until I felt his penis brush against my vagina. He looked at me and grinned a little awkwardly. “Well… here goes.”

“Yeah,” I replied, bracing myself.

Blayn flexed his body and I felt his penis push against my vagina. He pushed for several seconds and then relaxed.

“Nothing’s happening. Felt kinda nice, though.”

“Yeah.” It had felt nice, that was for sure.

“Let’s try again.”


Blayn moved and wiggled on top of me for about two minutes, but nothing seemed to be happening. The pressure of his penis rubbing against me really felt nice, though.

“Blayn,” I said, looking over my would-be lover’s shoulder. “We’ve only got about eight minutes left.”

“I know, I know!” he said, sounding a little panicked. “Just let me try something else, ok?”


Blayn sat up and took his penis in his hand. Looking down at me he said, “Spread your legs as wide as you can, ok?”

“Ok.” I did so.”

Blayn moved forward a little and the tip of his penis brushed against me. I felt him probe around for a bit and then felt a really odd sensation. Blayn must’ve felt it too because he froze and blinked.

“I think this might be the place,” he said in a hushed tone.

“I think you’re right,” was all I could say.

Blayn steadied himself and pushed against me. At first I didn’t feel anything, but then I experienced the strangest sensation as SOMETHING began entering my body.

“Oh, wow,” Blayn whispered. “Wow, this must be the right place.”

“Yeah,” I whispered back.

Blayn adjusted himself on top of me and then pushed again. There was a faint, almost painful pressure between my legs and then with a sudden rush I felt him push all the way into me, every bit of my friend’s twelve-year-old virgin penis sliding into my tight eleven-year-old virgin vagina. When he couldn’t push anymore, he stopped and looked down at me.

“Oh, wow, Eliza… I really got it in you!”

“Yeah, I know,” I managed to say.

“Oh… god, this feels good,” he whispered, holding himself above me.


“I’m gonna try moving… that’s what you’re supposed to do… move it in and out…” he whispered as he started doing so. The sensation of Blayn’s hard penis moving inside my preteen vagina was really amazing! I’d never experienced anything like it, and was damn happy to be experiencing it right now.

As Blayn began fucking me harder, my shirt began riding up my body. He looked down at my still flat chest and then leaned down and kissed one of my nipples. A little tremor of delight went through my body at the contact.

“Oh… I liked that…” I whispered.

“Cool,” Blayn said as he did it again.

Now his movements on top of me were beginning to really speed up. The faster he went the better it felt for me. Almost on instinct I wrapped my legs around his thrusting preteen body as he fucked me harder and faster.

Then, suddenly, Blayn’s eyes crossed. He let out a sound between a grunt and a whimper and pushed hard and deep into me. I felt his penis start kicking around inside my vagina. I didn’t know why it was happening, but I knew it felt really good for me, and presumably for him, too.

Blayn stopped moving after that. He simply held himself over me, breathing hard and looking down at my face.

“I’m sorry… it just felt… too good… I can’t… go on…”

Almost on cue the bell suddenly rang. Both Blayn and I looked at the clock.

“Shit! We gotta get outta here!” he said. Quickly he sat up, his penis sliding out of me. There was a tiny bit of red on his penis and when I looked down, saw a small bit on the towel. I didn’t mention it to Blayn, just quickly got dressed and got out of there.

When Blayn and I were nearly to our class rooms, he said, “Well… I guess we know what the big deal is about.”

“Yeah.” I smiled at him. “I really liked it.”

“Me, too.”

“You wanna do it again tomorrow?”


“Cool.” I smiled at him and gave a little wave as I went into my class.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. I’ve run out of witty one-
liners to put here. Make up your own damn jokes.

So there’s part one. Part two will be along shortly. This is only going to be a two-part series. I hope you all enjoyed this one.
Got an interesting and TRUE first time or consenting incest story? Please send them to me! I might turn them into one of my stories! I’m also always looking for pictures of cute boys and girls, the less clothes the better! Refer to www.boblamb.com for the sort of things I’m after. Sometimes I get inspiration from these sorts of pics! Keep it legal, of course.
Also I’d REALLY like to see what sort of artists you all can be! Think you got the chops to illustrate one of my stories? Send along some samples and we’ll see what we can do! Either 3D CGI pics, hentai style drawings or just standard drawings are more than welcome.
And in case you’re curious, this story was actually inspired by a bit of hentai I downloaded off www.actualincest.com . Just looking at the picture was enough to make me come up with the entire storyline. THAT’S why it’s a good idea for those of you who like my stories to help me by providing me with good stuff to look at. ^_^

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    This part was really a bit basic but it certainly does a good job when it comes to setting things up.

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