October 31, 2008

Story of Joe – 1995
Alex Hawk

The better part of a year went by before Joe and I were able to hook up again. During that time, I met someone and fell in love. A guy named Chris. He moved in with me and we had a happy relationship together. I told him about Joe, and he expressed an interest in doing a threeway. When I broached the idea with Joe, he was more than amenable. We just had to work out times and places.

Finally, just after Joe’s fourteenth birthday, we managed to set things up. He’d come over to our house and stay the night, telling his mother he’d be at a friend’s house. The friend had agreed to cover for him, believing that Joe was going to be with a girl all night. Little did he know.

When Joe arrived, I was pleased to see how he was growing. He’d gotten an inch or two taller, looked like he’d put on some muscles, and had a cute little “wusstache” growing on his upper lip. I was tempted to tell him there was some dirt on his face, but decided not to.

“Joe, meet Chris,” I said, introducing the two.

“Hey,” Chris said. He was twenty-one and very cute. Not quite as cute as Joe, I had to admit, but cute anyhow. Plus, like me, he liked the idea of sex with teenage boys.

“Hi,” Joe replied, shaking Chris’ hand.

I put a movie into the VCR. It was a porn film. “Sauna Paradiso”, it was called. Gay, of course. I wanted Joe to get an idea of what he was in for today. Then I sat on the couch, and gestured for Joe to sit next to me, which he did. Chris sat down on the other side of him.

“You want some water, or a Coke or anything?” I asked Joe.

“No, I’m good.”

“Cool.” I sat back and let an arm drop around his shoulders as we watched the porno. About five minutes into it, I said to him, “What do you think?”

“Of the movie?”


“It’s pretty hot.”

“Not as hot as you,” Chris put in.

“Thanks,” Joe said with a grin.

“Joe?” I said softly. When the boy turned his head towards mine, I moved forward and gave him a slow, tender kiss on the lips. He almost pulled away, but then leaned into the kiss and started kissing me back.

While I kept kissing Joe, Chris reached over and placed a hand on the boy’s jeans, massaging the bulge that was growing inside them. He also leaned down and began kissing Joe’s neck and nibbling gently at the young boy’s ear.

“You’re a good kisser,” I said to Joe, pulling my mouth away for a moment.

“You, too.”

I reached down and took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, lifting it up and off his teenage body. His chest was developing nicely. I ran a hand down it.

“Very nice.”

“Thanks,” he said, and then moaned a little as Chris began sucking on one of his nipples.

I started kissing Joe again, moving my hand down to join Chris’ down on Joe’s bulge. I could feel the hardness of his penis under the fabric of his jeans. Remembering what a wonderful thing his erection had been a year ago, I wondered how it was by now. It felt a little bigger. Time to see.

Gently pushing Chris’ hand away, I opened the fly of Joe’s jeans and reached inside, happy to discover the child wasn’t wearing any underwear. I reached inside his jeans and wrapped my hand around his very hard penis. I gave it a couple strokes and then pulled it out, taking a quick look. It seemed like he’d added almost an inch since I’d last seen him. Nice! I just HAD to suck it!

Moving my face slowly down Joe’s body, kissing everything as I go, I felt my anticipation grow. When I finally reached his penis, I gave the tip a little kiss and then quickly closed my lips around the shaft, bobbing my head slowly to give the young boy as much pleasure as I could.

As I began to blow Joe, Chris picked up on kissing him. While they kissed, I saw Joe move his hand onto Chris’ crotch, moving it slowly around on the bulge in Chris’ pants. It was certainly nice to see that Joe was getting into this!

After a few minutes of this fun, I lifted up my face and said, “Why don’t we go to the bedroom?”

Chris nodded and Joe said, “Ok.” We all stood and walked into the bedroom. Once there, I started undressing. The other two got the hint and Chris took off his clothes, while Joe stepped out of the jeans that had pretty much fallen off him anyhow.

Once we were all naked, I embraced Joe tightly, feeling his hard, young, teenage body pressing against mine. I began kissing him again while my hands moved down to cup his firm butt. While I did that, Chris came up behind Joe and pressed against his body, nuzzling him and kissing his neck. I moved my hands off Joe’s ass and took Chris’ penis in my hand, placing it right against Joe’s buttocks. Then I let my hands come to rest on Chris’ hips as he began grinding against Joe’s body.

I was in heaven, that was for sure. My boytoy was sandwiched between me and my boyfriend, and none of us were in any real hurry to move. I could feel Joe’s young penis rubbing against mine while we kissed and Chris pushed against him from behind. It was glorious.

“Can I fuck you?” Joe said at one point, between the kisses.

“Do you really want to?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah!” he said with a smile as he kissed me another couple times.

“Cool.” I pulled away from him and moved over towards the bed. Chris reached behind Joe’s body and began stroking his teenage penis as I fished around in the nightstand for the bottle of lube. I didn’t get fucked too often, but the idea of being topped by this lovely young boy was more than I could resist!

I laid on my back and liberally applied the lube to the appropriate area. Then I handed it to Chris, who squirted some into his hand and began rubbing it onto Joe’s penis, eliciting a blissed out moan from the younger boy.

“Alright, I’m ready,” I said, spreading my legs and getting into the right position.

As Joe moved onto the bed and knelt between my legs, he said, “Don’t I need a condom?”

“Not with me.”

“Wow. I’ve never fucked anyone without one before.”

“Then you’re in for a treat. Move closer.” Joe moved a little closer until his penis was nudging at my ass. I took hold of it and put it into the right place. “Ok. Just push it in slowly, like you would with a girl who is still a virgin.”

“Ok.” Joe’s hips moved, and I felt the delicious sensation of his wonderfully young, wonderfully hard, wonderfully beautiful fourteen-year-old penis pushing up into my twenty-four-year-old ass. He kept going until he was all the way inside. I looked up to see his gorgeous face twisted into a pattern of pure pleasure.

“You like it in there?” I asked, running a hand down his smooth, hairless chest.

“Oh, god, yes…”

“Better without a condom, huh?”

“Oh, yeah…”

I placed a hand on my penis and said, “Now fuck me slowly at first, ok?”

“Alright…” Placing a hand on each side of my body, Joe began thrusting, moving his hard penis in and out of my body. It was all I could do to keep from screaming out in pleasure as he fucked me.

Chris apparently was getting antsy at all the action he wasn’t getting. I saw him pick up the lube bottle and squirt some out onto his hand. He said, “Joe? Hold still a second, ok?”

“Ok…?” Joe said, sounding a little confused.

Chris set aside the lube bottle and rubbed his hand against Joe’s butt. Then he moved forward and said, “This might sting for just a second, but then it’ll feel really good.”

I saw the look of apprehension on Joe’s face. He looked down at me. I leaned up and kissed him, saying, “Trust us, it’ll feel good.”


Chris put one hand on Joe’s shoulder and the other onto his erection. He pushed forward slowly. I saw Joe’s face go from apprehension, to slight discomfort, to a twinge of pain to… ecstasy… as Chris buried his twenty-one-year-old penis into the young teenager’s fourteen-year-old virgin ass. He gave a couple slow, experimental thrusts, and then placed one hand on each side of Joe’s hips, beginning a slow, steady fucking motion inside the boy.

“Oh… oh, god, you were right, Ryan…” Joe whispered, a shudder going through his body.

“I know.” I kissed him again, feeling considerable envy towards Chris. I’d hoped to get Joe’s cherry, but apparently not. “You think you can manage to fuck me some more?”

“Oh, yeah…” Slowly, awkwardly, Joe began to move inside me again. I could tell it wasn’t all that easy, he did have a penis up his ass, but he managed to get a good rhythm going, and soon all three of us were enjoying ourselves.

This pleasant state of affairs couldn’t last long, of course. I’d told Joe to jerk off as much as he could before he got here so that he wouldn’t cum too soon, but the combination of his first bareback fuck combined with the sensation of having another guy’s penis inside his body for the first time proved to be too much. He looked down at me, sweat dripping from his face.

“I’m gonna… gonna… oh!” Joe shut his eyes and let out a primal howl of total bliss as his smooth, muscular boy body began shaking. I felt his penis pulsing inside my body and pictured his cum blasting into me. This must’ve pushed Chris over the edge, because he started grunting and groaning behind Joe, cumming inside the boy just as surely as the boy had cum inside me.

“Oh, god,” Joe whispered, collapsing onto me. “Oh, god… oh, god…”

Chris slowly withdrew and moved over to lay down next to us. “You liked…?” he asked, a little breathless.

“Oh, god, yes.” Joe smiled weakly.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said to Joe, giving him another kiss.

“Thanks.” He kissed me back and then frowned. “You didn’t cum yet, did you?”

“No, but don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll make you cum,” he said, looking into my eyes. His penis slipped out of me as he moved down, opened his mouth and wrapped it around my erection.

“Ooooo…” I whispered, placing a hand on the back of his head. Joe had never given a blowjob before, I knew, and he wasn’t that great at it, but the fact that I was getting head from this insanely willing, incredibly beautiful, highly illegal fourteen-year-old boy was good enough for me.

VERY good as it turned out. After only a minute or two of him blowing me, I whispered, “Joe… I’m gonna cum soon…”

Rather than pull off as I’d expected, he started going faster and using his hand. I looked down to see his mouth around my erection, and that was all it took. Closing my eyes and moaning loudly, I felt my orgasm start as my penis fired off inside Joe’s mouth, unloading all the sperm I could into him. I could feel him working hard at swallowing as much as he could, which turned me on all that much more.

When I was done cumming, Joe lifted his mouth up, a little bit of my sperm on the side of his lips, and said, “Are you done?”

“Oh, yeah…” I pulled him down and licked the sperm from his mouth before kissing him, tasting what I’d left there. “What did you think?”

“Salty,” he said after a moment. “Not too bad, though.”

Chris sat up and said, “I think we all need a shower.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I know I do. Join us, Joe?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he said, grinning widely.

The three of us got off the bed and made our way into the shower, where cleaning ourselves ended up taking a low priority next to the other activities we engaged in.

All that night we had sex in a variety of ways. I fucked Joe, he fucked Chris, Chris fucked me, I fucked Chris, we all blew each other, we came more times than I could count. It was, without a doubt, the flat out best sexual experience any of us had ever had.

Sadly, it turned out that least as far as Joe was concerned it ended up being the last time. He and I kept in touch and talked a lot about getting together again, but it never happened. Two months after the last bit of sex, his family moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the rest of his family. I was disappointed, but I got over it. The actual sex didn’t ever happen again, but at least I had fond memories that would last me a lifetime.

Joe, wherever you are, I think of you often and fondly, and hope you return the favor.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. That’s “Alex Hawk”, with three j’s and a silent q.