Hi guys!

Today I added another story to the site. It’s not my own story, but a fellow writer named Caliboy1991. We started e-mailing back and forth and it appeared we both like to write about pretty much the same subjects. For me it is a lot of fun and a learning experience to come into contact with him. We experience pretty much the same struggles when writing this stuff and talking about it, helps a lot. He gave a few good pointers that I find quite helpfull!

So this story is about a brother and sister in quite a difficult relationship with their mother. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this take on things helped me a bit with the story I’m currently working on. Caliboy1991 also has a nice twist in his story (you’ll know what I mean when you read it) that I opted to do one time or the other. Now that I read this story, I don’t feel the need anymore, because it’s already done now.

So check it out here. The link can also be found on the Jason’s Collection link in the menu.

If you like it (or not) drop me an e-mail at jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com or e-mail Caliboy1991 directly at Caliboy1991@protonmail.com