I’ve got some news to share with you, people! I recently came into contact with Randall Stanhope. Randall contacted me a while back, and we got to talk about the niche we write about. Randall has written a few fanfiction stories, but he switched to writing a big original story that comes from his own imagination.

Somewhere during our conversation, the idea of illustrating a story came up. I told him I’d been looking for a way to add drawings to my stories. He gave me some pointers, but after a few back- and forth emails, he selflessly offered to do the illustrations for me! WOW!! I’ve seen the preliminaries, and they look astonishing. My new story is almost finished, and the way things are going now, it will be my first illustrated story. And all thanks to Randall’s efforts.

He’s doing all this with a daytime job. He’s an author (I know firsthand how time-consuming that can be!). He’s an animator and has a partner that needs some attention, you name it! Yet still, he finds the time to help me out with this. So yeah… he deserves the praise!

A few days ago, he suddenly got inspired and wrote a nice little story between all that hard work. It’s got a babysitter in it, but despite the overly chewed-out subject, he managed to give it a lovely twist! And it’s hot! So when I asked him if I could publish it here, he agreed!

Currently, it’s his only story that’s not in the fanfiction genre, so there is no direct link in the already crowded menu. But I’m looking for a decent way to create a link to these kinds of remarkable stories. But I will come up with something. I simply don’t have the time for it at the moment. For now: this is the direct link The Grown Up Oath.

Stay tuned for my new (illustrated) story, but for now, have fun with this one!

And again: thanks for helping me out, Randall!