Yep! I’ve done it again. There is a new story online. I felt so inspired that this story poured out almost effortlessly. It obviously isn’t as elaborate as, let’s say, Smoky Mountains or La Isla… but still. I know it will do the job (wink wink). E-o-F gave me (thanks again for your time and effort!) the biggest compliment I can get when writing this stuff. He called it ‘a story to be very much in line with the typical Alex Hawk story.’ Maybe I’m too humble, but I don’t think I can stand in Alex’s shadow. But this is such a big compliment. It actually made me blush!

This time, Randall did another great job with his illustrations. I’m trying to find a way to do it myself, so I don’t have to bother Randall with this. Although his illustrations are perfect for my stories! Randall also took the time to proofread this story, so a big shout-out to Randall! I didn’t expect to have a new story online this fast.

And the story? Well, a boy is sent home from school. His parents are at work, and his sister is at school with cheerleader practice afterward. So he has an entire day ahead where he’s home alone. So follow him on his exploration during this day where he’s horny and all alone. Or is he…

I had a lot of fun writing this one. And I’m pretty pleased with how both the story and the illustrations turned out. So I hope you do too! You can find it here, or on my story page in the menu.