Hi people,

Happy Holidays to all of you! I want to wish all of you a very happy ‘Whatever doesn’t Offend you!’ 🙂

Seriously… Enjoy the holidays with your family and/or loved ones. The worst things with COVID seem behind us. Thankfully! I’m not too certain yet that everything is over, but things sure are looking better. The war in the Ukraine rages on with that Russian madman as the source of all that misery. Let’s hope this madness ends soon and that peace is soon upon us.

I wish for all the other places in the world where there’s suffering and misery, that things will also get better soon. One can almost state that I’m hoping for world peace…

Why don’t we all do our best on a smaller scale and help the people around us? And maybe, just maybe, this will morph into something bigger. It doesn’t hurt to dream about world peace, right?

Take care and stay safe!

before anyone starts complaining: the picture above this post is CGI. No real butts were harmed in this picture 🙂