Dear Jason – Chapter 4

When I opened my eyes, I felt strangely refreshed. I quickly glanced at my alarm clock and learned it was a little past six in the morning. Still early, but I had a long, dreamless sleep behind me, and I felt that I could face the day.

It took me a few moments to gather my thoughts, but they quickly shot back to last night. I looked at my nightstand, and there were the two empty syringes. So it wasn’t a dream. My fingers lightly caressed the skin of my arm, but it didn’t feel different. And I felt the light breeze from the ceiling fan over my skin, which felt comfortable. So no change there either.

I carefully got up, expecting to feel a headache, sore muscles, or something like that, but I actually felt fit and… younger? It was as if I had gone back in time. I haven’t felt this energized waking up since, let’s say, a decade ago.

But the big question on my mind was, obviously, did it work? So I got to my office, ensured the curtains were closed completely and grabbed a pair of patches. There wasn’t any indication of which patch needed to go on which finger, so I pressed the first one on my index finger.

But before I applied the second one to my thumb, I realized I needed a mirror. And JD warned me that I would feel disoriented, so having a toilet nearby wouldn’t be too bad either. I was so anxious to try it that I practically ran to the bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror, my hands trembling from anticipation. But I managed to apply the patch. I took a deep breath, looked at myself, and pressed the two patches firmly together.

Nothing happened.

“Fuck! I knew it,” I cursed under my breath.

So I pressed them together again, with a little less force this time, and… nothing.

I looked at my reflection, and disappointment oozed from my face. Of course, this seemed too good to be true. But still… everything that led up to this had my hopes…

Wait! Did I just…

I wasn’t entirely sure, but both my ears seemed to disappear for a moment. I checked them out and touched them, but now they were back.

Was this just my imagination, or did something odd just happen? My hands were still at my ears as my underarms suddenly vanished. My hands were floating in mid-air! I pulled my arms down to look at them and released a small yelp from surprise. They were gone!

Looking at my arms, I noticed my entire lower body was gone! Everything below my boxers was… well… wasn’t there!

It was happening! I looked at my face, and my ears were gone again. But so was the entire upper half of my face. I couldn’t see my eyes anymore, and as I tried to touch my forehead, my hands were also gone. A second later, I was looking at an empty shirt floating around. You could see it was filled because it hung around something, but I could see the inside of my shirt right through my body.

It worked! I was completely invisible, and only my shirt and boxers were evidence that someone was there.

That’s when I felt my stomach churn. I rushed over to the toilet, fell to my knees, and out of nowhere, the yellow-brown substance splattered into the water of the toilet.

A good three or four more splats followed until I had nothing more to throw up. I gagged once more and fell onto my ass, panting heavily.

Both the realization I was given a superpower and the disorientation of not seeing what I was doing were utterly overwhelming. I tried flushing the toilet, but it took me a couple of tries to get my finger on the handle. This was way harder than I thought it would be. But after I found the right spot and flushed, I climbed onto the seat and started contemplating my options.

I needed practice. That much was obvious. And I needed the time to do it. Thankfully, the last assignment I got from work was an easy one. I’ve done it so many times already that I probably could squeeze it through in less than half the time I was given to complete it.

My new manager didn’t know that, so that wouldn’t be a problem. The guy was a colossal asshole anyways who only got the job because of the people he sucked up to and not because of his skills. So if I could cross him in any way, that would be a personal ‘happy moment.’ I giggled at the possibilities that lay before me to fuck this guy up.

So if I planned this right, I could finish my work and practice a lot with my new ability. I wasn’t aiming for a specific moment to complete my practice, but I wanted to get the hang of it as soon as possible.

The return to visibility was a lot less messy than the other way around. I saw my skin for a second and went invisible again. But after another second or two, my whole body was visible and stayed that way.

This was going to be awesome!

Over the next few days, I slowly but steadily started to get the hang of it. The first ten times I tried to touch my nose, I failed miserably. One attempt even missed my entire face! But as time progressed, it became easier and required less concentration.

The first time I saw my computer mouse float through the room, I couldn’t help but laugh. I dropped a lot of stuff on the floor before I finally managed to grab something. In this case, it was the mouse. I broke some of my things in the process of trying to pick stuff up, but nothing I couldn’t easily replace.

I also tried sticking something in my mouth to see what would happen, and it disappeared completely the moment I closed my mouth. It depended on the angle you were looking at what you saw when I had my mouth open. This looked weird and wasn’t really usable. Funny but strange. If I needed to hide something small, this was an option.

The temperature changes on my skin felt different, precisely as JD had already pointed out. I put my hand into the freezer to feel what it was like. I felt the temperature change. Just as I did before. But somehow, it didn’t bother me at all. Instinctively I knew I could keep it in there for hours and not be bothered by it.

But when I put my hand into my oven, which was too hot for my skin, I felt the usual alarm go off in my head, and I pulled back. Thank god! A body needs these alarms to survive, so I was glad this still worked.

Between work and practice, I had my regular supply of shirtless and underwear-clad James videos to drool over. There was one more ‘naked backside’ scene, but I couldn’t see his dangling bits on this one. As I established earlier, I realized again that this boy had an ass that was sculpted by god himself! It was absolutely perfect! A tight, round bubble butt with a clear tan line which made it even more pronounced. Magnificent!

Tomorrow, the pool party across the street was planned, but I didn’t feel ready to use my ability in public yet. So I decided to leave my patches at home and tried to mingle with the neighbors. Maybe steal a few glances at James and his sister, but I couldn’t be too obvious about that.

But on Friday evening, I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I needed to go out and test in real life. So I got into my car and drove to the skate park at the edge of town. Usually, there would still be a few kids hanging out there, but it wasn’t crowded or anything, and there were a lot of bushes surrounding it. So if anything went wrong, I could probably manage some reasonable damage control there.

I parked my car out of sight and pressed the pads together. Moments later, I saw myself disappear in my rearview mirror. This was it. I took off my shirt and shorts. I deliberately didn’t wear any underwear to make this easier. I got out of the car, hid my clothes from view behind the driver’s seat, and looked around. In the distance, I could hear talking and laughing from the skate park, so I started walking that way.

This was my first time outside in this state, and it felt amazing! I always wanted to try walking around naked but never found the courage to do so. But now that I did, I wish I’d done it sooner! The wind caressing my balls, my four-and-a-half-inch soft dick swaying from left to right as I walked. It all felt wonderful and highly liberating.

Before I approached the skate park, I pressed the patches together again, ensuring I wouldn’t be seen. I lingered around the park’s edge but stayed close to the bushes. On a nearby bench, two boys were talking to each other. I guessed them to be fifteen or sixteen years old, and I decided to get closer.

“You didn’t!” one of them said.

“Fuck yeah! I totally did!”

“So you’re saying you fucked Megan?”

“Swear to god!” the other boy said and held up his hand to prove his point.

“And if I ask her, she won’t deny it?”

“Absolutely. She said she loved it!” the boy said, beaming with pride.

“Oh wow… what’s it like?”

“Almost as good as being sucked by you,” the boy whispered, and both their faces turned crimson red in under a millisecond.

“Shh!” the second boy whispered, but a huge grin spread across his face.

“No offense, but it’s true!”

“Did she… suck you too?”

“Nah. She just laid there like a starfish and let me do my thing. She wrapped her legs around me toward the end, but that was it. I loved sticking my cock inside her, but I couldn’t help but think it feels better when we suck each other.”

“My Dad is still at work. Let’s go to my place and talk about it,” the second boy said, emphasizing the word ‘talk’ and rubbing his obvious boner through his pants.

“Great idea! I can use some relief,” the first boy chuckled, “not much privacy here anyways.”

I looked at where he was pointing at, and a typical skater boy walked over to us. He looked to be about thirteen with baggy pants and a tight t-shirt. He was carrying his skateboard and walked toward the bushes, grabbing his junk.

The boys I was eavesdropping on left, and the boy headed to the bushes to my left. I sneaked toward him when it was clear he was going to take a leak.

It took a few moments to determine where he was going to stop, but the moment he did, I made sure to position myself to his left, so I had a clear view of his front. He dropped his skateboard and looked around to make sure he was alone. Next, he started unbuttoning his pants, which slid down a bit. He grabbed them with his left hand, and with his right, he pulled down the front of his cotton white with blue striped boxer shorts.

I could barely hold back a soft moan as his dick came into view. It was a little over three inches long, uncut, and looked quite thick for his age. His balls were still underdeveloped but looked perfect on him. A small patch of black pubes topped off this mouthwatering view in front of me.

As the thick stream of pee left his body, he breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t into water sports at all, and it didn’t turn me on sexually, but I felt so lucky to be able to witness such a private act of a cute boy this age.

He started shaking off the last drops, and I could swear it grew a little as he did this. After he pulled up his boxers and pants and I realized I was stiff as a board, I decided it was time for me to leave. I knew I’d be back here again soon. But for now, I’ve seen and done enough.

I quickly returned to my car, dressed, and waited to become visible again before I started driving home. By the time I got there, I needed to jerk off at the memory of that hot young boy.

Across the street, the preparations for the next day were in full swing, and I actually looked forward to it. When I was married to Karen, she always hated to go to parties with people she didn’t know. And her attitude on such occasions always rubbed off on me, causing me to feel bummed out too. But not now! I wanted to get to know the neighbors. Maybe dip in the pool and just have fun.

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