I Hate You! – Chapter 7

As we entered our school for the second day as the other, I was even more confident than the day before. I woke up this morning with a tender rubbing over my cheek by Jake. I looked at him, and I was immediately in the mood when I saw his cocky grin. Before I knew it, our hands were working each other’s crotches again, and after a couple of minutes, another mind-shattering orgasm washed over us. Not as intense as the night before, but close nevertheless.

We showered together to compensate for lost time and were off to school. Jake picked out his wardrobe himself this time, and I had to admit he did pretty well. He wore a lovely, plaid skirt and a blouse that accentuated his boobs nicely. But I had to point out that a black bra was too visible under a white blouse, so we changed that.

My clothes were nothing special, although I decided to pick an old shirt, which made my pecs, shoulders, and tight belly more pronounced. We each went our own way again, and after chatting with Jake’s friends for a while, we went to the classroom.

“You two fucked Brian up big time!” Zeke said excitedly during our walk over there.

“That piece of shit deserved it. He had it coming,” Rob said, acting all tough.

“My sister has a mean right fist,” I chuckled, “I’m glad we don’t fight anymore.”

“Yeah… about that…” Zeke asked.

“Yeah. I thought she was some slut, but when she told me what had happened, I felt like a complete idiot. And after we finally talked about it, she stood up for herself.”

The guys looked at me with a bit of a puzzled face. That’s when I remembered boys usually don’t talk about their feelings like girls do. So I quickly added, “I showed her how to throw a decent punch, you know?”

They all started to smile, and we sat down, waiting for Mr. Skinner. I didn’t pay attention, but when someone shouted, “Looking good, Bri!” I turned around and saw Brian walk in.

“Fuck you, asshole!” he said and flipped him the finger as he sat down at the back of the room.

Both his eyes were black, and his nose was swollen. He had cotton balls in both his nostrils and looked miserable. The girls sitting around Jake suddenly started to giggle, and one of them showed them her pinky. Brian’s face crunched up when he heard and saw this.

During the day, Brian was constantly mocked, and I actually started feeling a little sorry for him. But when I saw him checking out the ass of a girl walking by with his best friend Steve, that feeling was gone immediately.

The last class of the day was gym class. I was good at sports, so I usually looked forward to it. But now that I could see most of my male classmates in their underwear, and maybe naked, I was even more anxious.

I noticed how noisier the boys were when we entered the locker room. Before I knew it, I saw a dozen bare-chested boys working on their pants and chatting away. I tried not to stare, but that was difficult. I had to keep myself focused on changing into my gym clothes, but I also let my eyes drink in the sight.

I quickly learned that some of the nerds I usually didn’t talk to had some fine-looking bodies. Jocks like Brian and Steve were bulkier, but I didn’t necessarily like that. I liked the smaller bodies with more muscle definition, and some of the nerds precisely had that. And the bulges in their underwear were more… interesting in a way.

PE itself was nothing spectacular. But we all worked up a sweat, so everyone had to take a shower. I didn’t mind. After all, this was the moment I had looked forward to for the entire day. In the girl’s locker room, everyone was always cautious about wearing towels to hide the good bits and shower as quickly as possible. But an occasional boob, ass, or pussy flash wasn’t uncommon. I wondered how this worked with the boys.

I quickly learned it was about the same. No one was fond of walking around unprotected. But when I entered the showers, I saw things were different here.

The shower stalls were broken, and judging by the stuff stored in there, they had been broken for a while. So everyone was using the showers against the back wall. I was constantly aware of not popping a boner, but this wasn’t as difficult as expected. I guess Jake’s body wasn’t turned on by other boys.

Most of the boys were facing the wall, and I was looking at a couple of cute bare asses. They were nice to look at, but I was here for more. So I hung my towel on the hook by the entrance and chose a spot somewhere in the middle.

I quickly glanced at both sides and was treated with soft dicks in all shapes and sizes. I was amazed to see that Danny, the kid who had skipped a grade, was far from the smallest out here. He still had a boyish body, but his dick sure wasn’t. He still had some growing to do, and he’d probably end up at the top regarding dick sizes.

One guy, Félix, who was originally from France, wasn’t cut like the rest of us. I never saw an uncut dick before, but I knew then and there that I didn’t like them that much.

If I compared my body with the rest of the guys, I was one of the best looking and with a more than above average dick. At least in my eyes, I was. I was amazed that Jake wasn’t aware of this.

I was shaken from my thoughts when I heard a familiar voice say, “So… you told your sister about me?”

I looked over and saw Brian standing beside me, facing the wall. He didn’t look pissed or anything, and I couldn’t immediately figure out what his intentions were.

“I answered her questions,” I replied blankly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She said she grabbed your balls but hardly felt anything. She wanted to know what the deal was.”

I let my eyes go down to his crotch and was amazed at how tiny and boyish he looked down there. I smiled and continued, “She wasn’t wrong, so I didn’t lie.”

This caused Brian’s face to go red instantly, and I saw him ball his fists. I was on high alert now, ready to fight. But he backed off when Rob, Zeke, and a few other guys came and stood next to me.

“Keep looking over your shoulder, shitstain! I’ll get you someday,” he grumbled and started soaping up.

“Anytime,” I said, turned off the faucet, and walked back to the lockers.

Walking there naked and with two other naked boys beside me was terrific. When I checked them out as we walked, I noticed they had a little more pubes than me. But my dick was a bit fatter and longer, which gave me more confidence to walk around like this. Glancing around, I knew I could get used to this. But once we were back inside the locker room, everyone acted shyly again and dressed quickly.

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