Boarding School Blues
Levi Holland

Chapter 10

Cooper scrubbed his shampoo through his hair as he reflected on his past couple months at Blue Ridge.

Already the terrible things he faced in his first week were like a distant memory, constantly replaced by better ones, but that’s not to say everything was perfect.

Naveen still made snarky comments, but that was just him, Cooper learned. Some people were just natural-born buttheads. Cooper rolled his eyes to think how many pointless arguments Naveen and Anakin had over the dumbest things like their favorite soccer teams or which snacks were actually the best. Usually Naveen got too heated, and then Julian had to talk him down. For a kid who wasn’t great at English, Julian always seemed to know the right words to say.

Cooper’s friendship with Naveen wasn’t even the craziest one he’d made. If anyone had asked Cooper at the start of the year if he was ever likely to be friends with Roman Jacobs of all people, Cooper would have bet a million dollars against it.

It’s not that Roman wasn’t nice, but Cooper’s first impression of him was soured after meeting his jerk older brother, Xavier. Of course Cooper thought Roman would be the same! It didn’t help that Roman wore a permanent scowl, like he was ready to fist fight the moment anyone said something he didn’t like. Cooper was thankful to find out how wrong he was. He’d misjudged Roman, doing the same exact thing he’d been frustrated at Naveen for—judging people without giving them the chance to show who they really were.

Not only had he become friends with Roman, Cooper had also found a rival in him, someone who liked to push him as much as he liked to push back. In the races they’d had since the House competition, they were dead even on the rock climbing wall, with two wins each, though Roman still complained that Cooper let him win his first time, but Roman was wrong. No way that would ever happen. Cooper never gave up on anything, ever.

As Cooper ducked his head beneath the shower head, the steaming water rinsed the suds from his eyes, and he blinked the water from his eyes. Across from him, Anakin was running his soapy hands over his body. His hands glided over his flat stomach, spreading to his smooth thighs, before finally swiping across his drooping testicles and hanging penis.

In the two weeks since Naveen showed them how to get the cum feeling in the laundry room, Cooper wondered when he and Anakin might try it again. They were way more comfortable being naked now around each other, but whenever Cooper thought about asking, something always managed to trap his words like a dam in a river. At least he wasn’t shy about his boners anymore.

They happened daily now, but knowing it would go down once he peed, Cooper usually let it stick up against his pajamas. Anakin, too, was plagued with them, although since he only slept in his briefs, his boners were way more obvious. Anytime Cooper saw it, his heart skipped a beat. Whereas Cooper’s was still thin and small, only about three inches when hard, Anakin’s was like a thick tube and reminded him of a hot dog. Obviously Cooper hadn’t measured it, but it had to be at least four inches if not bigger, and Anakin’s was the same size soft as he was hard. Cooper wished his hanged when he was soft instead of looking like a shriveled up balloon attached to his body.

As Anakin worked a hand over his penis, it chubbed up, and he gave a guilty glance at Cooper before dropping his hand away. It didn’t stop his penis from craving the extra attention as it bobbed and pulsed into its full hardness. Cooper’s face grew warm, and already his own tool was starting to respond.

They graded glances at each other’s junk before Anakin gave a shy grin. “Still gotta try that thing again sometime.”

In an attempt to distract himself from how his face sizzled like a frying pan, Cooper turned the squeaky shower knobs until the water stopped flowing, and Anakin did the same.

They opened the shower door, and immediately the cool air gave Cooper goosebumps. He couldn’t wait to dry and wrap himself in one of the school’s soft towels.

As he padded over the marbled floor to the towel rack, Naveen and Julian stepped inside the bathroom, each shirtless as they held their towels around their necks.

“Well lookey here, if it isn’t the boner boys.”

Naveen smirked at each of them, and Julian rolled his eyes.

“Ignore him,” Julian said in his thick accent, “he gets all the time, too.”

Naveen’s eyes widened, and a blush tinged his copper cheeks. “Well, so do you!”

All the talk about constant boners was doing nothing to help Cooper with his, and he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist, irked that the little lump was still visible when he looked down.

Beside him, Anakin let his dick freely jut out from his groin, and it wagged side to side with each step.

“So what?” Anakin said. “We all get boners. Why should I be embarrassed? Mine’s the biggest one here.”

“It is not!” Naveen shouted. “Mine’s easily that big.”

“Anakin…” Cooper warned.

“Yeah, well prove it!”

“How am I supposed to prove it? By sticking it next to yours?”

“Yeah, unless you’re scared,” Anakin said.

They were quiet then, wondering who might chicken out first. Did Cooper want to see Naveen with a boner? Maybe. Actually, yes. The only glimpse he’d had of it was that day in the laundry room as it peeked through the narrow opening in Naveen’s boxers. And then their last laundry day, they lost the chance to try anything. One of the fuses inside the electric boxes had blown, and an electrician was busy fixing it the whole time they were there.

Naveen tossed the towel around his neck over to the sink counter and hooked his thumbs inside his waistband.

“Don’t feel bad when yours is smaller,” he said and lowered his pants to his thighs.

Naveen’s dick had a gentle curve. It was definitely on the thinner side, but other than its width, Cooper thought it might have been pretty close to Anakin’s size. What’s more was that Naveen still had skin on the end of his dick. Cooper knew some boys still had it—or rather, they all did at birth—but he’d never actually seen it on someone. It was super cool the way it stretched over the head of his penis, exposing nearly half of the pink glans inside.

“Hah, mine’s fatter,” Anakin said as he walked over and stood in front.

“I was talking about length, dummy,” Naveen said.

Cooper held his breath as the two boys leaned forward. The ends of their dicks were like two ships passing in the night as they inched closer.

“Coop, come tell us who’s bigger.”

“Me?” Cooper squeaked.

“You can’t ask him. Of course he’ll say you. Julian, you come over, too.”

Being right next to the two of their boners was making Cooper’s throb. He wondered if Julian was suffering the same way, but it was difficult to tell as the Polish boy hunched forward with his hands on his knees. Anakin and Naveen planted a thumb at the base of their dicks as they pushed their hips outward.

Anakin’s was definitely thicker, that was obvious, but it wasn’t crazily so. It just had more…heft. No one said a word as the two kept pushing their hips, and a split second before Naveen’s would have reached, Anakin’s boner squished gently against Naveen’s auburn skin.

“See? Told you,” Anakin said, his words husky and thick.

What was going through Anakin’s head? If Cooper was in Anakin’s shoes—or rather, skin—he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stop himself from wrapping his fingers around Naveen’s boner to see what it felt like. The smoothness. The texture. Hell, it took everything in him not to grab his own dick. There was an itchy, almost anxious energy in his body, and Cooper rubbed his palms over his stomach to try and get some of it out.

“Yeah, well it’s not always about size. It’s how you use it,” Naveen said, and he flexed his penis, making it bump into Anakin’s on the way down.


“Come on, Naveen,” Julian said as he tugged his arm. “We have to shower or be late for breakfast.”

“You’re crazy,” Cooper told Anakin on their way back into the bedroom.

Now with a towel around his waist, Anakin still had a boner, but at least it wasn’t threatening to stab the next person they passed. Anakin wrapped his arm around Cooper’s neck as they entered their bedroom.

“Sometimes, Coop, you gotta prove to people they’re wrong.”

By the time they made it to the banquet hall for breakfast, the place was in chaos. Brown packages were being tossed around the room like prizes as kids of all ages carried them back to their tables. At the center of the chaos was Professor Bell and the other Blue Ridge Buddies as they checked names off lists.

Of course! In the excitement of the showers, Cooper had completely forgotten about the care packages. Today was the day!

“Cooper!” Jordy called out as he tied his dreads together using a scrunchie.

“What do you think you’ll get?” Anakin asked as they rushed the table.

“I don’t know, but I can’t wait!”

Cooper’s body buzzed with excitement as Jordy handed them each a wrapped package. Anakin had to use two hands to grab the rectangular box, but even though Cooper was able to carry his with one hand, he didn’t care. His body buzzed like Christmas morning.

They didn’t even bother with their food as they rushed to open their packages. Anakin tore away the brown wrapping, revealing a sleek black box inside. When he peeled away the tape holding it together, a pile of brand new, crisply folded clothes lay inside. Anakin moved lightning fast as he pulled out a pair of peach pants with red swirl designs all around the legs.

“These are awesome!” he beamed. “My dad’s so kickass.”

Anakin skimmed through the handwritten note inside before digging past the clothes and discovering a box of brand new, premium colored pencils. There were shades of color Cooper had never seen before. That was it. Cooper couldn’t take waiting anymore.

Ripping through the wrapping of his own box, Cooper pulled out a reused Amazon package, taped carefully around the edges to secure everything in place. It was practically begging to be opened and have its mysteries revealed. He used one of the forks on the table to pry away the tape before opening it with a gasp.

Right away Cooper knew what he was staring at, he just couldn’t believe it. Shining with the newness only freshly printed books can have, Cooper gingerly scooped up the latest Detective Dackery mystery. He hadn’t even known a new one was being released! On the cover, the famous cartoon duck detective was dressed in his familiar beige trench coat, surrounded by the other animal members from his agency. Something was different about this background. As Dackery and his friends each struck a cool pose, an ominous figure towered behind them in the shadowy background. Cooper got chills just thinking about what mysteries and turmoil might happen next in the series.

“Nice, Coop, you love those books!” Anakin said, and they bumped fists.

Inside the box, where the book had been, were two different notes. The first was a note from his mom. It was filled with all sorts of mushy comments about how they missed him and couldn’t wait for him to come home for the winter. As he read, Cooper rolled his eyes at all the lovey-dovey comments packed in every sentence, but before he set it down on the table, he squeezed the letter softly against his chest.

The final item in Cooper’s package was another note, this one with much sloppier handwriting, and a few scratched out words, misspellings, and smudges. Right away, Cooper knew it was from Sawyer.

He snatched it up and devoured the words:

Hey Cooper!!!

Im sorry I missed writing to you last time—stupid family trip to my grandmas. You know, the one in Pencilvania? Man it sucks not having you here. Middle school is SOOOO lame and theres so much homework. I wuld much rather hang out in a castle with you all day. Ur teachers seem really cool and Anakin sounds nice, but I know he’s not a better friend than me. It would be kool to meet him some time. Any way it was sweet you won the rock climbing thing. Ur mom told me all about it. If I was there, I wuld have bet money on you winning and we’d be totally rich right now! Remember wut I said before you left. You better not be a snob when you get back! See you at Christmas!!

Your best bud,


It was a while before Cooper put down the letter. Even though the words were hastily scratched out to hide them, Cooper could easily see what Sawyer had written about being a better friend. His heart was conflicted as he reread the letter. His first day at Blue Ridge, hanging out with Sawyer was all that was on Cooper’s mind. He didn’t want to admit to himself that there had been days recently where Sawyer hadn’t popped into his head at all. It’s not that Anakin was a better friend than Sawyer, or vice versa. It’s just that they were so different.

What made it trickier was that even though he and Anakin had only known each other a couple months, they spent practically every waking moment together. They slept in the same bedroom. They ate every meal together. They had all their classes together. They dressed in front of each other. They had been naked and showered together. They even saw each other hard and got the cum feeling together. How could anyone go through all that and not have some sort of special connection to the other person?

Sure, Sawyer was one of his best friends now. But what about a year from now? Two years? By the time they started high school or graduated? Would Sawyer even be around then?

The truth was, Sawyer had been Cooper’s ride or die for the past two years, but what was two years compared to all of middle school and high school with Anakin? It pained Cooper to think that his friendship with Sawyer might be dying.

Maybe he was turning into one of those people that Sawyer warned him about, after all.


Roman tossed and turned for nearly the hundredth time that night.

No matter what he tried, he just couldn’t get to sleep! Across the room, Fielding snored away. Usually that was enough for Roman—Fielding’s snores were a white noise that calmed his mind. But now his brain was racing like the times he’d drank way too much soda before bed. With a sigh of frustration, Roman kicked the covers away and rolled to his feet. Maybe a drink of water would help him out.

On the way to the door, Roman cursed himself for not having a bottle he could refill like the one Fielding kept on his nightstand. At least then he wouldn’t have to make a separate trip whenever he was thirsty.

Roman twisted the doorknob as quietly as he could and tiptoed to the bathroom, pulling down the part of his briefs that had ridden up his crack.

The bathroom light stung his eyes as his bare toes touched the cool, marbled surface. The zombie staring back at him in the mirror confirmed that even though his mind was buzzing, his body desperately needed to sleep. The past few days at the rock climbing wall had been extra intense. Professor Green had been so relentless on them, even Cooper was worn out by the end of the day, and he never got tired! Lately there’d been nothing but drill after drill, and by the time Roman had walked away earlier that afternoon, his arms and legs were like wet spaghetti noodles.

Roman turned on the faucet and splashed his face with the brisk water. A few streams ran past his chin and down his neck, but the water was refreshing. He bent down to slurp a few mouthfuls before turning off the sink and wiping his face. He was still wired, but at least he felt better as he made his way back into the suite.

The door to Ivan and Wyatt’s room was barely open, and a thin light shined against the crack as Roman walked the short distance across the suite. He wasn’t too worried. Sometimes his friends fell asleep with their lights still on. It happened to all of them at one point or another.

Roman was ready to hop back into the warmth of his bed, but moments before reaching his bedroom door, a familiar groan reached his ears from the other bedroom. He paused, his hand hovering over his doorknob. All he would have to do is tune it out, step inside, and close the door behind him. The noise wasn’t any of his business.

But Roman couldn’t keep his mind from tumbling back to the previous summer when he first watched Xavier touch himself. The groans he heard now certainly sounded the same, but if it was what he thought it was, Roman knew he should leave—leave Wyatt or Ivan to their privacy and return to bed.

So then why were his feet betraying him?

Before he could stop himself, Roman’s curiosity won out as he pressed his face to the gap in his suitemates’ door. The light inside shined from one of their table lamps, illuminating Ivan’s bare thigh as he sat on the edge of the bed. His feet were planted on the floor, and his hands propped his stocky body upright as his head tilted back.

As he watched, Ivan released another low moan, deeper than the one before. Roman thought he might have been dreaming as he stared on. Buried between Ivan’s legs was the scrawny form of Wyatt. From his angle, all Roman could see was Wyatt’s sandy blond hair as his head bobbed up and down, but the slurps were unmistakable.

This was something he and Xavier had never done. Roman couldn’t believe it. Wyatt was actually sucking Ivan’s dick.

Ivan whispered something, and as the two shifted, Roman got a better view. Ivan’s body wasn’t the only thing built like a tank. From their showers, they all knew Ivan was the most physically mature. He was the only one with body hair in more places than his head. Obviously there was no way Roman could spot much of the dark pubes from where he stood, but by then, he’d seen them plenty of times. What’s more was how thick Ivan’s cock was, even soft. If dicks were vehicles, then Ivan’s was a school bus. It was every bit as developed as the rest of his body.

Once the two boys readjusted, Wyatt continued, bobbing his head again along Ivan’s dick. Each time the tiny boy lowered his head back down, he deflected it to the side of his mouth where a thick bulge throbbed against his cheek.

Roman had never once considered the idea of his dick being in someone’s mouth. They were for peeing, plain and simple. But Ivan’s continued moans told him it must be good. Really good. He sounded a lot like Xavier whenever Roman helped him out.

Pretty soon Ivan’s hands were on Wyatt’s shoulders, and when Ivan started to tense, he gave the side of Wyatt’s neck a couple pats.

Immediately Wyatt pulled off with a wet plop, but he didn’t go anywhere as Ivan scootched forward and aimed his boner at Wyatt’s smooth cheek. Hand squelching as he gave his dick several fierce pumps, Ivan finally grunted like he’d been kicked in the stomach. Right after, a few thick burps of semen smeared against Wyatt’s cheek. It clung to the downy hairs on Wyatt’s cheek before drooping along the side of his face. In the dim light, it was tough to tell, but Roman thought it didn’t look quite as white as Xavier’s had been.

Wyatt grimaced even as he let out a soft giggle. When Ivan finally sat back down, the mattress sank under his weight again. Wyatt scooped a few fingers full of semen from his face, and Roman expected him to wipe it on the covers, but he nearly gasped when the small boy reached a cummy hand toward his groin. That part of Wyatt was still blocked by the mattress, but Roman could guess what was happening from the sounds. Wyatt’s eyes rolled and fluttered as more wet squelching filled the room.

Roman had to leave. Tearing himself from the opening in the door, the stiffness in his underwear was painful as he retreated back to his bedroom. Fielding was still snoring as Roman slipped beneath the covers once more and drew them to his face. The walls between their two bedrooms were thick enough that Roman couldn’t hear them, but knowing what had just happened in the room next door made his body shiver.

Roman slipped his hand beneath his waistband, shuddering as he gripped his aching boner. The pleasure shot like a spike through his penis before spreading out deeper inside his pelvis. Maybe this time he’d let himself go all the way.

Guiding his wrist up and down, Roman suppressed a moan of his own, not wanting to wake Fielding if possible. Still, if pleasure had a taste, then the feelings coursing through him were delicious.

Roman squeezed his eyes shut as his mind filled with all the sexual things he’d witnessed lately: Wyatt pleasuring himself, bobbing along Ivan’s dick, Fielding’s hand slip-sliding over his boner in the shower, Roman jacking Fielding’s thin erection between his fingers as they lay in bed together.

He was closer than he’d ever been to the feeling before, he could sense it. Sense it building in the same way a balloon swelled with each huffing breath. Soon it would burst. It had to burst. If it didn’t, Roman might go insane.

His mind jolted as Xavier appeared in his fantasy, and Roman was back in the thick musk of his brother’s bedroom, his hand coated in Xavier’s slime, his cheek stinging after Xavier slapped him. Suddenly Roman’s dick was like a hot stove as he snatched it from inside his briefs. His heart pounded as his balls throbbed painfully, and he tried to steady his breath. Everything in his body cried out to finish the job, but Roman couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t do it. Not while Xavier haunted him so easily.

Instead, Roman opened his mouth and clamped down on his fist, digging his teeth into his knuckles as he tried to distract himself from his memories. The rest of his sleep was restless, and by the time he woke up, he wondered if it would have been better just to stay awake.

In the days following, a fierce blush spread across Roman’s face any time he crossed paths with Ivan or Wyatt. If the two of them ever suspected they had an audience, they certainly didn’t show it. Roman tried to think back to how many times over the past couple months Ivan and Wyatt had slipped off by themselves somewhere. Roman knew the other night had to be far from their first time together.

Now as he walked with Fielding to Professor Gray’s reading class, Roman wondered again if his roommate would ever want to do sexy things like that together. Fielding wanted it to mean something—to him, it wasn’t just a way to please the other person. Maybe he should ask the next time they were alone.

Roman was so wrapped up tightly in his own thoughts, he barely had time to recognize Jordy Diaz before they collided. He’d come around the corner so fast, Roman hadn’t had time to stop before bonking his head against the 8th grader’s chest.

“Oh, my bad, Jordy,” Roman said in apology.

“Hey, Jordy,” Fielding beamed, nearly starstruck as he stared with twinkling eyes at one of Blue Ridge’s most popular.

But something was off. The edges of Jordy’s hair were damp with sweat, and when he finally looked at them, his eyes darted wildly around. When his gaze focused on Roman, he recoiled and nearly tripped over his feet as he backed away and escaped down the other end of the hall. Roman must have imagined it, but as Jordy scurried past them, he could have sworn he heard the name Xavier fall from Jordy’s lips.

“Okay, that…was weird, right?” Fielding asked, scratching the back of his ear. “Wonder what’s up with him.”

Roman agreed. If you could somehow bottle up joy and turn it into a person, that person would be Jordy Diaz. For something to shake him up that bad, it’d have to be really intense. Something had shaken Jordy down to the core, and Roman had a sneaking suspicion about the person responsible.

End Chapter 10

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