October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Fourteen – Catching Colt
Alex Hawk

Almost a month had gone past since I’d taken the virginity of Ezra. Now I had only Colt to do. I hadn’t done it with him yet because I wanted to make sure that I had everything set up just so. I mean, it was because of him, and my interest in him, that I’d started on this whole mission to begin with. So I wanted to make sure the culmination was at least as good as the journey had been.

So I guess it was somewhat serendipitous that I ran into him at the mall one day.

I hadn’t expected to, certainly. I was just browsing around in Hot Topic when Colt came walking into the store, heading over towards a display of SpongeBob clothing.

My heart skipped a beat as I looked at my lovely, desirable boy. Oh, he was sweet. I tried my best to figure out what I should do, how I should approach him, and then fate took away my choices by having him look up and see me.

“Oh, hey, Amber. How are you?”

“I’m fine,” I said after an instant. “How are you?”

“Doin’ good. Just came to look at some stuff.”

“Cool.” I looked at the display. “You like SpongeBob?”

Colt grinned shyly. “A little.”

“Well, what were you going to buy?”

He held up a pair of SpongeBob boxers. “These, I think.”

“Very nice. I’m sure they’ll look really cute on you.” And later on my bedroom floor, I added silently.

I followed Colt up to the cashier where he paid for his new undies. Then we went out into the mall itself and I said, “So what are you up to now?”

“Not much.”

“You wanna go get some food?”


We walked over to the food court and hit Tommie’s. I bought him a nice chilli-cheeseburger, fries and a drink and bought something similar for myself. As we ate we talked. It was very nice getting to actually speak with this boy I’d been fixated on for so very long.

After we were done eating, Colt said, “Well, I gotta get going home.”

“Ok. Mind if I tag along? I don’t have anything really going on today.”

I saw him hesitate a little, but then he shrugged and said, “Sure.”

We went out and waited for the bus, continuing to chat about everything and nothing. We kept at it as we rode to Colt’s house. It wasn’t far from mine, on the same bus route, even, which made things easier for me later.

Once we got to Colt’s house we went on inside. His parents weren’t home. They’d headed out of town for the day and wouldn’t be back until pretty late at night. I saw many, many possibilities here.

“You want something to drink? Coke, Diet Coke, milk, water?” he asked, heading into the kitchen.

“I could use a Coke.”

“Ok.” Colt dug around in the fridge and pulled out a Coke for each of us. We walked into the living room and he turned on the TV to Fuse. We got comfy on the couch and began watching videos.

Throughout all this my mind was spinning, trying to figure out what tactic to use here. I didn’t want to scare the boy off, of course. I had to take things gradually. This was going to be very, very special for us both.

Finally after almost an hour of being at Colt’s house, I hit on an idea. Casually I said, “So you like those new boxers you bought?”

“Yeah, they’re cool.”

“When you gonna put them on?”

Colt shrugged. “I dunno. Later, I guess.”

With feigned shyness, I said, “How about putting them on right now?” I made myself blush and said, “I’d love to see what you look like in them.”

“Really?” Colt asked, blushing himself. He looked very, very pretty when he turned all crimson. “Uh…”

“Please?” I sat up a little, better to display my “assets” to Colt and said, “I’d really like to see them on you.”

I saw him look uncertain. Finally he said, “Alright. I’ll be right back.”

As Colt jetted upstairs, I reached down and rubbed at the crotch of my jeans. I was really, really horny at this point. I couldn’t wait until he got back!

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long. After only a few moments Colt came walking into the room wearing nothing but a t-shirt and the boxers. They did indeed look very cute on him! I felt a little moistness between my legs as I looked at my ideal boy in his underwear.

“Very nice,” I said with a little smile. “They really cute on you.”

“Thanks, Amber.”

Reaching out, I put my hands on Colt’s hips and pulled him closer. “You really look very cute.”

“Thank you,” he whispered. I felt him trembling a little.

I ran my fingers along the waistband of the boxers and then slowly pulled them down enough to let Colt’s very hard penis pop up into view. He drew in a sharp breath as I wrapped a hand around it and gave it a couple gentle strokes.

“Very nice,” I whispered.


Opening up my mouth, I slipped it down around my dream boy’s teenage penis, starting a slow, gentle sucking, licking and stroking movement. Something I knew would make Colt feel very, very good. I let out a quiet sigh of deep satisfaction, happy to finally be getting to do something with him.

“Oh… oh, Amber…” Colt whispered, placing his hands on my head.

As I sucked on Colt’s penis I of two minds on what to do next. Should I just blow him until he came in my mouth and then take him to bed, or should I get him right close to cumming and then just stop, hauling him to bed right then? Choices, choices…

At last I made up my mind. I pulled my mouth off Colt’s penis and said, “Let’s go up to your bedroom, ok?”

Mutely, Colt nodded.

I stood up, taking him by his hand, and led him upstairs to his bedroom. As soon as I shut the door, I turned to face him and, looking him in the eyes, started to undress. Once I was naked I moved towards him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Relax,” I whispered, aware that Colt’s whole body was trembling.

“Ok…” he whispered back.

I ran a hand down his cheek. “I’ve wanted this for a long time…”

“You have?”

“Oh, yes.” I kissed Colt again and placed a hand on his chest, gently pushing him down onto his bed. Once he was lying down, I straddled his waist, massasing his upper body as I continued to kiss him tenderly.

“Are… are we gonna…?” Colt trailed off, unable to bring himself to finish the sentence.

I smiled down at my young lover. “Oh, yes. We are. If you want to.”

“Oh, god, yes, Amber… I’ve wanted to… you know… with you… for so long…”

This surprised me a little. I smiled again and kissed him. “You know what?”


“I’ve wanted you for a long time, too.”

“You have?”

“Yeah.” Reaching down, I took hold of his young penis and began stroking it slowly. “Someday I’ll have to tell you what I’ve been doing while waiting.”

“Cool…” he said quietly, his eyes fixing on the space between my legs.

I figured there wasn’t much point in waiting anymore. I lifted my body, lined up Colt, and then very slowly lowered my fifteen-year-old vagina down around his very nice thirteen-year-old virgin penis, taking him all the way inside me in one easy, smooth motion.

“Oh… god…” Colt murmured as he lost his virginity to me. “Oh, that’s sooooo nice…”

“Yeah…” I raised and lowered myself, riding him in an unhurried fashion. It was absolutely heavenly having him inside me like this. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting laid by the boy of my dreams! It had taken a long time, and I’d gone through a lot of other boys to get to him, but here I was, at long last!

I figured that Colt probably wouldn’t last too long, given that this was his first time fucking a girl, but I was pleasantly surprised. I spent a good five minutes riding his hot young body before he began to moan and squirm under me. I was in total bliss as his penis began pulsing inside my vagina, his sperm blasting deep into me.

Once Colt was done cumming, I rolled off him, his somewhat hard penis slipping out of my vagina. I laid down next to him and gave him a little kiss.

“How was that?”

“It was… oh, wow, Amber… that was sooooo awesome… thank you.” He kissed me.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Does this mean… that I’m your boyfriend now?” Colt asked with a little blush.

“Yes, it does. If you want to be.”

“Oh, yes!”

“Good.” I kissed him again. This led into a ten minute session of kissing between us two. Soon Colt’s penis was throbbing against my thigh. I reached down and began stroking it again.



“Can we… do it again?” Colt blushed.

“Of course. You wanna be on top this time?”

“Yes, please.”

“Ok.” I moved onto my back and spread my legs wide. “Get on.”

Colt awkwardly got on top of me. I reached between our bodies and lined him up. Once he was in place, he pushed forward and his penis slowly entered my vagina once more. The look of happy pleasure on his face was an amazing one.

Once Colt was inside me, I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight. He started kissing me as he thrust with his hips. I let my hands drift down to his perfect, tight little ass, cupping it while he fucked, savoring the sensation of his muscles moving under the skin.

I was in heaven. I was making love to the most amazing boy I’d ever met. It had been a long, long trip to get him to where he was now. Bryce, Tyler, Spencer, Storm, Angelo, Matthew, Tobey and Ezra. All those boys. None more perfect than Colt.

We made love to each other all day long. Over the course of the next week I ended up having both Tyler and Bryce join in on the fun. Watching Bryce fuck Colt while Colt fucked me was a very sweet thing. But eventually it just got to the point where I had sex with no one but Colt. We were a couple now, after all.

For those of you who are curious about what happened to everyone, well… nothing really much, except that Bryce and Spencer started dating each other. Tyler managed to get Rain pregnant. She gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy.

As for the other boys… Angelo finally managed to get it on with Annabell Morgan, the girl Bryce once described as the most beautiful in the school. Matthew and Tobey’s family moved away. Storm and Ezra kept dating various girls, leading non-exceptional lives, though I understand they occasionally fooled around with Bryce and Spencer.

For Colt and myself… we kept dating throughout the next few years. When I was eighteen and he was sixteen, he got me pregnant. I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Two years later, when he was out of high school and I was in college, we got married. Things have been really great between us. This story may not have started with “Once Upon a Time”, but at least I can end it with:

And they lived happily ever after…


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