October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter One – Discovery
Alex Hawk

Life was royally suck-ass when you were a fifteen-year-old girl and pretty much always horny. I hadn’t been laid in more than three months now, and I was starting to get really twitchy. That was when I thought about chasing after Colt.

Colt, short for Colton, was a thirteen-year-old boy who played on the same baseball team as my brother, Tyler. I’d seen him playing a time or two, and had always thought he was a pretty cute little boy. About 5′5, nicely muscled, brown hair, blue eyes. One of the boys on the baseball team, Bryce was his name, was a friend of mine, and he was gay, so I had him check out Colt in the showers. Accord to my informant he was even decently hung for a boy his age! I would definitely be having Colt fuck me. Hell, I’d let just about any boy on the team, except Tyler, fuck me, but Colt was the one I wanted right now.

I loved sex. Absolutely. Loved. Sex. Having a boy’s penis inside me was one of the best, most wonderful things in my life. Each boy was different. Some were big, some were… well, not. Some came fast, some took their time. Some were virgins when I got to them, a few weren’t. I didn’t care, though. All I cared about was how wonderful it was to feel a boy in me.

I’d lost my virginity back when I was twelve to an older boy, and since then I hadn’t looked back. Eleven boys had fucked me so far, most of who were virgins when I first got to them. If I had my way, Colt would be the next one.

The plan was to find a chance where I could get Colt alone and have my way with him. That chance would hopefully happen at some point during the upcoming weekend, when he was going to be spending two nights at our house.

The first night passed very uneventfully. Colt and Tyler spent most of the night hanging around up in Tyler’s bedroom, and I wasn’t about to try and get Colt to fuck me in the same room as my brother. That would just be too many different kinds of creepy. The next morning I knew that our parents would be leaving really, really early to drive out of town.

I awoke early to the sounds of people trying very hard not to make any noise. It was strange how sometimes that seemed louder than people who weren’t making so much of an effort. I looked at the clock. It was just a little after eight in the morning. I knew our parents had left at about seven or so, so this mean that it must be Tyler and/or Colt who were not making the noise.

Sure enough, as I strained my ears a little I heard the sound of Tyler whispering, “Shh! Stop making so much noise, Colt! You’ll wake up Amber.”

“Sorry,” Colt hissed.

I wondered why the boys were trying to be so quiet. I heard them leave the hallway and moments later heard the sound of the sliding-glass door out back open up. Cautiously I rolled out of bed and lifted up the blinds on my window just a crack, just enough to see the backyard and swimming pool.

There were the boys. They were both wearing towels and giggling a little bit. As I watched they both were saying things to each other and then, to my real surprise, they both dropped the towels revealing that each of them were completely naked.

Well now, I thought to myself as my hand moved down between my legs. I slept only in my panties, so it was an easy matter to slip a finger up inside them and start rubbing at my vagina as I looked at Colt’s nude body. From what I saw, it was everything I’d hoped for!

The boys both dove into the water and started paddling around. I thought hard about the idea of going down there and joining them, but as before the idea of having my brother around was just a little off-putting to me. Instead I simply sat there and fingered myself while I watched Colt having fun.

What I really wanted to see, of course, was Colt’s penis. This chance came when I saw him and Tyler both getting up out of the water and walking over to some towels by the side of the pool. Not only did I get to see Colt’s penis, but also I saw that, to my surprise, it was actually somewhat hard! Casting a glimpse over at Tyler, I saw that he was a little hard, too, and actually seemed slightly bigger than Colt.

None of what I’d seen so far, mind you, prepared me for what I now saw as Colt laid down on one of the towels and Tyler got on top of him in the sixty-nine position. My eyes went very, very wide as I saw each boy slip his mouth around the other boy’s penis and start sucking away.

I was stunned, to be sure. I had no clue AT ALL that anything like this was going on. From the way they were doing it, it was pretty obvious this wasn’t the first time, either. Suddenly I had a fair idea of why Colt stayed over at our house so much.

I didn’t think either boy was gay. I knew they both talked about girls a lot and I’d seen each of them checking out girls from time to time. I also knew, especially from Bryce, that lots of straight boys play around with each other, especially when they’re only thirteen and even more so when both are still virgins. After all, you have to get off somehow.

Colt and Tyler sucked each other for a good five minutes or so, and then Tyler lifted his mouth of Colt’s penis and said something. Colt nodded and Tyler got off him. I guessed they’d stopped because one or the other of them as about to cum and they didn’t want to blast into each other’s mouths. I could understand that.

Lying side-by-side, the boys started jerking each other off rapidly. My guess about them being close was soon revealed to be accurate, as Colt’s body tensed up under Tyler’s hand and his sperm started firing out of his penis. Moments later my brother’s body tensed as well and he started cumming, too, several good, hard spurts of sperm landing all over his naked body.

All this time my fingers had been moving all over my vaginal area and now I felt my own orgasm claiming me. The feelings of intense pleasure started at my vagina and spread out all over my body, soon leaving me with the blissful feeling of post-orgasmic delight.

Down by the pool the boys had let go of each other and had gotten back into the water to clean up. They were only in the pool for a few moments before they got out, dried off and then came back inside. I heard them creeping quietly up to Tyler’s bedroom and eventually heard the door shut. I got back into my bed and laid there thinking about everything I’d seen and trying to figure out how this might force me to alter my plans a little.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.