October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Thirteen – Better Than Ezra
Alex Hawk

The light at the end of the tunnel was approaching, I thought to myself as Spencer, Ezra and I all walked towards Spencer’s house. The official story was that Spencer and I were boyfriend-girlfriend and Ezra was being invited to Spencer’s place to check out his latest acquisition; Fable, a wonderful little game on the XBox. It wasn’t my kind of game, but it was pretty decent, I suppose. It also had one little feature that figured large in my plans to have sex with Ezra, the last boy I had to fuck before I finally got my hands on cute little Colt! I couldn’t wait!

I eyed Ezra as we walked. Like most of the boys I’d fucked recently, he was in pretty damn good shape, what with all the baseball. He had blond hair that was a little too long and hung in front of his blue eyes sometimes. It made him look kind of cute, really.

When we got to Spencer’s house we headed up to his bedroom. This was, naturally, where his X-Box was located. His bed was there, too, of course, but Ezra didn’t know that was going to wind up mattering at all.

The plan Spencer and I had concocted for Ezra’s devirginizing was a simple one. It was basically an adaptation of the plan I’d used with Tyler. We’d start making out and eventually wind up fucking and Ezra would get a chance to join in. Pretty simple. Not really creative, but frankly, I was getting tired of thinking of elaborate ways to fuck young boys.

I sat on Spencer’s bed and watched as he spent some time playing Fable, showing Ezra how to play and all that. Finally after about twenty minutes he turned the game over to Ezra, ostensibly because he was bored, but really because he wanted to come fuck me.

Ezra sat down and started to play while Spencer joined me on the bed. He spent a little time coaching Ezra, telling him what to do and how to play. Then he and I started making out with each other. We kissed and hugged and touched a little and then Spencer tossed his shirt onto the floor, part of it landing on Ezra.

“Sorry, man,” Spencer said as he went back to kissing me.

Ezra looked back at us and blushed a little. “It’s ok,” he muttered before turning back around to the TV.

Spencer wiggled his eyebrows at me and we went back to the kissing. After another five minutes or so of making out, I took off my t-shirt and bra and threw them both onto the floor, not hitting Ezra, but landing them near him. He looked down at the clothes and then briefly back at me. I had made sure that I was sitting up so that he had a nice view of my bare breasts. He blushed again and turned around.

“Uh… do you guys want me to leave or something?” he asked quietly.

“No, it’s ok, Ezra. Just play the game. We don’t mind,” Spencer replied and then went back to kissing me.

“Well… if you’re sure…” Ezra said. I saw him out of the corner of my eye as he turned his head to sneak a look at my breasts again. The boy’s mind was definitely headed in the right direction!

Spencer started nibbling and sucking at my nipples, which turned me on even more. I let out a little whimper and through half-closed eyes saw Ezra take a peek again. This was really good! Plus Spencer was turning out to be a pretty decent lover, which helped.

I reached out and unzipped Spencer’s jeans, reaching inside them and his boxers to stroke his very hard penis. He grinned as I did so.

“You just love that part of me, huh?” he asked a little softly, but loud enough for Ezra to hear.

I giggled and whispered, “Get naked, ok?”


Spencer quickly got out of his jeans and underwear, tossing them onto the floor near the rest of the clothes. Ezra looked up and saw my naked upper body and Spencer’s entirely naked body as Spencer started sucking on my breasts again. Through my half-closed eyes I watched as Ezra rubbed a little at the bulge in his jeans before turning his attention back to Fable.

I began fondling Spencer’s penis again, stroking it softly as he sucked on my breasts. Eventually I tired of that, and pushed him gently onto his back, where I knelt down next to him and started giving him a blowjob.

“Ah… yeah, that’s what I like…” he said, putting his hands on the back of my head.

I peeked over at Ezra who turned to look at me blowing Spencer. He watched for a good several seconds before turning back to the game. Good! We were making some seriously nice progress here! I’d have that boy’s virginity within the hour!

As I blew Spencer, I started unzipping and unbuttoning my own pants. Soon I was pulling them and my panties down. Once they were to my knees, I pulled off Spencer’s penis, tossed my clothes onto the floor and went back to sucking, making sure that my backside was now facing Ezra.

“He looking?” I whispered after a couple moments.

“Oh, he was,” Spencer said. “He got a gooooood long look.”


After sucking Spencer’s penis for a few more moments, I got up and laid down next to him on top of the blankets, masturbating him. As I did that, Spencer reached between my legs and slowly worked a finger into my vagina. We sat there like this, playing with each other and watching Ezra, for a little while, waiting for him to turn and sneak a look.

Ezra finally did, turning his head just enough to glimpse us. Then turning very quickly back to the TV.

I let out a little laugh. “Ezra?”

“Yeah, Amber?” he asked, eyes still looking at the TV.

“Pause the game for a moment.”

“Ok.” Ezra did, but kept looking at it.

“Now turn around and take a look. It’s ok. I don’t mind.”

Very slowly Ezra turned his head and looked over at the two of us sitting on the bed masturbating each other. His eyes roamed all over my body, finally landing at the place between my legs where Spencer’s finger vanished into my teenage vagina.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“You… you really look nice…” Ezra said, sounding a little strained.

“Glad you think so,” I replied, smiling sweetly.

“Yeah, but you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Spencer said. He pulled his finger out of me and then said, “How about a little doggie?”

“Alright.” I got up on all fours, making sure that I was facing Ezra, my body only a short distance from him, and waited as Spencer got behind me. I let out a little gasp of pleasure as he gently pushed his naked teenage penis deep into my vagina, and then let out some more joyful sounds as he started slowly fucking me.

“Oh, god,” Ezra whispered. “You guys are really Doing It?”

“Yeah…” I jerked my head backwards a little. “Go see.”

Ezra licked his lips and looked very uncertain. Finally he crawled over and looked at the spot where Spencer’s penis was entering my vagina. Spencer pulled back really far so that Ezra could get a good look and then slowly pushed back inside me.

“Wow,” Ezra whispered.

“You’re still… a virgin… aren’t you, Ezra?” I said, a little out of breath. Spencer had gotten quite good at the whole sex thing over the last little while.


“Do you… want a turn…?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

Ezra blushed and I saw something in his eyes, desire warring with something else. Finally he reluctantly shook his head and said, “I gotta wait until I get married…”

THAT surprised me a little. I knew Ezra’s family was kind of religious, but I didn’t know that Ezra himself was. Before I could formulate a reply, Spencer gave one of his own.

“Dude… you gotta stick it in her… just for a bit… it’s sooooo fucking great in here…”

“Yeah, but I have to wait until I’m married,” Ezra whispered.

“Come on, Ezra…” Spencer said. “You won’t believe how great it is… Turn over, Amber.” He slowly withdrew his penis from me and I rolled over onto my back. Spencer pointed between my spread legs and said, “Stick a finger in there. You can at least see what that feels like.”

Ezra looked at me. I nodded and said, “Go ahead. That certainly doesn’t count as sex.”

Hand shaking a little Ezra reached out and, with Spencer guiding him, slid a finger into my vagina, his eyes going wide as he felt the velvety smooth sensation of having a part of him inside of a girl for the very first time.

“Now just imagine how great that feels on your dick,” Spencer whispered in a voice of temptation.

“Yeah…” Ezra said.

“All you gotta do is this,” he said, moving forward and lowering himself on top of me. Ezra started to pull his finger out of me, but Spencer said, “No, leave it in.”

“Uh… ok.”

Spencer lined up and slid his penis into my vagina, joining Ezra’s finger, and basically trapping the other boy inside. Spencer grinned and started slowly fucking me, turning to look down at Ezra’s wide-eyed face.

“See? Don’t you wish your dick was where mine is?”

“Uh… yeah, but… I gotta wait until I’m married,” he repeated, sounding a little less convinced than he had before.

“Well, Ezra…” I said slowly. “A blowjob wouldn’t count as sex. If you wanna take your dick out, I’d love to suck you off while Spencer fucks me.”

Ezra looked taken aback by the offer. “Really?” was what he managed to say.

“Really.” I patted a space on the bed next to me.

Spencer said, “Come on, man. If you’re not going to fuck her, you might as well at least get a blowjob out of it.”

Moving like he was in a dream, Ezra got up onto the bed, reaching down to unbutton his jeans as he did so. Hands shaking, he then reached inside his underwear to pull out his very hard, very virgin penis. It looked nice. Probably a little under five inches.

I took Ezra’s penis in my hand, stroking it slowly. “You have a really nice penis, Ezra.”

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“I’d love to have you fuck me.”

“Yeah… but… I gotta wait…”

“I know.” With that I pulled him close, opened my mouth wide and slipped it down around his naked young penis. I worked the shaft and head with my tongue, stroking him as I blew him and making sure to apply just a very gentle suction, enough to really get him going.

“Oh… wow… that feels good…” Ezra whispered.

“Fucking feels about a billion times better,” Spencer replied, continuing to screw me.

“Yeah? Cool…”

“Let me have a little of that, Amber,” Spencer said, leaning his face down.

I pulled my mouth off Ezra’s penis and watched as Spencer put his on it. Ezra opened his mouth in surprise and seemed about to say something, but as Spencer started blowing him, the expression of surprise turned to one of extreme pleasure. Spencer apparently gave pretty damn good head.

Very good head, apparently. As I looked up at Ezra’s face, I could see his orgasm approaching and from the pace of Spencer’s penis thrusting around inside my vagina, it would be a close bet to see who wound up cumming first.

As it happened, it was Ezra, who barely managed to whimper, “Oh… Spence, I’m cumming!” before he got this look of total orgasmic bliss on his face. Spencer kept his mouth on Ezra’s penis as the other boy climaxed, swallowing Ezra’s sperm as he did so.

While he was swallowing Ezra’s boycum, Spencer’s penis began twitching inside my vagina and I felt a wonderful liquid warmth as Spencer’s sperm flooded into my body, going off on its pointless search for an egg.

Once both boys were done cumming, Spencer slid his mouth off Ezra’s penis and leaned down to give me a tender French kiss. I savored the taste of both Spencer’s mouth and Ezra’s sperm as I kissed him back. Then Spencer pulled out of me and laid on the bed by my side.

“That was fucking hot,” he said with a grin.

Ezra fell back a little, his penis still twitching. “You… you sucked my…”

“Yes. Yes, I did. And I did a DAMN good job, too.” Spencer had a look of extreme satisfaction on his face.

“But… but… you’re gay?”

I reached out and put a hand on Ezra’s bare leg. “You saw Spencer fucking me, right?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Well, then he’s not gay, is he? He sucked your dick, but that was just for fun. You liked it, he liked it, everyone had a good time, right?”

“Well, yeah…”

“So who cares?” I said, leaning up to give Ezra a gentle kiss on the mouth.

He blinked but didn’t kiss me back. He just said, “This is all too much.”

Spencer laughed. “You think is too much? Just wait until you hear about some of what’s been happening lately.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean me, Tyler, Bryce, Storm and Angelo all taking turns fucking Amber here. In between times we fooled around with each other.”

Ezra was stunned. “Bryce? Tyler? But one is gay and the other’s your brother!” he said in shocked tones, looking down at me.

“Obviously not as gay as you thought, huh?” I said, choosing to ignore the bit about Tyler.

“Well… I guess not…” Ezra seemed terribly confused.

“Here, you need to relax a little,” I said. “Take off your shirt and lay down on your stomach. I’ll give you a massage.”

“You want me to be naked?” he squeaked.

I laughed. “Both of us are naked. You’re mostly naked. So?”

Ezra considered this. “Well… ok.” Slowly he pulled off his t-shirt, revealing a nicely well-developed teenage body. Now naked he rolled over onto his stomach and waited for me.

Spencer was smart enough to sit back and be quiet as I straddled Ezra’s butt and began massaging him. He was in fact QUITE tense, and thankfully I gave great massages. I felt his body start to relax under my hands.

“So how long has all this… you know… stuff… been going on?” Ezra asked, looking over at Spencer.

“You mean me and the rest of the team fucking Amber?”


Spencer shrugged. “Not too long.”

“Has everyone done it?” Ezra asked in a tone I couldn’t quite figure out.

“Everyone except you and Colt,” Spencer replied.


“It’s wicked fun, and it’s not like it’s a big deal, just getting laid,” Spencer said, trying to sound as blase as possible.

Ezra grunted but didn’t say anything. I moved my hands down off his shoulders and back and down towards his butt, massaging it gently before I worked my way down his legs, paying close attention to his thighs. Finally I worked on his feet and hands and then said, “Ok, boyo, turn over so that I can work on your chest.”

To his credit, Ezra didn’t argue at all. He simply rolled over onto his back, his stiff penis pointing up towards his head.

“Damn, you got a good dick, Ezra,” Spencer said, staring at the other boy’s erection.

“Really?” Ezra said, leaning up a little to look at his own penis.

“Oh, yes,” I said, giving it a couple strokes. “Very nice indeed.”

“Thanks,” he said after swallowing hard.

I straddled Ezra at the waist once more, making sure that his hard penis was rubbing up against my very wet vagina. Once comfy I started massaging him once more, working on his wonderful bare chest, neck, face and shoulders.

“You’re really good at that,” he whispered.

“Thanks.” I wiggled my vagina against his virgin penis. “I’m good at other things, too.”

“I bet…” Ezra said, a little out of breath.

Spencer was sitting next to us both, masturbating while he watched me give Ezra his massage. He saw Ezra looking at his penis and said, “You wanna jerk me a little?”

“Oh… uh… I’m not gay, Spence.”

Spencer rolled his eyes. “Dude, I know that. But it’s cool jerking another guy. Give it a try.”

Ezra put his hand out and wrapped it around Spencer’s penis, giving it a couple gentle strokes. “Yeah, that is kinda cool,” he said.

“See? Spencer knows all.”

“God,” I replied, rolling my eyes. “You’re turning into Angelo there, Captain Ego.”

Spencer snorted. “I should hope not.”

“You wanna feel something really nice?” I asked, looking down at Ezra as he continued to masturbate Spencer.

“Ok,” he said shyly.

I lifted my body up and took Ezra’s penis in my hand. I began rubbing it up and down against my vagina, from the clit down to the entrance, enjoying the sensation of a young boy’s erection rubbing on the most pleasurable part of my body.

“Ooooh…” Ezra moaned. “Oh, that does feel good…”

Now was the moment. “You wanna feel something even better?”

“Ok…” was that somewhat distracted reply.

Grinning and looking down at the young boy, I held his thirteen-year-old virgin penis straight up and slowly settled my very wet fifteen-year-old vagina down around it, taking him completely inside me. I smiled widely at Ezra’s startled look.

“Amber…? But… but I… didn’t want… oh, god,” he whispered.

I lowered my vagina all the way down, taking all of Ezra’s penis into me. “You wanted to wait until you were married?”



“I…” Ezra swallowed. “I have no idea…”

Grinning, Spencer said, “Feels really sweet in there, doesn’t it?” as Ezra continued to masturbate him.


I began riding Ezra, sliding up and down his naked teenage penis, caressing him gently with my vagina, trying to maximize his pleasure. I knew he’d probably cum fairly soon, but I wanted to delay it as long as possible and make it feel amazing for him in the meantime.

“Oh, god… I can’t believe… I’m really… having sex…” Ezra gasped out.

“You are…” I said with a grin.

Spencer leaned his face down and planted a tender kiss on Ezra’s mouth. To my surprise Ezra didn’t pull away. Instead I felt his penis kick inside me as he put his free hand on the back of Spencer’s head and started kissing back.

I started rubbing my clitoris as I watched the two boys kissing. I really did like seeing attractive boys getting it on with each other. I couldn’t wait until I could have a nice little orgy with all the boys I’d currently fucked plus Colt.

The fact that I had no more boys to go through and could now go straight onto Colt was very stimulating to me, as was the show in front of me and the feeling of Ezra’s penis inside my vagina. I began moving faster and faster and then stifled a howl of delight as my orgasm overtook me, spreading out from between my legs to go out all over my entire body.

The feeling of me cumming must’ve been the last straw for Ezra. He moaned around Spencer’s mouth and his young penis began spasming inside me, adding his load of sperm to that already deposited by Spencer. His first orgasm inside a girl. The look of pure bliss on his face must’ve been nice. Made me wish Spencer wasn’t blocking the view.

When Ezra was done cumming, Spencer lifted his head up and grinned at the other boy.

“You liked it?”

“Yeah…” Ezra replied, his still semi-hard penis twitching a little inside my vagina.

Spencer looked at me. He gestured between my legs. “Mind if I finish up?”

“No problem,” I said. I pulled off Ezra, his penis flopping against his body with a wet slapping sound. Then I laid on my back and spread my legs, waiting for Spencer.

Spencer wasted no time at all. He got on top of me and I watched as he guided his penis into my vagina. As he sunk in all the way, he said, “Oh, god, I love fucking you when someone’s already cum inside you…”

“Thanks,” I whispered, reaching up to cup Spencer’s butt as he began fucking me.

“Oh, god I love this… I love fucking you… oh, god, this is sweet…” He was back into blabbermouth mode.

“Yeah… fuck me good, Spencer,” I said, hugging him tight against me. I’d learned that saying things back was a good way to speed him up.

“Oh, yeah… oh… oh, god, yeah… oh… fuck… god, I love fucking… oh… oh, god, I’m gonna cum… oh… oh, god… oh, here it comes… here comes my sperm…. oh, god… GOD!” Spencer gritted his teeth and held himself against me as his penis pulsed inside my vagina, firing off yet another blast of teenage sperm to that two that were already in there.

Once Spencer was done cumming, the three of us laid there on his bed, getting our breath back and basking in the afterglow. After about ten minutes Ezra shyly asked if he could fuck me again, this time with him on top. By the time all was said and done, each by had fucked me five times. I was amazed that I could walk out of there.

Still, on the walk home, despite the vague pain in my hips, I wasn’t thinking at all about how much I’d enjoyed being fucked by Spencer and Ezra. Or how much I’d loved having sex with Tyler, Bryce, Angelo, Storm, Matthew or Tobey. All that my mind could focus on was the fact that soon I’d finally get the tremendous joy of taking the virginity of pretty young Colt.

The end was in sight.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk.