October 20, 2008

Doing It – Part One
Alex Hawk

“So have either of you guys Done It yet?” Jeff asked us.

“No,” said Jacob.

I shook my head. “I really want to, though. Have you Done It yet?”

“No,” Jeff said. “I saw a girl naked once, though.”

“Cool!” both Jacob and I said. It was very late at night, almost time for lights out, and the three of us were in a small tent we all shared at summer camp. We were currently talking about sex. Being twelve, like all the other kids here, talking was all we were likely to have done. At least Jeff had seen a girl naked, though, which put him a few marks above us.

“Who was she?” I asked.

“My older sister. She was getting into the shower and I didn’t know she was in there, but I saw her whole body.”

“Wow,” Jack said. “That must’ve been cool.”

Jeff nodded. “Oh, it was.”

“She hot?” I asked.

“Yeah. She had really nice tits. Too bad she’s my sister, or I would have fucked her right there.” He grinned at me. “I’d certainly fuck your sister, Emmet.”

“Sally?” I asked in surprise. She was my twin sister and was here at camp with me. “She’s not that cute.”

The other two boys looked at me like I was stupid. “Are you blind?” Jack asked me. “She’s fucking cute!”

“Yeah!” chimed in Jeff.

“I wonder what it feels like to fuck a girl?” Jack asked aloud.

“I bet it’s sweet,” Jeff said.

“My older brother has a girlfriend he’s fucked. He says it really cool. Like a hundred times better than jerking off,” I said in tones of great amazement. I couldn’t picture ANYTHING feeling better than jerking off.

“Do you jerk off?” Jack asked, looking at me.

“Yeah. Do you?”

“Yeah. What about you, Jeff?”

“Yeah, of course I do. Doesn’t everyone?”

I said, “Not girls. They don’t have anything to tug on.”

Jack chuckled a little. “They finger themselves. I read about it.”

“Finger?” asked Jeff.

“You know. They stick a finger in their pussies and move it like it’s a boy’s dick.”

“Wow,” I said, picturing that. “That would be cool to see.”

“Yeah,” Jeff said, a faraway look in his eyes. “That gives me such a hardon.”

I laughed. “I’ve had one ever since we started talking about this.”

“Me, too,” confessed Jack.

“How big is yours?” I asked him, curious.

“Uh… I don’t know. Like three or four inches, I guess. Yours?”

“Probably about the same. What about you, Jeff?”

“The same, I guess. Hang on, I got an idea.” He turned around and rooted about in his duffel bag, eventually pulling out a small tape measure. “I brought this for when I catch fish.”

“Cool,” I said.

“You guys wanna see exactly how big we are?” he asked, showing it off.

Jack said, “Sure, I wouldn’t mind knowing.”

I nodded. “Might be cool.”

“Ok. Who goes first?”

“Well, it was your idea,” I replied. “How about you?”

Jeff shrugged. “Ok.” He got up onto his knees. He, like the rest of us, was wearing only pajama bottoms and boxers. He pulled them down enough to let his penis pop up. He was a little smaller than me, I thought, and he didn’t have any hair yet. I had a small, tiny bit of hair that was starting to grow in.
Jeff extended the tape and placed it along the shaft. He looked down. “Three-and-a-quarter inches,” he said.

“Not bad,” said Jack.

Jeff passed the tape measure to him and sat back, giving his penis a couple strokes.

Jack sat up and pulled down his pajama bottoms and boxers. His penis looked about the same size as mine but I could tell he didn’t have as much hair as I did. Only a couple strands. I wondered if he could cum yet. I could, but I was older than the other boys. I’d be thirteen in a month.

“Three-and-three-quarters,” he said.

“Really?” asked Jeff.

“Look for yourself.”

Jeff leaned down and looked at Jack’s penis. “Huh. Ok. Your turn, Emmet.” Jack passed me the tape measure and sat back, stroking his erection like Jeff was.
Sitting up now, I pulled down my bottoms and boxers like the other boys had, my own penis pointing up at the top of the tent. I laid the measure along side my virgin erection and tried to read the number.

“Four inches. Almost,” I amended.

“Four? That can’t be right,” Jack said, sounding surprised.

“So look.”

Jack leaned in close and put one of his fingers on the edge of the tape to hold it in place. He was nearly touching my penis. I held my breath, scared to move.

“Yeah, it really is four. Damn. You got more hair than me, too.”


“What’s it like to have hair?” Jeff asked, looking at my penis.

I pulled it down a little to give them a better view. “It’s cool. Kinda itches sometimes, though.”

“Can I touch it?” he asked.

“You wanna touch my dick?”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “No, just the hair.”

“Oh. Well, ok.”

Jeff brushed his fingers against the curly strands. “Wow… different from the head on your hair, huh?”


“Can I touch it, too?” Jack asked.

“You got hair of your own,” I pointed out to him.

“Yeah, but not very much.”

“Ok, if you want to.”

Jacks fingers now brushed against the small patch of pubic hair. “Cool. Mine’ll be like that soon, huh?”

“Yeah, probably.”

We heard one of the counselors going around the tents telling everyone it was lights out. We quickly stashed our penises back into our clothing just as we heard a tapping on the door of the tent.

“Lights out, boys,” the counselor said.

“Ok, Mr Dickinson,” Jeff said as he sat up to turn off the light at the top of the tent.

As the counselor walked away we all laid there in the darkness listening to the sounds of our breathing. I eventually heard another sound.

“Is that you, Jack?”

“What?” he asked, sounding guilty as the sound stopped.

“Are you jerking off?”

“No… well, maybe a little, yeah. I can’t help it.”

“I’m kind of jerking, too,” Jeff said.

Reaching down in the darkness I pulled my penis back out and started rubbing it. “Yeah, me, too, now,” I said.

“It’s fun, huh?” Jack said.


We laid there beating off together for a few more moments. “What are you guys thinking about?” I asked.

“Sally,” Jeff and Jack both said. As I laughed a little, Jeff said, “What are you thinking about?”

“Jessica.” She was one of the girls in my sister’s tent, along with a third girl named Molly.

“How do you guys jerk off?” Jeff asked.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well… let me show you how I do it.” I heard him fumble around and saw him turn on his flashlight. It was aimed at his penis. He was holding it with just his thumb and forefinger around the shaft. He gave it a couple strokes. “See? You guys do it this way?”

“I don’t,” Jack said. He took the flashlight and pointed it at his penis. I saw that he he was holding it with two fingers on one side of the shaft and his thumb on the other. “How do you do it, Emmet?”

I took the flashlight and focused it on my penis. I masturbated by wrapping all my fingers and thumb around it and stroking away. I did this now, letting my friends watch. To an extent it seemed weird that I was jerking off in front of someone else, but it also didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

“I gotta try that,” Jeff said. I heard him moving around and shined the light onto his penis where he was beating off the way I did.

“What do you think?” I asked as the flashlight was turned off.

“Feels pretty good.”

“I’ll try it, too.” Jack started masturbating in the same way. “Yeah, that is pretty nice.”

“Hey…” Jeff said slowly. “I got a weird idea. You guys gotta promise not to freak out, ok?”

“Ok,” I said, continuing to stroke.

“Sure, what is it?” asked Jack.

“Well… we all got different ways to jerk off. So, like, you guys wanna try doing each of our ways on each other?”

“What do you mean?” I asked into the silence that followed.

“Well… like you jerk me off your way, I do Jack my way and he does you his way. Then we all switch. That way everyone gets to feel what each way is like.”

“We can all just do each different way on ourselves,” Jack pointed out.

“Yeah, but this way we get to feel it the way the other person does it. You know?”

I considered this. “Well… I don’t know. It might be kind of cool just to try it. I mean, if we don’t like it we can always stop, right?”


Jack finally said, “Well, yeah, I guess we can see what it’s like.”

“Cool,” Jeff said. “Ok, let’s all move closer together.”

We all scooted together into a rough triangle. I said, “So it was me on you, you on Jack and Jack on me?”


I took a deep breath. “Well, let’s get started, then.” So saying, I reached out into the darkness until I found what felt like Jeff’s penis and started to slowly stroke it. It was strange holding onto another guy’s penis, but it didn’t really feel all that bad or anything.

“Cool. Ok, I’ll do Jack now and Jack, you start on Emmet.” I heard and felt Jeff moving around and seconds later felt Jack’s hand fumbling around trying to find my penis. He finally found it and started mastrubating me.

Jack’s method of masturbation was very odd, especially when he was doing it to me. No one but me had ever touched my penis before and now someone else wasn’t just touching it, they were jerking me off. It felt really good, though.

“This is pretty cool,” Jack said. “Good idea, Jeff.”


The three of us sat there in the dark tent jerking each other off for I don’t know how long. After a while, though, Jeff said, “Let’s switch around, ok?”

“Ok,” I said. I let go of Jeff’s penis and fumbled around until I got my hand on Jack’s, noting the different texture and feel from his penis compared to mine compared to Jeff’s.

Jeff’s hand felt better on me than Jack’s had. His method of masturbating seemed to really get the job done. I wondered if I could end up having an orgasm from him doing this to me? Was it even possible to cum while someone else was jerking you off?

Apparently it was because I heard Jack’s shaky voice saying, “Hey, Emmet… you keep that up… and I’m gonna cum…”

“I’m getting close, too…” Jeff whispered, the pace of his hand on my penis increasing, pushing me towards the line.

Suddenly Jack’s penis started twitching in my hand as he had his orgasm. I heard him moan, but I didn’t feel any sperm or anything. He must not be making any yet, I thought. Either way, though, it was enough to make me cum and I was making sperm. Jeff’s hand suddenly was coated rather completely with a generous amount of it.

I then heard Jeff moan and shortly thereafter heard Jack say, “Ew! What IS this shit?”
eff, rather breathlessly, said, “That’s my cum, dude…”

“Yuck! Oh, it’s all sticky! Ew!”

“Here, wipe it off on here,” Jeff said, handing something to the other boy.

“You’re not making sperm yet, are you, Jack?” I asked him. “I didn’t feel any on my hand when I made you cum.” Wow, I thought. I actually made another guy cum!

“No, I’m not. God, this stuff is disgusting! Ugh.”

“Oh, it’s not so bad once you’re the one who’s making it,” Jeff said with a little chuckle. “Sorry, dude. I probably should have warned you.”

“It’s ok, man. Next time I’ll know better.”

I heard someone outside the tent and hissed, “Cheese it, guys. Someone’s outside.”

A flashlight passed over our tent as we quickly hid under our sleeping bags. It was just the counselors making sure everyone was down for the night. We heard them walk off, quietly talking to each other.

“That was close,” Jack said.

“Yeah. We’d better get to sleep,” I put in.

“Ok. Good night, guys,” Jack said with a little yawn.

Both Jeff and I made our good-nights and laid back to drift off to sleep. I was still kind of horny because of what we’d just done. I’d never been jerked off by anyone before but I really, really liked it! The fact that Jack had implied we’d do it again filled my mind with all sorts of thoughts of possible upcoming pleasure. With those ideas in my mind, I eventually drifted off to slumberland.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Be nice and show some respect, pal!