Finally!!! I never imagined this could be such a burden! When I started the story, I was really invested in the characters. But I made it too big! Someone warned me up front. “That’s a big horse you climbed on!” where his exact words. Well. He was damn right! During the writing of the story I lost connection with the characters and needed to force myself to write. Not a good combo with all the Covid-19 stuff going on around me. So I guess for now you won’t see any multi-part story from me in the near future. But never say never…

I do think however it still came out quite nicely. I really like the ending. This was in my mind from day one and I believe I’ve done justice to the characters. It’s not a ‘There was  a big explosion and everyone died. The end.’ -ending, like the same person who first warned me warned me about not to do. Sure! I could write out the whole sex bit when they go in the shower and everything after that. But that would just be a repetition of what happened first, so you use your own imagination for that.

I’m really glad this is over. I’m sorry for you guys that want more Kevin and Laura. I don’t think this will happen again. Maybe, just maybe a follow-up with the open ending. But honestly I don’t think so. It’s been done now.

The good news is that I have a few other ideas in my head, ready to come out. My only focus point is to keep it short. So keep watching the site for more JC Quality porn writing!!

You can find all three parts here and just the last part here.