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The Magnificent Zafar – Part three

The Magnificent Zafar – Part Three
Jason Crow

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since we had our fucking spree during the weekend. Yeah… I was keeping detailed track…. After that memorable weekend, Kevin and I went to school and our normal life had started again. We both had some slight difficulties adapting to our new school, but all in all, we were doing fine. We didn’t come anywhere near to having sex again in the last two weeks and I was feeling hornier by the hour.

About three days ago Kevin left the bathroom door unlocked during his shower, but the moment I wanted to walk in our mom came home and that plan had to be abandoned. Both our parents did their best to adjust their schedules to each other’s, so at least one of them was at home during our first weeks of school. Really nice and thoughtful, but not what we wanted at all!!

The moment it was my mom’s turn to drive, I went with her and Kevin to his water polo practice a few times, so I would at least see some nice bodies. It didn’t help me reducing the horniness of course. It did get me to see Logan though and make small talk with him during the drive to and from the swimming pool. It wasn’t just a nice body, but Logan was a really nice guy. He was a bit timid and afraid to do or say something wrong, but I blamed that on him losing his dad at a young age. I was almost feeling guilty for our plan of molesting him. Almost.

Today mom was working late at her office but our dad was working at home to compensate. He needed to get some work done and said he would be in the study if we needed him. I briefly considered going to mine or Kevin’s room to do some hanky-panky, but I found it too risky. Instead, we both found ourselves lounging on the couch, watching some rerun of The Big Bang Theory.

“I really want to fuck you Laura” Kevin softly said to me out of the blue and smiled at me.

“I really, really, REALLY want you to do that too!” I said. “But we can’t do that now”

“I know…” he trailed off.

“Oh! I almost forgot. How was your sleepover?” I asked.

It was Monday evening now and Kevin had a sleepover over at Logan’s house last Saturday to Sunday. He came back late in the afternoon on Sunday, so I didn’t have a chance to talk to him about this sooner.

“It was great! I even talked him into letting you hypnotize him.”

“Oh? How did you bring that to the table?”

“Well…..” He trailed off. “It sorta happened on its own” and he started blushing furiously.

“NOW you’ve got me curious!”

“I’m not sure if you want to hear this,” he said, as he moved in his seat and looked uncertain.

“Bullshit! I don’t care what you did, as long as you didn’t kill someone and you still want to fuck me” I said and laughed a bit.

“Oh.. Don’t worry about that. I want to fuck you all right! Oh, and we didn’t kill anyone, so don’t worry about that either” and now he smiled that sexy, wicked grin again which made my vagina moisten considerably.


“I arrived at Logan’s house at around 5 p.m.” He started. “His mom opened the door, smiled a really big smile, and let me in.”

“I’m SO glad Logan has found himself a friend,” she said and hugged me.

“It made me feel a bit uncomfortable, which she noticed. She shouted upstairs to inform Logan that I was there and then told me to go upstairs to Logan’s room to get myself installed.”

“When I came upstairs Logan was waiting for me. We bumped fists and showed me his room. And he has a great room I must say!”

“Oh? What’s so great about it?” I asked.

“He’s got his own PlayStation with a huge screen attached to it, A PC in the corner, a king-size bed, and a bathroom for himself in his room! And it’s a big room too! First, it was two separate rooms, but they merged them together.”

“I see. So he has an en suite bathroom?” I smiled.

“A what!?” Kevin asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“That’s what they call a bathroom in a bedroom,” I said, already laughing knowing how much it irritates Kevin when I do this.

“Yeah. Well. Whatever. Good for you… Wiseass….” Kevin smiled and went on with telling the events during the sleepover.

“I threw my bag in a corner and sat on his bed. Logan asked me if I wanted to play Fortnite with him. I would play on his PS and he would join the game from his computer. I said I would rather go and jump on their trampoline, so we went outside.”

“WHAT?!?! You didn’t play a computer game?” I pretended almost falling from the couch hearing this.

Now it was Kevin’s turn to laugh, which he did. He almost choked laughing so hard. Even our dad shouted for us to keep it down a notch.

“Of course not, silly! We played for about an hour, me beating him every time. He’s not real good at this I know now. We turned it off when his mom shouted the pizza was there, so we went downstairs and ate pizza with her while watching some funniest home video’s show. After we polished off the pizza and the show was over, we excused ourselves and went upstairs again. Logan offered to watch a movie on that huge screen of his, which was fine by me. We agreed on watching the new “It” movie. I guess we both didn’t want to wimp out on a scary movie…. Logan asked me to get everything ready because he’d promised his mom he’d take a shower today. So I started selecting the movie, put on my sweats, and got comfortable on his bed. Of course, I’ve seen him naked dozens of times at practice. But now, in this setting, I couldn’t help looking at him” Kevin started to blush as he said this.

I could see he was a bit ashamed of admitting this, so I decided to make it a little less awkward for him.

“Back home in Tampa I had the same experience with Nancy when she took a shower when we were studying at her place. I couldn’t take my eyes off her too. So yeah… I know what you mean.”

I could see Kevin lighting up on that remark, which was good. I wanted all the details of Logan. The more the better and this way maybe Kevin wouldn’t be holding back on me. I even briefly considered hypnotizing him and force him to tell the truth, but I didn’t want to break my promise to Kevin and only use it to spice things up between us.

“Logan came out of the shower and was still drying his hair when he saw me looking at his dick. I quickly asked him about the car crash that caused the scar on his hip. He said that he doesn’t remember a lot about it. He only remembers a fireman lifting him out of the car. It gave me an excuse for looking at his pelvic area and a reason to keep looking. I felt my dick chubbing up a bit, so I started looking him in the eyes and we both smiled at each other. Logan bent over at his closet to take a boxer short. I could barely restrain a giggle because his ass reminded me so much of my own.”

“That must be a real fine ass then!” I laughed.

“Yeah. It is… Thanks for filming mine, sis! It almost got me caught looking at another boy’s ass!” he said with mock sarcasm and he laughed too.

“Logan sat down next to me on the bed in his Jack & Jones boxers as we watched the movie. At one time during the movie, his mom came up with some snacks and drinks. She told us she was going to bed and asked us to keep the noise down a bit. She needed to work the next morning and would be back by noon. We assured her this wasn’t a problem, and that we’d probably sleep in. Logan turned down the volume a bit and we each said good night. It was a bit hot in his room and since Logan was only wearing his underwear, I decided to take off my sweats and chill in just my underwear too. Logan apparently didn’t mind, because it seemed like he barely looked at me. While I undressed he opened a bag of chips for us. It was lying in his lap with him munching it down. As I sat back down he said I could take some too. We took turns grabbing some chips. As the level of chips was going down, I accidentally bumped against Logan’s dick. At first, I didn’t realize it, but the second time, it was quite clear. Logan didn’t move or react in any way, but the fourth time I could feel his boned up dick through the bag.”

“Wow! Didn’t he say or do anything?” I asked.

“Nope. He just sat there watching the movie. The fifth time I was going in for the last crumbs and felt him up as much as I could and he still didn’t move. I looked at him with my peripheral vision and could see a slight blush, but that was it. I was having some mixed feelings about this. I didn’t want to be labeled as gay, but I was also really curious about another guy’s dick. Is that weird?”

“No! No, of course not. I’ve read somewhere that in their puberty everybody is a bit bi-curious. Heck! While you’re being so honest: I’m also curious about touching another girl’s tits and pussy and doing some stuff.” And I blushed a bit.

“Well… I guess I’m bi-curious too then. I mean… The whole experience with Brian back home to me was more… fun… I guess?? This was way more serious to me.”

“Yeah. I guess that makes sense.” I responded.

“Anyway… Because of all this touching, I had a full-blown boner myself and no more sweats to hide it. I casually placed my hand in my lap to cover it a little. But Logan just started licking his fingers clean and threw the bag on the ground. He offered me a can of Coke and opened one himself. I couldn’t help but look at his crotch. As I looked back up at his face, I saw him looking at mine. When our eyes met, he smiled and said something about Beverly, the only girl in the losers club, being hot. Just a moment ago she was sunbathing in her underwear. I guess he was kinda looking for an excuse too.”


“I focused on the movie, hoping my boner would go down, which eventually it did. I did notice Logan’s took a bit longer, but after a while, his tent was gone too. Almost near the end of the movie, I heard a beep next to me and moments later Logan was crawling over me to look at it. I felt his bare chest against mine and his hand brushed against my dick a few times by ‘accident’. It appeared Logan’s got an app or something because he giggled a bit. As he was getting back up he grabbed me again, which caused my boner to come back big time. Logan couldn’t have felt more than me chubbing up, but it was still a bit awkward. He sat back up next to me and now our bodies were touching because he made me look at his phone. He’d got a pretty hot little movie about a woman getting fucked by three men. After a few moments of this, the text ‘Airlocked’ appeared onscreen which caused Logan to laugh again.”

“Airlocked??” I asked.

“Yeah. Logan explained it to me. That’s when a girl gets every hole filled, so no air can go in or out. If you know what I mean.”

“Aha… Airlocked…. Gotta try that sometime” I laughed.

“It was a pretty hot little clip, so there we were again with our boners. We watched the movie again. A few minutes later, it was almost over and so were the drinks. My dick had gone down a bit but not completely soft and I could see Logan was in pretty much the same condition. We were now both watching the movie intensely and it was a pretty tense ending. After it was over we talked about Beverly, whom we both found quite hot. Logan then surprised me big time. And I mean really surprised me! Out of the blue, he asked me if I wanted to watch some porn and jerk off together because he was pretty worked up. Well… I was worked up too, but a bit afraid to admit it. But then again… I was also very interested in watching him beat off, but couldn’t say that of course. He started to say that it was normal to do this, not gay at all, and more of that stuff. So after just a tiny little convincing, I agreed.

Logan took the remote and switched his TV to his PC. With his phone, he opened up something and a few moments later a sunbathing girl was asking the pool boy, who was wearing some very short cut-off jeans if he could rub some sun lotion on her back. Pretty corny huh!? But hey, it worked for us. By the time the girl was naked, Logan took off his boxers and threw them across the room. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his stiff dick, but also figured I wouldn’t get away with this too long. So I quickly took off my boxers too and started stroking my dick. Logan scooted closer to me and draped his leg over mine. I didn’t mind a bit. It added a whole new level to the experience. As I was getting in a rhythm, I glanced over at Logan who was now openly looking at my dick, while stroking his own. He complimented me on my dick being so big. I only could say the same, because his dick looked almost the same.

He said I was probably right, but we could only find it out one way. So he brushed my hand away and took hold of my dick and urged me to do the same. Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, I immediately took hold of his dick, which was indeed almost the same, but a little thinner. We lay like this for a few moments, both pretending to compare dicks, but it REALLY got me going. So I figured ‘what the hell’ and slowly started stroking Logan’s dick. He softly moaned and his hand slowly started to move up and down on my dick.”

“Wow! I would’ve loved seeing that!” I commented, squeezing my legs together trying to take off some pressure from my soaking wet pussy.

“Yeah… It was hot! It wasn’t long before Logan started to gasp and moan and after a few more strokes he grunted and his cum spurted all over his belly and my hand. I was close too and while he came, his hand moved faster on my dick causing me to shoot off too. My cum flew all over me and over his hand.

We both were panting and I started to feel a bit uneasy about the whole situation. I quickly let go of his now softening dick and I couldn’t look at Logan. I just wanted to get dressed and go to sleep as soon as I could. Logan didn’t seem to feel uneasy at all though. He just stated that this was great and that he needed this. He picked up a towel from under his bed, wiped himself clean, and handed the towel to me. As I wiped the cum off my chest, Logan got off the bed, went to his “EN SUITE” and drank a glass of water.

He came back and offered me a glass too. He stood there looking at me with his semi-hard dick pointing forward, but he didn’t seem to act be any different than when the day started.

He just kept making small talk like nothing had happened and got under the covers. The way he acted made me feel a lot less awkward, and I got under the covers too. We talked some more about the movie and I almost forgot we were both naked In bed under the same blanket.”

Kevin looked at me with a bit of a flushed face and with question marks in his eyes.

“Now… Do you still think this isn’t gay?” he asked.

“Nope. I don’t think so. I now wish that back home with Nancy, I would’ve had the balls to do something similar! It’s a great way to get off without all the hassle!”

“Well….” Kevin trailed off. “Just before we went to sleep, Logan said we should do this again sometime….”

“And you should!” I stated. “Do you know what we need to do too??”


“We need to find a way to get ME in the mix too”

“Right!” Kevin said very enthusiastically. “That would be totally awesome!”


I was turned-on thanks to the story Kevin was telling me, and I did notice he had a pretty obvious hard-on, so the memories of last weekend were affecting him too. Despite all this, he kept talking about last weekend.

“The next morning, it took me a little time to realize I wasn’t in my own bed. It was warm in Logan’s room and I think that’s the reason we kicked down the blanket during the night.

Most of the lower part of my body was still under the blanket, but Logan was lying completely exposed on his back. His morning wood was sticking up, which immediately reminded me of the events before we went to sleep.

I was also sporting some serious wood and seeing Logan lying this way, made me needing to adjust my boner and tug on it a little bit to get the edge off. My movements must’ve caused Logan to wake up because he stirred and slowly opened his eyes. He looked down and saw me adjusting my boner, which immediately brought a smile to his face.

He rolled on his side, took my dick in his hand, and slowly started wanking me. I couldn’t help but moan as his hand was massaging my dick and reached out to help him out too. But before I reached his dick, Logan shifted his body a bit. I figured to give me better access to his junk, but he started moving down. I immediately knew where this was going and I couldn’t, nor wanted to stop it. His head was inches above my dick and he opened his mouth.

Right at that moment, I heard the front door close and footsteps coming up the stairs. Logan quickly laid back down next to me and pulled up the sheet over our bodies. At that moment we heard a knock on the door asking his mom if we were up already. Logan said we were and we were just getting up. His mom opened the door just a crack and peek inside smiling at us. She urged us to get up so she could make waffles and we’d all have breakfast together.

We both said we’d like that a lot and we would get down as quickly as possible. She closed the door went back downstairs so Logan and I could get a shower. Logan smiled at me and said that this was a close call. I giggled too and stepped under the water with Logan following behind me. We quickly did our thing and our boners were going down in the process. Nothing more happened and we both didn’t talk about what we did and were going to do. I DID talk to him about your hypnotic powers by the way!”

“Really!? What did you say?” I asked curiously.

“At the breakfast table, his mom mentioned to him that his new magician’s book will be delivered the next day. At first, Logan responded evasively. I guess because he was afraid I might think it’s a bit nerdy.

But when I said you master a lot of magic tricks and that we even did a show together, his eyes lit up and the next thing I knew, he couldn’t stop talking about it. He’s curious about some of your tricks I mentioned, but most of all he wants to know about the hypnosis.”

“Cool! So he wants to know more?”

“Definitely! And his mom thinks it’s really good to exchange information with another magician. So I invited him over next Saturday when mom and dad are gone with dad’s office. Still need to talk about mom and dad if it’s okay with them, but I guess that that won’t be a problem. Do you?”

“No. I guess not. Mom likes Logan, and dad doesn’t care as long as we don’t throw a party”
“So,” Kevin continued, “I guess next Saturday we can test our first hypnosis victim” and started giggling like a little girl. I couldn’t help myself and started giggling too.

Dad walked past us to the kitchen and looked at us with a big question mark on his face, but said or asked nothing.

“I’m going upstairs and finger myself silly” I whispered in Kevin’s ear. “Your story was so fucking hot! Can’t wait till Saturday! If you need any help making this work, just let me know, okay?”
As I stood up, I pretended to fall over and squeezed his hard dick through his sweats making him moan softly. Then I went upstairs and indeed fingered myself silly. Two orgasms in a row to be exact, thinking about Kevin and Logan getting it on.


The week crept by so slowly it almost hurt. I couldn’t wait until it was Saturday. But it seemed like time itself had slowed down. Kevin and I both had made some plans and then talked about these plans, chose the ones we liked best. Then we talked about it a bit more and fine-tuned them in a few places.

Kevin even urged me to use my power on him if the situation called for it. He also talked to our mom and dad about Logan coming over and they both came to me separately if I was okay with it. I found that extremely funny because I was the one who came up with the idea of getting Logan in the mix. But they couldn’t know that of course, so I tried to keep a straight face and tried to look apprehensive, but of course, agreed to let Logan sleep at our place.

So. After they both agreed with it, and they both thought it was a good idea, Kevin sent out an app to Logan to give the green light for the weekend. In almost under a microsecond Logan responded that it was fantastic news and that he would come over. So that was it. Our plan was in motion and now the preparations for the weekend could begin. Kevin and I made sure everything was set in the attic and that the podium was clean and ready to go.

I went to bed on Friday evening, afraid I couldn’t sleep. But after a nice and thorough masturbation session, sleep came quickly. I woke up around 10:30 on Saturday and immediately my thoughts went to the afternoon. Excited I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs. In the hallway, the suitcases of our mom and dad were already there.

They said they would leave around noon and wouldn’t be back until around four pm. on Sunday afternoon. This was almost exactly what we calculated as the best possible scenario, meaning this would give us plenty of room to fool around. As I was eating my breakfast

Kevin came down and I could see in his eyes that he was also psyched. After hearing all the do’s and don’ts from mom and dad and saying there was some money for pizza and stuff, they were on their way and we’d be having the house for more than a full day to ourselves.

After we were done waving goodbye we went inside and gave each other a firm hug. We started making out pretty hardcore and I could feel Kevin’s stiff dick pressing against me. After a few moments of this, I reluctantly broke the hug.

“We should be getting things ready. This needs to wait for later. Why don’t you get the hot tub ready, then I’ll start putting on my bikini.“ I said.

“OK… ”Kevin said, but he looked a bit disappointed. “I was hoping we could fool around a bit before Logan comes over.”

“Yeah, well… He’ll be here in less than half an hour. There won’t be a lot of time to fool around and we need to make sure everything is set for the rest of the day.”

“I know… You’re right. As always…” he trailed off.

I gave Kevin another hug, squeezed his softening dick through his pants again, which caused him to moan. Again… And then went upstairs to change. I made sure to wear my nice two-piece yellow bikini.

I wrapped a towel around me so it wouldn’t be too obvious that I was wearing a bikini. We agreed that I would be waiting in my room until Logan showed up. Luckily I didn’t have to wait that long before the doorbell rang. I heard Kevin and Logan talking downstairs and Logan shouting goodbye to his mom. Moments later I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I waited a few moments and as they passed my room, I walked out. As I did this, I almost bumped into Logan.

“Oh hi, Logan!” I said, acting surprised.

“Hi Laura” Logan timidly answered and looking at the ground.

“Welcome to our humble home,” I said trying to make conversation. “I heard you’re spending the night with us?”

“Yeah. I do. Thanks for having me” he said, still not looking me directly in the eyes.

“Kevin said you wanted to talk to me about some of my magic tricks, right?”

“Oh yeah! I’d really like to exchange ideas and tricks! If that’s fine with you of course”.

That’s better. Bringing up the magic tricks sparked something in him and now he was acting more like the Logan I saw when he was with Kevin. He even started looking directly at me now. It also made me look at him.

“He sure is a hottie,” I thought to myself.

Right now he was wearing khaki-colored cargo pants and a black, long-sleeved shirt with some Iron Maiden print on it. The cargo pants were made of some soft fabric, which formed snugly around his front and back. I could see a nice bulge where his penis was. I made a mental note to also check his butt when he turned around.

“Hey! You know what? I said. “I was on my way to the hot tub to relax a bit. Why don’t you guys join me, so we can talk a bit about that stuff?”

“Oh… Uhmm… I didn’t bring my swimming trunks”

“No problem” Kevin chipped in. “You can wear one of my spare speedo’s”

“Okay. Great!” Logan said.

“All right. I’ll go ahead. See you guys downstairs.”

And Logan and Kevin were off to Kevin’s room. I took a quick peek at Logan’s butt and decided that these cargo pants were doing great things for his butt. Feeling my vagina moistening a bit more, I went downstairs to the tub. Kevin had already made all the arrangements, so I just had to lose my towel and get in.

I made sure to not put my towel within reach so I had to show my body to the boys when I got out to dry off. Another thing I made sure of, was making my bikini top wet. That way my nipples would get nicely hard when the boys walked in. I would only have to get my boobs out of the water and the cool breeze would do the rest. I know… Better be prepared!

So there I was. All set and ready to keep the wheels in motion. I couldn’t resist it, so I gave my already swollen clit a tiny rubdown. I didn’t want to cum, but the anticipation of what would be coming got me so worked up, I needed to flip the switch on my little button.

“No way man! Arthur Morgan is way cooler than Franklin Clinton!” I heard Kevin say.

I took my hand out of my bikini bottom and looked over to the door where the boys would be appearing soon. I made sure my boobs were out of the water, so my nipples were already hard and visible. The fact that my yellow bikini would become just slightly transparent, would probably help too. It wasn’t much, but if you looked hard enough, you could see a bit of my nipple and areola through my top.

The moment Kevin and Logan walked through the door, I could feel a shiver going through my body. Both of them were wearing speedo’s, which I’ve seen before of course, but the atmosphere was different now and so was the effect it was having on me.

They were quite clearly both lefties… Their speedos did nothing to hide that fact. But Logan was wearing one of Kevin’s old ones and…Oh boy! Where Kevin’s speedos were skimpy, the one Logan was wearing, was even skimpier!

With Kevin’s at least the top band of his speedo’s was clinging to his body. The actual fabric of the speedo’s begun lower. This was tight and left nothing to the imagination because his dickhead showed through. Again… Nothing I hadn’t seen before. But Logan’s junk was even more on display. The waistband didn’t have enough room to fully cling to his body.

About half of it was lying on top of his sideways pointing dick. And of course, his pubes were showing because there simply wasn’t enough room to hide them inside the speedos. But the way Logan acted, he seemed to be proud of his pubes and showing off, which I found a bit odd considering him being so timid around me. The elastic fabric was stretched to its limit, which also meant that a tiny hint of his sack was on display on both sides.

All of this took me a few milliseconds to see and digest. I also realized that making my boobs wet to show off my nipples wasn’t necessary. They popped up even more than they did already. Both boys used their hands holding both ends of the towels they were wearing around their necks and were chatting about some videogame stuff. I didn’t know if they did this on purpose, but this way I could take in their bodies quite nicely.

The moment Logan noticed me in the tub, he took his towel from his neck and kind of held it in front of his groin, while trying not to make it too obvious he was hiding his groin area. When they reached the pool they probably realized that this argument they were having about the game they were talking about, wasn’t any of my interest, so they agreed to disagree.

“How’s the water, Laura?” Kevin asked.

“It’s great! I’m totally relaxed” I smiled. “Good to see you could help Logan out”

“Yeah… We wouldn’t want him to walk around naked now, do we?” Kevin said with mock seriousness.

“No! We sure wouldn’t want that!” Logan said with a bit of a blush on his face.

“Well… Thanks to Kevin you don’t have to. Come on in guys!”

Kevin entered the tub first and just like we planned he sat on my right, which meant there was only one logical space left in the tub, which was beside me on my left. When Logan came in, it was obvious he was trying to not stare at my boobs. I quickly made eye contact with Kevin who saw it too and gave me a wink. I made sure my leg was touching Logan’s and I pushed my boobs forward a bit.

Kevin hung back and started to relax. He spread his legs and doing so, touching my leg. His whole body, including his bulge, was visible through the clear water of the tub. Maybe it was my imagination, but it looked like he was getting a boner. His dick seemed a bit bigger than when they arrived. Logan on the other hand seemed a bit tense. He was sitting up straight and had his hands in his lap.

“Maybe he’s sporting wood too.” I thought to myself.

Wanting to make Logan feel comfortable, I started chatting about a new trick I recently learned. As we chatted away, Logan quickly relaxed and felt more at ease. I did see him take a few glances at my boobs and figured these were good signs. To keep that momentum going, I made sure to dip ‘em underwater from time to time, so my top would stay slightly transparent and my nipples would remain hard. I wanted Logan to be at least a little worked up.

During our talk about the tricks, I also made sure to touch him every now and again on his shoulder or chest and of course a playful slap when he made a joke. A few things were a secret that I didn’t want Kevin to hear, so I whispered them in Logan’s ear. While doing that, I made sure my boobs were pressed against him.

If he had any more experience with girls, he would have known for sure I was seriously hitting on him, and looking down in the water, I saw only a glimpse of what looked like his boner, because almost all the time he had his hands in his lap, making sure I couldn’t see his stuff.

I did found out he did know a thing or two about magic tricks. He gave me a few pointers on some of my tricks and he was impressed with some of the stuff I did. Eventually, the topic of hypnotism came up. Logan wanted to know if I could teach him. I couldn’t teach him of course but offered him to be hypnotized.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t be hypnotized, Laura” Logan said, just like Kevin had done the first time “But if you want to try, I’m game!”

“Chill, dude” Kevin joined in. “I already told you she’s really good at it! I figured I couldn’t be hypnotized either, yet she managed. So I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”

“Well… We’ll just have to see then, don’t we?” I said. “Why don’t we try it out after we’re done here?”

“Okay… I’m done!” Kevin said, and just as we had talked about earlier and he stood up to make his point.

I looked at him and watching him standing there with his junk clearly visible through his speedo’s, made my spine tingle once again. God! I was SO attracted to him! Logan apparently wanted some action too and he mimicked Kevin. Seeing him in his skimpy speedo’s with even more of him visible than with Kevin, made me feel like I was a spoiled kid in a candy store.

Not wanting to miss out on anything, I also got off my butt and stood next to the boys. This made me realize that if my top was a bit transparent, so would my bottom. Up until now, I’ve only used this bikini to sunbathe. So there I was… Two pairs of eyes roaming my body. And instead of feeling exposed, I was feeling a big surge of power. This power was emphasized by seeing both boys chubbing up while they were looking at me.

“All right then. Let’s get dry, change, and head upstairs. It’s Hypno time!” I announced.

Both boys snapped out of their trance and looked at my face. I smiled and turned around to get out and grab my towel. Knowing fully well that this would show off my ass to the boys, I couldn’t suppress a smile on my face. I took my towel and started drying off.

I looked at Kevin still standing in the tub as he was obviously checking me out as much as possible judging by the way his eyes roamed over my body and saw his full-on boner on display. His speedos couldn’t hide this fact, considering the way a tiny bit of the top of his dick peeked above the waistband. He didn’t know this or didn’t care, which was both fine by me.

Logan however was doing his best to not look at me and concentrated on drying off. He climbed out of the tub and hid his groin once again. I guess he didn’t want to offend me in any way, but of course, the opposite was true. Logan and I stood side by side with Logan’s back turned to me. This way he was looking at Kevin. I could hear him clear his throat subtlety which involuntarily caused me to look over that way. I saw Kevin smiling and quickly put his hands in front of him, which caused Logan to giggle a bit. I pretended not to notice all of this and continued drying off.

When I was done, I threw my towel over my neck instead of wrapping it around my body like before as there was no more reason to hide my body. I was having the desired effect on them and it turned me on greatly knowing I was the source of that effect. As I started walking toward the house and they were starting to close the lid on the tub, I could hear both of them whispering at each other. I could barely hear what it was about, but slowing down my pace and concentrating on the sound, made it doable.

“Dude! Did you just bone up over your sister?”

“Duh… Yeah! Did you see her? You could practically see it all through her bikini! And by the way… You totally boned up too!”

“Yeah… I did. But she’s not my sister.”

“So what!? I don’t care… She’s hot!”

“Yeah. You’re right. If she was my sister, I’d totally do her…” And he started to giggle.

“Well… If we…”

At that moment I couldn’t hear what they were saying anymore. I went upstairs, got inside my room, and made sure the door was a little ajar. Last night Kevin and I moved my full-length mirror and placed it in a rather illogical place in my room, but this way they could see the reflection of me changing through the crack of my door in the mirror if I stood at the correct place.

It was a good thing we checked this last night otherwise, this couldn’t possibly have worked. By the time the boys came upstairs I already lost my bikini and put on my lace, almost see-through, thong I bought when I went shopping with my mom. I waited a few moments with putting on my, also see-through, bra. Hearing the muffled words coming from Kevin’s room was my cue. Kevin should have shown Logan by now that they could watch me change.

That’s when I stepped in the right position while putting on my bra. My tits were only covered by thin, see-through lace and my nipples were as hard as diamonds by now. I made a show of pretending to check out how I looked and made sure to turn around a few times, so both boys could drink in the sight. It took me a lot of willpower not to look back at them, though in my peripheral vision I could see their faces above each other, just like in some old cartoon. I was getting hornier by the minute being exposed like this but figured I couldn’t prolong it much longer.

A little reluctant I started putting on the rest of my clothes. I had one last trick up my sleeve doing this. I bent over to pick up my skirt. I had to turn my back toward the mirror doing this, which meant my complete backside was exposed to the boys. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear I heard some gasps coming from Kevin’s room. I slowly pulled up my short skirt and put on my sleeveless shirt I also wore at the last show. The only difference in my outfit was a shorter skirt. And the underwear of course, but no one could see that.


I was already upstairs and on stage and had turned on all the lights and stuff when the boys came upstairs. Logan’s eyes were as big as saucers as he looked around at my setup.

“Woah! This is totally awesome!! Is this all yours??”

“Yep! The previous owner left all this stuff in the attic. It’s amazing isn’t it??” I smiled.

“Amazing?!?! It’s great! Do you know how much this stuff costs?”

I laughed at how much he was impressed. I figured there was also a hint of jealousy in there, but he was too kind to show that. Kevin walked in behind Logan and was laughing too.

“Pretty neat huh!? I told ya!” and he playfully punched Logan’s shoulder.

“Hey!! Is that a vanishing cabinet?” He asked and walked over so quickly he stumbled over some stuff lying on the ground.

We both checked out the cabinet and I showed him how it worked. He wasn’t that shy kid anymore around here. That much was clear. I could see Kevin smiling at us and he took his phone out of his pants to check his messages or something. Logan and I checked out some more of the bigger tricks and tried some of the other stuff. I couldn’t help myself checking him out once and again. He’d put on the cargo pants and the Iron Maiden shirt he had on earlier, which gave me another great view of his backside and his package on the front.

“Okay, Logan. Why don’t you go and sit on the chair there?” I asked and pointed to the chair I’ve placed on the stage.

“Are you going to try to hypnotize me now?”

“Yup! And trust me. I’m not trying!” I smiled. “You know what?!? Kevin will film everything you do when you’re under. That way you’ll have proof it worked because you won’t remember anything from it. Is that okay?”

“That’s a great idea. Do it Kevin, but please use my phone”

“Why?” Kevin asked.

“Because when you make me do embarrassing stuff, I can delete it.”

“Don’t worry. We won’t let you do anything embarrassing or dangerous. Trust me!”

“Okay. I trust you. But still… Use my phone please” he smiled.

Logan unlocked his phone and gave it to Kevin. I couldn’t blame him. In the meantime, I took the pendant from my neck and showed it to Logan.

“Keep looking at it as I sway it in front of your face”

“Really!? Is it THAT corny??” Logan asked in disbelief.

“Trust me, dude… It’ll work” I heard Kevin say from behind me.

“Will you please step back a little Kevin? I need to concentrate here”

Kevin did as I asked him and stepped off the podium. I started swinging the pendant in front of Logan’s face and said some of the stuff you see on the T.V. when they hypnotize someone. I did see Logan was trying to do as I told him and he constantly kept his eyes on the pendant. After a few more moments I leaned forward and put my mouth next to his ear.

“Brimba Zafara Memosal” I whispered and, just like with Kevin, nothing seemed to happen.

“Annnnddd. Sleep!” I said.

At that moment Logan fell forward on his knees and was out like a light. I couldn’t hold back a giggle and I could hear Kevin approaching me from behind.

“Did it work!?” he asked.

“Well… Duh…” I answered. “I told you it would”

“Awesome! Hey Logan! Stand up and take off your shirt!” he said.

But of course, nothing happened. Logan kept lying in his lap and didn’t even move.

“It’ll only work when I give him orders. Start recording Kevin”

Kevin held Logan’s phone in front of him and opened up the video app. He stepped aside so he could get me and Logan in one shot. I had thought about what would be wise to start with. And I didn’t think it would be a good idea to immediately let him take off his clothes.

“Okay, Logan. When you wake up you cannot speak English anymore. You can only bark like a dog. And you’ll only be able to stand on your left leg. If you understand this, please nod” I said quite clearly, so it could be heard on the video.

“Okay, Logan. Wake up and stand on your feet please”

Logan’s head went up, he looked around and stood up. He almost fell because he was indeed trying to do it by using his left leg only. After a few moments, he stood straight and looked me in the eyes.

“Can you tell us how you feel Logan?” I asked.

Logan looked at me and I could see he was thinking he was talking to me. But all we could hear was the sound of a dog barking. It was just as funny as when Kevin could only bray like a donkey.

I could hear Kevin laughing behind me. I let Logan finish his sentence and looked at him. I figured the tricks I first did with Kevin were as good as any, so I would do that again. Kevin didn’t remember anything and it would be funny as hell.

“Okay, Logan. Sit down please.” And he clumsily sat back down.

“Annndd…. Sleep!”

Logan fell over in his lap again. Kevin stopped filming and walked up to me.

“That was funny!” he laughed. “Now what?”

“I want to try one more thing and then we show the videos to him. Okay?”

Kevin walked back to his spot and held the phone in front of him again.

“Wait for one second Kevin. I want to tell him something I don’t want you to record”

“Oh!? Okay,” and he looked at me with a puzzled face.

“Okay, Logan. Listen carefully. In a few moments, I’ll tell you to wake up and I’ll give you a few assignments. But from now on, you will have a boner the entire time. Is that clear?”

He nodded again. I had no idea if the hypnosis was powerful enough to let him have a boner, but if it did, it would be a nice and subtle touch I figured.

“Wow! Will that work?” I heard Kevin say behind me.

“I don’t know. But if it will, I could get rich!” I giggled. “Now you can start recording, Kevin”

I heard the beep coming from the phone and Kevin gave me a thumbs up.

“Okay Logan, When I tell you to wake up, you can talk normally again, and both your legs work. There is one problem though. Your butt will be glued to the seat of the chair you’re sitting on. You also took off your clothes and put them on the ground at Kevin’s feet. When I say the word ‘Budweiser‘, the glue will dissolve and at that moment, you are no longer glued to the chair. Do you understand?” Another nod.

“Okay, Logan. You can wake up now.”

Logan sat back up and looked up at me with a smile.

“How are you feeling, Logan?” I asked while trying to take quick peeks at his crotch.

“Great! Thanks. Why do you ask?”

I wasn’t quite sure and maybe it was just my imagination, but it did seem like something was growing in his pants.

“I was wondering if you weren’t getting cold up here in the attic without your clothes on” I simply stated.

Logan quickly looked down and I could see the panic in his eyes as he looked back up at me. In a reflex, he immediately placed his hands in his lap and turned beet red. He tried to get up from his chair, but the imaginary glue held him in place. He tried this a few times and then looked at me with a pleading look on his face.

“Uhhhh… Can you please hand me my clothes, Laura?”

“Why don’t you get them yourself?”

“I can’t! There seems to be something wrong with this chair!”

The panic was pretty obvious in his voice. I could see Kevin giggling behind the phone, but was still recording everything.

“I’ll make the glue go away, so you can get them yourself. Is that okay?”

“Can you do that!?” He asked with relief in his voice. “That would be awesome!”


And immediately Logan got off the chair. The moment he stood, the erection in his pants was obvious, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Wow! That was a great idea! That Pendant is damn powerful” I thought to myself.
Logan quickly walked over to Kevin to get his imaginary clothes, his boner tenting out his pants.

“And….. Sleep!” I said.

Immediately Logan stopped walking and stood still with his head hanging down like he was sleeping while standing up. I heard Kevin’s phone bleep, indicating his recording of Logan’s movements had stopped.

“That was funny!! And the boner thing sure worked..” Kevin said while looking at Logan’s crotch.

“It sure did. I didn’t expect it would though.” I honestly said while also eyeing Logan’s boner.

“Now what?”

“Well…. Of course, we let Logan see the video, but first I… ahem… The Magnificent Zafar… must say a few things to him.”

Kevin nodded. I stepped a little closer to Logan and as I did, I felt the tip of his boner pressing against my hip. This sparked a little tingle inside my pussy. I reluctantly moved a little, so he wasn’t touching me anymore.

“Okay Logan,” I said to him. “When I tell you that you can wake up again, you won’t remember anything from what happened during your time on stage. Your boner will remain hard as it is now, but you won’t notice it. Not on your body and not on the video or pictures. Nod if you understand.”

Logan nodded of course.

“A few minutes after you wake up, you start to feel hot. You’ll feel that your clothes are making you way too hot, but you can’t touch your clothes. Only Kevin or I can touch your clothes and take them off. Do you understand this?”

Another nod.

“When I say the word ‘balloon’ small, but powerful balloons are tied to your wrists, making them being pulled up by the power of these balloons. The word “untie” will release them from your wrists. When I say the word ‘Corndog’ you slowly get horny and hornier by the minute. You’ll eventually get as horny as you’ve ever been. Is this clear?”

He nodded again.

“Lastly, when I tell you to wake up, you won’t be able to lie. Only the truth can come from your mouth. When you are awake in a few moments you’ll feel normal and can make your own decisions as if you weren’t hypnotized. You’ll only respond to the trigger words if I, and I alone say them to you. Are all of those things clear??”

He nodded while still standing asleep.

“That was a lot of commands,” I said to Kevin. “I hope I didn’t overdo it.”
“It’ll be fine Laura. Don’t worry” he assured me. “But uh… The Corndog thing I get, but why the balloons?”

“Well… I figured if he wants to hide or needs to touch ‘something’” I said making air quotes, “He won’t be able to do that.” I responded

”Ah. I see. Have you imprinted a trigger phrase already?”

“Dammit!! No! I forgot.” I responded and feeling stupid. “I’m not sure if I should give him so many orders.”

“Well… I guess one more can’t hurt. Can it??”

“I don’t know. I’ve never given this many orders.”

“Then there’s only one way to find out” Kevin smiled.

“I guess you’re right. What should it be?”

“Well…. You use the Simpsons on me. So why not use ‘Aye Caramba!’ on Logan?” he said, looking a bit mischievous.

“Sure. Why not?? As long as it isn’t a sentence you regularly say, it shouldn’t be a problem. Okay. One moment.”

Kevin stood back fiddling with the phone as I imprinted yet another trigger phrase on Logan. Poor boy. All the while he just stood there with his head hanging and his boner proudly sticking forward. I wasn’t an expert on boy’s anatomy, but of course, I heard the ‘blue balls’ and ‘hurting boner’ stories from my friends back home. I wasn’t sure if this boner which was created by Zafar was the same as a regular boner, but if it was this could become a problem for Logan.

“Hey, Kevin?”

“Did it work?” he asked.

“Sure. Well… I guess so. I didn’t do anything different with you, so I guess it’ll work. But I was wondering..” I trailed off.


“Doesn’t a boner start to hurt after a while?”

“Uhhh” and he started to blush. “Sometimes it does and you need to… Relieve it if you know what I mean.”

“I do,” I said smiling. I found it cute that he still was a bit shy talking about this stuff with me, after everything we’d already done together.

“Well… When he wakes up he’ll probably tell because of the ‘truth serum’. Won’t he?” Kevin said.

“You’re right. Let’s wake him up and have some fun!!”

“All right!! I’ve got the video ready, so let’s go” Kevin said and I could see the same anticipation as I felt in his eyes.

“Okay, Logan. You can wake up now.”

At first, nothing happened and I started to feel a bit of panic boiling up. But after a few moments, his eyes opened and he blinked a few times. Then he looked up at me and slowly a smile spread across his face.

“It didn’t work. Did it?” he smiled but looked a tiny bit uncertain.

“Dude! You were WAY out of it!” Kevin said as he playfully hit Logan on his shoulder.


“Yup,” I said. “And we have the video to prove it.

“Right.” He said and Kevin handed him the phone.

We all looked at the video of Logan’s hypnosis and all laughed at the way he behaved. At the end of the video, his hard-on was really obvious and couldn’t be missed on the video, but Logan didn’t say a thing as if he didn’t see it. This for me was a good indication that the orders I gave him had worked.

“I must admit it, Laura. This is a great act! Especially the part where I’m glued to the chair. It seems so real!”

As Logan scrolled back to that part of the video, I could see little drops of sweat forming on his forehead. I glanced over at Kevin and saw him looking at this too and he smiled a knowing smile at me. This was going fantastic!

“You’re getting hot bro?” Kevin casually asked Logan.

“I am. I’m almost burning up. But I cannot roll up the sleeves of my shirt” Logan said while his hands seem to be being held back by an invisible force field.

“Here… Let me help” I offered and rolled up his sleeves.

“I don’t know what’s going on here, but this helps for now. Thank you, Laura!”

“You’re welcome” and we looked at the video again. Kevin and me just to kill some time.

A few moments after we looked back at the screen, Logan’s hands went to the bottom of his shirt. But his hands stopped just before he could touch his shirt. I could hear Logan curse under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as innocent I could.

“I don’t know,” he said a bit agitated. “It’s freakin’ hot in here and I can’t even lift my shirt to let some air under it”

“Shall I help?”

“Yes please!” Logan said with obvious relief in his voice.

I stood in front of Logan and took the hem of his shirt and started lifting it. I guess Logan didn’t expect this, but when he figured out my intentions, he looked relieved and lifted his arms to let me take off his shirt. I couldn’t help myself anymore and casually let my hands glide over his six-pack.

“You poor thing! You’re all sweaty” I said with mock pity.

“I know. Did you turn op the heat in here?”

I could hear Kevin giggle beside me and he said: ”Why don’t you take his pants off too Laura? That way he can cool off even better.”

This was a moment that would make or break the evening. I looked into Logan’s eyes and tried to read his reaction. He doubted a few moments but after that, I could see the determination in his eyes. At that moment I could swear I could read his mind, but of course, even the Magnificent Zafar couldn’t have that much power. But I sure felt something at that moment.

Looking back at it I’m pretty sure if Logan realized he had a boner, he would’ve never let me take off his pants. But hey! He didn’t know he had one! So my hand started working on his belt, next came his button, and lastly the zipper. As I worked on his zipper, I could feel the heat from his boner behind it and felt its hardness beneath the fabric. It was pretty hot undressing him and opening up his pants. All the while Logan smiled at me thankfully.

After I was done with the zipper and his checkered Jack & Jones boxers came into view, I could feel myself getting soaked. I didn’t think it would be this big of a turn on for me, undressing a boy. I skinned off his pants and as they went down his legs, I squatted in front of him.

This of course brought me at eye level with his boner and it looked magnificent up close, hidden only by a thin layer of cotton. His dickhead was clearly visible through the fabric, but I could also see he hadn’t leaked any precum yet which I found interesting. All of this took just a few moments and as his pants reached his feet, Logan stepped out of them and I stood back up.

“Ahhh… That’s much better.” Logan said. Still oblivious of his boner which was obscenely stretching the fabric of his underwear.

I looked him in his eyes and near his hip, I put my finger in the waistband of his boxers.

“Aren’t these hot too??” I asked with a bit of a husky voice.

“Well…. Yeah. They are. They feel like they’re on fire! But I can’t take these off now. Can I?” He laughed.

“Why not?” I heard Kevin ask behind me.

This obviously took a moment to sink in. Logan looked at Kevin with his mouth slightly open as he was forming the right words in his head.

“Then you’ll both see me naked!!” Logan said to us as if we were stupid.

“So? Laura sees me naked all the time. So she’s used to seeing a boy naked. No biggie. Right sis?”

“Right. I don’t mind really.”

This seemed to make it even more difficult for Logan, but this time he didn’t respond at all. He just looked at us.

“Look Logan, if you’re hot, you’re hot. And if taking this of help, I don’t see why not to take it off. If you feel too shy, Keven will take ‘em off and I’ll look the other way. But as far as I can see now, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.” And I smiled my sweetest sincere smile at Logan to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

Logan looked at us with a bit of disbelief in his eyes. But I could see he was also seriously thinking about it.

“Wait… You let her see you naked?” Logan said as if it just sunk in.

“Sure! Why not?” Kevin responded.

“I like seeing him naked and he doesn’t mind. So yeah… Why not??”

“I guess you’re right… I think..” he answered doubtfully.

“Hey Logan, will it help if I get naked?” Kevin offered.

That took both Logan and me by surprise. We hadn’t discussed this, but I liked the way this was going. Seeing two of these gorgeous bodies in their full glory… So I wasn’t going to argue with Kevin.

“That way you won’t be the only one and you’ve both seen me naked already, so I don’t mind,” Kevin continued and already kicked off his shoes.

Kevin didn’t give Logan much time to think. He was already taking off his shirt and tossing it aside. He started opening his pants and looked at me with a wicked smile. I looked at Logan and he was watching Kevin’s every move very closely.

We both watched silently while Kevin stepped out of his pants and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers. He looked me straight in my eyes and slowly, but steadily slipped off his underwear. In my peripheral vision, I could see he wasn’t hard yet. I couldn’t resist and looked at his dick. He wasn’t hard. I’d seen that correct. But he wasn’t soft either. I couldn’t blame him though. I was getting wetter myself. I looked over at Logan and he was openly staring at Kevin’s dick.

“So. Now let’s help you out, Logan.” Kevin said and walked over to Logan.

“I’ll turn around,” I said, trying to make our odds as best as possible, and did just that.

I heard some ruffling behind me and a few moments later Logan sighed.

“Thanks, Kevin! I don’t know what’s going on, but this helps a lot! It’s like a ring of fire is lifted from my hips. You can turn around now Laura”

I turned around and was greeted by Kevin’s semi-boner and Logan with his hands in front of his privates. Kevin was smiling broadly and Logan did look relieved. I hadn’t realized it had this big of an impact on him. I made a mental note to be more careful with this kind of action in the future.

“So. Now what?” Logan asked.

“I can do another trick if you guys want,” I said casually, not trying to emphasize the fact that I had two naked thirteen-year-olds in front of me.

“I’d like that,” Logan said.

“Me too. But why don’t you get comfy too?” Kevin said with that infamous wicked grin.

This was something we did talk about when we were planning all of this. If I was in my bra and panties, things would probably go a bit easier for us.

“Nah. I don’t think Logan would like that.” I said, trying to be serious

”Oh… I don’t mind Laura” he said as casually as he could. But I could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Okay then. I’ll take off my shirt and skirt. But you both have to promise to pay attention to the tricks I perform!”

“Of course we will,” Kevin said for the both of them.

“After that, we’ll go and eat something guys. I’m getting hungry. Do you want a corndog too Logan?” I asked.

I looked him in the eyes as I said this, and at the word ‘Corndog’ I could see him blink and something changed in the way he looked. But that was all. We’ve also reached the point of no return as the most important trigger word was said now. I was quite horned up now and considering the two naked boys before me, decided it was time.

“Yeah! I love corndogs!”


I climbed back on stage and as I kept my eyes on Logan to check out if, and how fast the effect was, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I tried to make it a little sensual for the boys.

Looking at Kevin I saw sensuality for him wasn’t necessary at all. He was hard as a board already. Of course, he knew what was coming now and it was a good encouragement for me to continue.

I turned around, so my back was to the boys, and slipped off my blouse. I put my hands over my boobs and turned around. I licked my lips and slowly moved down my hands to the waistband of my skirt. The moment my hands were out of the way of my bra and my stiff nipples that were poking through the lace material came into view, I heard both boys suck in a breath.

I felt a bit exposed with my nipples on display like this, but my pussy obviously felt something else. The lace in my panties was almost see-through, but with the wetness I had produced already, I figured they must be completely transparent by now.

Well… It wouldn’t be long before the three of us found out, as I was slowly but steadily sliding down my skirt. The moment the waistband of my panties became visible, I turned around again. I continued sliding down my skirt and bending over slightly. I wasn’t going to do a stripper move with my pussy fully on display from behind with me bending over, but I did want the boys to take a good look at my ass.

And when I looked over my shoulder to check them out, I could see they both were indeed checking my ass out. I could also see Logan wasn’t that strict or concentrated about his hands anymore. The tip of his dick wasn’t covered anymore and it looked magnificent to me. Too bad it was so far away now.

The moment my skirt was enough past my hips and I didn’t feel resistance anymore, I let my skirt fall to the ground. I put one hand on my hip, and let the other play with my right nipple, and turned around, just to hear another gasp. This time only from Logan. Kevin smiled a sly grin and his eyes were switching between my body and Logan’s almost completely exposed dick.

“What’s up Logan?” I seductively asked

“I can totally see your pussy! It’s amazing” he answered without hesitation. This of course was the honesty speaking.

“Do you think you can keep your eyes on the trick I’m performing?” I asked with a laugh.

“Huh!? What? Euh… Yeah. Sure… Of course. I’ll try….” Logan stammered.

Both Kevin and I laughed at that reaction and I started performing my trick. Not too difficult, but apparently something Logan hadn’t seen before. Kevin was dividing his attention between my body, Logan’s dick, and my magic trick, although the trick understandably didn’t seem to have his interest.

Logan’s hands sometimes drifted away from his dick, but when he realized he was on display, they quickly went back. This was irritating me a bit because I still didn’t have a good look at him fully naked. I also didn’t know yet if the corndog trick worked and, if yes, how well it worked. So I decided to play the ‘balloon’ card on him.

“Okay, Kevin. Take Logan’s wrists.” I said and I could see in his eyes that Kevin knew what was coming.

Kevin took a few steps toward Logan, his erection obscenely bobbing up and down as he moved. He stepped in front of Logan, giving me once more a nice view of his very fine ass.

“I’ve got them, Laura,” Kevin said.

“Tie a balloon to each of his wrists and step aside.”

“Done,” Kevin said a second later and stepped aside.

A few seconds later Logan’s arms slowly, but steadily started moving upward, causing him to blush.

“Wait! This way you’ll see my boner!” Logan said with a bit of panic in his voice.

“So what!? We’re naked. Well… I am and Laura is almost naked at least. You can see it all. Don’t worry man. No biggie” Kevin assured Logan as his arms gradually were going up.

“No worries Logan! It’s nothing I haven’t seen before and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! I mean…. The ‘No biggie’ part isn’t true…” I smiled, also trying to get him at ease.

I climbed off the stage and walked toward the boys. I exaggerated the swaying of my hips a bit in an attempt to look sexier. As I approached both boys I could see their eyes were roaming my body. This made me feel even more tingly inside. I never felt this desired in my life and by now my pussy was so uncontrollably wet, I heard a soft squish sound at each step I took.

I stood in front of Logan and by now his arms were almost completely up. I openly looked him over from top to bottom and back. His dick was indeed almost as big as Kevin’s, but a tiny bit thinner. A big drop of precum had formed on the tip of his dick and I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to lick it off, but I managed because I didn’t want to freak him out. Just yet…

“Nice…” I said and looked over at Kevin who now was also openly checking out Logan’s body.

“He IS nice, isn’t he!? Told ya he was…” Kevin said and smiled.

“You guys talked about me?”

“Of course we did,” Kevin said. “I really liked what we did at the sleepover and talked about it with Laura. She was intrigued and wanted to take a good look at you.”

“Oh… Okay…” Logan said a bit confused.

“Didn’t you like what we did?” Kevin asked and stepped a bit closer which made the tip of his boner touch the side of Logan’s hip. A moan escaped from Logan’s mouth.

“What’s up?” Kevin asked with a sly grin on his face.

“I’m getting really horny by all of this” Logan said, not able to lie of course.

“Oh? Why is that?” I asked innocently.

“There’s a beautiful and almost naked beautiful girl in front of me and my best friend is grinding his dick against me. What do you think?”

I didn’t know sarcasm was an option with the truth ‘spell’ I cast, but obviously, it was. So why not pay him back a bit for being sarcastic.

“What do you think boys? Should I get comfy too?” I asked.

“Yeah. You should” Kevin answered and took a tiny step back so his dick was no longer touching Logan.

“Absolutely!” Logan answered enthusiastically at the same time.

Without making too much of a show or fuss about it, I unclasped my bra and let it fall. I heard Logan moan again as I started working on my panties. I stepped out of my panties, naked as the day I was born, and stepped over to Kevin. Not wanting to hold back anymore, I kissed him as hardcore as one can kiss. My hand went down to his dick and I gave it a few strokes, which caused Kevin to moan in my mouth and his right hand started kneading my left tit.

“Wow! Guys! What are you doing? You’re brother and sister!” Logan said.

I stopped kissing Kevin, but my hand didn’t leave his dick. I looked at Logan and shrugged.

“So what? We both like each other a lot and have great sex. I don’t mind that he’s my brother”

“Neither do I” Kevin moaned.

I looked at Logan and the lust in his eyes was so obvious, I felt a bit sorry for him. He moaned again when I licked Kevin’s ear and let my thumb rub over his glans, spreading the precum. I started jacking Kevin more deliberately now and his body couldn’t stop squirming under my massaging hand. I kept looking for Logan’s reaction while masturbating my little brother.

There seemed to be a steady flow of precum oozing from his dick and he was breathing in short gasps. The poor boy was horny as fuck! In the meantime, I could sense that Kevin was getting close to cumming. He was almost fucking my fist by now.

“Ohh… Laura… I’m getting close“ Kevin moaned.

At that moment I let go of his dick. Just like that. No harm in teasing a bit I figured. He’ll cum plenty of times throughout the weekend, and postponing it now will only make it better for him. I stepped back and looked at both boys. It took a moment for Kevin to realize it wasn’t just a pause and his eyes flew open and they looked at me begging for more. Damn!!! I was getting so turned on by having such control over both the hot boys, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

“How’s it going, Logan?” I asked a bit concerned. His breathing was ragged and the puddle of precum at his feet grew by the minute. I was feeling sorry for him.

“I’m sooooo horny…. But I can’t touch my dick and jack off because of these stupid balloons!”

“Maybe Kevin can help you..” I suggested.

“Would you do that for me?” he begged almost tearing up.

“Of course dude! If you don’t mind Laura watching us..” Kevin said with a smirk.

“I’m so horny, I’ll probably put it in a meat grinder to get me off” he smiled. “Not an actual meat grinder of course! That would be… AAAHHHH!!!”

While Logan was blabbering about the meat grinder to me, Kevin had stepped behind Logan, took Logan’s dick in his hand, pressed his body against him, and slowly started jerking off his buddy.

I stood a bit sideways of them and I could see Kevin was rubbing his own dick upward in the crack of Logan’s butt. Logan laid his head back on Kevin’s left shoulder and closed his eyes. Kevin’s other hand went to Logan’s balls and started toying with them. This was one of the most erotic sights I ever saw. I made a mental picture of it, just in case if I died of Alzheimer this would be the last thing I’d remember.

After a minute or so, Logan moaned heavily and he turned his head toward Kevin. He used his right arm, which was still in the air, to direct Kevin’s face toward his own and stuck out his tongue. Kevin caught on quickly and they went at it for all they were worth.

I couldn’t help myself anymore and stepped in front of Logan to get the best seat in the house. I knelt in front of them to get at eye level with his dick. I don’t know why, but I really, really wanted his cum to splatter all over me. I sat on my knees, spread my legs, and started working on my clit. The moment I touched it, I felt like I was on the verge of cumming. This was amazing. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I made just small circles around it. All the while my pussy was contracting a tiny bit, just like it did the first time Kevin and I had sex.

“MMMHH….” I heard above me. Kevin was going slow on Logan’s dick. Slow but deliberate.

“Ahhh!! I’m cumming!!!” Logan moaned and I could see his body tense and Kevin’s grip on Logan’s balls increase…

“Yeah! Here it comes!!!” I could hear myself think.

Moments later I saw spurt after spurt come out of Logan’s dick. The first landed on my cheek and the second on my chin. The rest landed on my tits. It wasn’t like a fire hose or something, but I never saw Kevin produce this much cum.

I was nicely covered in it and started spreading it out on my tits. With my other hand I scooped up a big glob on my middle finger and I inserted it in one swift motion inside me. And that was it…. I came! And I came hard again. Not as good as the first time with Kevin, but definitely a top three cum of all time!! Wow! There must be some sort of connection between me and the one hypnotized because my orgasms were never this intense before.

When I opened my eyes, I could see both boys looking at my cum covered body. Logan still had his arms in the air, but he looked a lot more relieved than before.

“You’re okay now, Logan?” I smiled.

“Yeah! I really needed that. Thanks, bro!” and he kissed Kevin passionately again.

Kevin didn’t seem to mind at all and kissed him back. I could see his lower body grinding against Logan and realized he must be in desperate need of relief too.

“Step aside a bit, Logan,” I said and he looked down at me. I gestured toward Kevin.

Logan immediately caught on and moved a bit. They didn’t stop kissing though. I moved forward a bit and took my brother’s rock hard dick in my mouth. I could hear him moan in Logan’s mouth as my tongue moved over and under his glans.

As I was working on Kevin’s dick, Logan moved around a bit so he could kiss Kevin a bit better. As he moved his dick hit me on my cheek. I liked it and so did Logan, because he deliberately rubbed his still dripping dick against my cheek. This was such a turn on for me! I started fingering while sucking off my brother and at the same time getting my face-slapped with another dick.

I opened my mouth a bit further and with my free hand, I directed Logan’s dick in my mouth too. This way I had two dicks in my mouth and both boys started fucking my face a bit. Unfortunately, this didn’t work too well, so I let Kevin slip from my mouth and directed my attention to Logan again.

“Ohhhh… YEAH! This is fucking awesome!” he groaned. “I never had a blowjob before..”

I figured that the hypnosis was still working and that he’d already be up for seconds. My free hand was holding Kevin’s dick and I could sense he was close. I wanted a second and third load of cum on my body and right now I would do all it took to get what I wanted.

I let Logan’s dick pop in and out the back of my throat, which caused him to moan each time it happened. I felt his dick grow fatter in my mouth and quickly switched to Kevin. I did the same with him, although it was a bit harder to do, with his dick being a bit fatter. It took a bit more effort, but I managed.

After switching a few times and the moans getting louder, I felt my own orgasm approaching again. I had Kevin’s dick in my mouth and I could feel the cum coming in at the base. I quickly drew my face back and put my mouth on Logan’s dick as I let the streams of hot cum spurt over me. Kevin came all over the left side of my face and boob.

“MMHHGHHH!!!” I heard. They were still Frenching, so their moans were muffled.

I held on to my brother’s dick, feeling it still twitching in my hand as Logan’s dick grew fat in my mouth. I couldn’t read him as well I could read Kevin yet, but it didn’t take a genius to guess what was going on. I let it slip from my mouth and now my right side was getting coated with cum. This triggered my second orgasm in a few minutes and was almost just as intense as the previous one.

I fell back on the ground and panted almost uncontrollably as I lay on my back. Kevin and Logan still stood there supporting each other and panting heavily.

“Wow…” Logan timidly said. “This was… wow…”

I noticed through my half-closed eyes, that his hands were still up in the air.

“You can untie the balloons now, Kevin,” I said. “I guess he doesn’t feel the need to hide anything anymore”

Kevin giggled at that remark and pretended to untie Logan’s wrists. The moment this was done, Logan sunk to his knees and looked me over.

“Thank you!” he said as he looked real serious at me.

“You don’t need to say thanks after sex. It isn’t that nice to hear.. Makes me feel like a cheap hooker”

“I don’t want to thank you for the sex, but I want to thank you for making me realize I’m not gay, but bi!”

“Oh…” I said, not knowing how to respond properly. “You’re welcome?”

“After the sleepover with Kevin, I was convinced I was gay. I had such a great time with him, that I figured this was it. But now I saw you naked and you sucked me off, and I realize I like sex. Period. No matter who’s doing it with me.”

“Dude! I totally hear you!” Kevin said and sat down next to Logan, his dick still dripping.

“I was afraid to enjoy doing it with you because I didn’t want to be gay… You know what I mean?? I’ve got nothing against gays or being gay, don’t get me wrong! But…” Kevin trailed off.

“I get it, boys. I really do! Don’t worry about it.” I said, getting my breath back and feeling the drops of cum slide down my body.

I looked at Kevin and I saw him checking out me and Logan.

“My sister really needs to wash our cum off her body” he chuckled. “Shall we help her get a nice and clean under a hot shower?”

“One second,” I said. We need to do one thing first. “Okay Logan, sleep!”

And with that, his head hung forward on his body as he sat on his knees. His still hard dick pointing upward with a drop of cum dangling from it.

“When you wake up, you’re no longer uncontrollably horny. Just what your own body tells you. You no longer have to tell the truth and your dick will behave normally again too. You can wear clothes without anything wrong with it. You are fully awake and remember everything from the moment you woke the last time. Just nod if this is clear.”

Logan nodded.

“You’ll also are no longer under our hypnosis. But… When Kevin or I say the words ‘Aye Caramba!’, you’ll be under our control again. Is this also clear?” another nod. “Okay Logan, you can wake up now.”

Logan’s head got up and after he opened his eyes, he blinked a few times.

“Sure! Let’s get in the shower” Logan smiled as if nothing had happened.

“No!” I sternly said. “First we need to get one other thing done. We need to address the elephant in the room.”

“What Elephant?” Logan asked with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

“I need you to fuck me”

“What?? Really?” Logan’s eyes were large and full of disbelief, but also lust and eagerness.

“Really… And for a few reasons… First: You just came twice, so you’ll last longer. Better for both of us you know??” And he started smiling again.

“Second: I really, really, really like you and your hot body. And third: Kevin is here to help you and maybe spice things up.” This made Kevin giggle and Logan blush.

“And lastly: I find it fucking hot to be covered in all this cum! I can only imagine what it must be like to get fucked now. So yeah… We must fuck. NOW!”

As I was already lying on my back, all I had to do was spread my legs. Which I of course did. I used both hands to spread open my pussy, showing everything I had.

“That’s where you’re supposed to put it,” I said and I could see his dick was still at full mast. Impressive!

Logan looked over at Kevin with a nervous look on his face. He scooted forward on his knees so his dick was close to my pussy. I looked at Kevin, who was hard again. I didn’t blame him. He must be getting turned on by all of this too. And this was it. We planned everything to get to this point.

“Here dude… Let me help. I’ve done this before” Kevin reassured Logan.

Kevin sat on his knees behind him. He looked over Logan’s shoulder and took Logan’s dick in his hand. He pointed it toward my pussy and slowly pushed Logan’s hips forward with his own. The moment his dickhead touched my opening, we both let out an involuntary moan. Kevin let go of Logan’s dick and sat aside.

“That’s it dude. Just push forward and you’re no longer a virgin”.

Kevin moved a bit forward on his knees, so he was sitting near my face.

“This is probably the best seat in the house,” Kevin said and looked at where our bodies were going to merge.

“You sure about this?” Logan asked as he looked at me.

“Go for it! Fuck me…”

He needed no more encouraging and his virgin, thirteen-year-old dick slowly started entering me. He was about halfway now and sparks were already flying before my eyes. Logan’s dick was a bit thinner than my little brother’s, but his cockhead was more pronounced, which made up for being thinner. I could feel it in every part of my pussy where it passed.

“Ohhhhh… This is… Ahhh..” Logan started to say.

“You don’t have to talk dude, just enjoy it!” Kevin said. “Why don’t you make out with her? Trust me! That adds a whole new level to it!”

And with that Logan’s body came forward and he laid himself on top of me. He held himself up on his elbows and looked me in the eyes. That was a look of total bliss and insecurity. I put my left hand on his left butt cheek and my right hand on his hip, feeling his scar below it. His dick still moved forward. Slow but steady he was entering me.

“Lay down….” I hoarsely said.

“I don’t want to crush you…. Mmmmhh”

“oohhh… Don’t worry about that. Mmm… I want to feel your body on me… You won’t crush me.. Ahhh”

I felt the base of his dick pressing against my clit. The strands of his pubic hair tickling me in a very nice way. This was of course the first time someone with pubes fucked me. Then and there I decided I like it better the way it looks without hair, but it feels better with it.

Now that Logan was done pushing himself in my pussy, his mind was available for other things. He looked me in the eyes again, pressed his lips against me, and laid himself completely on me. The pressure of his whole body on me and the pressure on my tits and sensitive nipples made me tingle all over again. I could feel the sticky cum spreading between our bodies adding another level to the whole experience. I wrapped my legs around him to feel even more of him. I could feel his heart racing in his chest.

“Ohhh… Fuck me, Logan! Start moving and fuck me!”

Logan started Frenching me for all he was worth and I returned the heat. A little later, he could no longer hold back and started moving. The moment his dick started moving out of my pussy, fireworks went off in my brain. I couldn’t think of anything better in the world than being fucked. All too soon he moved back in again, just like when my brother and I first started to fuck. He too was probably afraid to slip out. Ah well… He’d probably figure it out soon.

“Ohhh…” Logan moaned.

“Aaahh… Yesss…” I replied. Not that much of a conversation, but as my brain was going offline, this was more than enough.

Logan moved from my mouth to lick me in my neck. The speed of his fucking didn’t increase, which I found surprisingly nice. The fucking was slow but deliberate and he went a tiny bit further out each time until he was almost completely out of me. He didn’t slip out though, which was quite an achievement for a first-timer.

“Fucking hot!” I heard Kevin say beside me.

I almost forgot he was there too. I looked him in the eyes and he smiled at me. We both figured this whole scheme out and now it was happening. And it was going even better than we both imagined. I saw Kevin’s eyes drift off to Logan’s ass and realized that must be an awesome thing to behold.

This made my eyes drift to my little brother’s dick. It stood proud and stiff in his lap. I involuntarily licked my lips looking at it. My right hand left Logan’s hip and moved on to Kevin’s dick. Being fucked by Logan was absolutely amazing, but I liked my brother’s dick better. I caressed it with my hand causing Kevin to groan. Logan’s lips left my neck and looked over at Kevin, still keeping up a steady rhythm pumping in and out of me.

“Grhmmm… Come here…” Logan grunted.

“What?” I heard Kevin say in the distance. I was so into the fucking and caressing my brother’s dick, not everything was being registered.

“Your dick…”

“Dude… Just enjoy your first fuck man. You don’t need to please me. I’ll fuck her later. Don’t worry!”

“Shut up… I want it in my mouth!”

Wow! This was getting more exciting by the minute. I was getting nicely fucked while covered in cum, and now I could also watch a hot guy sucking of my hot brother… I would’ve believed it if someone told me I died and gone to heaven.

Kevin moved beside me, got on his knees, and scooted closer. I looked up and saw the underside of Kevin’s dick in front of Logan’s face. His balls were practically touching my cheek. Logan stopped moving and took Kevin’s dick in his mouth, causing both Kevin and me to moan. Logan opened his mouth and his tongue licked all over and under Kevin’s cockhead.

“Ohhh… Nice dude!! Ahh. Yeah”

Logan took Kevin’s dick back in his mouth and moved his face toward me. A moment later Kevin’s dick was pressed between our faces and both our mouths on each side of it. Logan moved again and we both started licking Kevin’s dick, our tongues touching every now and then. This was sooooo hot… Every now and then Kevin flexed his hips, so he was face fucking our mashed faces. The three of us were moaning quite loudly by now.

I was getting impressed with Logan’s stamina. The fact that he came twice already probably helped a lot. A few moments after I thought about this, he increased the power. Not the speed of his movements. He just started slapping harder against me.

This triggered my clit even more and that immediately did it for me. I came. Oh god, how I came. I almost screamed, but my brother’s dick on my mouth muffled the sound a bit. My pussy contracted sharply around Logan’s dick and kept contracting because Logan just went on with his steady motion. This boy had some talent! I don’t know how long this went on. I must’ve cum at least a dozen times before Logan grunted loudly and pushed in me with one last, powerful thrust.

“Aahhhhh!!!” He screamed.

The look on his face was priceless! I could get used to seeing boys losing their virginity. I felt his dick kicking inside me and his sperm coating my insides. Kevin was close too, but because Logan and I were too busy coming, he took his dick in his own hand and jacked it furiously. I never saw it from this angle. And because he was jacking it this hard, his balls hit me in the face a few times. This initiated another cum for me. This was probably thirteen or fourteen by now. I lost track.

“AHH…. Yeahhh..” Kevin moaned as he came.

The cum flew out of his dick, this time coating Logan’s face. The moment he realized what was going on he opened his mouth and tried to catch the rest. A few drops of cum started dripping down already, falling on my face. Logan put his mouth over Kevin’s dick to lick him clean. I’ll never forget this picture on display before my eyes.

Logan had stopped moving and my orgasms had stopped by now. I was still tingling and every now and then my pussy contracted, but the big ones were over. I was panting heavily and so were the boys. Kevin sat back on his heels and Logan looked me in my eyes. He moved forward to kiss me again. As we kissed, I could taste my brother’s sperm in his mouth. After a few minutes of making out, I felt his softening dick leave my body.

“I’m sorry,” Logan said. I can’t keep it hard anymore.

I laughed at his apology. And I kissed him on his cum covered cheek.

“That’ll do pig… That’ll do…” I laughed and so did Logan. He rolled off me and laid himself down beside me.

“This was fucking amazing!” he sighed.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Kevin added.

I looked at the three of us seeing a lot of cum covered body parts.

“Now it is time for that shower,” I announced. “That’ll give you guys time to recover and me a chance to clean up. Because we’re not done yet!”

“We’re not?” Logan asked with surprise in his voice.

“Well… You are! From now it’s just me!” Kevin said.

I punched him playfully on his shoulder. I then stuck out both arms, sneaked one under Logan’s head, and pulled him to me. Kevin caught on and laid his head on my other arm.

Both boys snuggled up against me. Logan draped his leg over me and I felt his soft dick against my hip. Kevin started toying with my right nipple. It felt really nice to be cuddling up with both boys in this post-orgasmic afterglow. We laid quiet like this for a few minutes just enjoying each other’s company.

“You’re really sticky, Laura!” Kevin giggled.

“I know! Let’s get wet, shall we?”

And with that, we got up and went to our bathroom. In the shower we soaped each other up quite well and touched everything there was to touch. Logan even got hard a few times, a good indication he was getting ready for the next rounds.

We didn’t fuck in the shower though. But after the shower during our pizza, Kevin couldn’t hold back anymore. During this fuck on the couch, I sucked off Logan to get him nice and hard again and as Kevin fucked me, Logan and he frenched pretty hardcore which was another extremely erotic sight.

The entire night we were having sex one way or the other. Not always leading to orgasms, just nice and uninhibited sex. Logan and Kevin’s apprehension from doing things to each other was also gone, which was a nice thing to see. Both heartwarming as sexy as fuck.

Kevin fucked Logan in the ass one time, but they both weren’t too much into that. Sucking, jacking, and kissing was their thing. The butt fucking just didn’t do it for them. But hey, I didn’t mind! That meant there was more for me!

Logan of course wanted to know how Kevin I started it and why we didn’t find it weird, being brother and sister. We explained the basics of our first encounter but obviously left out the Magnificent Zafar -bit. And after we explained our vision on the incest subject and that we were both in it for the sex, not the love, he understood and praised us for being this open-minded about it all.

We didn’t sleep too much that night. We, of course, slept in one bed and each time one of us woke up, he or she started sucking, kissing, fucking, or something else. I didn’t mind one bit and at about 10 am we got up and cleaned the house. In the shower, we went at it one last time and after that, Logan went home. I was sore for three days after that. I never felt this worn out in my life. Even up until now.

I’m 45 by now and thinking back fondly of these days. The relationship between me and Kevin lasted a few years. By the time he was seventeen, he got himself a nice girlfriend whom he married and still lives with today. The night before he got married, he slept at our house and we fucked one last time.

I got married too, but unfortunately, that didn’t last. My ex gave me two amazing kids, so I still got a nice result from it. The kids, my son 12, and my daughter fifteen by now live with me in a nice home and are genuinely nice persons.

And The Magnificent Zafar?? Well… I used it a few more times after the escapades with Kevin and Logan. One time in college I was bi-curious and used it on my roommate. I liked that a lot, but after a few months, I realized I was more into guys than girls. Ah well… After I moved here, the pendulum and magic stuff ended up in my attic and I never used it again.

Until yesterday that is when my twelve-year-old son showed me a box containing a pendulum he found in the attic and wanting to know all about it….

The End.

Copyright 2020 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Alright. I feel that this is a nice completion for the series. It’s a bit of a ‘they all lived happily ever after..’ -ending with a little twist to keep my options open.
I really hope you like it guys, because it was a real burden to write a three part story for me. I’ve learned my lesson…

Well… As always, If you like it drop me an e-mail at jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com. All comments, good or bad, will be read and responded to if possible. Or, even better, leave your comment on the site (I prefer the site, because everyone can read and respond to that) https://jasoncrow.eu.

And to keep up Alex’ tradition:
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  1. Avatar for Jim

    Thank you, I was patiently waiting for this and am very happy with this chapter. Cannot wait to read your other ideas.

  2. Avatar for Edward-or-Ford

    An excellent continuation of the story. Some very hot sex scenes, written with great pacing. The hypnotism angle was tastefully done, not taking the coercion angle too far into creepy “forced” territory.

    And your editing has improved substantially: there were few grammatical errors or typos. That attention to detail is much appreciated!

    Well done, good sir! I look forward to more.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! It’s making me blush 🙂
      One of my main focus points in my story is to keep it as real as possible in these unusual situations. I’m not a big fan of stories where, after their first or second time of sex, they’re already into double penetration, cream pie and huge orgies. So I guess this is also true for the hypnosis in this story. No normal person would go over the top in this situation I reasoned. Thanks for noticing!
      I’ve indeed paid extra attention to the grammar and typo’s. It’s encouraging to read that this paid off.
      Keep an eye on the site, because I’ve already started a new story. The burden seems to be gone…

  3. Avatar for Anonymous

    Seduction was the name of the game in this chapter. I was really impressed with how well you develop Logan as well as the siblings. The ending itself was pretty decent but I wish that you had mentioned what happened with Logan too.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      I see what you mean, but I like to give you, the reader, the opportunity to imagine what happens after my story ends. I’m not too fond about chewing it all out in an Epilogue. I’m sure that all of you have a vivid imagination, and are perfectly capable of imagining a suitable follow-up that fits your own liking.
      So that’s why I don’t explain everything.

      • Avatar for Anonymous

        Makes sense.

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