My personal connection to Madison Semmes isn’t that great. I think that (as I mostly do with most series spanning more than 3 stories) most of these series run out of real story telling and thus must focus on the sex part. I think that’s what happened with the Madison series and I personally think it makes the characters much more unbelievable. Of course! Most of the stories up here are unbelievable. But they start out pretty innocent most of the times. And yes, of course a girl can turn into an insatiable slut. Needing cock every day ánd getting away with that considering the parenting is shit. But is it close to reality? I don’t think so. But, and this is a big but, most of the time it is great wanking material!! I can almost hear you think “Quit whining Jason! I’m just here to get my socks off!!” In my personal opinion I think these stories need both. So story / character development, AND great sex. But… As with most things, not everything is 100% your taste.

So I will stop whining 😀 and without further ado… There’s a new Madison Semmes story! It is the last, as it is part twelve in a series called ‘a year in..’ which spans 12 months (okay… september is double, so not exactly the year round, but you catch my drift). I didn’t write it though! Nor did Alex. A dedicated Alex Hawk fan named Critock (he also sparked the ‘What does Madison look like – Poll’) wrote it for our pleasure. I’ve read it and I think it is a nice and fitting end to the series. So check out the story here and the whole series here.

So.. Thanks Critock, for completing the series!!! And if you folks like to read more from his hand, go check out his stories at

Enjoy! And stay safe everyone!