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A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 12 – April

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 12 – April

The author of this series unfortunately abandoned the work without finishing it.
While I doubt I can compare, this series is great enough that it deserves continuation.
All characters created by the great Alex Hawk.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Virginity can go fuck itself. Or I guess it can’t, since it is virginity? Regardless, it indeed was something that deserves to be stated over and over, to everyone around my age who has to be drowning in the “too young for sex” speeches. I know it goes through my mind every time a cock starts sinking into my pussy, right before the pleasure starts hitting and the ride begins.

A ride was exactly what had just begun this Saturday morning, pretty much as had happened almost every day since I had met Brandon. After going over to his house and avoiding any extended contact with his parental figures on our way to his room or some other private place, it had never taken long for whatever he was wearing, at least below his waist, to disappear, my skirt to be lifted up or taken off (Or on one memorable day, ripped off) and his hard unprotected cock sinking deep into my pussy. At least for the first fuck of the day, we never wasted much time with foreplay. I tend to start off wet, and he like pretty much every guy I’ve ‘come’ across gets hard and stays that way pretty much immediately.

It had unfortunately been a day since the last time we had fucked, since after school he had to go to one of his baseball games and that took up most of the evening. While I had filled the time with Jacob filling my cunt a few times, he sadly didn’t compare to Brandon’s skills, though he was getting exponentially better. Having told him about Kelly still thinking he was cute and about how she was getting to be almost as sexually active as I was (though I left out that her experiences were mostly with her brother.) certainly didn’t hurt matters, as I think he’s been doing some research on his own to properly blow her mind. He’s doing a much better job of blowing mine. But Brandon needed no further research, and I wasn’t sure if I could remain conscious if there was something better that he could do to me. Anyway, because we had been apart for so long compared to our new normal, we were raring to go from the instant he opened the door. He only lived with his father and he slept like a rock on the other end of the house until noon on the weekends, so we ran to Brandon’s room, and once inside I had found myself pressed hard against the door, his lips on mine and his tounge in my mouth as he lifted up my skirt while I quickly unsnapped and pulled down his jeans. I’m not quite sure if he’s expecting to find panties there, he should know by now that unless I’ve got somewhere else I need to get to after that I’m not going to be wearing anything that’s going to impede the process of getting him inside me. It was ten o’clock in the morning, I hadn’t had a cock in me since last night, and I hadn’t had Brandon in me in two days. I needed fucked. The only thing on my pussy was my wetness, which was threatening to run down my leg I was so ready for him.

His pants hit the floor as he slid two fingers inside me, drawing a groan from my mouth from the sudden pleasure, especially as he curled them and rubbed my spot. His cock was hard as granite. Seeing the lust in each others eyes only fueled us more, and he forcefully spun me around to face the door. I didn’t know how much I liked it slightly rough until Brandon. I didn’t know a lot of things, despite the sheer amount of sex I had in the last year. Like how much I liked it from behind, which I was reminded of when his prick easily slid into my wet cunt. Like how much a little dirty talk turned me and typically whomever I was with on, as I discovered one time when Brandon hit a particularly nice spot, I yelled out “Oh Fuck!” which spurred him on to a harder drive than usual. Like that I even enjoyed my ass being played with as I had an unexpected orgasm when his hand (he swears) slipped, and his thumb landed right and slightly in my hole. So that has become a regular part of our adventures, though I don’t think I’m ready for anything bigger than a finger to go in there. I mean, we’ll work up to it, but I think I’m going to have to visit Lucien and Kyle as they have had the most experience with ass-fucking, even if it was just with each other. Strangely neither of them ever tried that with me. Probably just happy that a twelve year old was fucking them as good as I was. Honestly, they haven’t really been in the picture for a while. Brandon and I, though officially still just friends with benefits, have just been with each other. Of course, other than the couple of times I was with Scott and Kelly, who seems to get more turned on by me being there than Scott, and about once a week for a few hours with Joel when he gets past his reluctance and realize that he’s got a fresh teenager willing for him to fuck her brains out at a moments notice. And every now and then with Jesse. And I still have my eye on Sean, who apparently lost his own virginity to Sally Reed who found out that me and Kelly were doing things with boys and got jealous, fucking both Jacob and Sean, after which she excitedly told us both her throat and pussy were sore, and she couldn’t walk very well. It must’ve been a hell of a time, since for about a few days after Sean didn’t respond to any of my usual flirting, and even Jacob wasn’t interested in sex. I know it’s a lot, but I still don’t consider myself a slut. Other than Sean, I’m not looking for anyone to add to my list. As far as Brandon, he says he hasn’t been with anyone, but is interested in meeting Kelly. He doesn’t mind hearing about me being with other people. In fact he wants to know everything that happened. And then afterward he fucks me until I scream, like he wants to remind me who the best is. And he does, oh boy does he. And afterward, it’s good. For the first time, I like hanging out with someone beyond sex. I think we’d be friends even if we weren’t fucking. That might go back to wanting someone to love over just lust. If he ever wanted an actual relationship, which would be my first, I think I would go for it, even if I couldn’t fuck anyone else. I think that’s the definition of love, honestly.

But that’s just idle thoughts. When it came to fucking and sex, there typically wasn’t a lot of thinking about the future which reminds me how lucky I was I didn’t get pregnant before I got on the pill. Whenever I see a guy I know I’m going to fuck, that fuck is all that matters. I become laser focused on getting as much pleasure as I can and getting that cock to spurt. And so I pushed back on Brandon’s cock as he tortuously placed his cock at my entrance, not wanting the tease. As I pushed the head of his circumcised dick squeezed inside me and did not stop. His hard cock speared deep inside my pussy, my wetness coating his length as I moaned out in pleasure and thanks to the universe for letting me feel this good. Our hips met, and with a practiced rhythm we began our perfected dance.

“God yes, give it to me!” I began as he pulled back, almost all the way but not quite, and drove back in, not stopping his thrust until his crotch met my ass cheeks. His hands held my hips tightly, not enough to leave a bruise but certainly not loosely, enough to wordlessly state that my thirteen-year-old body was his to take as he wanted, and just the thought of that made my underage pussy flood even more as he gripped me.

“Fuck yeah Madison! I missed your pussy last night baby…” His cock slid in and out, my pussy gripping every inch of him, already trying to claim what it and I desperately needed, his cum filling it up.

“Mmm Yeah! I missed your cock!” Despite how little time part of his cock was out of me when he was pulling back for his next thrust, I felt a quick emptiness and longing for it, as I usually did whenever I wasn’t being filled.

As he thrust, his strokes became shallower and his hands trailed up my sides and over my budding breasts, still not large enough to even require a bra. He seemed to love them all the same, as he tweaked both of my nipples at the same time, drawing a “Fuck…” from my lips. He drew his face close to my ears.

“I know you did.” He growled in my ear. God, he made me so hot! Still pinching and slightly pulling now on my nipples, he continued to talk as he kept his crotch right up against my ass, shifting his weight so instead of thrusting, his cock just rubbed the inside of me in a way that’s so unique to anyone else I’ve fucked, and something that absolutely makes me lose my mind! “You get any to tide you over?”

He knew how I was, and I was so so thankful for it. “Just…God…Just my brother. He was right there and…”

I felt a hand trail down towards my pussy as he interrupted, his body still churning against me, stirring his cock inside my pussy so deliciously. “I love how much you need it, baby.” His hand reached its goal, a finger touching my clit and pushing against it, making me squeal.

I could barely talk as he pulled his head back from me. “I need…I need…” I felt the orgasm coming, the first of the day. It was going to be a big one.
And he knew just how to make it big. He started thrusting again, pulling out and shoving his cock back in, hitting me in the best way. His hand still toyed with my clit, while his other hand moved back to my ass, not stopping at the hit, but running a thumb down between my cheeks. “I need…”

And then his thumb pushed slightly inside my asshole and I lost all control, something that had started happening more and more to me as I became more experienced. I let go of anything holding me back, my mother’s warnings against sex, the teachings at Mass, every mixed message thrown to me went out the window when I felt his thumb go inside me, and I screamed. “I NEED YOU!!!” I came and came hard with a feeling that was easily in the top ten of an increasingly long list of orgasms. My hips started moving faster of their own accord as I came, my pussy tightening around his cock. I reached back with one hand, removing it from from where it had been plastered against the door when he pushed me against it, and grabbed his ass.

I could be forceful myself if the occasion called for it.

I pulled him against me, forcing him harder inside me. And then again. And again. I didn’t have any words left, just grunts and moans as his cock entered me again and again and again as my sensitivity was in overdrive.

For his part, he picked up on what I wanted immediately. It really wasn’t difficult to figure out, he wanted the same thing. I was getting mine, now he was going to get his. He started fucking me hard, with long strokes hitting the very end of me. “Ahh! Ahh!” Every thrust of his was punctuated by a sound from me.

“FUCK I love your body Madison…I’m gonna cum in you.” One of the sexiest sentences in the English language, especially right then. I could feel his tension from my hand on his ass, feel the sweat on his front and my back, and could almost sense the cum about to invade my body. I wanted it. All of it. I’m selfish like that.

His sexy sentences gave way to unintelligible grunts as he thrust hard and long. Once…Twice.. Three more times was all it took for me to feel the pulsing of his cock in my pussy, and knowing what it meant gave me a small aftershock of an orgasm that left me groaning.

With his cum now flowing inside me, he typically would have withdrawn, but this time he did something I wasn’t expecting. He moved his hands away from my pussy and ass and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me from behind. Even as his cock was deflating (Though I knew that was a problem that would rectify itself in a matter of moments), he held on to me, and I felt the closeness. For once, not the heat of an all-consuming fuck, but actual warmth that seemed to fill my body even more than his cock and cum ever did.

Was this…Was this love?

After a long moment that was surprisingly too short, he withdrew from me, though one of his hands went to mine. He led me to his bed where we both removed what was left of our clothing and laid down. Not exhausted, as it would take much more than one session to do that and I’m still an all-day all-night girl (Though despite extended sessions with Kelly and Scott, I still haven’t had an opportunity to prove it), but just a happy relaxing moment before we inevitably would be again fucking the shit out of each other. His arms again encircled me and held me to him, this time front to front, and for a time, we cuddled. Again, this isn’t something I was used to.

Not that I minded. I didn’t know where this came from but I was willing to ride this train to the end. I felt his hands stroking up and down my back , not really in a sexual way though his touch was guaranteed to keep my pussy flowing just in case. My skin still had some sweat on it, and it led to a delicious feeling with his fingertips just moving between my shoulders and along my spine.

For my part I wanted as much contact as I could get. I had one leg up and over his, almost but not quite pushing my crotch against his leg, and I was caressing his back a little more firmly than he was doing to me. While his touch wasn’t really sexual as his downward strokes stopped well before my butt, I had no such inclinations. My hands trailed down to his ass, not to squeeze but just to feel. He had his own layer of sweat for me to feel, and I loved the sliding sensation.

We didn’t start out looking at each other when we went into our soft embrace, but our eyes met and I got lost for the first time. The motions and our bodies fell away and it was just his eyes staring into mine, our breaths the only sound. With everything that we had done and everything that I had planned for him, the only thing that ever scared me was right then, with what I saw in his eyes. Affection. Caring. Something I hadn’t seen from any of my partners up until now. Oh sure we were friends and everything, but for the most part I was a willing slut, a wet hole that was always open for business. I didn’t mind, because to me they were what I was after as well. No relationship, no lovey dovey nonsense. Just a series of available cocks attached to hot bodies that could show me some things, and young boys who I could usher into manhood.

The silence between us stretched on for what seemed like hours, but it felt good. Right, in a way. Then he smirked, his sexy, sexy smirk that could have dropped any panties in the neighborhood. “So, you need me, huh?”

I groaned, a blush coming to my body. Ever since I had started experimenting with dirty talk, I found myself uttering a lot of things, filthy things that I never knew I had the capacity or knowledge of, when I was being slammed into. It excited me so much that any filter I had on me was being pulled down, and my last vestiges of the nice little church-girl I used to be were disappearing the more I lost myself in the feelings. A lot of the time I wouldn’t even remember what I was screaming. But Brandon always remembered, and it irked me a bit. I tried to deflect a bit, lest the part of my brain that was figuring out feelings be exposed further. “I needed you to keep doing your job, if that’s what you mean.”

His smirk continued and I started thinking of how to wipe it off his face. “That’s not what you said. You said you needed me.”

“Well, I certainly need part of you.” I gave my own smirk, trying to match his in intensity, as I ran a hand down to his cock, which as usual was nearly back to full size already. I kept staring at his eyes, feeling him tense and hearing a small groan emanate from him as I wrapped my hand around his length, starting to stroke, feeling what was left of my juices on him and using it to jack him up and down.

He did lose the smirk, but not because of my movements. Instead he moved his face closer and kissed me lightly before pulling back. “I think you need more than a part.”

I was heating up, which was something because I never really cooled down from our first encounter that day. His hands continued caressing my back, and moved a little more roughly as he pressed his fingers into me, massaging me, causing me to moan. “Mmm…Keep doing that and you might be right.”
He chuckled as he kissed me longer and deeper, but not frenzied. No, he was taking his time to work me up, something we usually didn’t have the luxury for due to our desire. He pulled his face back again. “I know I’m right…Because I need you too.”

My hand stopped moving on his cock as a electric shock flowed through my entire body, both starting and ending in my chest. I stared at his eyes again, this time searching for something. His smirk was gone from his face, and nothing in his eyes said there was anything other than the truth. The part of my mind that had to do with feelings began screaming. I needed clarification.

“What…What do you mean?”

“I mean that you were the first person to talk to me once I moved here, and as long as I’ve been around you I haven’t wanted to talk to anyone else. When I don’t see you, I’m in a bad mood all day. I’ve never done it before so I don’t know but…I think I’m falling in love with you, Madison.”

The feeling that took over my body was more powerful than any orgasm had ever been. I couldn’t move or blink, I forgot to even breathe for a moment, and when I remembered it came out more like a gasp than anything else. “Brandon…” For almost a year, I’ve been so preoccupied with sex that I forgot the other part of it, and what was now feeling like the most important part. I didn’t think I had self-esteem issues but right then I couldn’t understand how he could love me. I was just this neighborhood’s willing slut. “I don’t understand.” I took another deep breath, and tried to rationalize. “I thought we were just friends with benefits. I haven’t stopped fucking other guys. I thought…I thought that’s all we were.”

The smirk returned, and despite feeling all of his skin against all of mine then and as many times as we had been together, I truly felt naked under his gaze as he looked deep within me. “How many cocks have been inside you, Madison?” He harkened back to our first conversation.

“With you, ten.”

“You haven’t been with anyone new since we’ve met. When was the last time you thought about fucking anyone you haven’t already known?”

“You know about Sean…”

“And you wanted him before, and I know what you’re like when you want someone, Madison.” He took one hand off my back to stroke my face lovingly, in a way no one ever had. “Nothing can stop you. So what about Sean? Why didn’t you get to him before that other girl did? Why wasn’t it you taking his cherry? The same reason I haven’t fucked Kelly, or anyone else.”

The electric feeling returned, and I was almost overwhelmed with emotion as the part of my brain that did feelings took over completely. He was right, the bastard was absolutely right. Just a month ago Sean was a twelve-year-old virgin. My speciality. At any other time I would have got to him, either alone or with Jacob, and worked my magic upon him, taking his first cum in a girl’s pussy and working him into my harem of dick. Any time in the last year I would have jumped on his untouched cock for no reason. But since Brandon came around, I simply had lost interest. Dick was no longer just dick and any would do. There was Brandon and then everyone else. I teared up as I realized the full extent of my feelings: If he wanted me to, I wouldn’t fuck anyone but him. I’d be his, body and soul.

A tear rolled down my cheek as the emotions leaked out of me. “You’re right…I do need you…” I whispered, and used all the courage I could find to complete my thought. “I love you.”

Him being a guy, he’d deny it, but I swear his eyes were glistening with tears when he kissed me then, a long deep passionate kiss that honestly jumped right into the top ten of orgasms with the power it brought to me. His hands pressed my body against his, like he couldn’t get enough of his skin against me, and I was with him on that. I wrapped a leg around him, using it to press his crotch against me.

“I love you Madison…I love you…” When we took a second to breathe before mashing our mouths back together, he’d utter those declarations, and each one hit me like a lightning bolt and spurred on my sudden realized need for him. Our hands were everywhere, in each other’s hair, over each other’s body. All at once like never before we needed to prove our need for each other, and after a month of practice, we knew just how to do it.

We rolled on the bed, him on top of me, his sweet weight pressing me into the mattress. My legs snapped open, high and wide, my pussy waiting. He bit and licked my neck as I threw my head back, my hair flowing over the pillows. “I Love you Brandon! I fucking LooOOOVVVVOH MY GOD!” He interrupted my own declarations with a hard thrust of his cock deep into me, as far and as deep as it could possibly go, and I swear I heard angels and a choir singing as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and moved his perfect body against me, his cock moving and churning around my insides and hitting me in all the right places.

My hands drifted down to their usual spot right on his ass, squeezing and moving him against me, showing him how I wanted it and how it felt all at the same time. We kissed as we moved, feverishly licking each other, sucking on each others tongues and biting each others lips, both of us turned on beyond prior comparison. ‘Making Love’ always had been sold and shown as slow moving, two partners spending hours and hours to get each other off. That may be the case for most, but it certainly wasn’t for us. No, after a month of learning each others bodies and almost accidentally falling in love, the speed was just a bi-product of our lust. Of our need. We were not slow and sensuous types, not at this moment.

“GOD YES BRANDON! I LOVE IT!” I was quickly back to the limits of my control, and I didn’t want to control anything any more. We loved each other, damn whatever rules there were! I would give him as much as he’d give me, which apparently was everything. “I LOVE YOU! FUCK ME!”

Brandon was no slouch either, the look on his face already showing him losing it, which only turned me on further. “God Madison, that’s it baby, wrap yourself around me, Fuck I love you.” He lifted himself up slightly, and started thrusting into me hard as I lifted my legs higher, my ass slightly off the bed and upwards to give the best angle for his cock to rub my spot. “I love your body, your hair, your eyes, your smile…” He changed his thrusting and punctuated each thrust with a new word. “I. Love. How. You. Fucking. TAKE. IT.”

I was breathing heavy, the new blast of pleasure from each slam of his cock causing me to throw my head back and forth as I answered him in kind. “I love your hard cock, Brandon! I love what you do to me! I love you kissing me…” I interuppted myself by lifting my back up and placing a kiss on his neck. “I love you touching me, feeling me, making me COME!” I squealed my last word as I felt a small orgasm, a harbinger of things to come. It may have just been the emotion, the sudden want and love, but I felt a desire to give him a gift. “I’m yours, Brandon.” I almost was whispering breathlessly as he slowed slightly, conserving energy for what I’m sure would be a grand finale. “I’m all yours. My body is for you. I don’t need anyone else.”

He shook his head, lowering and whispering in my ear as he continued to thrust. “You are mine…But I don’t want you to stop fucking anyone you want to. I know who you are. You’re a slut. You’re MY SLUT.” He started pounding again, and all I could do is hold on and listen. “You’re going to keep spreading your legs for anyone you want to, let them fuck the shit out of you. And then you’re going to tell me all about them.”

I realized then that I was right. Me fucking other guys turned him on. I didn’t know why, and honestly, I didn’t care. Not only was this hot guy who fucked like the wettest of dreams giving me the freedom to go back to my whorish ways, but he would then use it to fuck the shit out of me! And then he upped the ante again. “And I want to be there for some of them. I want to fuck you with them! I want to watch you get fucked by these little boys before reminding you who does it best!”

As he was slamming me to the edge of the abyss, I tried to imagine what I would look like getting fucked from his perspective. And then, unbidden, a thought came to my mind of watching him get fucked in return. I remembered the hottest orgasms from when Lucien and Kyle fucked in front of me. I remembered watching Kelly fuck Scott. And I knew that turnabout would indeed not just be fair play, it’d be our foreplay. I grunted, moaning, and tried to get words out, knowing that I was about to cum, wanting to use this to get us both over the top, wanting to lose the last hold to control I had left. “And I…Fucking God…I want to watch you fuck. Jesus CHRIST give me that dick…I want to kiss you while you’re feeding your dick to Kelly.” I could feel his dick getting harder, and I knew how wet this was getting me. “She’s gonna ride your hard cock while I’m riding your face…I’m going to GRAB her and SLAM her on your dick and make her take every ounce of your sperm…And then…”

He was sweating as he thrust hard and fast, both of us having lost all control. If his father and my parents and the whole neighborhood had walked in at that point it wouldn’t have mattered, nothing was going to stop what was about to happen, and what I was about to say. “And then?” He struggled to get out.
“And then…I’m going to lick all of your sweet cum out of her while you slam your cock into my asshole.”

He fucking growled, and proceeded to fuck the ever-loving shit out of me, he was punishing my pussy and all I could do is scream his name as he slammed into me so deep, so hard, that I knew I would have bruises later. And I was there for it. I LIVED for this. This was the sex I had been after since the beginning, and I never even knew it existed! His dick started pulsing, and we both screamed at the same time we both orgasmed, him shooting his hot seed inside of me and possible or not I swear I felt it filling me up, while my hungry pussy squeezed every last drop out of him.

He collapsed on me, and I welcomed his weight as I felt like collapsing myself if it was physically possible. I was extremely fucked out in a way I had never been, and yet I was thankful. Thankful that I had figured out the feelings thing. Thankful that I had a guy that was so god damn good. Thankful that his dad’s room was far enough away the screams, if heard, could be blamed on the tv. We looked at each other again, our eyes filled with love, and kissed softly as his cock softened within me. But it wouldn’t be long before it was back where it belonged. And now it never would be long. I was the cat that got the canary (Or can we just change that to the pussy that got the cock?). Brandon glanced at the bedside clock, and set the alarm for noon to avoid being caught in a compromising position. Then, his cock still inside me, we drifted off for the first time as two young teenagers in love. My last thought before exhaustion took over was that I really needed to give Kelly a call later…

And that’s it folks… The end of the Madison Semmes story! All kudo’s go to critock! He’s the one writing this story and asking me what I think about it. Personally I think it’s a nicely written story and a fitting end to the Madison Series. She’s found her man (we all know we find our life’s partner at 13 – 14 years old 🙂 ) AND she can fuck around as much as she likes… If you’d like to read more of Critock’s stories, check out https://storiesonline.net/a/critock.
And let’s not forget: Hic est finis in finem


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    jason – the link to this doesn’t work from the Madison list of chapters

    Critock – that was fuckin hot – I got ideas for a final chapter cause there’s no may – gotta find your email 😉

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for pointing it out. I just fixed the Madison page, so no more ‘Oops….’ if I did it right 🙂
      I’ll drop Critock an e-mail You asked for his e-mail. You do know he can be found too at https://storiesonline.net/a/critock??

    • Avatar for critock

      Hi Jeff, thanks! I’m still dipping my toes into writing, as Jason said I’ve got some stories slowly going up at https://storiesonline.net/a/critock, and you can reach me at critock@gmail.com!

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        Got a new email address after getting inspired. I’m now also at me@critock.com!

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          lol I emailed you at the old one – sending it to you at the new one too with some new stuff

    • Avatar for critock

      I actually had a couple more ideas beyond this chapter, but as Madison isn’t my character I felt like I was stepping on enough toes just doing this one, and since my style is a bit different (A bit more expanded on the sex scenes for one thing) we came to the conclusion that this is a good ending. It’s implied that she is still gonna get some ‘training’ from the brothers, and then maybe get a few people together for a sort of ‘grand finale’. I’m hoping to do a series heavily inspired by the Madison stories at some point though and I’m always open for ideas. Feel free to reach out!

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    Where did you find the CG pic of the girl and boy thst helped to inspire The Magnificent Zafar? Very cool pic, reminds me of a specific encounter in my life. Thanks for any info.

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      Jason Crow

      Hi Robin,
      I found this a while ago on https://shotachan.net Unfortunately this site isn’t online anymore and you are redirected to some paid site with drawings not so much of my liking…
      So yeah.. Too bad.

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