I know… It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything here. My apologies, but in these weird times, I find it hard to keep my hobby going. I’m suffering a serious case of writersblock, but slowly the last part comes to life.

In the meantime I tried to create a poll. All thanks to critock who contacted me about Madison Semmes and what I thought she looked like. So now I’m curious what you guys think of her. Critock gave two options, and I also had a girl in mind. So now there are three options, but if you have a pic of her you think is appropriate, send it to me (jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com) and I’ll update this post.

Poll (larger pictures below):

[IT_EPOLL id=”863″][/IT_EPOLL]


Gir number One…
Girl number two
Girl number three