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A weeping heart

I’m not about political statements or anything on this platform. My site is here only for entertainment purposes. I know that. But the story I heard today made my heart weep.

My eleven-year-old daughter (yes, I have a kid. And just to remind you: I WRITE about this stuff! So, no stupid questions or remarks please!!) has had a boyfriend for almost five years. It’s adorable at that age, and to them it’s just something you do. But, admittedly, five years is a long time. Especially at that age. He’s a nice and really kind kid. But my wife and I always thought that when they grow up, they’ll both probably end up marrying a guy. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! He just needs to figure it out for himself. We both found it funny that it was this obvious at his (let’s call him John. Not his real name obviously) young age.

But last week in school something had happened. Because of some bickering over some assignment, John called my daughter a name (I know. Kids, right!?) and in return she started shouting “Johnny is a girl!, Johnny is a girl!”. The whole class joined her for a few moments until the teacher ended it. The moment it ended, John shouted: “I can’t help it that I’m born as a boy!!” and started crying. Oh my god!

Why do we know this much detail? Well, his mother called us. She was upset, but didn’t blame us, nor our daughter. She just wanted to let us know what had happened. She said to us what John told her, and we asked our daughter, which resulted in the story I typed above. And if this wasn’t enough, he told his mother that evening that he didn’t want to live anymore. Hearing this, breaks every parent’s heart.

This whole story got me thinking. To be totally honest, up until now I always found the idea of girls wanting to be a boy and boys wanting to be a girl, a bit strange. They were attention hoggers as far as I was concerned. I am a firm believer of the fact that everyone can do with their lives what they want. If they’re gay, straight, undetermined. Want some stupid tattoo and ruin their body in the process. Walk around naked, leave everything behind and live alone in the woods. Whatever. They can do that, as long as they don’t hurt other people doing this.

But seeing this kid up close and hearing everything that happened over the past years, opened my eyes on the transgender subject. This is really a girl trapped inside a boy body. And I feel SO sorry for this kid. We know his/hers parents and they’ve gotten through a pretty nasty divorce two years ago. This doesn’t help John either, of course. But know that it’s pretty much out in the open, I sincerely hope it’ll all work out for this kid eventually.

So, I’m asking you guys. Please be understanding for people that are ‘different’. Not just the transgenders. I know. There’s also a lot of ‘phoneys’ out there. But try to keep an open mind. The last thing we wanna do is make people end their lives, just because no-one seems to understand them. If not for me, do it for little Johnny.



  1. Avatar for E.

    Sad event for sure, but also a good lesson that could be taught/learned. Most important just to treat people with kindness. Everyone is going through something.

  2. Avatar for John

    Hope your daughter can find it in her heart to tell him that he is still a good person and nothing is “wrong” with him. Maybe even remain friends. Hate the thought that someone that young feels worthless.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi John,
      A little follow-up…
      Yes. They kissed and made-up. Well, not actually kissed, but you know what I mean 🙂 In her own words, she told him there was nothing wrong with him and that she still wanted to be friends. She also said sorry for her hurtful words, which he accepted.

      I’m not saying everything is okay now. Little Johnny still has to deal with the fact he’s a girl inside a boy’s body. At least that’s what it seems like at the moment. I hate the fact that you already know the kid’s in for a hell of a journey in life. I wish I could help him with that, but it is something he needs to figure out on his own.

      I didn’t post an actual follow-up on the site, because I don’t want to be all political and woke and stuff. But since you’re asking…

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