Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 2 – Robert
Day 1.

After my shower, Ryan and I ate our breakfast at our large kitchen counter. We didn’t talk about what happened and were having a pleasant conversation about Batman vs. Superman when Robert walked in. He was wearing his bathrobe and obviously not entirely with us yet. He yawned almost constantly and walked over to the coffeemaker like a zombie. As he sat down beside me, Ryan looked at Robert, then at me, and we both started laughing at the same time.

“What?” Robert asked, with no clue about what was going on around him.

“You look like a zombie!” Ryan kept laughing.

“I do? Well, it was pretty late last night,” Robert said. “And I didn’t have any coffee yet.”

“Don’t worry, honey. We’re just teasing. But you do look a bit like a zombie. I have to pick Ryan’s side here,” I laughed and kissed Robert on his cheek.

Robert was a good sport, and even though he didn’t have much sleep, he could laugh about the situation. He started drinking his coffee as Ryan and I finished our discussion about Batman vs. Superman. Robert watched us quietly and enjoyed the way Ryan and I were getting along.

“I’m in the shower if you need me,” he announced as he put his coffee mug down.

“Sure thing. We’re going to the city later to see that movie, so please don’t wear your sweats,” I said, knowing how much Robert liked to wear that.

“K. Later,” Robert said as he walked off to the shower.

A few moments after he left the room, Ellie walked into the kitchen. She wasn’t completely awake either. She was still wearing her night outfit, which consisted of a short, tight Green-Day t-shirt and light blue bikini-style panties. I could see Ryan checking her out. And despite being gay, I could see why a healthy eleven-year-old boy would check her out. Even if she was his sister.

Ellie was a beautiful girl. She had long, wavy brown hair. She wasn’t wearing it in a ponytail now, which she usually did. Her hair hung halfway between her shoulder blades and her butt. A pair of bright blue eyes, a tiny nose, and a killer smile completed her flawless face. Her pert little breasts weren’t fully grown yet and were just under a handful if I judged it correctly. It wasn’t cold in the kitchen, but her nipples were obviously stiff and were clearly visible in her tight t-shirt.

As she turned around to grab some OJ from the fridge, I saw a little bit of her tight butt peeking out one side of her panties. She walked over to the counter where we were sitting, and I noticed her taut belly. Her t-shirt ended just above her belly button, which meant the whole under part of her abdomen was exposed. I wasn’t sure if I needed to say something about her outfit. On the one hand, I was glad she was feeling at ease enough with us to prance around this scantily dressed.

But on the other hand, was this a little bit too revealing for my likings. In my teens, I experimented with girls also. And according to Robert, I wasn’t gay, but bi, despite our monogamous, six-year-long relationship. I guess he was right. I still kinda liked to look at her, but being the responsible adult now, forced me to think otherwise.

“Good morning, Ellie. Sleep well?” I asked, expecting a snarky reaction.

“It was great! It’s been a long time since I slept in this late,” was her cheerful reply.

This was new. Normally Ellie reacted as a typical teenage girl. Rolling her eyes, not showing any interest, snapping her gum, only looking at her phone. That kind of stuff. But now, she seemed genuinely friendly. I don’t know what triggered it. Maybe a good night’s sleep for once? We had one simple rule in our house: No phones in the bedroom. This caused a bit of friction yesterday, but she gave in as soon as she realized this was non-negotiable. I reckoned that confronting her with the fact that she probably slept better because she didn’t have her phone was a bit too much I-told-you-so-ish. So I decided to let it rest.

She had made herself some Honey Oats with milk and was sitting at the counter munching it down. She poured a glass of OJ for herself, Ryan, and me and was now listening to us discussing the issues we had with Batman winning from Superman. I noticed Ryan eyeing his sister’s boobs the entire time, and Ellie seemed oblivious to it. I had to admit to myself I checked her out a lot too. Finally, Ryan and I agreed to disagree, Ellie placed her dishes in the sink, and at that moment, Robert walked in. He wasn’t wearing sweats, but his nice clothes. Thank god. As he walked in, he looked at Ellie and lifted his left eyebrow.

“Aren’t you cold?” he asked.

“No, silly,” she giggled. “It’s nice and comfy in this house!”

I wasn’t quite sure if she was being sarcastic or not. I checked her out as she looked at Robert, and she did seem sincere. Girls are strange.

“Why don’t you go and take a shower, Ellie? Then we can go into town early and maybe eat some ice cream or something while we wait for the movie to start. Consider it a small post-birthday event, Ellie,” I offered.

Ellie turned thirteen last week, and we weren’t able to visit her on that exact day. So Robert and I figured this would be a great alternative way to show her we cared.

“Great idea!” Ellie said and started walking toward the bathroom.

I checked out her tight butt in these cute, blue panties as she walked away. After she was gone, I looked at Robert, who rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

“I’m SO not used to girls,” he laughed.

“Uhm. Uncle Adam? Uncle Robert?”

“What is it, sport?” I asked, still laughing about Robert’s remark.

“Don’t we need to see this?” Ryan said, pointing to the TV.

On TV, the White House logo appeared. Robert took the remote and turned the volume up. A few moments later, the president appeared behind his desk in the oval office. I looked over at Robert, and his worried face scared me a little.

“My fellow Americans,” he started. “Today, we witnessed a horrible disaster in a country that’s very dear to us.”

The president talked about the incident in Brazil. He tried to assure us everything was under control. There were no signs of terrorism or the possibility that this would happen in our country. By now, they were forming a team of experts to send to Brazil. They would help and assist in the aftermath of this disaster. After he informed us that the army was put on high alert as a precaution, he asked us all to remain calm and look out for each other. With that last remark, his speech ended, and we were looking at the news anchor again.

“Wow. This is pretty bad,” Robert said.

“What do you mean? It’s almost three thousand miles away,” I responded.

“When our President holds a press conference and points out that he put our army on high alert, it’s bad. Trust me.”

“I see. I guess you’re right. Do you want to stay at home?” I asked Robert.

“No. I don’t think that’s necessary. Yet. And besides, we promised Ellie and Ryan to go see that movie.”

At that moment, Ellie walked back into the kitchen. Her hair was still a bit damp, and as usual, she had her hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a short, leather-look skirt and a tight, white t-shirt. It was apparent she was wearing a bra because its red fabric was slightly visible through the t-shirt. Her shirt wasn’t exactly long enough because a small stripe of skin was visible between her skirt and t-shirt.

She knew she looked good and dressed accordingly. She didn’t look slutty or cheap. She looked like an attractive young woman. I was proud of her and could only compliment her for the way she looked.

“Ready to go?” Robert asked as he took his phone from the table and started walking toward our garage. “We’re taking the Cybertruck.”

“For real!?” Ryan asked enthusiastically.

“For real,” Robert answered.

“Shotgun!” Ryan shouted and started running to the garage.

As I was driving the car out, I heard a noise I couldn’t quite place. It was a low roar that I heard before somewhere but couldn’t decide what it was. I looked out of the window, and the three of them were looking up. I stopped the car and got out. The moment I opened the door, I saw the helicopter which was going to land on our lawn.

I looked over at Robert, and he had that worried look on his face again. The helicopter had landed, and some military guy got out and walked over to us. This situation was strange, but I couldn’t help and notice how much I like a guy in uniform. I wasn’t an expert, but judging by all the medals and stripes on his jacket, he was a pretty important guy.

“Dr. Wilkes?” he asked, looking at Robert.

“Yes?” Robert responded, a bit uncertain.

“I’m Colonel Parker. Is there a place where we can talk privately?”

“Uhm. Sure. Walk with me,” Robert responded and walked toward the front door with the Colonel.

“What is that all about?” Ellie asked, looking confused.

“I’m afraid it’s got something to do with the President’s speech. I guess we’re not going into town today.”

End of Chapter two

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