Smoky Mountains
Jason Crow

Chapter 1 – Curiosity

Day 1.
Location: Close to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC
Date: November 14th, somewhere in the near future.

I read the news today, oh boy. This was bad. In the middle of the Brazilian Rainforest, a big logging company lost almost all their hardware and many people in a catastrophic accident. While they were logging, the ground crumbled away from under them, creating a near-perfect circle with a diameter of a little over thirty miles. The hole is about half a mile deep and visible with the naked eye from the International Space Station. Every TV station was broadcasting about it, and no one knew how or why this hole so suddenly appeared. There were already over four hundred counted fatalities, and two hundred people were missing. Still, no one expected them to be alive after the event.

I just woke up and was sitting in our kitchen in my bathrobe, drinking a cappuccino and digesting all this. My boyfriend Robert’s niece and nephew were staying with us, so sitting naked, as I usually did, wasn’t an option now. Their school had some weird vacation schedule, which meant they were free for almost two weeks now. Their mom reckoned it was a good idea to stay with Uncle Adam and Uncle Robert for a week during this school vacation. She figured Ellie and Ryan needed a male role model in their lives. By staying with us, they had two men for the price of one. And, which was probably the main reason, it gave her the opportunity to visit the Virgin Islands for a week-long holiday.

Robert was still in bed after he came home really late from work last night. I guessed Ellie was still in her bed, too, because that’s what almost all thirteen-year-old girls do on their holiday. I did hear some noise in the house and figured this was Ellie’s eleven-year-old brother Ryan. I hadn’t seen him yet but figured he’d appear soon enough. My first task was to shower, so I was ready to face the day. We planned to see a movie this afternoon. I promised Ryan that he could help me with a new prosthetic underarm after the movie. I was building this arm for a former navy-seal who lost his arm in combat. Ryan saw it in the workshop I have in the basement and called it the ‘Terminator hand.’ I had to admit it had a bit of a resemblance to it.

I polished off my cappuccino and headed to the bathroom. As I walked, I untied the knot of my bathrobe and opened the door. The moment I walked in, I stopped dead in my tracks. The glass door separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom was open, and in it was Ryan, who was drying his hair. His penis was stiff and pointing upward toward his belly. I guessed it to be a little over three inches, and it was wobbling with the movement of his body. I knew I had to look away, but it took me a great deal of effort to do so. I also realized my bathrobe hung open, and I was on display too. I quickly closed it and gently cleared my throat. Ryan quickly dropped the towel in front of his dick and blushed as he looked at me. I decided to act as if I hadn’t seen anything, so he wouldn’t feel awkward.

“Morning, Ryan,” I said.

“Morning, Uncle Adam. Did I wake you?” he asked, avoiding the elephant in the room too.

“A bit short, but yeah. Not too bad. You?”

“It was good. It’s really quiet outside here. Way quieter than at our place.”

“Yeah. Well. That’s the advantage of living in the sticks. But why are you in our shower? I didn’t expect you here. Otherwise, I would’ve knocked, of course.”

“The drain in our shower is clogged. Uncle Robert said we could use this shower until it’s fixed.”

“Great! We’re living in a four-and-a-half million dollar house, and we still have all sorts of issues,” I said, a bit annoyed. “Not that I mind you showering here, Ryan. It’s just that there seems to be something that needs to be fixed in this house every month.”

“It’s not like you can’t afford it,” he giggled, still holding the towel in front of him.

He was right. Robert and I met in med school, but neither of us became a doctor. After med school, I went to Stanford to get my degree in robotics. After I graduated, I got a great job creating advanced prosthetics for people missing a limb or who had another reason to wear them. By now, I was the CTO of the company and made a little over 200K a year. I loved my job dearly, but I missed the hands-on work with robotics, so I created my own workshop in the basement. This way, I stayed in touch with the technology I loved so much.

Robert, on the other hand, went to work at a big pharmaceutical company. He started at the bottom but quickly worked his way up and made even more money than I did. The house we currently lived in was owned by his company, and we could live in it for free.

The house is a very modern, Tony Stark-ish, huge house. Loads of glass, concrete, and wood, and very minimalistic in its design. Despite it being so trendy, it blended in with the forest beautifully. The roof was filled with solar panels, and in the back of our lot, we had two wind turbines. This combination made us completely energy-independent and gave us a low carbon footprint. It didn’t matter to me much. But to Robert, this was an essential feature of our house.

The house was built in the middle of a piece of land that spanned almost 40 acres. On the other side of the fence at the back of our land, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park started. Talking about location! There was a fence all around our land, and we had to drive down a long driveway before we could park our cars under the house. Ryan always called our home the modern Wayne Manor and insisted on seeing the Batcave at least once. We didn’t have security guards or a fancy video surveillance system to protect the compound. We didn’t need it out here. It was a fifteen-minute drive to our nearest neighbors, a small housing estate, so we didn’t get many visitors. The house itself was equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, but it never once went off in the four years we lived here now. Despite the remoteness of our home, I felt completely safe here.

“I’ll come back when you’re ready. Just call me, okay?” I said to Ryan and started to turn around.

“Uncle Adam?” Ryan softly said.

“What is it, sport?” I asked as I turned back and looked at him.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked, looking at the ground and his blush spread out all over the upper part of his chest.

“Sure you can. You know you can ask me anything. Even the weird stuff about me being gay,” I giggled, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“I Uhm. I get a lot of stiffies lately,” he started. “And I heard some boys in school talking about mixturbating to ‘release the pressure’ as they say it. Is that true? Does it help?”

Wow. I did not see that one coming. Robert’s sister always was a bit, let’s say, different. She didn’t want a relationship because that would slow her down too much. But she did want kids. Go figure. So she went to the sperm bank, got herself inseminated twice, and raised these amazing kids all by herself. The downside was that there wasn’t a male in their life to talk to about this stuff. I was deeply touched by the fact that he confided in me to talk to. So I decided to help him with whatever he needed.

“Well. Yes. It helps. It helps a lot, actually. It’s called masturbating, by the way, and when you do it right, it takes off the pressure for sure,” I honestly answered.

“Do you do it?”

“It’s a kind of a personal question. But yes, I do. Not too much nowadays, because I have regular sex with your Uncle Robert. But sometimes I still do it anyway, because of the nice feelings. When I was younger, I had periods in my life when I did it two or three times a day,” I said, laughing.

“Isn’t it bad? Won’t it hurt your penis? Isn’t there only so many times you can do this in your life? And if you do it too often, you can’t get kids anymore?”

“Whoa, sport! Relax. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating. As long as you do it privately and no one can see it and be offended by it, you’re good. No matter how often you spank it.”

“But… I don’t know how to… spank it,” Ryan softly said, looking down again.

“Don’t they teach this stuff in school? Or can’t you find anything online?” I asked, sensing where the conversation was going.

“They won’t teach this stuff in our school anymore. It isn’t Christian as they say it. And with the content filter my mom installed on our phones, I can’t even find a decent pair of boobs to look at online,” he said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

“I see,” I simply said, not knowing how to respond.

“Can’t you show me or tell me how it’s done?” he asked, looking at me with puppy eyes no living human being could say no to.

Oh boy. There it was. I’d always been interested in younger boys. I even had a couple of encounters when I was younger. Usually, these boys were thirteen to fourteen years old and were great lovers, as I learned. They were eager to learn, keen to please, and had recovery times I can only dream of now. But Ryan was my nephew. Well, not technically, but close enough. But then again, he asked me in good faith, and I didn’t want to let him down or him to turn to some old perv showing him. But this kid just turned eleven! I could go to jail for this.

“Listen, Ryan. Of course, I can show you. But I can get into some serious trouble when people find out I did.”

“Oh,” he said, and his face turned sad as he looked at the ground. “I see.”

This almost broke my heart. He must’ve really had his hopes up to learn it from me. I already accidentally saw his erection, and he wasn’t a blabbermouth. So, what the heck!

“But if you can promise me to keep your mouth shut about it, I guess I can give you a few pointers.”

He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes to check if I was serious. As he looked at me and realized I wasn’t kidding, his face lit up. He almost started to glow and had a smile from ear to ear.

“Of course! I won’t tell anyone!”

“Not even to Uncle Robert, your mom, best friend. Do you understand? No one can know about this,” I pushed on.

“I promise! Not a soul will know about this,” he said, still smiling broadly.

“Okay. Let’s sit down on the bench, shall we?” I asked.

We walked over to the wooden bench Robert and I had placed near our sauna to undress or relax on. Our bathroom was more of a wellness room than a bathroom, and it was one of my favorite rooms in the house. I’m not a guy who likes to have sex in the sauna, but I did like the luxurious vibe this room added to our home. Ryan still kept the towel in front of him as he sat down next to me. I looked at him, and he suddenly seemed nervous and tiny.

“Nervous?” I asked gently, trying to put him at ease.


I had enough experience with boys to know how to read them a bit. There was the boy who needed to be pushed a little, the boy that took control himself, and everything in between. There also isn’t a playbook on how to start. Touch the boy, start with your own dick, or encourage the boy to begin together. It’s different every time. With Ryan, I knew not to push it. And I figured the best approach with him was to start together.

“Don’t be. Masturbating will be your new favorite pastime. I guarantee you,” I smiled at him.

This caused Ryan to start giggling too, and the nervousness seemed to vanish a bit. I was a bit turned on by the fact that I was going to jerk next to a young boy. I wasn’t fully hard yet but was already halfway there. I decided to open and shrugged off my bathrobe. Ryan’s eyes immediately went to my dick, which was a natural reaction. My cut dick wasn’t overly big. Erect, I was just above six inches. Luckily I was a shower instead of a grower, so soft I was almost five inches. I knew that in the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy, I looked huge. I shaved off all my body hair, and this made my dick look even more prominent.

“Wow,” Ryan whispered.

I placed my hand on top of his and looked at him.

“I’ll show you how it’s done, so you can mimic me, okay?”

“But… I’m not that big,” he shyly said.

“Don’t worry, sport. You’ll grow a lot when you get older. And honestly, size doesn’t matter,” I said, knowing all boys are insecure about their size when there’s a grown man next to them. “Ready to get started?”

Ryan didn’t respond. He looked at my dick again. He hesitated a second, took the towel from his lap, and laid it on the bench beside him. I looked at his dick, and it was fully erect. He was indeed a little over three inches, cut, and completely hairless, just like me.

“To be honest, you’re a bit big for your age. Back when I was eleven, I was a bit smaller. So nothing to worry about, sport,” I smiled and saw Ryan starting to smile too. “Now. Just take your penis in your hand like this.”

I gripped my dick and made sure he could see how I did this. He copied my action, his eyes focused on my dick. I slowly started moving up and down, expecting him to follow me, which he did.

“OW!” he said.

“Your grip is too firm. You need to loosen it a bit,” I said, suppressing a giggle.

I remember making this mistake when I was his age too, so it was sort of a deja-vu to me. Ryan looked at me with an uncertain look in his eyes. I let go of my own dick and reached out to Ryan’s.

“I can show you if you want,” I said, not touching his penis yet.

“Yes, please,” Ryan responded and looked a bit relieved.

I knew better than to just touch a boy, and asking for permission made it easier for both of us. By now, I was pretty worked-up already, so I had no problem at all with touching his dick. I reached out and took my little nephew’s dick in my hand. I heard Ryan moan a bit the moment I wrapped my fist around it. I loved his young, thin, but extremely hard dick in my hand. I slowly started moving my fist, electing another moan from Ryan.

“See?” I softly whispered as I jerked him. “This is how you spank it.”

“Hmmm. This is, ahhh,” Ryan responded with his eyes closed.

“You think you can do it?”

“I guess,” he replied but made no move to take over.

I was enjoying this too much to just let go, so I just kept going. Ryan’s moans increased as I kept jerking him. I felt a drop of precum oozing out of my dick and realized again how much I liked doing this stuff with young boys.

“Ohhh… Uncle Adam. Somethings happening!” he said with a bit of panic in his voice. “You need to stop!”

He started wiggling his butt to get away from my stroking hand.

“No, Ryan. You’re about to cum. Don’t worry. Just let the feeling wash over you. No worries,” I assured him and increased the speed a bit.
It didn’t take long for him to cum. This moment is what I always liked best with boys. Their first cum and the way they reacted to it. I kept stroking him and looked at his face. I saw his eyes cross, and his mouth hung open a bit. He was panting heavily, and the moment I felt his dick grow fatter in my hand, his whole body stiffened.

“AHHH!” He groaned and lifted his butt off the bench to meet my jerking hand.

I felt his penis kicking in my hand, but no sperm came out. This wasn’t a big surprise, considering his age. After the twitching died down a bit, he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Wow. You’re right! I just discovered my new favorite pastime,” and he started giggling.

I sat up straight and giggled too. I loved this kid! He was open, funny, and kind-hearted. Too bad his mom was so strict on him. She wasn’t a man-hater nor a lesbian, but she preferred women above men. And it showed a bit on the way she treated Ryan.

“Don’t you need to spank it?” Ryan asked as he eyed my boner.

“Not necessarily. I can do it later.”

“Why won’t you do it now? Is it because of me? Because I don’t mind if you do it,” he pressed on.

“Do you want to see me do it?” I asked him, realizing he must be curious about how I did it.

“Well… Uhm…” he started.

I knew enough. I was pretty horny already and found it exciting to have an audience. Especially if it was a curious young boy. So I took my hard dick in my hand and went for it. As I felt the pressure slowly build in my balls, I kept looking at Ryan. He had his eyes glued to my dick and jerking hand. His own dick was still proudly sticking up from his groin.

“Why don’t you join me?” I hoarsely said, knowing the recovery capability he must have.

As if he snapped out of a trance, he tore his eyes from my dick and looked me in my eyes. He extended his hand and wrapped it around the base of my dick.
“Whoa, Ryan. I mean to join me jerking your own penis,” I said as I gently and a bit reluctantly took his hand away.

“Oh. Sorry,” he smiled and wrapped his hand around his dick.

As he clumsily started jerking himself, he focused on my dick again, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his. Soon enough, he found himself a rhythm and started panting again.

“Oh, those younger days,” I thought to myself, feeling that familiar build-up in my balls.

I slowed down a bit to let Ryan catch up. But this action in front of me sure had its effect. Slowing down didn’t do much good, and before I knew it, I was approaching the point of no return.

“Ahh. Here I go,” I managed to say and leaned back a bit on the bench.

As I felt my balls contracting, I made sure I pointed my dick toward my belly. I didn’t want to freak Ryan out by splatting my cum on him. After the first spurt came out and landed on my chest, I heard Ryan gasp beside me. Knowing he was watching me intensely added an extra dimension to my orgasm. I came really hard, and at least seven spurts flew out of my dick.

As I came down a bit from this intense orgasm, I glanced over at Ryan, who had his eyes on my dick and belly, and he was stroking his dick really fast. His mouth was open, and his eyes had a bit of an unfocused look in them.

“Ohhh… I…” he gasped, and I could see him cumming again. That was impressive, even for an eleven-year-old.

After he came, he collapsed on the bench and laid his head against my shoulder, his dick still firmly in his hand.

“You okay, sport?” I asked after a few moments had passed.

“Yeah. This is amazing,” he said, still panting a bit.

“I know, right? I hope you’ll enjoy your new toy,” I laughed.

“Oh, don’t worry. I will!” and he laughed too. “Uncle Adam?”

“What is it, sport?”

“Is that sperm on your tummy?” he asked, extending his finger to touch it.

“Yes. That’s my sperm,” I replied, not stopping his hand.

“That’s what makes babies, doesn’t it?” he asked as his index finger dipped in a glob of cum.

“When it’s inside a fertile girl, it can create a baby. But when it’s on my chest, it’s just sticky stuff that I need to wash off,” I chuckled.

Ryan pressed his thumb and index finger together and was examining my sperm. I could see his dick was soft by now, and seeing it like this, made me realize how small he still was. I didn’t feel any regret for teaching him this, but I wanted it to end now. We needed to keep a bit of distance in our relationship, I reckoned.

“It’s weird,” he said.

“What is?”

“Sperm. It’s sticky and gooey,” he said, toying with my cum. “When will I make sperm, Uncle Adam?”

“Soon, sport. If you keep spanking it, it’ll probably be within a year. But it might as well be later. Or sooner. You’ll just have to wait. But until then, your spanking sessions won’t be messy. So, I wouldn’t mind it too much if I were you.”

“Thanks for showing me, Uncle Adam,” he said and gave me a very tight, very naked hug.

I felt his soft penis against my hip as I hugged him back tightly.

“I’ll go take a shower. Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll eat breakfast together after my shower. Okay?”

“Great!” he said and started putting on his clean boxers he had hung on the hook near the shower.

“Oh, and Ryan?”

“What is it?” he said and stood up straight.

“Not a word, remember?” I said sternly.

“Not a word. Promise!” he said, opened the door, and walked off to his room, giving me a nice view of his firm little boxer-clad butt.

End of Chapter one

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Okay. This is the fist chapter in may. Just to be clear: I’m not going to write something witty at the end of every chapter. But I can’t help it now. This is the start of a great journey. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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