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Dear Jason – Chapter 6

Dear Jason – Chapter 6

I was awake but still in bed when the doorbell rang. I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was half an hour later than yesterday. I smiled at myself, got up, and went downstairs. As I expected, James was standing there, almost bouncing with excitement. I hadn’t bothered with clothes and opened the door in my boxers.

“Morning, James,” I smiled and let him in, noticing that he wore the same clothes as yesterday.

“Hi, Jason! Still too early?” he asked as he looked me over.

“A little, yeah. I didn’t have my shower or coffee yet,” I smiled, rubbing my eyes.

“I’ll make you some coffee so you can take your shower!” he said excitedly and rushed into the kitchen.

I shrugged and went upstairs. I wasn’t sure what to do with the bathroom door. I could lock it, which would create a clear boundary. But if I’d leave it slightly open, James could decide for himself what he wanted to do. I wouldn’t mind him seeing me naked. Heck! That would even enhance my chances of seeing him naked! I chubbed up a little at that idea, so I left the door ajar, dropped my boxers, and took my shower.

And sure enough, after a few minutes, James came in, carrying a mug of coffee. He sat down on the toilet seat, chatting away like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I grabbed my towel, and this time, I made no effort to hide myself from him. It was nice and warm, I was still a little chubbed by seeing him and from showing off, so I felt like I had nothing to hide.

James kept talking as I dried myself and glanced at my flopping dick a few times, but he did not comment about it. I brushed my teeth and did my regular routine naked. If he didn’t have a problem with it, I sure as hell didn’t. But after I stretched it enough, I went to my room with James still on my heels, grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, and got dressed. I also picked the same outfit as yesterday, and after I pulled down my shirt, I was ready to face the day.

James pulled off his shirt the moment we entered my office and sat down on the spare office chair again. We started working on tweaking his system and installing all kinds of software. I had an extensive collection, and he was thrilled when I showed him Adobe Premiere Pro was an option.

Seeing him work on his computer in just his short track pants hit me hard. This was also the first time it actually got me hard too. This boy was sexy as fuck! I needed to find a way for him to keep coming over.

After we installed Apex Legends and it booted for the first time, James almost shouted, “It’s so fast!”

I could only laugh at that, and as he squirmed in his chair to show me how it worked, I got an idea.

“How about we build a game computer for me? I’ve got more than enough spare parts for a new one. I don’t wanna use my work computer for games, but by building a new one, we can play online together.”

“Yeah! That’s awesome!” he said and made the chair do a total 360. “We can even use hand signals next to our headsets, and no one will know,” he smiled and pointed to his room on the other side of the street.

After another fun day next to this barely dressed boy, we shut down his computer, disconnected it, and crossed the street with it. When we entered the kitchen, the smell of home-cooked chicken filled my nose.

“Hi, Honey! Hi Jason,” Ellis said excitedly.

“Hi, Mom,” James cheerfully said, “we finished my computer!”

“That’s great, Honey,” his mother smiled.

“Is it okay to set it up in my room now?”

“Sure. Dinner is ready in half an hour.”

“Come on, Jason!” James said, and he was halfway up the stairs before I knew it.

I shrugged apologetically at Ellis, and she just smiled and waved for me to follow her son. As I walked up the stairs, I came to the conclusion that James’s verbal house tour was pretty accurate. And when I entered his room, it almost felt like I’d been there before. I quickly glanced across the street but immediately felt at ease. Even if you knew the camera was there, you couldn’t see it. No way!

As we were connecting all the cables, the door to the bathroom opened, and Julia joined us. James already told me they shared a bathroom together. James found the term ‘Jack and Jill bathroom’ stupid. He said that they just shared a bathroom together. And that, in their case, it’s a James and Julia bathroom. So he kept calling it that way.

“Jason gave me an almost new computer!” James said excitedly to his twin sister.

“Really? That’s freakin’ awesome!” she said, looking at me in disbelief.

“Yeah! Apex boots in under ten seconds now!”


Julia clearly wasn’t mocking him. She apparently was into video games as much as her brother.

“You’re so lucky, Pep!” she said.

Since they were young, their parents called the two of them salt and pepper. The names stuck, and James became pepper, whereas Julia was salt.

“Maybe we can build her one too?” James asked cautiously.

“Maybe. I’ll put all the spare parts I can find together over the coming week. I’ve also got some stuff at the office. Next weekend, we’ll check it out, okay?”

“Told you he’s a great guy!” James said to his sister, who nodded and smiled at me.

Before Ellis called that dinner was ready, I ensured his webcam was in the best possible angle. They thought nothing of it, but I was pretty sure I got the whole room covered by now. When he closed the curtains, I’d lose a bit, but otherwise, there was no way to hide from my spying eyes.

Dinner was great, and Bill and Ellis thanked me plenty of times for helping their kids out with their computers. Bill was a construction worker with his own building company and knew nothing about that ‘techy stuff,’ as he called it. And Ellis was an artist who sculpted small statues. There was a fascinating statue in the corner of the room that I had noticed earlier, but I figured it was inappropriate to ask about.

But when she picked it up to show me, I could only compliment her on her skills. She sculpted her kids when they were about seven years old. They were both naked and with their backs against each other.

“It’s amazing, Ellis!” I sincerely said.

“Thank you! As you can see, I created this in our nudist period, as I call it.”

“Yeah…James told me about that,” I said a bit evasively.

“I think they’re too old now for us to keep going on with it. And still too young to make a conscious decision about it. So we go to more… regular resorts these days for our holidays.”

“I see,” I said, “and I think I understand.”

“At least we had the chance to teach them that everyone is unique and that nudity is okay,” Bill added.

I didn’t know how to respond to that, but Ellis came to the rescue and asked me if I wanted some coffee. I gave the small sculpture a final look, handed it to Ellis, and said, “Thank you, but I need to go. I’m off to an early start tomorrow. Next weekend, we’ll start working on Julia’s computer. How about if I light up the grill, and you come over to my place for a change?”

They would have nothing of that. I helped them with the computers, and they provided dinner. And it would be another hot weekend, so we could also take a refreshing dip in the pool.

After I entered my office, I quickly closed the curtains. I gave both my camera and the spy software a quick checkup and saw that everything was fine. Tomorrow would be a day at the office. Usually, I didn’t look forward to that, but I had some great ideas about how to mess up the life of my asshole manager Fred with my newfound skills.

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    Excellent Jason. You gave me a semi as always

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