Dear Jason – Chapter 7

Undressing in the bathroom at work felt a bit weird at first. After I was done and had pressed the patches together, I lifted one of the ceiling plates and put my clothes up there so they were out of sight.

Walking toward Fred’s office was a bit challenging. I almost bumped into co-workers twice, and I had to wait a few minutes outside his office before his door opened. Finally, I sneaked inside and sat down on the floor in one of the corners. I listened to a few conversations he had with my colleagues, and most of the time, Fred behaved as such an asshole that the other person was dumbfounded. Two female colleagues even started crying at his bluntness.

He surprised me even more when he came on to one of my female colleagues, Maria. She was the best-looking woman in our office and had one of the best IT skills in our department to show for. But it was just embarrassing to see how he kept hitting on her and how she kept trying to politely turn him down.

I watched all the interviews he had with my colleagues with disbelief. This guy just didn’t know who was on his team and, more importantly, who was valuable and who wasn’t. And on top of that, during his call with his supervisor, he managed to make it sound like he had everything under control. Convincingly.

This guy wasn’t an asshole. He was a giant pain in the ass and a threat to our company. I needed to do something about that, and after I looked over his shoulder and memorized his password, I immediately started my campaign on him.

The moment he left, I logged in under his account, and I downloaded some grungy porn. The kind of porn with fake rape and molestation in it. This way, our firewall would definitely send out some alarms to the internal IT department.

Next, I quickly scanned his entire computer and noticed he had some really shady stuff in there. I installed the same spyware as with James from my private server a moment later. It was convenient that I knew how to bypass our virus and malware scanners. After visiting a few more compromising URLs, I logged out and waited next to his door to leave.

The moment it opened, I sneaked out and went back to the toilet to change. During my interview with Fred a little later, I was so confident about getting rid of him that I actually managed to visibly annoy him a few times.

During the rest of the day, I had two main objectives. First, I needed to find a way to make my invisibility count. There needed to be a way that I could see some naked boys or girls. And if I could find a way to do more, it would be even better, and I could probably find some inspiration for more stories.

So I spent the rest of the morning looking for options. There appeared to be a small-scale foster home at the edge of town. An elderly couple started it because they couldn’t have kids of their own and wanted to help unfortunate boys. They kept it low-profile since they feared the neighborhood might complain.

The kids lived there for various reasons. Some have had trouble with the law in the past, some had parents with addictions, and some were orphans. They housed about ten kids in there, ranged ten to eighteen.

I read a newspaper article from a few years ago, and they seemed to have a nice setup in there. The boys slept in pairs of two, so they could keep an eye on each other. They always ate dinner together and did everything they could to make it feel like home. According to some of the boys they interviewed, they managed.

My second objective of the day was ensuring that the prick was fired. The moment Maria came in crying during our break, and we learned that Fred had fired her, it was game on! I knew it was risky, but I opened the spyware tools on my home PC through a couple of VPNs. This didn’t help in performance, but it made it virtually impossible to be traced that way.

Now that I knew his password, I had almost unlimited access to every resource he had. The background scan of his documents was finished, and I noticed something odd. He had two versions of the quarterly report. One had ‘original’ in its name, and another ‘cleaned.’ It wasn’t my area of expertise, but it didn’t take a genius to see he tampered with the numbers. And judging by how he called the documents the way he did, he wasn’t a genius.

I also found out that he had a personal spending account with an eighty-thousand-dollar spending limit on it. So I purchased about fifty-thousand dollars in Bitcoins and immediately transferred these around to some other wallets. After converting them to Ether and some other currencies, I send it all to another wallet where it would be safe for the time being.

Just a few internet searches under his account on how to trade in Bitcoin left, and he was doomed. I knew the corporate office had a zero-tolerance policy on stealing, and this would most definitely qualify as such. If this wasn’t enough, I’d always have the two spreadsheets left that were currently waiting as a draft in his mailbox to be sent to a few randomly selected colleagues of mine.

I felt extremely satisfied after finally getting some payback on this douchebag. I made sure to hide all traces of the spyware, so he could never blame it on that, and shut down my computer. It was already late when I left the office and decided to celebrate.

So after eating some drive-through on my way home, I drove straight to the foster home. I didn’t know what to expect, but the prospect of ten boys in five different bedrooms was more than enough to get me interested. Looking back, I felt a bit overconfident, but at the time, I figured I was good. The good thing was that I knew the house from all the pics I saw online.

I parked the car out of sight and pressed the patches together. Then, after I disrobed, I walked over to the house. Two kids, I guessed them to be around ten or eleven, were sitting on the swing in the garden, chatting with each other. I walked around the house and entered it through the back door.

I sneaked through every room on the ground floor and saw four boys, about fourteen to sixteen years old, lounging in front of the TV. In the kitchen, two older boys were helping the woman with cleaning up the kitchen. Dinner was clearly just done, and I noticed a schedule on the wall where cleaning duty was divided.

I crept up the stairs and saw all bedroom doors were closed except one. The moment I walked toward that door to take a peek inside, another door opened, and a kid walked into the hallway with a towel wrapped around his waist. I recognized him immediately. This was the kid I saw peeing at the skate park!

He walked toward the open door, and as he entered the room, I sneaked in right behind him. The room wasn’t big, but two beds and two desks fitted in comfortably, leaving enough room for a closet. The two beds were each against the outer wall and separated by about five feet of walking space between the beds. On one of them, a boy about the same age as the one who just entered the room lay there reading in his underwear.

The moment the boy closed and locked the door behind him, a feeling of panic washed over me. I was trapped! But when I realized I could always sneak out at night, that feeling quickly vanished. The only thing I needed to do was stay awake.

Being trapped in the same room as two barely dressed boys quickly sucked up all my attention. The boy with the towel around his waist had that skater look nailed down! Even now, his shaggy hair, tanned skin, and laidback attitude clearly defined this style.

As he sat down on one of the beds, he looked at his roommate, and so did I. The boy looked slightly younger than the skater boy and was lying on his belly. His purple and black boxer briefs hugged his boyish ass nicely, and I felt myself chub up at the sight of these two boys.

“You okay, Raf?” skater boy asked.

Raf looked up from his book and smiled half-heartedly at the other boy. “Yeah. I guess. But ever since Lucas learned he’s moving out, he’s been such a pain, you know?”

“Yeah. But you shouldn’t let him pick on you. Stand up for yourself!”

“Easy for you to say. You’re tough! I’m still a little boy! Look at me!” he said and got up to prove his point.

He was indeed a bit underdeveloped and on the skinny side. But my eyes immediately went to his boxers, which was filled out way more than I anticipated.

“You do need to work out for some muscles. But you’re barely thirteen, Dude! Cut yourself some slack! And he’ll be gone in a week…”

“I know. But he won’t pick on you…”

“You know what? Come to the park with me tomorrow, and I’ll teach you some stuff.”

“Really? Thanks!” Raf said, clearly lighting up at that idea.

“And…” skater boy said softly, “I bet you’ve got a bigger dick than Lucas!”

That caused both boys to start giggling. And after a few moments, skater boy lunged at Raf, and they started roughhousing on the bed. Before long, skater boy’s towel came off, and I was looking at his naked ass with his semi-hard dick dangling between his legs. I gasped at that sight, and both boys stopped for a moment.

They looked around to see where the noise came from but shrugged simultaneously and continued wrestling. Skater boy was sitting on Raf’s legs, right beneath his boxer-covered balls. Skater boy’s balls must be touching Raf’s, but neither boy seemed to care.

They both looked thoughtfully at each other when Raf softly asked, “Wanna do it again?”

Skater boy blushed but nodded, and I immediately saw his dick grow hard. He looked at the door, got up, and walked toward the door with his bobbing boner leading the way. I could barely step aside in time, and he missed me by a hair.

After he checked if the door was locked properly, he turned around and started grinning. “Wanna do me first this time?” he asked, smiling wickedly.

Raf just nodded, and skater boy lay down on the other bed, his boner sticking up proudly. I guessed it to be a little under five inches. He was uncut and had a small but dense patch of black pubes and completely hairless balls.

Raf got off his bed, and I quickly glanced at his tented boxers. He got on his knees next to skater boy’s bed and extended his hand. Without hesitation, his fingers wrapped around his roommate’s hard dick, and he massaged it gently.

“Ohhh… that’s it, Raf!” he moaned as Raf gently started jacking.

“You’re already leaking some of your stuff,” Raf whispered.

“Yeah. I was thinking about… hmmm… this in the shower. So I’m already a little worked up, I aaahhh… guess.”

“Will you still shoot it?” Raf asked anxiously, his eyes focused on the hard cock in front of his face.

By now, I was also leaking precum badly, and I noticed a drop had landed on the end of skater boy’s bed. The moment it left my body, it was visible, so I needed to be really careful here. I couldn’t Jack myself to orgasm here, or I’d blow more than just my load. So instead, I scooped up the drops that formed on my tip and put them in my mouth. I figured this was the only way to keep myself hidden. It was undeniably a big turn-on. Licking up my cum while watching one of my fantasies unfold in front of my eyes.

“Ahhh… oohhh…” came from the bed, and by now, Raf was really working his friend’s cock.

Raf’s eyes were locked on the tip of skater boy’s cock, beaming with anticipation as his hand kept going faster and faster. I felt SO privileged to be able to watch this intimate act, and it was so fucking hot watching these two boys getting it on that I had a difficult time keeping myself together.

“Ohhh… oohhh… ooohhhh! Aaahhhh!” skater boy suddenly moaned.

He lifted his ass from the bed, and I saw three spurts of almost clear cum leave his pulsing dick. Raf’s eyes were wide, and a huge grin was plastered on his face. Skater boy lay there panting and smiled down at his roommate.

“Awesome, Raf!” he whispered.

“You shot more stuff than last time!” Raf said excitedly.

“Yeah…you also did better than last time!” skater boy smiled.

After he took a small hand towel from underneath his bed and cleaned up the drops on his tight belly, skater boy said, “Your turn!”

Raf got to his feet and judging by the way he was tenting his boxers, this boy was seriously packing! He pulled down his boxers without much of a show, causing his massive boner to slap against his belly. I was right. This boy was huge! Judging from this distance, his boner was just as big as mine at almost seven inches. But on his small frame, it was almost freakishly big.

I’m not at all into big dicks on boys, and I could only remember one boy coming close to him. He was in my junior gym class, and every boy in my class looked up to him and respected him because of the monster between his legs.

I hadn’t seen that boy in gym class hard, and I didn’t see Raf soft yet, so the comparison was difficult. But that he was in the top one percent of the world was clear.

Raf lay on his back on his own bed and smiled at skater boy as he said, “I’m so glad you learned how to do this! This is awesome!”

“Me too!” skater boy said as he got close and looked at the massive dick in front of him.

The moment he wrapped his fingers around the throbbing cut cock, Raf moaned softly, “ooohhh… yeah!”

“You’ll leave every locker room you walk in as the alpha male! Dude!” skater boy said in awe as he was slowly starting to jerk his friend.

“Oohhhh… what’s that?”

“Every guy in there wants to be you and will treat you with respect.”

“Tell that to… aaahhh… Lucas,” Raf moaned as he closed his eyes.

“I don’t have to! Just show him your willie.”

“Ooohhhh…” was all that Raf replied.

“You really like it when I do this, don’t you?” skater boy whispered and smiled wickedly as he used both hands to pleasure both Raf’s shaft and balls simultaneously.

Being a fly on the wall as these young boys explored their bodies was magnificent. It brought back some fond memories of my time with Pete in the woods. But I wanted more. I just didn’t know how yet. If I said something, I might scare them. And if I touched them out of the blue, they’d probably be even more scared.

Because of my growing horniness, I probably wasn’t thinking entirely rationally. But an idea popped into my head, and I immediately figured it was a good idea. I noticed the key was still in the door, so I could always run, and being invisible would give me enough edge to get out without getting caught.

As I walked over to the two desks near the door, I looked back at the two boys and just went for it. I threw some of the papers on their desks in the air and spun their two chairs around.

“Whoooo!” I said, mimicking Robin Williams’s Ghost coming from Aladdin’s lamp.

“What’s that?” Raf asked with skater boy’s hands still holding his junk.

“I… Dunno! I…” he stammered.

“Oh. I’m sorry, guys,” I said with the most pleasant voice I had in me, “I didn’t mean to scare you, but with me being here, I assume you need some help?”

“Who… who are you?” skater boy said, covering himself up and looking a bit frightened.

“Me? Oh. Right. You’re new to this, of course. When you die, you become a ghost for a while. And I’m one of the few thousand ghosts at the moment to help out where needed.”

“What do you mean?” Raf asked, clearly interested, not bothering to cover up, and sounding a lot less scared than his roommate.

“Look. When I was young, I did some… stuff with my friend. Kinda like you two are doing now,” I started.

Raf looked at skater boy, and both boys blushed. By now, Raf’s boner had started to deflate, and I learned I was right. He was as big as the boy I remembered from gym class, if not bigger. So it was now official he was the biggest boy I’d ever seen, but he was damn close to my former classmate.

“We’re just… uhm…” skater boy stammered.

“Don’t worry! Almost all boys do this! No need to feel ashamed or anything. It’s just that… well… there’s more. I didn’t want to try this when I was younger, so my job was to show three sets of boys how to do it properly after I died. After I’ve done this, I’m allowed to… you know… move on. I’ve only got one pair left.”

The two of them looked at each other, and Raf asked, “Wh… what do you need us to do?”

“First of all, it’s not an assignment or something. You both have to do it out of your free will. Otherwise, it won’t count. Second, I can show you what I mean and then teach you how to do it. After that, I’m free and won’t bother you again. But trust me, it’ll be worth it. You’ll love it!”

“Does it mean… uhm… sex?” Raf asked, clearly interested and already chubbing up again.

“It only involves blowjobs and handjobs. But I noticed you already worked the handjob part out for yourself. You two can have sex, and I’m willing to help you with that, but my mission focus is on blowjobs. Do you know what a blowjob is?”

Raf shook his head, but skater boy didn’t and nodded a little. However, he didn’t look too confident either, so I decided to ask him.

“Tell me what you know, blondie.”

“It’s Alec. And he’s Rafael. Or Raf. I… it’s where you take ‘it’ in your mouth and nibble on it, right?”

“Almost. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Almost as good as sex with a girl. But since there are no girls around here, it’s the next best thing. And the two of you can do it whenever you want. And you do take the penis in your mouth, yes. But instead of nibbling on it, you lick and suck it.”

“But… I pee from there!” Raf blurted out.

“I know. And you also clean it after that. I promise you it won’t taste like piss! And giving your friend such good feelings will also feel amazing to you.”

“I did hear some boy talk about it at the skate park. He said he was getting it from his girlfriend,” Alec said to Raf, “and he was all excited about it.”

“Tell you what. I’ll do it to both of you, and then you’ll tell me what you think, okay?”

The boys looked at each other and shrugged. Next, they started giggling and just nodded.

“Alright. Lie down on your bed and close your eyes, Alec. I’ll do you first, and then I’ll do Raf. There’s one thing… just… don’t be alarmed when you see your friend’s dick disappear. That’s only because of my ghost form. Can’t help it.”

They nodded and didn’t seem bothered anymore. Alec did as I told, and before I knew it, I felt like I had really died and gone to heaven. A young boy, thirteen-years-old, was lying on this bed, completely naked, awaiting my mouth around his rigid cock.

His naked, barely thirteen-year-old friend, hung like a horse and equally naked, looked eagerly at his friend, so he could learn how to suck cock from me. Pretty mind-blowing. I made a mental note to send a big thank you to JD for this.

“It’s real easy. You need to open your mouth, take him in and just make sure your teeth are out of the way. Like this,” I said as I felt a thrill of excitement shoot through me when I grabbed Alec’s semi-hard dick in my hand.

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his shaft. I looked down at his black pubes and saw his dick was gone where my lips were around him.

“Wow!” Raf said beside me and bumped against my shoulder as he came in for a closer look.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem bothered by it and just seemed to accept the fact that I was there. I let my tongue slide over the underside of Alec’s dick, and he quickly started to grow hard with each heartbeat.

“Ooohhh!” he moaned.

“Is it good?” Raf asked, eager and excited, looking at his friend’s face.

“Ohh… yeah…” Alec kept moaning.

Feeling a hard young cock in my mouth sure brought back some memories of my younger years. Alec wasn’t cut like Pete was, but this wasn’t the first uncut cock I sucked. So I knew what to do. I gently pulled back Alec’s foreskin as my tongue kept lapping away. As my tongue lapped over his piss slit, Alec lifted his ass from the bed and pushed hard into my mouth.

I felt the sweet, clear precum hit my tastebuds and reluctantly pulled back. I needed Raf to be in too. So when Alec’s dick left my mouth, and his saliva-covered boner lay on his belly, he opened his eyes and looked pleadingly at no one in particular. He was so horny by now and couldn’t do anything with it.

“Okay, Rafael. Your turn,” I said, eying the almost seven-inch boner poking out from his groin.

Raf didn’t waste any time and lay next to Alec. The bed was wide enough for the two of them, and seeing both of them lying there… oh boy. I almost came without touching myself.

“You’ll love it, Raf!” Alec said as he propped up on his elbows to look down at his friend’s crotch.

My face was now inches away from Raf’s boner, and it was actually the first time I got a good, close-up look at it. It was big. Almost too big for him. I thought he was still completely hairless, but seeing it this close, also revealed some tiny hairs at the base of his dick. He was cut, and the pointy glans was still pinkish. Not red, almost purple like with a grown dick. This distinguished it from a grown man’s cock, and to be honest, it made my mouth water.

I opened my mouth, and the moment my lips brushed his glans, Raf started moaning. I could only fit a little over three-quarters in my mouth, but I made sure to make it count. I used everything I learned in my life to make him feel as good as I could. And I loved it. But when I heard a soft, “uhm… can I try?” coming from Alec’s mouth, I knew I should let him.

“Of course!” I said, letting Raf’s cock slide out a little reluctantly.

“You sure it doesn’t taste like piss?” Alec asked with his friend’s cock in his hand and his mouth inches away from it.

“I promise,” I said, gripping my dick at this more than erotic sight in front of me.

Alec lowered his mouth over his friend’s big dick, and I could see the slight apprehension on his face make place for enthusiasm. He didn’t need any direction from me. He even used his free hand to toy with Raf’s balls.

But when I noticed another drop of precum on Alec’s dick, I couldn’t resist, licked it off, and closed my mouth around it again.

Both boys were moaning heavily by now, and as I really started to get into sucking off alec, my hand started moving on its own on my own cock. It was clear that both boys were close to cumming, and the boiling in my balls grew by the second. I was still on my knees beside the bed and realized I was going to shoot. But I was still clear enough to recognize that if I aimed it correctly, it would land on the carpet under the bed, and no one would notice until they needed to clean there.

Alec was basically fucking my face now, and I loved it. I saw his little balls move as he did this and could hardly keep my eyes from it. But seeing Alec’s mouth around Raf’s in-and-out sliding cock, made me realize I really helped these kids out. They would suck each other off multiple times a day. That much was sure.

I felt Alec’s cock thicken in my mouth, and his balls pulled up in his sack. The moans of both boys became even louder, and when Alec’s first shot of cum hit the back of my throat, I heard a muffled scream.

The taste of his sweet, watery cum was exquisite. It reminded me of Pete’s cum, but sweeter, and maybe it tasted even better than Pete’s.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Raf’s butt had left the mattress, and he pushed hard into Alec’s mouth. But Alec didn’t flinch or anything. He took his friend’s cock like a pro. Judging by the pulsing of that monster, Raf was also coming. And that did it. I felt four of five spurts leave my cock, and they landed under Alec’s bed.

It was an incredible experience cumming with a thirteen-year-old cock in my mouth that just released a few drops of young cum. And seeing a boy’s mouth around his friend’s cock, only added to that. I won’t say it was my best cum ever, but it sure as hell was hot as fuck to cum like this.

But I also knew I shouldn’t overstay my welcome here. So after I came down from my orgasm, I stood up and looked at the panting boys on the bed.

“You did great!” I said, causing both boys to snap out of their post-orgasmic trance.

“It was awesome!” Raf panted.

“One last tip before I… move on,” I said a bit dramatically, “if you lie head to toe to each other, you can suck and be sucked at the same time.”

Both Raf and Alec looked at each other as if the secret of the universe had just been revealed to them. It was clear they understood what I meant.

“Thank you, ghost,” Raf sincerely said, “I hope you can move on now.”

“Yeah. Thanks,” Alec added, still panting a bit

“You’re welcome. Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime,” I said.

I hadn’t thought about my exit. But I decided to just turn the key and leave through the door. If they were clear enough to say something about it, I’d be out of there before they knew. But as I closed the door, both boys only had eyes for each other and didn’t seem to think it was odd that I left through the door.

After I left the house and entered my car, I felt grateful and even a bit emotional about this fantastic experience. Never in my life would I’ve thought I’d be able to do something like this, and now I had sucked two young boys and even drank some of their cum.

It hit me hard, but now I knew my next mission was to get into James’s pants. And maybe, just maybe, after that, I could even include his sister. I did need to figure out a way to do this, but a plan was already brewing.

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