Today, I released my latest story ‘I Hate You!’ The premise isn’t exactly original, but I really like how it turned out with the little twists and turns I added. I won’t reveal the premise here, but I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you read the story.

It’s a nine-chapter story, but a little warning is in order here. I was focused on keeping it short and tidy. But as always, I didn’t manage. It turned out as a small novella at 25K words. The first couple of chapters is plot-only. If you’re just here for a quick ‘pipe-cleaning session,’ I recommend waiting for the last four chapters. But if you’re into a little build-up and interested to see how a story develops: Have fun!

Another (again!? Yes, again!) big shout-out to E-o-F!! He helped me out with some ideas and always manages to fish out the typos. Thanks again, Ed!

And also a thank you to Randall Stanhope! He’s good at pointing out some flaws; this one did have a few. Thanks, Randall!!

But this time, I also had some help from Levi Holland. He was kind enough to read through it and gave me many general tips and pointers. These didn’t all make it into the story, but they will help me become a better writer in general. So, also, a big shout-out to Levi!

Thanks, guys! This all helps a lot!

Anywho… Enjoy the new story! If you can’t find it in the menu, here’s the link.