I Hate You! – Chapter 3

“So… how do we do this?” Jake asked as we entered my room.

I was still dressed in just Jake’s multi-colored boxers but didn’t feel the need to get dressed. I enjoyed the feeling of walking around topless, something I hadn’t done in a while.

“Let’s wear this,” I said as I handed him my short jeans and a shirt, “You’re used to wearing that. Well… not that short, but you know what I mean… And you need a bra. Obviously,” I said as I checked out my firm B, almost C-cup breasts that were loose inside my tank top and couldn’t be missed this way.

“I just take off the top?” Jake asked with a questioning and insecure look on his face.

I figured he’d already checked out my boobs by now. But apparently, he’d only felt and cupped them yet. I was oddly touched by this, and I didn’t feel any apprehension for my brother to see my boobs. He’d see them anyway, so why not with me around? So I said, “Yeah. Take it off. I’ll show you how to put on a bra.”

Jake hesitated momentarily, but I could see in his eyes that he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So he grabbed the bottom of my top, pulled it over his head, and exposed my wobbly fourteen-year-old breasts. And I realized by seeing them like this that they looked pretty damned impressive. Full and firm with upward pointing, perfectly proportioned nipples. They were close to a C-cup but nowhere near sagging and still proudly defying gravity.

It wasn’t erotic or anything. I was just using my first opportunity to look at my boobs from a different angle. I’ll probably miss these the most if we never switch back.

“Like what you see?” Jake chuckled.

“Huh!?” I asked but immediately noticed the tightness in my underwear again.

I looked down, and sure enough, I had another boner! I was getting a bit annoyed about it, so I asked, “What the fuck, Jake? Why does this keep happening?”

He just shrugged and said, “Dunno. I get them all the time. I can only guess that you like what you see…”

I thought about it briefly and said, “Maybe. But… maybe it’s YOUR body that likes what it sees…”

“What do you mean?”

“I like my boobs, but not like… you know,” I smiled as I looked down, “But I can imagine that you’re more… interested?”

Jake started blushing, and after a few seconds, he simply nodded and said, “Guess so. They look awesome…”

He said that last bit very softly, and I saw him struggling. I decided not to dwell on it, but I was extremely intrigued by his reaction. A plan formed quickly. I liked looking at myself like this and wanted to see how my recently bought bra and thong combination looked on me. And I could tease Jake some more by doing so.

So I opened my drawer and reached into the back of it. I fished out my red, laced bra and thong, and held them in front of me. “Take off my… your panties too and wear this,” I said, seeing the awkwardness oozing from his face.

“But that’s a… thong! Won’t it wedge between my cheeks?” he asked, obviously trying to find a way out of this.

“Don’t be a wuss! They’re comfortable enough. Trust me!”

Jake was always a bit of a manly boy. He hated doing everything that was even remotely gay. He wasn’t a caveman but wasn’t very open-minded, either. I figured it had everything to do with not having a male role model in his life, but seeing him act all manly was a bit annoying at times. This thong clearly qualified as not masculine.

“Does Mom know you have this?” he kept trying, but then I noticed something clicked inside his head as he figured out he’d be naked.

“She doesn’t have to know everything. Does she know about your browser history?” I smiled.

This caused him to smile too, and he started taking off his panties. As he stood straight, I could see myself in all its glory. And I noticed Jake had his eyes glued to the full-length mirror and was blushing furiously. Inside my underwear, my boner was twitching and throbbing, which actually felt pretty nice.

“Don’t…” Jake started and cleared his throat, “don’t you have hairs everywhere yet?”

“I do. But I shave. I don’t like how it feels with hair around my lips. Just the small patch above it is enough for me,” I said, feeling quite proud of my appearance.

Before all this, I was insecure about my body. I always found something that wasn’t just right. But seeing myself like this shined a whole new light on that insecurity. I looked great! That much was true, and there was no denying in that!

“You look amazing, Kay!” Jake whispered.

“Thank you!” I said, surprised by his honesty, and gave him a hug.

I felt his boobs press against my chest and my boner pressed against his pubic bone. If the situation wasn’t this weird already, this hug sure would’ve done the trick.

So I quickly let go and handed him my thong. He pulled it up and looked a bit surprised when he was done.

“This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” he smiled, a bit surprised.

“Told ya!” I laughed and handed him my bra.

After some explanation and a few attempts, he managed to close the bra himself. And he looked absolutely smoking in the red bra and thong. I feared it would look cheap or trashy, but the opposite was true.

After he was done putting on his t-shirt and jeans, my boner had gone down almost completely, but a dark spot was visible in front of my underwear.

“Is that…” I asked tentatively.

Jake blushed and said, “Precum, yeah…”

“Oh wow…”

“Yeah… I know… You need a clean pair. Let’s go to my room,” Jake said, sounding embarrassed, and opened the door.

He didn’t seem to be too upset, which was good. I didn’t want to make too much of a fuzz about this, and Jake behaved way less like… Jake than I expected, so I followed him.

When we entered my room, he asked, “Uhm… you’re not getting like… your period any time soon, are you?”

I laughed at the awkwardness and asked, “No. Had mine last week. Why?”

“I feel a bit funny, that’s all.”

“You’ll get used to it,” I smiled, “girls feel funny all the time about everything!”

This caused him to laugh, and he opened his drawer to grab a fresh pair of boxers. He motioned for me to drop mine, which I did after positioning myself in front of his mirror. He got to see it all, so why wouldn’t I?

When the small pubic bush came into view, and more and more of his dick appeared, I realized I wanted to see my brother’s naked body. I still don’t know why, but this thought didn’t bother me at all at the time. I already established that his upper body was nicely proportioned, and his developing muscles were really easy on the eye.

The moment my boxers hit the floor, and I could look at my brother’s body in all its glory, I couldn’t help myself. He looked fabulous! More than that, actually. His dick looked to be about four inches, and his balls were visible in his loose and hairless sack. The cut glans was reddish and a bit blunt but looked big on his shaft.

It was actually the first real-life dick I ever saw in my life. Of course, I’ve seen plenty online and in porn, but seeing one for real was different. And what was even better was that I just had to look down and see it better and from a different angle.

“Uhm… Kay? What’s the girl’s version of a boner?” Jake giggled sheepishly and with a flushed face.

I looked at him to size him up and said, “Uhm… I don’t know… it’s, uhm… sensitive nipples? Butterflies in your stomach? A bit of moist… uhh… wetness in your… you know…” I stammered and looked at his crotch, feeling awkward about the subject.

“Then I think I’ve got a boner from looking at my own naked body,” he chuckled.

I felt relieved that he thought it was funny, which made me feel a lot less stressed about it all. So I also started giggling and replied, “Feels weird, right? Being turned on by your own body?”

“Yeah… but what a fine-looking body it is…” he said with a straight face.

I looked at him to size him up, and the moment our eyes met, we burst into laughter. I liked how his penis jiggled as I moved my body, and it looked cool from this angle.

And then, a thought popped into my head as Jake held out a fresh pair of boxers for me to wear. I didn’t feel much apprehension anymore, so I asked, “I can pee standing up now! And I think I need to pee…”

“Uhm… yeah… you can,” Jake said with a puzzled face.

“I wanna try that! Can you help me?”

“Sure,” he shrugged, apparently not getting my excitement.

We headed over to the bathroom. I was still naked, but we weren’t worried about getting caught. Mom never got up here unless we were making way too much noise. She slept downstairs, and once a week, she checked if we cleaned our rooms. Thursdays was laundry and bathroom cleaning day. But other than that, she hardly came up here.

I enjoyed the feeling of the swaying dick in front of me as I opened the door. I was surprised at how easy it was to walk around in the buff. I figured it must be because of the fact that I wasn’t in my own body. Because if I was myself, I’d never even consider doing this. I loved lounging naked in my room. Alone. But now that I did it with my brother around, I had to admit that it felt awesome!

It wasn’t that I was disconnected from my body or anything. It was just that it somehow didn’t bother me. It didn’t even feel weird when Jake was openly examining my own naked body in the mirror. It was a bit difficult to pinpoint, but it seemed like parts of us had merged into one or something. I couldn’t explain it, but my swaying dick was the reason for this realization and epiphany.

“I never knew I had such a tight, round ass,” Jake said with amusement in his voice as he walked behind me.

“I guess we found at least one advantage of our… situation,” I giggled.

We entered the bathroom, and I stepped in front of the toilet. I pushed my hips forward a bit and asked, “And now I just let it go?”

“No. You… uhm… need to grab ‘it’ and aim. You don’t want to miss the bowl and piss off Mom,” he replied.

I was fascinated by all of this, so I grabbed ‘my’ dick and marveled at how good it felt in my fingers. This was actually the first time I consciously held it and wasn’t freaking out as I did. It was thicker and firmer than I expected before all this. And it was also way more flexible. I could point it at just about anything.

But I didn’t want to make it too awkward for Jake, and I really wanted to know how it felt to pee like this, so I relaxed my bladder and felt the liquid start flowing through my dick. A heartbeat later, the stream of piss left my dick and splattered into the toilet bowl. I was amazed by how all of it felt. The flow of liquid inside my dick, the ability to spray just about everywhere by just pointing my dick toward it, and the relief it gave me at the same time. I never knew pissing could be this different between boys and girls.

As the force of my stream died down, and only drops came out of the tip, I asked Jake, “And now what? Do I need to wipe it or something?”

“Just shake off the drops.”

I started shaking my dick a couple of times, and as I squeezed it to push out the last drops, I felt it grow a little in my hand.

“Just shake it, don’t jack it!” Jake giggled beside me as he looked down.

“What do you mean?”

“Just shake it a bit. Don’t overdo it. When you pee with other guys around you, you don’t wanna bone up or make them think you’re spanking it.”

“Ah. I see. And now what?” I asked as I flushed the toilet.

“Here,” Jake said and handed me his boxers, “we need to go and eat now, okay? Otherwise, Mom could get suspicious.”

“You’re right. Let’s do this!”

I pulled up the boxers and immediately realized why men always cup their junk after that. After my dick settled inside the fabric of my boxers, I dressed in shorts and a plain white t-shirt, Jake’s favorite outfit, and we went downstairs.

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