I Hate You! – Chapter 4

“Yeah. We’re sorry,” Jake said after he and Mom listened to my monologue about the situation and how we were burying the hatchet.

Mom looked at both of us to size up the situation, shrugged, and said, “I heard this promise before. Seeing is believing.”

I checked out Jake’s reaction as she continued with whatever she was doing. He didn’t show much emotion, so I guessed he felt the same as me about it. A good thing was at least that Mom hadn’t noticed the switch we made. I was a bit scared that she’d immediately notice. Because that’s what moms allegedly notice right away. Another myth busted.

We gathered our breakfast at the table, and I was immediately annoyed. Jake was stocking up on carbs, something I avoided like the plague to stay in shape. But I couldn’t say anything about it with Mom around. I ate my usual fruit and protein shake, causing Jake to look funny at me.

“You really take this making-up seriously, don’t you?” Mom said as she walked by and looked quizzically at us.

I mumbled a soft “Yeah,” and Jake just nodded his head. Mom rolled her eyes, sat at the table, and said, “Look. I need you two to get along. You don’t have to be besties, but at least get along. Because after I’m gone, your brother or sister is all you’ve got. I don’t have any, but I sure wish I did.”

“You’re right, Mom,” Jake said, “we talked about it, and we really wanna stop fighting. It’s difficult enough as it is, right?”

Damn! That really sounded like something I could say! That little twerp was a hell of an actor. I simply nodded when I saw Mom started to smile.

“Good! I really hope you make it work this time. I’m off to Darlene for the rest of the day. You two can manage today without tearing down the house?” Mom said as she stood up.

“Can I use the computer in the study today?” I asked, “I need to do some research for school.”

Mom had taken our laptops during one of our previous fights, and we’d get them back when we could behave again. So, besides my telephone, the central iMac in our study was my only access to a decent computer screen.

“Yeah. Me too,” Jake added.

“Alright. You can,” Mom said mischievously, “you two can work out a schedule together and show me you get along.”

I glanced at Jake, and he simply shrugged. But when our eyes met, we both knew we’d have the opportunity to start searching for what had happened. So I smiled at Mom and said, “Of course! We’ll work it out together, right, Sis?”

Jake didn’t respond immediately, but after a few moments, he realized I was talking to him. He caught on and said, “No problem. Promise!”

Jake and I did the dishes together and made sure that Mom noticed how hard we tried to be kind to each other. I deliberately overdid it a little, so she wouldn’t get suspicious.

“I’ll be back at around five, okay?” Mom said as she kissed us on our cheeks.

“Say hi to Darlene for us,” Jake said.

“Bye, Mom!” I said, and moments later, the door closed, and we were alone.

Jake looked at me questioningly and asked, “What assignment did I miss?”

I was tempted to make something up, but I managed to refrain from it at the very last second. Instead, I decided to keep it light and said, “You didn’t. I just wanna try and figure out what happened to us. Although peeking this way is easier, I want my body back. Especially with you munching down all these carbs!”

“Oh. Right!” he said, clearly feeling stupid. And after a few moments, “What do you mean with these carbs?”

“I’ll get fat eating all the shit you put in your mouth this morning!” I said and tried to smile.

“Fat? You’re not fat! Not in a long shot! You look fucking amazing. Trust me, I know now,” he chuckled.

“But…” I tried but was interrupted by Jake.

“I eat the same stuff, and I’m not fat! You need carbs for your muscles and other important parts of your body. And trust me, boys don’t like skinny girls. There need to be curves. And you’ve got them in all the right places.”

Jake blushed a little after saying that, and I knew he was serious about it. And he did have a point. His body looked almost perfect. But wasn’t there a difference between boys and girls on that part?

“But all my friends do this. And I read online about…”

“Stop it. Just because your friends do it doesn’t make it right. And there’s just as many articles online about why you should eat carbs! You just need to make sure to exercise enough. But you’ve got that covered!”

I didn’t have anything to say about that. Deep down, I knew he was right. So I looked him in the eyes and asked, “You really think I look good?” and blinked like an anime girl.

Jake started laughing and grabbed his boobs again. He jiggled them and said, “You’re the hottest girl in class. And these make you look even better. Trust me!”

We were quiet for a few moments when I realized how honest and open we were to each other now. And there was still that one important question on my mind. And I decided to just drop it on the table. So I looked at Jake and asked, “Why do you keep calling me slut and skank and a tease? It hurts, you know?”

The look on Jake’s face changed immediately. It wasn’t anger, but close to it. It was more between disappointment and anger.

He sucked a deep breath, waited a moment, and said, “Because you sucked and fucked Brian on your first date. And you let Steve touch your boobs during homecoming. I thought you were smarter than that. I felt so angry and disappointed after hearing this. I mean… my own sister. The funny girl that I used to play with when she was younger. Talk about feeling hurt!”

This struck me like lightning! I knew a few rumors were going around, but I never realized they were about me, let alone about me being an easy tramp.

I felt tears of anger and injustice of it all well up. And as a tear rolled down my cheek, I whispered softly, “You never asked me.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked with a stunned look on his face.

“You never asked me about what happened,” I kept on whispering and fighting back the tears.

“Why would I? Brian and Steve were pretty clear in the locker room about what happened!”

“You wanna know what happened? During our ‘date,’ Brian wouldn’t take no for an answer and tried to grab one of my boobs. So I grabbed him by the balls and told him to fuck off. That was it!””

Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I told this. Jake’s eyes were wide, and his face was flushed.

“I figured that would be the end, and we haven’t talked since. And Steve? We went to get hot dogs together during homecoming. That was all,” I said.

Jake was quiet for a few moments. His face was filled with anger, and he softly asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what? That Brian assaulted me? It would’ve only got you in trouble, and to me, it was the end of it. And tell you that I ain’t a slut? You never even gave me a chance!”

“Fuck, Kate! I’m SO sorry! I never… I’m such an idiot!” Jake said and started crying himself.

He quickly wiped his tears and came over to hug me. In my ear, he whispered, “I’m gonna fuck that Brian up so hard, his ass will be on backward. I promise! We’re gonna make sure everyone knows he’s a liar and a molesting asshole!”

“Don’t. I don’t want any trouble over this. That pencil dick isn’t worth it!”

We sat there hugging for a bit longer. Eventually, Jake got up, looked at me, and kissed me tenderly on my cheek. “I’m really sorry! It just never occurred to me he’d be lying. I was too shocked about it.”

“It’s okay, I guess. Just talk to me next time.”

“I promise. And now that I’m you, I’m going to embarrass the hell out of that jackass!” Jake said, smiling broadly, “Oh! And you’re right. He IS a pencil dick!”

“I didn’t feel much in his pants, so it was a wild guess. So I guessed right?”

“You sure did! He’s even smaller than Danny,” Jake chuckled.

Danny was in our class and skipped a grade, so he was over a year younger than Brian. The thought of this boyish dick between his legs lightened my mood considerably.

“I’m glad we had this talk,” I said to Jake, “we’re good now?”

“Duh! I feel so stupid for believing that piece of shit over you! Yeah. Of course! We’re good!” he smiled and kissed me on my forehead, which was a bit awkward but oddly touching.

After he stood up and I checked out my ass in these short, tight jeans, feeling pleased with how I looked, I said, “Let’s try to find out what happened to us, okay?”

We went into the study and browsed the internet for the next few hours.

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