I Hate You! – Chapter 5

“So… Jessica has the hots for Mike but doesn’t want Michelle to know?” Jake asked with a puzzled look on his face, “And Michelle likes Joshua but doesn’t want Laura to know?”

“No, dummy! Michelle likes Joshua, and Jessica is into Zach!” I explained, not seeing the difficulty.

“But what about Michelle?”

I sighed deeply on purpose and said, “Michelle doesn’t want Annabel to know she’s interested in dating Zach!”

He paused for a second and said, “Girls are strange! How do you keep up with all this? It’s like some Mexican soap opera!”

“It isn’t THAT complicated…” I said, trying to play it down.

Our browsing session didn’t come up with any relevant results. Most of it was sci-fi stories of body snatchers and aliens. But when we thought we couldn’t find any more relevant info, we stumbled across an obscure website that showed some translated ancient Egyptian scrolls where the son and daughter of a pharaoh had switched places. The site didn’t look scientific and was more like a collection of clickbait articles, but it was the only one that seemed mildly relevant. But since our Mom had her roots in Turkey, this didn’t apply to us.

So now we were currently trying to get the other up to speed on all the social structures we had to deal with since it wasn’t likely we’d switch back anytime soon.

Jake’s part finished rather quickly. He had three close friends, and he explained who liked which girl. Which girls were considered hot and which were not. And a couple of juicy secrets I had to promise to keep to myself. But that was basically it.

But with me, I had to unravel the entire web for him, which was indeed far from easy. As I explained it to Jake, I realized he was right about the complexity. I had to repeat everything a few times, and Jake even made a point of writing it down and drawing lines between the people.

“You almost need to be a detective trying to catch some creepy serial killer for this. We need to create a wall with pictures and strings between them!” he laughed loudly after we were confident he got the complete picture.

I started laughing too when I envisioned that wall. As we were wrapping up, we heard the door open, and I said to Jake, “Now we just have to fool Mom during dinner.”

Mom had brought Chinese takeout, which we ate at the dinner table. During dinner, I was impressed at how well Jake played his role of being me. He only switched two names of my friends once, but Mom didn’t notice. I was a bit quieter, which was a little tricky, but Jake was always a bit more on the quiet side than me.

Because of the way Mom acted during dinner, I was getting more and more confident that we could pull it off in school. I mean… if we could fool Mom, we could probably fool everyone in our class, right?

We tried to act as normal as we could, minus the bickering. We cleaned the table and watched some tv together. Mom had to work early the next day, so she went to bed a little after nine. She smiled at both of us and said, “You’re really trying to make it work. I’m glad, you two!” and she gave each of us a firm hug.

“Night, Mom,” I said as she kissed me on my cheek.

After her bedroom door closed, Jake softly said, “That went better than expected…”

“It sure did!” I whispered back, “you’re a hell of an actor, you know that, right?”

“Thanks! But being in another body helps a lot to get into your role, you know?” Jake chuckled.

“You think we can pull it off tomorrow?” I asked with a worried voice.

“Yeah. Now I do,” Jake replied confidently, “but…”

He was silent for a moment, and the suspense was killing me. So I just had to ask, “But what?”

“We need to trust each other, you know?”

“I don’t get it…”

“We can do the other a lot of harm by saying or doing something stupid or irritating.”

“Like what?” I asked, but I started to realize what he was aiming at.

“Well… if I undress in the middle of the cafeteria, for example,” Jake giggled.

“That would be bad, yeah…” I smiled but winced at the idea.

“We need to promise each other not to make the other’s life miserable. I’m convinced we’ll turn back one time or the other, and I don’t want my life to be over by then because of some stupid fight.”

“Deal!” I said immediately and extended my hand to shake on it, which Jake did right away.

“And… uhm…” Jake trailed off.

“What?” I asked, a bit scared of what he had on his mind.

“Well… I follow CarelessKid and Joutchkov on YouTube to, you know… build some muscles. And I do a little workout every evening and morning. Can you, like… keep doing that to help me?”

“Uhm… sure! If you tell me what to do, I don’t see why not,” I smiled.

“Of course! Thanks,” Jake said, seemingly relieved.

I paused momentarily and remembered how nice his body started to look. So I softly said, “It’s starting to show, you know?”

“What is?”

“Your muscles. I noticed it before in the mirror. And my friends talked about it, but I didn’t want to see it back then. But you look… you know… pretty good.”

He started blushing and smiled uncomfortably but didn’t say anything. Instead, he selected a new episode of a series we followed, and we started watching it, lost in our own thoughts.

After the show was over, we decided to head upstairs. We had a big day ahead of us, so we needed to rest.

I almost went into my own room. But although Mom hardly ever came up here, we figured staying in the correct bedroom was probably best. As I entered Jake’s room, I asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Take off your shirt and shorts. I always do this in my undies. And then…”

He talked me through some of the exercises. After I didn’t get it right away, he also undressed and showed me how they should be done in his bra and panties. We giggled a lot over my clumsiness with some of them, and Jake forgot he wasn’t himself a couple of times, which was also extremely fun to watch.

Jake stood next to me in front of my mirror to see if there was any progression, which I thought was highly unlikely after one workout session. But I’d let him have it. When I checked out my now sweaty body, I had to admit to him that the muscle definition made it look like a professional underwear model! I still wonder why I didn’t see it before. And I’d never admit it publicly, but Jake was easily one of the hottest boys in my class.

After we were silent for a few minutes, Jake softly said, “I’m glad we’re, like, talking again. I missed this, you know?”

I was deeply touched by his honesty. I hugged him tightly and said, “I know! I missed you too!”

We hugged for a few moments, but it never started to feel awkward. I liked the feeling of my boobs against my chest and instinctively pressed my groin against Jake’s. This only caused us to hug tighter.

“We’re gonna nail it tomorrow, Sis!” Jake said as we broke the hug.

I laughed and said, “Yeah! We’re totally going to OWN this!”

“Night!” Jake said, smiling, and walked toward my room.

I felt tired and decided to call it a night. After I crawled under the covers and let today’s events roam through my head, my hand absentmindedly ended on my dick. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.

But when I realized what was pressing against my palm, I felt it starting to grow. A little voice inside my head urged me on to find out what it really felt like. Up until now, I only touched it when it was more or less soft. But now… I might even…

Before I finished that thought, I lifted my butt from the mattress and pulled my boxers halfway past my upper legs. It was almost as if my now freed boner thanked me for this.

I didn’t linger and wrapped my hand around it. The moment I did this, a shiver went down my spine, and I marveled at how firm and rigid it was but also soft and tender to the touch. I loved it!

“Jerk it!” that voice inside my head screamed. And it kept on shouting. “Jack off! Shoot sperm!”

I didn’t need much encouragement, and I was curious as hell about how boys masturbated. I’ve seen pics and clips in health class and online, so I knew the basic mechanics. But the moment my fist started sliding up and down, and I felt my dickhead slide through my fingers, I knew I loved handling a cock. I knew then and there that I wasn’t a lesbian.

It took me a few moments to get into the rhythm, but as I found the right grip level and speed, I realized I was on the right track and in no mood to stop. My other hand started searching for my balls, and as I started toying with them, my level of arousal grew higher by the second.

I heard myself panting, and an involuntary moan escaped my lips. Tingles started in the back of my head, slowly spreading over my body like a warm blanket. Oh boy! This was just as good, or maybe even slightly better, than fingering myself.

Before I knew it, my belly muscles tightened, and all the tingles I had felt earlier shot into my balls at once. The tingle shot into my dick moments later, and I heard myself grunt deeply. I was cumming!

But I never realized that boys’ orgasms are a lot messier than girls. I had just enough sanity left to kick down the blanket. As I felt the pressure grow, I gripped my dick firmly and tried to hold back the stuff that was about to come out like I would hold back my pee, but this didn’t work.

As the first glob of cum landed on my chest, just below my chin, I felt fantastic! I was shooting sperm! The next three shots didn’t get that far, but they felt the same. This orgasm wasn’t as stretched and fuzzy as my own, but extremely powerful and intense. I loved both!

I lay there panting and tried to feel as much as there was to feel about this orgasm. But as I noticed the cum started to slide down, I scooped up a big glob with my finger and stuck it in my mouth without any hesitation.

Its sweet and salty taste surprised me at first, but I was immediately hooked. This tasted fucking awesome! It probably had something to do with the naughtiness of it all and the fact that it was my brother’s cum, but I didn’t care! I scooped it all up and made sure to taste every glob the best I could.

After there was no more, the dried traces of cum on my body felt sticky, and I wanted to clean myself. So I got up, pulled up my boxers but let my dick hang over them, and went to the bathroom. I cleaned myself with a damp towel and ensured my pubes were also nice and clean.

As I left the bathroom, I heard a low grunt coming from my bedroom and smiled broadly.

“Great minds think alike,” I mumbled as I closed my bedroom door and crawled into bed.

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