October 17, 2008

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – Part 03 – August
Alex Hawk

July rolled slowly into August. I spent much of the time on my back at Lucien’s house. I wasn’t able to see him every day, but I did get to see him most days. Suffice to say I generally wasn’t hurting for sex.

Naturally, anytime we were doing it at Lucien’s house and his brother was home, he made a point of finding a way to walk in on us. I didn’t mind. He liked playing with my nipples any time I was riding Lucien, and one time when Lucien was on top, the two of them started kissing while Lucien fucked me. That sight sent me into a great orgasm!

Towards the middle of August, our family went on a vacation to San Diego. This was fine in principle, and prior to my having a sex life, I was really looking forward to the trip. Now what it meant to me, however, was a week without Lucien’s penis. I was a little bummed by that fact.

I was going to be sharing a bedroom with my brother, and there was part of me that was very tempted to just start having sex with him. If I wasn’t able to find any other options, I planned to at least fool with him around a little, like we’d done at the start of summer. But for some reason, I was really reluctant to start having full intercourse with him. I wasn’t sure why. On our first full day in San Diego, I woke up pretty early. With Jacob still asleep (and in his own bed. I hadn’t done anything with him yet), I changed into my swimsuit and headed down to the hotel pool.

I got to the pool with great hopes. I figured I could, with luck, find a boy here that I could get sex from all week long. Even if I couldn’t, I figured I could at least enjoy looking at a few boys.

Of course, it turned out most of the boys I would be willing to sleep with were, apparently, sleeping in. All I saw were a bunch of older men and women splashing around or hanging out at the edge of the pool. No boys my age, or even near it. Oh, well, I thought as I gathered my things up and went back to the room. Maybe tomorrow.

When I got back to the bedroom, Jacob was still asleep. I stripped down and hopped into the shower, where my fingers gave me the orgasm I’d been looking for. It wasn’t as good as sex, but it would do.

Our week in San Diego went by pretty quickly. I didn’t have a lot of time for boy-hunting, because we were too busy seeing the various sights, which were pretty cool. The aquarium and museums and zoo and things like that were nice, but what I was really looking forward to was the beach, where we’d be spending our second-to-the-last day in town.

We lived out in the midwest, so I’d never had the chance to see a real beach before, or spend time at the ocean. As soon as we were there, I decided I never wanted to leave. It was really nice! Like everything I’d seen on TV, only better. Jacob and I quickly got on our sunscreen and dashed down to the water, splashing around like maniacs.

We swam, we ate, we just generally had a good time. For me it became a REAL good time when I was laying on my towel, looking around, and saw a boy checking me out. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He looked a year or two older than me. Blond. Wearing only a pair of shorts. He looked really cute! I smiled at him. He smiled back and walked over to my towel.

“Hi,” he said, sitting down next to me.


“I’m Jack.”


“Nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” I said, checking him out even more. Yeah, he was quite fine!

“You from out of town?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah, we’re from Northern California. We come down here every year, though.”


“So you like it out here?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, it’s nice. I like seeing the ocean and swimming and stuff.” I looked directly at him. “And there’s some cute boys to look at.”

Jack grinned. He had a nice smile. “I was thinking about the cute girls.”


“You wanna go for a little walk?”


I stood up and stretched, then found my mom and let her know I was going to go on a walk and would be back soon. Then I rendezvoused with Jack, who had stepped out of sight while I was talking with my mother, and we went on our walk. As we did so, he put an arm around my waist, and I responded by putting one of my hands on his butt.

We talked a little as we walked. I found out he was fourteen and had no girlfriend, which were both pluses to me. I also got the impression he wasn’t a virgin, but I couldn’t think of any way to find out, other than just asking him.

After about half -an-hour or so of walking, Jack said, “You wanna see the hotel we’re staying in?”


We walked away from the ocean, heading up some streets until we were about half a mile away from the sand and outside a pretty nice hotel. We walked into the lobby and into an elevator. As soon as we were in there, I turned towards Jack and kissed him on the lips.

“This is a nice hotel,” I said, putting my arms around him.

“It’s even nicer with you,” he replied, kissing me back.

We made out a little more during the short ride to the floor his room was on. Once we were inside the room, I had enough time to say, “Nice,” before we were laying on the bed and all over each other again.

As we kissed, Jack untied the strings to my bikini top and then pulled it off me. “Very nice,” he whispered, leaning down to kiss and suck one of my nipples.
I felt a little shiver go through me at the contact. I knew at this point that I was definitely going to have sex with my second boy. I felt a little like I was cheating on Lucien, but not much. We’d made our arrangements.

I reached down and untied the strings holding up Jack’s shorts. Then I began to try pulling them down, which wasn’t working. Finally Jack pulled away from me long enough to take them off. As he did so, I removed the bikini bottoms I was wearing. When we embraced and began kissing again, we were both nude.

While we kissed, I took Jack’s penis in my hand. It was a little smaller than Lucien’s and he actually had pubic hair, which I thought was interesting. As I stroked it, I asked him, “You’ve had sex before, right?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah. So you are going to fuck me, right?”

“Oh, yes.”

I grinned. “Good.”

Jack kissed me a little more. “I don’t have any condoms, though.”

“I haven’t starting having my periods yet.”


I rolled Jack onto his back and moved my face downward. Once I was at his penis, I gave it a couple strokes and then slowly lowered my mouth around it. Lucien had taught me about blowjobs during our third day of sex. I wasn’t hugely into them, but they were ok, I guessed, and I knew he liked it almost as much as he liked fucking me. From the way Jack was reacting, I figured he probably liked it just as much.

Dealing with Jack’s pubic hair was interesting, I thought, as I sat up after a bit. I took a couple strands out of my mouth, and was grateful that Lucien shaved his pubes. I’d taken to doing the same, and now had a new appreciation of why it mattered.

Once my mouth was clear, I moved upward, straddling Jack’s slim, naked body. I took his fourteen-year-old penis in my hand and slowly lowered my twelve-year-old vagina down onto it, letting out a little moan as I was penetrated by my second boy.

“Mmmm… wow, you’re tight,” Jack mumbled once he was all the way inside me.

“You’re only the second boy I’ve been with.”


Rather like Lucien, I soon found out that Jack was pretty quick on the trigger when a girl was on top. Well, maybe he was under any circumstances. I didn’t know. But he was only inside me for a couple minutes before he moaned, lifted his butt off the bed as he pushed into me, and fired his sperm into my vagina. I wasn’t even close to orgasm myself.

Breathing hard as he came down from his orgasmic high, Jack gasped out, “Sorry… I didn’t mean… to cum so fast…”

“It’s ok.” I leaned down and kissed him.

“Sorry,” he repeated. “It’s just… been a while… and you’re really hot…”

I giggled. “It’s ok, don’t worry.”


We kissed some more, Jack’s penis still inside me and still pretty hard. Pretty soon we’d rolled over and he was on top, fucking me nice and slowly. It wasn’t as good as it was with Lucien, but it was still pretty sweet. Jack came pretty quickly this second time, too, but the third time he managed to last long enough to get me to cum.

We fucked for about two hours and managed four times total. We both knew this was the only time we’d be seeing each other and wanted to have as much fun as we could. We were pondering a fifth time when my cell phone rang. My parents were wanting to know where I was. I said I was just walking around downtown and I’d be right back.

“Sorry,” I said to Jack. “I guess we won’t be able to do a fifth time.”

“Yeah… well, you wanna get a quick shower before we leave?”

I was pretty sweaty and nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

Somehow, in the shower, we managed to have a fifth time. I wasn’t complaining.

* * *

And now it was our last night in San Diego. We spent our last night having dinner at a really nice restaurant. Once we were back at our hotel, our parents urged us to get a good night’s sleep, since we’re going to have to be awake at 5am to catch our flight. I wasn’t looking forward to that, but I was looking forward to getting back home and getting laid by Lucien some more. Jack had been fun, very fun, but he wasn’t Lucien.

I was in my nightgown and watching TV as Jacob messed around in the room, getting everything completely squared away. As he did this, he was running around only in his underwear. I found myself checking him out. Sex with Jack yesterday had taken the edge off, but I was still pretty horny.

So about ten minutes after the lights were off, I finally made up my mind. Quietly I slipped out of my nightgown and panties, then dropped them both onto the floor near the bed. I kept myself under the blanket the entire time.

“Jacob?” I said softly. “You awake?”


“Cool. Did you have a good time this week?”

“Oh, yeah! It was lots of fun. You?”

“Yeah, I had a LOT of fun,” I said with a smile. “So… you also had fun that night in the tent a couple months ago, right?”

“Uhm… yes.”

“I did, too,” I said.

“That’s cool.” Jacob sounded a little nervous.

“So… you wanna fool around again? Like tonight?”

Jacob was quiet for a moment, and then, very softly, he said, “Ok.”

“Alright. Take off your underwear and come get into bed with me.”


I heard Jacob moving around and saw him get out of his bed. I moved over and pulled aside the blanket, giving him access to my bed. He got in and I pulled the blanket over us.

“This is nicer than in the tent,” I said, reaching out to run my hand along my brother’s bare chest.


I moved my hand down to my brother’s stiff, still hairless, penis and began stroking it slowly. “I think you’ve gotten a little bigger,” I lied.



Shyly, Jacob reached out and placed a hand over one of my nipples. “I think you have, too.”

I pulled my brother’s nude body close mine, and moved my hand off his penis and onto his butt as I kissed him gently on the lips. He seemed very surprised at that, but kissed me back, holding onto my butt as well.

“So I’ve learned some stuff since last time,” I said, breaking the kiss.


“Yeah.” I moved my head under the blanket and took my brother’s penis in my mouth. It wasn’t very big, but I still had enough to work with. I ran my tongue all over the shaft and the tip, determined to make him feel good.

Apparently it worked, too, since Jacob began moaning. Then his whole body tensed and I felt his penis begin to kick and pulse in my mouth. No sperm, but obviously an orgasm for my little brother. I threw the blankets off us (it was getting hot under there), and moved over my brother so that I was straddling his waist.

“You liked that, huh?”

“Yeah…” he gasped.

“Last time you used your mouth with me, so I figured I should return the favor.”

“Thank you…”

I reached down between our legs and took my brother’s still hard penis in my hand. I laid it out on his body and settled my vagina onto it. Then I began grinding with my hips, enjoying the feeling of his shaft rubbing against me.

“Oh… oh, that’s… oh…” Jacob moaned.

“Yeah, I like it too,” I said with a grin.

As I moved my vagina back and forth over my brother’s penis, I felt it catch a couple times and begin to slide into me. One time, the entire tip and a little of the shaft ended up inside me before popping back out. It was beginning to really drive me wild, and I was very tempted to just slide down onto it, but then I remembered that I’d told myself earlier I wouldn’t.

With some reluctance I dismounted from my little brother and laid down next to him, taking his penis in my hand and stroking it slowly.

“Rub my vagina for me,” I said.


My brother put his hand between my legs, his finger quickly finding the entrance to my vagina. We laid there, side-by-side, masturbating each other for a couple minutes, the pleasure building steadily between my legs. I began to wonder who would cum first.

I didn’t have to wait too long to find out it would be Jacob who came first, his virgin penis twitching and spasming in my hand as he moaned in pleasure. I’d managed to make him cum twice in ten minutes or so, I thought with pride. Not bad.

Once Jacob was done cumming, he looked up at me. “Thanks, Madison.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Did you have your orgasm yet?”


“Ok.” Jacob ducked down between my legs and began licking at my vagina. I whimpered a little at the contact. He still wasn’t as good as Lucien, but he sure wasn’t bad, and had quite a lot of enthusiasm! It wasn’t long before my little brother managed to tongue me to one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.

When I was done cumming, Jacob moved back up so that he was laying on top of me, his penis, hard again, pressing against my vagina. “Was that ok?”

“Oh, yes, that was very good.” I kissed him lightly.


We snuggled up together for a few minutes longer and then I eventually kicked my brother out of my bed and back to his. I had no real problems with the idea of actually sleeping with him, but I figured my parents might have had different ideas.

It had been a good vacation, I thought, as I drifted of to sleep. Still, I couldn’t wait to get Lucien back inside me where he belonged.

End of Part Three

Copyright 2007 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Yeah, so she winds up hooking up with her brother again. Tell me you’re surprised. The only surprise is that Jacob is still a virgin!