October 30, 2008

In the FLiN – First Iteration Ver. 1.0
Alex Hawk

Gasping and shuddering, I let out a moan of pleasure as the naked twelve-year-old boy on top of me eagerly thrust his young penis in and out of my twelve-year-old vagina. He was really good, and really knew what to do with his sexy young body. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm ripping through me, joined seconds later by the boy’s moans as his sperm fired off into my blissed-out preteen body.

After the boy was done cumming, he pulled out of me and we laid there, side by side, trying to get our breaths back.

“What was… your name again?” he asked me, breathing hard.

“Sennii… What was yours?”


“That’s a pretty bisque name,” I said. I gave the boy a kiss. “You wanna meet up again soon?”

“Yeah.” He cocked an ear to one side. “My mom’s paging me. I gotta go.”

“Ok. Bye.”

“Bye.” He sat up, shimmered and vanished.

I took a moment to stretch then closed my eyes, feeling a faint tingle go through my body as I left the FLiN. When I opened my eyes I was laying on my bed in my bedroom. I let out a happy sigh, sat up and checked the time. It was 1054 FMTZ (First Martian Time Zone). My parents would be coming home tonight. They’d spent the weekend down on Earth, touring some museum or something. I’ve never known quite why anyone would ever want to go there. I was quite happy living in Ares City. Still, at least they’d probably come back with some nice presents for my brother and I. Christmas was only in a few days. I couldn’t wait!
Leaving my bedroom I went out into the hall and into the kitchen. My thirteen-year-old brother, Jovii, was sitting at the table eating and reading something.

“What are you reading?” I asked him.

“‘Hero of Taggert’s Run’,” he replied, not focusing on me. His attention was focused on the small implant that put the words directly in front of his eye. “It’s about how one lieutenant on the St Louis saved the remnants of the 3rd Fleet during the First Battle of Taggert’s Run.”

“History?” I asked, getting some food and sitting down. It had to be history, of course. I knew the battle had taken place during the Kaldorn War, and that had run from 2107 to 2110. Our parents had both fought in it; Mom in the Navy, Dad in the Marines. Now it was 2122 and there hadn’t been any major wars since.

“Yeah, it’s pretty bisque.”

“Nice. I’ll have to check it out later.”

“Sure. I’ll send it to you.” His eyes changed focus. Then he looked back. “Done.”

“Bisque. Thanks.”

“No problem.” His eyes changed focus again, and I knew he’d shut the reader file. “So what did you have planned for tonight?”

“I don’t know,” I said with a shrug. “Probably just spend the night in FLiN.”



“Yeah? I haven’t cybered in a few days.”

“I was on earlier with this boy named Arvid. He was pretty bisque.”


I shrugged. “His avatar was. That’s really all that matters.”

“Yeah. You wanna cyber with me later? We haven’t done it in a while.”

I thought about it. I’d started cybering with Jovii back just last year. He’d actually taken my cyber-cherry. We hadn’t done it in a while, though.

“Sure, it might be fun.”

“Bisque. Just let me know when you’re ready.”


With that Jovii stood, cleared his dishes and went wandering into the living room. I soon heard the sound of the HPU blaring out the latest sitcom he’d fallen in love with. I shook my head. Much as I loved Jovii, the boy had no taste.

“Hey, bisque!” I heard Jovii say from the living room as a commercial came on.

“What?” I called back.

He wandered into the kitchen. “They’re doing a series of news broadcasts from the starship Victory. That’s the one Captain Constantine is in command of.”
Jovii obviously thought I should recognize the name. I didn’t. “Oh.”

“You don’t know who that is, do you, Sennii?”

“Not really.”

“She’s the one who was the lieutenant at Taggert’s Run. The one who beat back the Kaldorn fleet long enough to let the 3rd Fleet escape.”

“Oh, bisque. I can see how you’d like that.”


Jovii’s show came back on and he went back into the living room. I followed him and sat down next to him on the couch.

“Anything good on after this?”

“Let’s see.” He scanned through the guide through the implant in his head. Shaking his head, he said, “Not really. There’s the remake of ‘Citizen Kane’ on later, though.”

I made a face. “The one from back in the ’30’s? The one with Haley Joe Osmond, or whatever his name was?”

“Haley Joel Osment, and yes. With Ashley Olsen-Damon, too.”

I shuddered. “No, thanks. That’s about as anti-bisque as you can get.”


Once Jovii’s boring sitcom was over, I said, “Since there’s nothing else on, you wanna cyber right now?”

My brother shrugged. “I dunno. I was thinking I should probably go do my homework. I have a test Friday in my Physics of Hyperspace class. I have another one next week in xenososh, too.”

I shuddered. “I hate xenosociology.”

“Don’t we all.” Jovii smiled. “I wouldn’t mind spending some time learning more about the Alanii, mind you.”
I grinned. “Me, either.” Everyone loved the Alanii. Almost the very definition of bisque, they were one of the few alien races we’d contacted (actually, they contacted us). They looked kind of like elves, lived two-thousand years and slept with everything that moved. Our parents, like many people, looked up to them. They’d even given Jovii and I Alanii names.

Poking my brother, I said, “So, you wanna cyber?”

“Well, like I said, I gotta study,” Jovii protested.

“Yeah, but it was your idea to begin with. Don’t be a norbert.”

Jovii sighed. “Yeah. And it’s always good with you, too.”

“Incest is best,” I said with a grin.

“Ok. You wanna go to our rooms or do it here?”

I thought for a moment. “Let’s just do it here. Mom and Dad aren’t due back from Earth until later. Hell, they probably haven’t even left Paris yet.”

“Ok. Your place or mine?”

“Let’s do yours.”

“Ok.” Jovii’s eyes unfocused and closed as his body slumped slightly.

Knowing that my brother was ready, I activated my own implants and joined him in cyberspace.

The implants we had were an amazing bit of tech. Most kids, except ones from weird families, have them implanted just after birth. Well, not implanted really. What would happen was that you’d have some nanites inserted into your body. They’d migrate to your brain and place out the threads that made up the network.

You started off with access to basic systems and software. When you hit about eleven, you get extra software added which, among other things, allowed for access to the full version of the Fantasy Life Network.

The FLiN was the successor to the old Internet. One could do research on historical events by simply recreating them in the FLiN. You could take part in them, or just sit back and learn.

There were also other things you could do, like games. Anything was possible in the FLiN. You could play any scenarios you wanted. You could live you and experience any fantasy you wanted to. The implants in your mind would activate all the appropriate nerve endings as you did things. So, for example, if you were swimming you’d feel the water around you, the sun above you, you’d smell the sea air, all that stuff.

Needless to say, just like the Internet back in the 1990’s, commerce, knowledge, conversation and learning soon took a backseat to sex. Virtual fantasy places where people could be anything and could have sex with anyone or anything. Some people just did it with sims, but it was always better when you had someone else joining you. It was great because you couldn’t great pregnant or anything. And no matter what your kink was, there was someone else in the FLiN that would share it with you.

For kids this was a total boon. Since the first days of the FLiN back in the 2040’s (it was opened up in 2046, just the year before Jorgensen and his team sent the first hyperspace message), kids used it to have sex just as much, if not more, than adults did. By the time my generation got to it, we were totally into it. As a result most people now didn’t start having real sex until they were about 19 or 20. Why bother? You could get all the fun without any of the problems by doing it in the FLiN. It was really, really hyper-bisque!

When I logged in, I “appeared” (actually it appeared in my mind), in a very nice outdoor garden area. A recreation of Eden. My brother and I had sex there a lot back when we were first starting.

“Nostalgia?” I asked, turning towards my brother’s avatar.

“Of course.”

My brother’s avatar looked just like a naked version of him (so I assumed anyhow. I’d never actually seen him naked in real life). Most people, myself included, would change their avatar from time to time. It was regarded as a sign of real trust to let someone see your avatar the way you looked in real life.

“You’ve filled out nicely,” Jovii said, looking me over.

“Thanks. You, too.”

Jovii came up and took me by the hand, his erect penis bobbing as he walked. “Remember this place?”

I nodded. “You took my virginity here.”

“Yeah. That was totally bisque.”

Jovii and I walked, hand in hand, towards a small patch of grass near the pond. It was smooth and silky soft. I’d felt grass like this in real life in parks. The terraforming outside the domes that made up Ares City wasn’t done yet, so Mars didn’t have any grass of its own. When it did, I hoped it felt like this stuff.
Jovii and I sat down on the grass and started kissing. It was really interesting on one level. Here I was, getting ready to have sex with my brother in cyberspace. Incest was very, very popular among kids in the FLiN. You weren’t bisque if you hadn’t had sex with your sibling at least once.

Like most people, though, I knew that in real life I’d NEVER do it with him. But then again, that was the whole point of the FLiN, really. You could do what you wouldn’t or couldn’t do in reality. In reality, for example, I hadn’t ever had sex with anyone. I masturbated every once in a while, but that was it. In the FLiN I’d been having sex almost daily since I turned eleven.

“You’ve gotten better,” Jovii said between kisses.

“You, too.”

My brother slowly laid me down on the grass, kissing me passionately as he did so. Once I was on my back, he started nuzzling my breasts, sucking gently at each of my nipples. I sighed and enjoyed the foreplay. So many boys just basically wanted to get on top of me and stick it in. It was nice to have a boy who wanted more.

I reached down to stroke Jovii’s penis while he worked on my breasts. Eventually I moved my head around and took him into my mouth, sucking gently on his erection, teasing the shaft with my tongue and doing my best to make him feel good.

“Oooo… you’ve gotten pretty good at that lately,” Jovii said.

“Thanks,” I replied, lifting my mouth briefly from his penis. “I’ve had lots of practice.”

“I bet,” he chuckled. Slowly he turned his body around and positioned his head between my legs. Soon he was proving that I wasn’t the only one who’d learned a few new tricks since the last time we’d had sex.

My brother and I sixty-nined with each other for a good several minutes, just really getting into the foreplay. It was pretty bisque. My brother had learned this neat little trick where he’d finger me while licking all around my clitoris at the same time. It wasn’t the first time someone had done that to me, but Jovii was really good.

I pulled my mouth off my brother’s penis, looked back at him and said, “You wanna fuck now?”

“Ok. What position?”

“Let me ride you.”


Jovii laid down on his back, holding his penis up for me. I straddled him at the waist, lined his erection up with my vagina and slowly slid myself down around him. Once I had my brother’s penis completely inside me, I looked down at him and smiled.

“This brings back some memories.”

“Oh, yeah…” He reached up with one hand to play with my breasts and with the other started playing with my clitoris. “VERY nice memories. Nice mammaries, too.”

I laughed and started moving up and down around my brother’s penis. It felt soooo wonderful to have him inside me again. I vowed that I’d never let this much time pass between encounters with him again.

I leaned down and started kissing Jovii as he began moving his hips, thrusting his penis up into me. Then I sat up a little and Jovii sat up as well, kissing each of my breasts as he continued to move inside me.

My brother then embraced me close and rolled me over onto my back. He held himself up above me with his hands and started fucking me with a slow, steady motion while looking into my eyes. He looked really beautiful when he fucked me. It was very nice seeing his body moving on top of mine.

Soon Jovii began swiveling his hips, moving his penis around inside me with a nice, circular motion. I’d had boys do that to me before and it was always one of my favorite things. It always felt soooo good!

“Sennii…? I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Alright…” I put my arms around my brother’s body and held him tight as he kept fucking me harder and harder. Then he stopped completely, let out a loud moan and began to cum, his penis twitching and kicking inside my vagina as his sperm flooded into me.

This triggered my own orgasm (the configuration in my software was that I would always cum as the boy fucking me did, or if I came first, he’d cum right after). I let out a cry of pure happiness and pleasure as I climaxed around my brother’s thrusting penis.

Jovii and I kissed a couple more times as we finished cumming, then he pulled out of me and laid next to me on the grass.

“THAT was bisque!”

“Yeah.” I snuggled up next to him and looked out at the garden. “We need to come here more and do this again.”

“Yeah.” He kissed me once more. “Back to reality?”

“Yeah.” I closed my eyes and let the world of the FLiN fade out in front of me, returning me to my boring normal life.

END ver 1.0

Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Braccae illae virides cum subucula
rosea et tunica Caledonia-quam elenganter concinnatur!


This is the first of a series of stories set in the sci-fi universe created by a friend of mine. All the major elements that make it up are his. I just borrowed them for a while. As for why he uses the word “bisque” as a slang term, you got me.
All the stories in this series will involve the FLiN in one way or another. The idea of it really fascinates me. Rather then call each story a part or a chapter, I’m calling them iterations. Look it up. The only real connection between them will be the FLiN.