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Screwing at School – Part 2

November 20, 2008

Screwing at School – Part 2
Alex Hawk

Blayn and I kept fucking in the locker room during lunch every day for a week. We wanted to try and get together to do it elsewhere, like at one of our homes, but it never seemed to happen.

What did happen, though, was that the sex got better and better each time we did it. I went from just slightly liking it, to really getting into it! The feeling of Blayn’s penis inside my vagina was the best thing I’d ever experienced, and I wanted to get it as much as I could.

At the start of the next week, Blayn and I made our way to the locker room like usual. As we entered, though, we could hear something strange. Odd noises.

“Is there someone else in here?” Blayn whispered to me.

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s see.”

Quietly we crept among the lockers until we came to a small vacant area. There were two boys on a bench. Two naked boys. Each one sucking on the other one’s penis in what I would later learn was called a sixty-nine. They were both really, really cute and it was actually quite beautiful watching them together like this.

“Holy shit!” Blayn said.

Both boys looked up. They were named Eric and Dale and were both in a different class from mine, but I knew who they were.

“What… what are you guys doing here?” Eric squeaked out, brushing his long blond hair out of his face and sitting up, trying to cover his hard penis with his hand.

“We could ask you the same!” Blayn said. “You guys were blowing each other!”

“We were not!” Dale protested.

Blayn just gave him a look.

“Oh… alright. We were.” He hung his head and then looked up. “But we’re not gay or anything. It just feels good, you know? Wait… what were YOU guys doing here?”

“We came here to have sex!” Blayn said, proudly. I rolled my eyes.

“What? Like real sex?” Eric asked.


“Wow!” Both naked boys looked over at me. Eric said, “Can we watch you guys do it?”

“I don’t care,” Blayn said with a shrug. “Do you care?” he asked me.

“I guess not.”

“Ok. Let’s get naked, then.” Blayn began getting out of his clothes.

I followed suit soon after he started, feeling a little strange at the idea of being naked in front of Eric and Dale. I didn’t feel bad or anything. Just kind of… strange. I wondered, as I looked at their naked bodies, what it would be like to be fucked by them in addition to Blayn.

“Get off the bench, guys,” Blayn ordered as Eric and Dale were drooling over my naked body. They glanced up and then stood up, moving aside.

I laid down on the bench and spread my legs so that Blayn could get between them. He did so, and then took hold of his penis, positioning himself. One series of short thrusts later and he was inside my vagina once more.

Both the other boys leaned in close to look down at where Blayn’s penis went into my body. “Holy shit, dude! You’re really in her!” Dale said in stunned tones.

“Yeah, I know…” Blayn replied as he began fucking me slowly.

“What’s it like?” Eric asked, reaching down and fondling his penis. It was a tiny bit bigger than Blayn’s, and had a few wisps of hair above it.

“Really sweet…”

Eric and Dale watched in silence as Blayn and I continued to fuck. I was actually getting kind of turned on by having an audience like this.

Finally Eric couldn’t stand it anymore. He blurted out, “Can I have a turn?”

Blayn didn’t break his rhythm as he said, “That’s up… to Eliza…”

Eric looked at me with a pleading gaze.

Smiling a little I said, “Yeah… when Blayn’s done…”


“Me, too?” Dale asked.



Blayn’s naked body kept moving on top of me as he fucked. Judging by the look on his cute face, I didn’t think it would be too much longer until he was done. I was right. Soon he pushed deep inside me and moaned as his penis began twitching inside my vagina.

When Blayn was done fucking me, he pulled out, penis still stiff, and pointed down at me as he turned to Eric. “Go ahead, man. Have fun.”

“Cool!” Eric whispered in an awed tone. He got into position and looked down at my vagina. Then he looked up at my face with an uncertain expression.

“Here, let me help,” I said. I took Eric’s penis in my hand and put it in the right place.




Eric gave a little push and started sliding into me. Apparently remembering how Blayn had moved back and forth, he did the same, slowly working every inch of his twelve-year-old virgin penis deep into my tight eleven-year-old vagina. By the time he was completely inside, all I could see was the faint strands of hair that were above his erection.

“Ooooo… oh, wow…” Eric whispered. He moved back and forth a little. “Oh, this is nice…”

“Yeah,” I whispered back. The fact that his penis was larger than Blayn’s seemed to make a difference in how it felt to me, and it was a VERY nice difference!

Eric closed his eyes and was soon fucking me in a nice, unhurried way. I merely laid there and watched his cute body as he moved. I loved seeing the muscles under his skin as he fucked. That plus the feeling of his penis inside me was starting to make me feel better and better.

“Oh… ooooo… I’m cumming…” Eric said, suddenly. He pushed deep inside me, and I felt his penis begin jerking like Blayn’s always did, only there seemed to be more force behind it, and I thought I felt something splashing into me it happened.

After he was done, he pulled out and I saw a little string of something white going from the tip of his penis into my vagina. It broke as he moved completely away. I wondered what it was.

“Dude!” breathed Blayn. “Are you making sperm?”

“Yeah… for a couple months now…” Eric said, breathing hard.

“Wow… hey, Eliza. He just left some sperm in you.”

“Oh!” I blinked a little and thought about that. “Ok,” I finally said.

“I’m making sperm, too,” Dale said, proudly.

“Cool,” Blayn replied. “I can’t wait until I am.”

“So, my turn now?” Dale asked me hopefully.

“Sure,” Eric said, moving aside.

Dale got into the position Eric had just left. He looked down at me, young penis in hand. His was about the same length as Blayn’s, but a tiny bit thicker, though not as much as Eric’s. He did have a little bit more hair than Eric did.

“So, right here, right?” Dale said, touching his penis to the entrance of my vagina.”Yeah,” I said with a little smile. I was going to get a third boy inside me today! What a cool thought that was!

Dale held his breath and pushed, slowly slipping his twelve-year-old virgin penis all the way up into my eleven-year-old vagina. The same vagina that had already had the penis of both Blayn and Eric inside it today. As the third one entered me, I felt an incredible surge of power and pleasure go through my body.

“Oh, Jesus,” he said as he looked at the other boys. “Oh… you weren’t kidding, guys… oh… this is… wow…”

“Just wait til you start moving,” Blayn said with a smile, his penis twitching with memory.

As Dale started fucking me, Eric looked down at Blayn. “You ever get a blowjob?”

“No, why?”

Eric got down on his knees and without any preamble put his mouth around Blayn’s hairless penis, moving his face back and forth. Blayn started to protest, but could only whimper and put his hand on the back of Eric’s head. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.

Then the pace of Dale’s fucking began to increase as he started to reach the same place that both Blayn and Eric had reached. I was simply lost in pleasure at this point. I could feel Dale inside me, I could see Eric blowing Blayn, the stimulation was incredible! I felt a huge series of waves of pleasure pass through my body as my vagina clenched repeatedly around Dale’s thrusting penis. I let out a happy moan as I experienced the best feeling of my young life.

I wasn’t sure what had just happened, but whatever it was, it must’ve felt great to Dale, too, because he grunted and pushed into me as his penis kicked and I felt his sperm blasting out into my preteen vagina.

Only moments after Dale was done inside me, the bell rang. We all looked at each other and started racing to get dressed and sprinting off to our classes. I spent most of the rest of the day looking forward to tomorrow, when I knew I could get with the boys again. I let out a little sigh of regret at one point. It was too bad I couldn’t get graded on this as a subject. I’d have had straight A’s for sure!


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Why Hawk? Because Alex African Swallow would just sound odd, and people would be constantly asking me about carrying coconuts. I mean, I’d have to have it on a line, right, and carry it under the dorsal guiding feathers.

This was a story that should NEVER have been done as two parts. You might be able to sense that I was really stretching this tale and doing my best to make it interesting, but my heart wasn’t entirely in it. Let this be a lesson to you aspiring authors.
Meantime, I got a website set up on asstr.org. I’ll make sure to keep publishing with Kristen, but I’ll also be putting up special stories and things on my own site.

As usual, I’m still hoping to hear from people who want to tell me about how they lost their virginities or stories about consensual incest. I’d also love to see pictures of cute boys or girls (naked is fine, but they have to be legal, so no sex). And I’d LOVE to see CGI pictures or drawings of what you artist types out there think the characters in my stories look like. The best ones will be put up on the site!

That’s all for now. I hope to hear from you folks soon about this story! If you wanna write to me you can do so at jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com (changed the email address, because Alex’one isn’t working anymore -JC-). You can also request my FAQ about me and if you want to send me pics or drawings, do it there. I love to hear from fans!

Thanks for reading!

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    The addition of Dale and Eric was certainly an in one since it allows for our two protagonists the chance to expand their horizons.

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