November 4, 2008

Wishful Thinking – Chapter 3
Alex Hawk

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I woke up the next morning at about the same time as I’d woken up yesterday. I laid there in bed, remembering how wonderful it had felt to get fucked by Devin. What I really wanted to go was go across the street and get that boy inside me again, but I had to go out and get myself another virgin. I wasn’t really bothered by the idea, mind you.

I decided to go out to a skate park near my house. I knew Ebin went there every once in a while. Sometimes I’d gone to pick him up and had sat back to watch some of the very cute young boys who skated there. I was sure I could find one of them to fuck me.

Before I left, I took a few moments to get myself all cleaned up, put on some decently revealing clothes (including no bra, a loose t-shirt, skirt and no panties), and then once I was ready, headed out into the world.

The bus was getting really irritating, I decided as I rode along towards the skate park. I got off a couple stops early, down at the mall, and ducked into Target where I bought a nice bicycle and a couple new shirts that I stuffed into a backpack I also bought. I was really starting to get into this whole “being a girl” thing!
When I finally reached the skate-park, I locked up my bike and walked around for a little bit, scouting about for the cutest boy that I could find.

Eventually I spotted a likely candidate. He was young, probably around thirteen or fourteen, had a very cute face, a sweet little body and looked like he was alone. He was just skating back and forth on a ramp, trying his best to grind but not doing it very well. I walked over and sat on the ground, making it clear that I was watching him.

The boy seemed to notice me there. He nodded at me and kept skating. I could see him looking my direction fairly often, checking me out as he tried to show off as best he could. It was really cute, actually. Gave me a great feeling of power, too.

Finally he managed to pull off a decent grind. I clapped a few times and said, “Hey, that was pretty good.”

“Thanks,” he said with a little embarrassment. “I haven’t been doing this very long.”

“Well, you look pretty good to me.”

“Thank you.”

I crossed my legs as I sat, hoping that the boy would have a good view up my skirt to my uncovered vagina. “What’s your name?”

“Denton. What’s yours?”


“Cool.” He got off his board and walked over, sitting down near me. “I got this board for my birthday last month. I’ve been trying really hard to get good at it.”

I smiled. “You seem pretty good to me. How old did you turn?”


“Cool. Me, too,” I lied. “I just turned fourteen a couple days ago.”

“Cool. If I knew you then, I would have given you a present.”

I laughed. “Yeah, well, and I would have given you something really, really cool if I knew you last month.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno. A kiss, probably.”

Denton blushed. “Yeah? Really?”

“Yeah. You’re really cute.”


“How about a kiss now?” I asked, leaning towards him.

“Ok,” he said with a little shrug. He leaned towards me and our mouths pressed together.

“You’re a pretty good kisser,” I said to Denton. I was very pleased that things were moving along quickly. The odds of me getting him into bed were pretty decent, I thought.

“Thanks, you, too.”

“Wanna walk around for a little bit?”


Denton picked up his board as we stood and started to walk, talking about whatever came into our heads. The skate park was built onto a regular park, and there were lots of trees and grass all over the place. It was a nice area to hang out in.

Finally we got to a pretty secluded area. I looked around, hoping that no one would come across us as I said to Denton, “Let’s sit for a bit.”


We plopped down onto the ground together. “So do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him.

Denton said, “No. I used to but we broke up last month.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Yeah. Well, she wasn’t that great anyhow.”

“Not as nice as me, I’m sure,” I said with a grin.

“No, you’re pretty cool, Lisa.”

“Thanks. That gets you another kiss.” I kissed him again.

“Cool. You kiss much better than she did.”

“Glad to hear it.” I kissed Denton a couple more times and soon we were really swapping spit as we went at it. By this point, my vagina was wet as hell and I really wanted to get fucked by this boy. My original plan had been to get him all hot and horny here and then take him back to my place. Now I had a different idea in mind.

“So did you ever fuck this girl you were dating?” I asked Denton in what I thought was a pretty sexy voice.

Denton blushed a little once more and said, “Well… no. I mean… I’m still… I’ve never…”

“You’re a virgin?”


“That’s ok. Everyone is at first.” I kissed him some more while I placed a hand on his chest and ran it slowly down.

“Are you?” he asked quietly.


“Cool,” Denton whispered.

I kissed him a little more and moved my hand lower and lower until I was at the edge of his shorts. Slowly I slid my hand inside, brushing it against the shaft of Denton’s erection. He let out a little gasp that turned into a moan as I started stroking it softly, then worked it out of his shorts. It was a nice penis, that was for sure. A little bigger than Devin’s. I couldn’t wait to have it inside me!

“What are you doing?” he whispered. “Someone’s going to see.”

“That’s probably true,” I conceded. Then with a wicked gleam in my eye I said, “Well, in that case I better make sure no one can see it.”

Before Denton could figure out what I was talking about, I got on top of him, straddling him at the waist. Holding up his erection, I rubbed it gently against my slit. Then I grinned a sweet little grin and, keeping my eyes fixed on Denton’s face, slowly lowered my extremely wet and eager vagina down around his cute fourteen-year-old virgin penis, sliding down until he was all the way inside me.

“There,” I whispered, looking at the look of amazement and bliss on Denton’s face. “Now no one can see it. Nice, huh?”

“Ooooh… yeah…” he managed to whimper.

I slowly rode Denton, greatly enjoying the pleasure of having a young boy’s penis inside me yet again. I could really get used to this! I really hoped I’d be able to seduce all the boys I needed to so that I could have this power of transformation be permanent.

Denton was trying his best to thrust up into me as I rode him. He looked very happy as he got laid for the first time, which was no real surprise. Soon he started breathing really hard and began fucking faster and faster. Then with a low grunt of pleasure, he started to cum, his penis jerking around inside my vagina as his sperm shot up into me.

Just as I had yesterday with Devin, I experienced a vision as Denton’s virgin sperm splashed up into my waiting vagina. There was a large number 9 that faded and was replaced by a number 8. Another boy down! Wonderful!

Denton fucked me twice more that morning. My favorite time was the last time, when he fucked me missionary style. It was very nice holding onto his butt as he screwed me. I didn’t wind up having an orgasm at all during any of the sex, but it was still nice.

After the third time, I got myself together, promised Denton I’d see him again, and went back home. I relaxed for a couple hours, very happy that I was making such fast progress with these boys!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk and stuff.