November 4, 2008

Wishful Thinking – Chapter 2
Alex Hawk

234:32 remaining.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I’d put on some of the clothes I’d bought at the mall. Currently I was wearing a very, very loose “Hello Kitty” t-shirt, a pair of loose fitting shorts and no panties or bra. I was pleased with the result. Looking like this, getting Devin would be no contest.

Looking over at the clock I saw that it was a little before one. Devin’s parents didn’t usually get home until after five, so that gave me four hours to get their son into bed. I’d spent the entire bus ride home trying to figure out how I was going to do this, and I had an idea or two that I thought might work.

I left the house, walking out the front door and down the street a little to Devin’s house. Luckily enough, he was working on fixing his bike in the driveway.

I walked up to him, “Hello,” I said.

He looked up at me. I saw his eyes roam across my body. “Uh… hi!”

“I’m Lisa,” I said, having picked a name at random. I pointed to my house. “I’m visiting my uncle Kelly and my cousin Ebin.”

“Oh! Ok, hi. I’m Devin.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said with a little purr as I shook the boy’s hand. I leaned forward enough to give the boy a great view down the front of my loose fitting t-shirt, giving him a great look at my bare, bra-less breasts. “What ya doin’?”

“Huh? Oh.” With an effort he pulled his eyes away. “Well, my gear shifter was acting up, so I thought I might try to fix it, but I don’t think I really know what to do.”

Thank you, god, I thought to myself. I had just the perfect solution in mind. “Well, I think my uncle has some bike repair manuals back in the house. I remember seeing some in there. I’ve done a little work on my own bike, too, so I might be able to help you.”

“Really? Cool!”

“Yeah. Let’s go back to my uncle’s house and we can work on your bike together.”

“Alright.” Devin stood his bike up and started rolling it back towards my house. “So how old are you?”

“Thirteen.” It had seemed like a good, plausible age to claim. Hasim had said, after all, that my body would look thirteen or thereabouts.

“Cool, me, too.”


Once we got back to my house, I said, “Let’s take the bike into the garage. My uncle has some tools and stuff in there.”


While he parked the bike in the garage, I went and grabbed my old bike manuals. I actually had spent some time cycling back before I got all fat and old. Once I was back in the garage with Devin, I shut the garage door and turned on the light.

“Why’d you close the door?”

I shrugged. “I just think it’ll be easier to work without the heavy difference in light-levels from the inside to the outside.” It seemed to make a decent bullshit reason.

“Oh. Ok.”

“So let’s look at this thing.”

I leaned forward again, making sure that Devin could see down the front of my shirt, and started helping him work on his bike. The problem was pretty easy and wouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to fix. I was determined to drag it out a little more than that.

After twenty minutes of repair work I said back and took a deep breath, sweat coming off my body. “It’s getting really warm in here.”

“Yeah.” I could see a little sweat on his face, too.

“Gotta cool off a little.” I made like I was about to pull off my shirt and then hesitated, trying to make myself blush. “Oh, wait. I forgot I’m not wearing anything under this.”

Devin blinked a little and in an oh-so-casual voice said, “Well, you know, I mean, it wouldn’t bother me if you took it off anyhow…?”

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked the boy in a very innocent tone.


“Ok.” I pulled my shirt up and off, leaving me bare-breasted in front of this cute little teenage boy who I’d wanted for so long. I arched my back and stretched. “Ah… that’s much nicer.”

“Yeah…” Devin said, staring right at my breasts.

“You gonna take your shirt off, too?”

“Uh… sure, I guess.” He pulled off his shirt, exposing his perfect little chest.

I went back to helping him work on his bike. Well, really, it was me doing most of the work while he kept looking at my breasts. I didn’t mind this even in the slightest. I kept looking at the boy’s crotch, happy to see a bulge inside his shorts.

Pretty soon we were done working on his bike. I sat back and raised my knees just a little, enough to give Devin a glimpse down my shorts where he would, hopefully, see my vagina due to my lack of panties. From the little gasp of breath and the way his eyes targeted me down there, I figured that was indeed what was happening.

“Well, your bike should be working now,” I said with a smile.

“Huh?” He pulled his eyes up, straying onto my breasts and then up onto my face. “Oh. Yeah, right. Thanks for your help!”

“No problem,” I said. I leaned forward and pulled the boy to me, giving him a tight hug, feeling my bare breasts against his bare chest.

“…” Devin managed to say.

I sat back. “Yuck. We’re both really sweaty, you know that?”


“I’m gonna go to take a shower,” I said, standing up. “You wanna come with me?”

“Uh… what, you mean take a shower with you?”

“Yeah. If you shower together, you save on water. I wanna make my uncle happy, you know?”

“You mean, like, naked?”

“Well, yes, unless you want your clothes to get wet.”

“But…” Devin’s hormones seemed to suddenly sit up and throttle his brain. “Well, ok.”

“Come on.” I started walking out of the garage, Devin following me. I remembered being a thirteen-year-old boy. I would have done a lot to shower with a cute girl. That, mind you, being before I discovered that what I really wanted was other thirteen-year-old boys.

Once we were in the bathroom I quickly stripped out of my clothes and turned away from Devin, leaning down to fiddle with the shower controls and making sure the boy got an eyeful of my bare backside.

“Ok,” I said, standing back up and turning around. I looked at Devin. “You’re not planning to wear those into the shower are you?”

“Uh…” He pulled his eyes from my vagina. “Uh… yes. I mean, no! Right! Sorry.” He very shyly unbuttoned and then unzipped his shorts. He lowered them and his boxers down and stood back up, one hand covering his penis.

“You look really cute, Devin,” I said, pleased that I could finally speak out loud a thought I’d been holding in for months.

“Thanks, Lisa…”

I pulled back the curtain. “Come on, let’s get wet.” I got into the shower, Devin shyly following me and keeping one hand covering his teenage penis. I couldn’t wait to actually see it! I got nice and wet, both front and back, and then stepped aside and said to Devin, “Go ahead and get yourself soaked, too.”

Rather awkwardly Devin brushed past me, his bare butt rubbing against mine as he moved. I’d made sure to stand in such a way that he wouldn’t be able to avoid touching me. I got a good look at that butt while he scooted past. Beautiful. Keeping the one hand over his penis, he did his best to get wet.

“Isn’t it hard to do that with your hand there?” I asked him.

“Uh… well…”

“You don’t need to cover it up, you know.”

“I don’t?” he asked in a very timid sounding voice.


Devin was still facing away from me, but I saw his hand come away from his penis as he very shyly reached up to soak his hair. As he stood there I said, “I’m going to help you wash your back.”

“Oh? Uh… ok.”

I took the soap in my hand and started rubbing it all over Devin’s bare back and shoulders, getting him good and soapy. Eventually, of course, I worked my way down onto his perfect little boy butt, rubbing the soap all over his buttocks and even up in between them, hearing the boy’s breathing go a little ragged as I did so. Lastly I worked down onto his legs and when I was done stood up.

“Ok, you might wanna turn around and rinse off now.”

Devin took a deep breath and slowly turned around. I now had my first look at his hard teenage penis. It looked to be just a little under five inches long, had just a small amount of pubic hair and was throbbing with arousal. It occurred to me that I was only minutes away from at last getting this young boy’s erection inside me.

I reached out and started rubbing the soap onto him. “I’ll do your front, too, but you gotta promise to do my front and back, ok?”

“Uh… ok,” Devin managed to say.

I moved my hands down his well-developed chest and down onto his flat stomach, soaping his smooth skin as I did so. When I finally reached his penis, I didn’t even flinch, I simply took it in my soapy hand and gave it a couple strokes, pleased to hear him start breathing a little harder and even more pleased to see some precum gathering at the tip. Then I let it go and worked my way down onto his legs and then finally stood up.

“There you go,” I said with a smile as I handed him the soap. This time I moved past him to get to the water, making sure that as we moved by each other, it was face to face. I felt his penis brushing against my hip as we moved. Wonderful.

Once under the water I faced away from him and said, “Ok, go to it.”

I felt Devin’s hands move across my back and shoulders. It certainly felt nice, but he was concentrating just on those areas.

“Go lower,” I said after a bit.


Devin’s hands moved down to cup my butt. He just held it for a few seconds and then started rubbing the soap all around. He was trying his best to get as long of a feel as he thought he could get away with, but eventually left my ass worked his way down onto my legs. Finally he said, “Ok, I think I’m all done.”

“Great! Before I turn around, I gotta get my hair real quick.” I very quickly bent over and took a couple steps back, happy to feel Devin’s hard penis suddenly resting against my butt. I started washing my hair as he stepped back a tiny bit. Not turning around or anything I said to him, “Since I’m bent over like this, soap me up back there, ok?”

“Uh… alright.” Devin nearly dropped the soap onto the floor in his excitement, but he got a grip on it and then very gently started rubbing first at my ass and then between the buttocks.

“A little lower and more forward,” I whispered after a few seconds.

I actually heard him swallow over the sound of the shower. “Right here?” he asked, his fingertips brushing against my vagina.


I did my best to pretend not to notice the boy’s fingers as he rubbed at my vagina, getting soap all over my labia and clitoris. It was all I could do not to scream out in total pleasure. Instead what I had to do was grit my teeth and said, “Be careful not to get any soap in there.” I remembered Ebin’s mother giving me the same warning the first time we showered together.


I reached behind and took the boy’s free hand in mine. It was awkward doing this without being able to see anything, but I eventually managed to line his finger up with my vagina and settled back onto it, feeling it slide up into me.

“In here,” I whispered. “Don’t get any soap in here.”

“I… oh… I won’t, I promise.”

“In fact, just keep your finger in there so that you won’t be able to, even by accident, ok?” I said as I let go of his hand.

“Alright.” The boy went back to his soaping, shocks of pleasure going through my body as each bit of motion caused his finger to move within my vagina.

After a couple moments of this I said to Devin, “Hey, can you help me shampoo my hair?”

“Sure. How?”

“Take your finger out of me.”

“Ok.” I felt his wonderful presence leaving my body.

“Now move up and stand real close.”

“Ok.” Devin took a step nearer to me.

“No, I mean REAL close.”

I thought I heard him swallow again as he moved another couple steps forward. I could feel the heat from his body against mine.

“Come on, closer than that.”

Devin took one last set of steps and I felt his penis pushing up against me.

I let out a little sigh of happy pleasure, but then said to him, “No, closer than that. Hold on a second.” I reached back and took his penis in my hand pulling it gently downward so that it was between my legs, his shaft rubbing against my vagina. “There, that’s better.”

“Yeah,” Devin whispered.

“Now, just take some shampoo,” I said, handing him the bottle,”and rub it through my hair.”

“Ok.” Leaning over my body, he started doing so, his penis brushing against my vagina with each bit of movement.

“That’s very nice,” I whispered. “You’re really good.”

“Thanks…” he managed to reply.

“Wonderful,” I whispered. Then I said, “There’s not any shampoo or soap going into me, is there?”

“Uh… I don’t think so?”

“We’d better be certain.”

“Ok. How?”

Now I had to be very careful. I moved my hips so that my vagina rubbed against his penis from the shaft down to the tip, which let it spring up just a little. As it did so, I moved backwards, feeling the tip come to rest right next to the entrance to my vagina.

“We just have to stick something inside so that no soap can get in.”

“We do?” he asked, sounding very unsure.

I said nothing. I merely reached back and took hold of Devin’s erection, lining it up. Once it was in place I backed up, feeling his thirteen-year-old virgin penis slide slowly and smoothly into my incredibly wet, ready and, technically I suppose, virgin vagina. I stopped moving but felt him pushing up against me, trying to get a little deeper inside of me.

“There… ” I whispered, pleased beyond all reckoning that I was now getting fucked by one of the most wonderful boys I’d ever met. I hadn’t originally planned to take his virginity in the shower. I’d just wanted to warm him up in here and have him fuck me in the bedroom, but oh, well.

Looking over my shoulder at the young boy I said, “Now no soap can get in.”

“Yeah,” Devin whispered back, trying to keep himself steady. He’d stopped moving entirely and was just holding his penis inside my vagina. He had an expression of total, blissed-out joy plastered on his cute little face.

“You know you’re fucking me, right?” I said, grinning at him.

Letting out a breath he’d been holding, Devin said, “Yeah…”

“You can move if you want.”


Holding onto my shoulders Devin began very awkwardly thrusting into me, his pelvis slapping against my butt as he began fucking. I closed my eyes and rode on the tide of pleasure his hard young penis was giving me. I wondered if it always felt this good for a girl to get fucked? I certainly hoped so! I had nine other boys get laid by in the next few days, after all.

“Oh, god, this feels so good,” Devin whispered.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered back. I could feel the boy’s body pressing against me, his penis inside me, the water beating down on us both. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Suddenly Devin said, “I… oh… oh, god… I think… oooooh…” He pushed hard against me and I felt his whole body shudder as his penis began spasming inside me, his teenage sperm shooting up into my waiting vagina.

At the moment of Devin’s climax, as his sperm began blasting into me, I saw in front of my eyes a large “10″ that slowly rolled over like an odometer until it read “9″. I’d done my first boy. That thought was enough to trigger my first orgasm as a girl being fucked by a boy and I let out a loud moan as my vagina contracted hard around Devin’s penis.

Once we were both done cumming, we stood there trying to get our breath back. I moved forward and stood up, feeling Devin’s penis sliding out of my vagina. I turned around and gave him a tender little kiss on the mouth.

“Thank you, Devin. That was very nice.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, looking vaguely stunned.

“Was that your first time?”


“You were very good.”


I turned off the water and got out, drying myself with a towel. I handed the other towel to Devin who got out, blushing a little as he dried off. His penis was still hard. Oh, he was so adorable!

I took his hand and said, “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” he asked quietly.

“Ebin’s bedroom.”


“Because I want to have you fuck me again.”


I turned around and took hold of his penis, giving it a couple slow strokes. “You don’t mind that idea, do you?”

“Oh, god, no.”

“Good boy.” I gave him a little kiss. “Now come on.”

I’d set up Ebin’s bedroom so that it would look like I was sleeping there. Like I was a niece who’d come to visit and was using her cousin’s bedroom while he was away. It had seemed like a good idea. Now I was about to get fucked by a very cute boy on my son’s bed. The thought was beyond erotic.

Once we were in Ebin’s room I laid down on his bed and pulled Devin down on top of me. I gave him a couple kisses.

“Why…” He swallowed. “Why are you doing this with me?”

“Because I like you. You’re really cute, and you’re really nice.”

“I am?”

“Yeah.” I gave him another kiss. “You wanna fuck me again?

“Yeah…” Devin said, a cute grin spreading across his adorable face.

“Good.” I took his penis and lined it up with my vagina. “Go ahead and push it in.”

“Alright,” Devin said in a quiet voice. He pushed, and his beautiful penis slid back into my vagina once more. “Oh, god, that’s so incredible,” he whispered as he lowered his body on top of mine.

“I like it, too,” I said, reaching up to brush a little of his damp hair out of his eyes. “I’m glad to have you inside me.”

“It’s real cool like this… I like looking at you…” he said with a sweet, innocent little smile.

“I like that part, too.” I looked down to where our bodies were joined, only the barest hint of Devin’s penis sticking out of my vagina.

Devin began screwing me, doing his best to keep his penis as deep inside me as he could. It felt really, really nice in this position. Much better than doing it doggie-style had been. I vowed that in the future when I took a boy’s virginity, it would be with either him or me on top. I wanted to see their young faces twisted in pleasure.

I put one of my hands on Devin’s shoulders, pulling him close to me while the other hand went down on this hard, smooth butt, feeling it move while he fucked me. This boy’s body was so incredible! I made another vow that I’d get fucked by him as often as I could once I managed to make this power of mine permanent.

Devin eventually reached his orgasm, as boys do, after fucking me for about five minutes. I didn’t cum that time or the third time, but I climaxed the fourth and fifth times that we had sex that day. I made sure to tell him, as he got dressed, not to tell anyone about this. He said he would and wanted to know if we could get together again. I told him sure, but that it might be a day or two. He said that would be fine and left with a cheerful smile on his face.

I went to bed that night with a great feeling of triumph. I didn’t know for sure how I’d get myself a young virgin tomorrow, but I knew I’d find a way. I couldn’t wait to see what that way would be!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All work and no play makes Alex a dull boy. All work and no play makes Alex a dull boy. All work and no play makes Alex a dull boy.