Dear Jason – Chapter 10

Light was streaming through the window when I slowly opened my eyes. Something strange had woken me, but I just didn’t know what. As I slowly returned to the land of the living, I knew what it was. A small hand gently stroked my hard dick, and a hard, preteen cock was grinding against my hip. What a fantastic way to start the day!

“Morning, Champ!” I grumbled, “having fun?”

“Morning. Sure do!” he said excitedly and asked, “Can we do again what we did last night?”

“Of course!” I said, eager to feel his hot young cock in my mouth again.

The following ten minutes were filled with muffled moans and squirming bodies. I probed his ass again, and a few moments later, he returned the favor. I never was much of an anal guy, but as his small finger entered me, I had to admit I enjoyed it tremendously.

A few moments after another shot of sweet boy nectar triggered my tastebuds, I filled his mouth with my spunk. He actually managed to swallow most of it this time, and only a little dribbled down my shaft.

After we showered together, we went down to eat breakfast. I was starting to get used to seeing James naked, but every now and then, it struck me how lucky I was to be able to witness this. Especially when he bent over to pick up a bit of spilled egg, and his gorgeous ass was shown in all its glory.

We didn’t do any more sexual things together that day. And when we saw his Mom walk across the street toward my house, we quickly got dressed. I felt a surge of sadness shoot through me when his dick disappeared inside his running shorts.

When the doorbell rang, we opened the door together, and the look on his mother’s face showed some genuine concern. At first, I was afraid she somehow saw us. But that fear only lasted a second when she said, “I’m so sorry, guys! But there’s something wrong with Aunt Jane.”

“I’m sorry,” I responded, “is there anything I can do to help?”

“No. Thanks. But I’m going back to San Francisco to help her out,” she said with a sad smile.

I felt her pain as I looked at her, but I didn’t want to let on too much because she clearly had enough on her mind already.

“Hon? Can you come home, so we can talk about everything?” she asked, looking at James.

James looked questioningly at me, but I said, “Of course! I’ll clean up in here. I’ll drop your PC over later today. Don’t worry about it!”

James slammed into my body, giving me a tight hug, and said, “Thanks a lot, Jason! It was awesome!”

“I had a great time, Champ! See you next time,” I smiled as I ruffled his hair.

She nodded thankfully at me as she started to walk back to their house. James winked at me and smiled warmly as he followed his mother.

I closed the door behind me and felt sad that the fun was already over. Of course, we’d probably have another jacking or sucking session someday, which would be fun! But I didn’t think it would help us to overdo it at this early stage of his discovery.

I cleaned up, disconnected James’s PC, and placed it on the table near the front door. I had some spare time on my hand and figured I might as well put some work in now. This would benefit me later this week.

A couple of hours later, I saw a cab pull up, and they all came outside. Then, after Ellis’s suitcase was in the trunk and she gave everyone a firm hug, she took off. I quickly headed downstairs, opened the door, and waved at them.

James came running the moment he saw I was carrying his PC. When he took it from my hands, he softly asked, “I really enjoyed it! Can we do this again soon?”

I smiled at him and said, “Let’s see, okay? That’s more up to your parents than to me. In the meantime, enjoy my stories.”

A broad, mischievous smile spread across his face, and he said, “Oh! Don’t worry. I will!”

His Dad waved at me from across the street, and I waved back. I responded to his, “Thanks, Jason!” with a smile and a thumbs up.

I actually did get a lot of work done after this. And when I looked at the clock, I noticed it was time to spring into action. It was close to the time when James and Julia usually went to their rooms, so I quickly disrobed, pressed the pads together, and crossed the street.

I sneaked inside, petted Mr. Whiskers, and crept upstairs. The door to James’s room was closed, but Julia’s door was wide open, so I got into her room. She was fully dressed, lying on her bed, and listening to some music with her headphones on.

I got into the corner, close to her slightly opened bathroom door. I heard the door on James’s side of the bathroom close and figured I’d find a way into his room soon enough. Right now, I was checking out his twin sister and had to admit she was cute as fuck, just like her brother. She was lying on her belly, showing off her perfect little ass, wrapped tightly in some short skinny jeans.

I almost let out a soft yelp as the door behind me opened. I was so engrossed in this girl’s body that I didn’t hear James enter their bathroom. The door missed me by a hair, and James almost bumped into me. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, but it was a little too close for comfort.

“Hey, Pep,” Julia said softly as she took off her headphones.

“Hey,” James softly said as he sat on Julia’s bed, looking sad.

“You okay?” Julia asked.

“Yeah. I guess. I feel bad about Aunt June. I hope she gets better soon.”

“I know. Me too,” she replied with genuine concern on her face.

“Do you think Dad has to go too?” James asked while fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“He said he might. But I don’t know. That’ll be a bummer.”

“Yeah. I just hope we don’t have to stay over at some old lady like Mrs. Chong this time,” James said, looking sadder by the minute.

“That would suck ass!” Julia said with a bit of venom in her voice.

“Big time!”

They were quiet for a few moments when I saw Julia’s face light up. She poked James in his side and asked, “How was it at Jason’s?”

James blushed a bit and said, “Great! He’s a really cool guy!”

“Can’t we ask him to watch us?”

This lit up James’s face considerably, and he said, “That would be SO cool! I think he doesn’t mind. We just have to convince Dad!”

“If we both ask him and Jason is okay with it, I don’t think Dad will mind.”

“Great plan, Sis!”

They both went silent again, and I could see James was struggling with something. After an obvious internal struggle, he whispered, “Can you keep a secret?”

Oh boy! This could go south real quick now. I was thinking frantically for a way to stop him, but couldn’t find anything without blowing my cover.

Julia nodded, and as James opened his mouth, I felt like the earth beneath me opened up.

“He didn’t mind me walking around like… you know… what we did when we were younger.”

Okay. This wasn’t too bad, and I could talk my way out of prison with just this.

“Like… naked?” Julia asked, looking a bit surprised.

“Yeah. He even joined me,” James smiled.

“Cool! You really like doing that, don’t you?” she chuckled.

“Yeah. I do. I can’t help it. I just like how it feels!” he said, pouting a little.

“Don’t sweat it! I know you do. And I liked it too, but when Mom talked about it, I just… she made me feel like… I don’t know… like it was wrong or something.”

“I hear you. But it doesn’t FEEL wrong, you know?” James said with a bit of fire in his eyes.

“I guess you’re right. Never looked at it like that,” she softly said, looking all thoughtful.

“And you know what else?” James continued.

Damn! Here it comes.


“He’s a writer!”

“What does he write? Like twilight or something?”

“No, Dufus!” James grinned, “he’s a porn writer!”

Phew! Dodged another bullet! James didn’t say anything about our actions together yet, but I needed to do something before he did.

“Porn? Eew!” Julia said, acting offended, but her face told another story.

“Yeah. And they’re not ‘Eew!’ Check out! There’s a whole bunch of stories there. Not everything is written by him, but the few I read already were freaking amazing!”

“Really? But… can’t Dad see what we’re doing?”

I sneaked through the bathroom to James’s room to turn on his computer in an attempt to lure him away. But I could still hear them talking clearly.

“Nah. According to Jason, this can only be done by people with good IT skills, and Dad has a lot of skills, just not that one!”

They both chuckled at that, and a few seconds after I pressed the power button on James’s computer, the startup sound played loudly.

“Remember. We’ll stick together when Dad has to go!” James said as he got up.

I quickly headed to the bathroom, and he almost bumped into me again as our paths crossed as he rushed past me toward his room.

“Deal!” Julia shouted, and James closed his side of the bathroom.

Her door was still open, and I saw her smile when I entered her room. ”Dufus,” she mumbled, still smiling broadly as she grabbed her tablet. But only a moment later, there was a soft knock on her door, and I heard her father say, “Almost bedtime,” from the other side of the door.

He didn’t enter, so Julia said, “Okay, Dad! Just five more minutes.”

She sighed, dropped her tablet, and went into the bathroom. I watched her as she pulled down her pants, sat on the toilet, and started peeing. She sat down swiftly, and I didn’t see anything, which was fine by me. I never found anything that contained pee or scat even remotely erotic, so I let her do her thing.

As she brushed her teeth, Julia was humming a song and was clearly in a better mood than before. Right after she spat out the toothpaste, James entered the bathroom. He was dressed in just his boxers, which made me smile. He obviously agreed with me that Julia was probably just as curious as he was. And judging by her roaming eyes that ended on his pronounced bulge, I was right.

I had already entered her bedroom, and as she said goodnight to James and walked toward me, I smiled at James’s eyes that were glued to her ass.

“Dufus…” she chuckled again, and the huge grin on her face betrayed how much she liked her brother.

As she started lifting her shirt, I made sure to keep my eyes glued to her. More and more of her marvelous skin came into view as her shirt slowly went up. When the underside of her little black bra showed, I felt myself grow hard. Once her shirt was off and I looked at the upper half of her exposed body, I marveled at the beauty she was. She looked absolutely stunning.

But when her hand reached behind her back and she unclasped her little bra, I knew I was in for an even better treat. She didn’t waste time, simply pulled her bra from her body and threw it on a nearby chair. Her little perky breasts were everything I imagined in my dreams. Two near-perfect globes, with small, almost boyish nipples topping it off. It looked so delicious that I wanted to cup them and lick her all over.

Because I kept my eyes glued to her boobs, I almost didn’t notice she was unbuttoning her pants. But when she started dropping them and her yellow, bikini-style panties slowly appeared, I felt a drop of precum ooze from the tip. I quickly cleaned it with my finger and stuck it in my mouth. But I knew it was a lost cause as she stood back straight after kicking her pants in the corner.

Holy fucking shit! WHAT a beauty!! I already admitted to myself I was more into boys than girls that age, but she made me reconsider that notion. She was gorgeous! Her tight, pert little ass was as fantastic as her brother’s, but her small boobs and tight body looked almost better. If someone pulled a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ on me then and there, I wouldn’t be able to choose either.

This all lasted only seconds because she was clearly getting dressed for bed like she usually did. So as she pulled down the tank top and her breasts disappeared behind the cloth, I felt a slight sting of disappointment shoot through me.

I figured the show was over and was trying to find a way out of her room. Since both doors were closed, my only option was to wait for her to fall asleep. Realizing this, I got mildly comfortable by half hanging and half sitting against her desk.

Julia listened for a moment, took her tablet, and lay down on her bed. Her head was against the headboard, and she started swiping around. After a few minutes, it was clear she was reading something, and after a soft, “He was right!” I wanted to see if she was reading what I thought she was reading.

So ever so softly, I sneaked up next to her and glanced at her screen. I immediately knew I was right! I recognized the site colors and layout and knew immediately that she was checking out my site. And after reading a couple of paragraphs, I realized she was reading ‘All Dressed Up.’ Actually, my first story on the site in alphabetical order. And coincidentally a story about a twin brother and sister getting it on. This couldn’t be more perfect!

I stepped back a little to ensure Julia wouldn’t notice or touch me by accident. And as I kept my eyes focused on her body, I saw two things. Her nipples tried to poke out of her tank top, and a small dark spot was showing at the front of her yellow panties.

She looked intensely at her tablet, and her free hand started roaming over her body as if it had a mind of its own. She was caressing her boob with one hand, and she used the other to hold up her tablet and scroll slowly through the page.

Her face got more flushed by the second, and as her breathing deepened, it was clear she was horny as fuck. Her hand stopped toying with her tit and slowly inched down over her belly. When she reached the elastic band of her panties, she sneaked her fingers under it. Judging by the outlines of her fingers, she wasted no time and immediately pushed a finger between her folds. Although I couldn’t see her pussy, it couldn’t be missed what was going on between her legs.

As her hand started moving, a soft moan escaped her lips. My boner was leaking a good supply of precum now, and I knew I had to prevent it from dripping down. But it was difficult to divide my attention between the hot, young, masturbating girl on the bed and my rock-hard, precum-leaking boner.

Her cute soft, high-pitched moans filled the room. I never saw myself as a voyeur of any kind, but now that I was watching this extremely private act unfold in front of me, I realized everyone has a little pervert inside themselves.

Julia’s breathing got faster and more ragged by the minute. Her fingers were moving fast and deliberately between her legs, and every now and then, a tiny bit of her pussy was seen through the leg of her panties as her hand and fingers moved it a bit out of the way.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she moaned, her eyes still glued to the screen.

I felt my balls tingle as I realized she was about to cum. I grabbed my dick but didn’t dare to move my hand, or I’d pop off too. And sure enough, after a few more seconds, she grunted deeply, and her whole body stiffened. The movement of her hand had slowed down significantly, and seeing her as she let her cum wash over her and enjoying every second of it, was almost too hot to handle.

As she lay there panting, I saw she opened her eyes and she started reading the last bit of the story, still slowly fingering herself. After a few more minutes, she clicked off her tablet and put it on her nightstand.

“Fuck! Pep was right,” she mumbled softly as she got under the cover and turned off her small bedside light.

I stood there with a throbbing boner, waiting for her to fall asleep so I could sneak out and jerk myself to a much-needed orgasm. And after waiting for about half an hour, I was confident enough that she was asleep, and I snuck out of her bedroom. Thankfully, Bill was still up and sitting behind his laptop at the living room table.

He didn’t notice anything as he was clearly focused on his screen. Typical porn-like moans came from the speakers, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what he was looking at. I let him have it and seized the opportunity to sneak out of the house.

When I entered my bedroom, I dropped onto my bed and jerked myself to a swift orgasm. The images of Julia and James fueled my imagination, and I came when I pictured James’s tight, naked body lying between his equally naked sister’s legs! Seeing my cum launch into the air out of nowhere was creepy as fuck, but funny to watch, nevertheless.

“Holy shit! I need to make that work!” I mumbled to myself as I came down from my orgasm.

I cleaned myself, ensured the pads were safely locked inside my desk, and went to bed. What a day!

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