October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Eleven – Two Boys and a Girl
Alex Hawk

It was a rainy afternoon a month after I’d take Angelo’s virginity. He, Tyler and I were all hanging around in my bedroom. We’d all snuggled together under the blankets and were looking out the window, watching the rainfall and occasionally making out with one another.

“This is nice,” Angelo whispered into my ear as he cupped one of my breasts. I was sandwiched between him and Tyler. It was a very good place to be.

“Yes, it is.”

“So when you gonna finally get around to fucking Matthew and Tobey?” Tyler asked. He was fondling my vagina and occasionally sucking my other breast.

“Gee you know how to really complete a mood,” I said sourly.

“Yeah, well… it’s been a month. The audience is getting anxious.”

There was a quiet pause.

“What audience?”

Tyler shrugged. “Well, ok. Me and the rest of the gang.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure it’s hell for you all to be getting to fuck me on a regular basis while I’m trying to figure out how to do Tobey and Matthew.”

“Well, not hell, exactly…”

“I thought not.”

“Speaking of which,” Angelo said with a grin. “May I?”

“Sure.” I spread my legs a little wider as Tyler moved his hand out of the way.

Angelo maneuvered himself between my legs. Giving me a couple gentle kisses he eased his penis into my waiting vagina and started slowly fucking me.

“Aaaah… yeah… no hurry from my point of view, Amber… I’m content with things as they are…”

“I bet,” I said, resting a hand on Angelo’s firm teenage butt.

Tyler and I started kissing while Angelo fucked me. Occasionally Tyler would lift his face up and lock lips with Angelo as well. I liked seeing boys fooling around with each other. There was very little these days that turned me on more than that!

After Angelo had been fucking me for a few minutes, Tyler poked his friend on the ass and said, “Hey, can I have a turn?”


Angelo rolled off me and my brother got on top, his penis sliding into the vagina so recently vacated by Angelo’s. “Oh, yeah,” he whispered as he started thrusting. “Incest is best!”

I rolled my eyes and said to Angelo, “Hey, if you wanna move yourself up a little, I’ll blow you while Tyler fucks me.”

“Sure!” Angelo replied eagerly. He moved his body up and, rather awkwardly, slid his penis into my mouth. As I began blowing him, I reached back to cup his butt and he started making out with Tyler. It was a wonderful scene!

Suddenly Angelo stopped moving. “Hey… I have a cunning plan…” He pulled back and sat down next to me on the bed, an interesting look in his eyes.
Tyler paused in his incestual fucking of me. “What?”

“Yeah, what?” I said, slightly annoyed at my fun being interrupted.

“I know the perfect way to get Matthew and Tobey!”

“What?” I asked.

“First this. Tyler, make me cum while I sort out the details.”

Tyler shrugged. “Ok!” He eagerly lowered his mouth onto Angelo’s penis while resuming his fucking.

I let my eyes drink in the sight of Angelo’s lean, naked, fourteen-year-old body while he got blown by my little brother. He was on his knees, leaning back on one hand while his other hand was resting on the back of Tyler’s head. A small bead of sweat as sliding down his bare chest. His eyes were closed, he was biting his lower lip, his nipples were hard, his body was tight and smooth as he swiveled his hips just a little bit, moving his penis within my brother’s mouth. God, I love boys!

Actually, and much to my surprise, the simple view of Angelo being blown by Tyler, combined with Tyler’s penis moving within my vagina, was enough to trigger my orgasm. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, letting out a low moan as I felt the pleasure splash over my body.

After a few seconds Angelo grinned down at me. “You… just came… huh?”


“I’m going to… too… ooooh…” He moaned loudly and held tight onto Tyler’s hair. I saw his penis twitch within my brother’s mouth as his sperm fired off down the younger boy’s throat, Tyler swallowing hard and fast.

Tyler must’ve really liked all this, because seconds later I felt his sperm blasting into my vagina as his own orgasm claimed him. As soon as he was done cumming, he pulled his mouth off Angelo’s penis, a small string of sperm dribbling from his lower lip.

I kissed my brother passionately, tasting Angelo’s sperm in his mouth. Moments later Angelo joined in the kiss and we all let ourselves relax in post-sexual bliss. Once we were all done kissing we pulled away from each other and laid there on my bed together, all breathing hard and very happy.

“So what,” I asked Angelo, “is your cunning plan?”

For the next five minutes Angelo laid out a very cunning and subtle plan. I couldn’t wait to go forward with it! Today was Wednesday. By Friday night Matthew and Tobey would join the ranks of the devirginized!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. More or less.