October 16, 2008

Chasing Colt – Chapter Three – Doing Tyler
Alex Hawk

Over the next few days, Bryce and I got to together a couple times to fine-tune our plan for him to get Tyler into bed. We also fucked about ten times. Mostly this was to get Bryce ready to execute our little plan. The first step in our plan began when Bryce got Tyler to invite him over to stay the night.

Bryce got to our house in the early afternoon, while our parents were still at work. Tyler let him in and they both came into the living room where I was sitting watching TV. Tyler knew Bryce and I were friends, so when I stood up and said hello, Tyler probably thought nothing odd was afoot. He did probably, however, think something amiss when I gave Bryce a big kiss on the mouth.

“Hello, Amber,” Bryce said with a little grin after we were done kissing. He and I had talked about our plans for the day and ironically he’d been up for everything but the kiss, but he took it well.

“Hey, Bryce.” I cupped his ass and gave him another kiss.

Tyler said, “Uh… well. Anyhow. Uh… let’s watch a movie, ok, Bryce? We got a copy of ‘The Rundown’ the other day.”

“Oh, yeah? Cool. I haven’t seen it.”

“You guys mind if I watch with you?” I asked.

“I don’t mind at all,” Bryce said with a smile.

Tyler said, “Well… yeah, I guess, if you want to.”

Bryce and I were sitting next to each other as the movie started, with Tyler sitting next to Bryce. Not more than about fifteen minutes into the movie, Bryce and I had started making out with each other again. I had trouble keeping a straight face throughout it because Bryce kept making these odd little expressions of disgust as we kissed. It was hilarious!

Looking over at Tyler I could see him trying to watch us without trying to watch us. I said to him, “Tyler, didn’t you know Bryce and I were involved?”

“Uh… no, not really.”

Bryce sat back and put his arm around my shoulders. “Yeah, we’ve been going out for like a couple weeks now.”

“Oh… but I thought you were… you know. Gay.”

Bryce shrugged. “I am. But… well, that’s on hold for right now. Pussy’s kinda fun!” He grinned at me. I had a real tough time not busting out with laughter.

“Uh… ok. Amber, are you giving him drugs or something?”

“No, just giving him sex,” I said, reaching over and pinching one of Bryce’s nipples through his shirt.

Bryce giggled a little. “Yeah, there is that.”

Tyler’s eyes went rather wide. “Wait. You two… the two of you… you guys… you’re… you two are having… sex? With each other?”

“Yes, Tyler,” I said. “That’s how it usually works when you’re going out.”

“Oh,” he said in a weak little voice.

Bryce turned back towards me and we started kissing again. I kept one eye on Tyler’s face as I made out with Bryce. He was pretending to watch the movie but was really paying more attention to the two of us, just as I’d planned it.

Finally I said to Bryce, “You wanna go upstairs?”


“Upstairs?” asked Tyler.

“Yeah. We’re gonna go fuck for a bit. Be back in about twenty minutes or so,” I said.

“You guys are gonna go do it RIGHT NOW?” Tyler asked in shocked tones.

“Yep.” I gave Bryce a quick kiss on the cheek. “Shall we?”

“Sure!” We both stood up.

“This is all some weird joke on me, isn’t it?” Tyler said. “I mean… you’re gay.”

“So? That doesn’t mean I can’t fuck girls,” retorted Bryce.

“Well… actually… I think it does.”

“Ha. Come watch us, I’ll prove it.”


“Yeah, if you think we’re lying, come watch.”

We had to be careful here. Didn’t want to overplay our hand. I was reasonably convinced that Bryce had actually messed up, but we’d see.

I could see lust and a little discomfort raging in Tyler’s eyes. Finally he decided to come of slightly macho and said, “Oh, this I gotta see.” He stood up. “Come on. If you’re really gonna do it, go do it. But I think this is just some strange joke.”

“Ok, come on.” I said, leading both boys up to my bedroom. Once we were there Tyler sat at my desk as Bryce and I stood by my bed. I said to Bryce, “Strip.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Bryce grinned and started undressing. Once he was completely nude he stood next to my bed, giving a thumbs-up to Tyler.

Now I took of my clothes. It was more than a little weird that I was about to be naked and getting fucked in front of my little brother, but it would hopefully accomplish the goal of Bryce getting Tyler into bed and from there we could get me to my goal of taking Colt’s virginity.

As Bryce and I lay down on my bed, I cast a glance over at Tyler. He was clearly checking me out. Well, that was understandable. He’d probably never seen a naked girl before. I made sure, as I lay there with Bryce, to spread my legs a little so that my brother had a good view of my vagina.

Bryce and I started kissing each other. One of my hands went down and I started slowly stroking his penis while he reached down and started fingering my vagina. This was also something he wasn’t really that big on doing, but he was willing to make sacrifices to get Tyler.

I let myself go and started making my patented “barely restrained, almost having an orgasm” noises as Bryce fingered me. I intensified them when he began
sucking on one of my nipples. I didn’t have to overact too much. Bryce was actually pretty good at this stuff!

“Still think we’re just joking?” Bryce asked, looking over at Tyler.

“Well… you’re not actually doing it yet,” my brother pointed out. I could clearly see his young penis sticking up inside his pants.

“That’s true,” I said.

“Yeah.” Bryce looked over at Tyler again. “Well, get ready for the big moment, then.” He looked down at me. “Me on top or you?”

“You, I think.”


Bryce moved in between my legs and started rubbing his penis up and down against my vagina. Once he was ready, he pushed into me. I let out an involuntary moan as this wonderful boy was once more fucking me.

“There,” Bryce said, holding himself up a little so that Tyler could see where our bodies merged. He gave a couple thrusts. “Take a look. You believe it now?”

Tyler stood up and moved over to stand next to us, looking down. “Yeah,” he whispered.

As Bryce started moving a little more inside me, he looked down at Tyler’s crotch. “Horny much?” he asked with a little grin.

Tyler simply nodded silently.

“You can jerk off if you want. While you watch. I don’t care,” Bryce said, not breaking his rhythm. One thing I liked about getting fucked by a gay boy, I realized, was that he’d last as long as I needed him to.

“You don’t care?” Tyler asked, looking first at Bryce and then at me.

I said, a little breathlessly, “I don’t care. Just don’t cum on me.”

Moving like he was in a dream, my brother reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Reaching inside, he pulled out his erect penis. Now I had a good look at it, much better than what I’d had before when he was doing it with Colt. It certainly wasn’t a bad one, it was just too bad it was attached to Tyler.

Tyler began slowly masturbating while Bryce kept his eyes fixed on Tyler’s penis. I let my eyes roam all over Bryce’s naked body while he fucked me. He looked really, really sexy. He was holding himself up much higher than he usually did, so I was able to see all the muscles in his upper body move as he screwed me. It was sweet.

Very slowly Bryce reached one of his hands out towards Tyler’s penis and said, “Can I?”

Tyler blinked a little and then said, “Yeah. If you want.”

Grinning a little Bryce wrapped his hand around my brother’s penis and began stroking it. He looked as happy as I’d ever seen him. I was very pleased that our little plan for him to get Tyler seemed to be working.

Bryce pulled Tyler a little closer, almost dragging him onto the bed. Rather awkwardly he leaned his head forward and slipped his mouth around Tyler’s penis. It wasn’t really easy for him, I could tell, trying to fuck me while blowing my brother, but he was doing his best.

After a few moments he pulled his face back and said, “Tyler? Take off your clothes and get up here with us. Then I can keep going.”

“O… ok…” Tyler managed to say. He looked at me. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Why should I care?”

“Alright.” Rather shyly Tyler took off his clothes and once he was naked, he got up onto the bed next to us, kneeling near Bryce.

“Yeah. That works,” Bryce said, as he leaned forward and slid his mouth around Tyler’s penis once again.

It was kind of strange to see my brother getting blown less than a foot from me. I didn’t really mind, it was just strange. For lack of anywhere else to put it, I let one of my hands rest on Tyler’s leg, just below his ass. He had both his hands on the back of Bryce’s head and I could tell he wasn’t keeping his balance very easily.

A thought struck me. I reached up and took one of Tyler’s hands and set it very gently on one of my breasts. He looked down at me in surprise.

“Just helping you keep your balance,” I said.

“Oh… ok.”

Bryce had basically stopped fucking me. He was just holding his penis inside my vagina. I didn’t mind this, but it was getting a little frustrating. I was actually somewhat pleased when he sat up a little and pulled his mouth off Tyler’s erection.

“Hey, Tyler?”


“Wanna see what your sister’s pussy tastes like?”

“Uh… what?”

Bryce pulled back, his penis sliding out of me. It was glistening with moisture. Bryce pointed at it. “Have a little taste.”

Tyler looked torn. He glanced down at me, his hand still resting on one of my breasts. “You’re not going to ever tell anyone about this, are you?”


Nodding, Tyler said, “Ok.” Then he leaned down and very slowly lowered his mouth onto Bryce’s penis while Bryce started masturbating him. I sat up a little as I watched my brother blowing Bryce. It was incredibly sexy watching these two boys getting it on with each other. I could get used to this. I started fingering myself while I watched.

Soon the two boys were sixty-nining each other. Bryce had a look of total happiness on his face. It was obvious he was quite pleased to be getting what he wanted. I couldn’t blame him. I figured I’d have the same look on my face when Colt finally fucked me.

Bryce took his mouth off Tyler. “Hey, Tyler?”

“Yeah?” Tyler said after pulling his mouth away.

“You ever fuck a guy?”

“Uh… no?”

“You wanna fuck me?”

Tyler blinked. “Like up the ass?”


“Uh… sure, why not?”

“Cool!” Bryce sat up. He looked around. “I’m gonna need some lube on me.” He looked over at me and down at my vagina. “Amber, may I?”

I pulled my finger out of myself and said, “Go ahead.” We’d planned this part out a little. The idea was that he’d use my vaginal fluids for lubing himself up and then some Vaseline for Tyler.

Bryce reached over and inserted a finger into me. While he fingered me for a bit he whispered, “I forgot the Vaseline, but don’t worry. I have an idea.” Then he pulled his finger out and slowly worked it up into his butt.

“There,” he said after a moment. “That should work.” He looked at Tyler. “Now we just need some lube for you.” Then he looked over at me. “Amber?”

“Uh… yeah?”

“Can Tyler get his lube from the same place?”

“Uh…” THIS was his idea? I tried to rationally consider this, but found that I couldn’t. Having my brother fuck me, even just long enough to get his dick wet, hadn’t been in the plan. But I could hardly back away from everything now. I said, “Sure, if he wants to.”

Bryce looked at Tyler and gestured towards my vagina. “Stick it in there and get it good and slick, man.”

Tyler looked back and forth from Bryce to me. Finally he said, “Uhm… Amber? You don’t mind?”

“No,” I said.

“Well… ok, then.” He got between my legs, penis sticking almost straight up. “Uh… where does it…?”

“Let me help,” said Bryce. He got behind Tyler and took my brother’s penis in his hand, touching it to my vagina. “There. Just push it in, move it around a little and then pull it out. You’ll have the added bonus of not being a virgin anymore.”

“I won’t be?”

“Nope. Right Amber?”

“Right. Whenever you’re ready,” I said, somewhat anxious to get this over with.

Tyler took a deep breath and pushed forward. It was a very smooth, easy penetration. Just one steady motion and my little brother’s entire thirteen-year-old virgin penis was buried up to the hilt inside my tight fifteen-year-old vagina. It was the ultimate act of incest, and it felt surprisingly good.

“Oh, shit,” Tyler whispered.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” Bryce said, giving my brother a kiss on the cheek. “Now move it around a little so that you get really wet.”

Tyler swallowed hard and nodded. He began thrusting slowly in and out of me. It felt pretty good on a physical level, but I was still a little creeped out by the fact that my own brother was basically fucking me.

“Ok, Tyler,” Bryce said after only about fifteen seconds. “You can pull out now.”

“Yeah… ok… just let me… just… oooh… oooh… OOOOH!” Tyler suddenly shuddered on top of me and I felt his penis begin twitching inside my vagina as his sperm flooded into me. I twitched a little under him, almost having an orgasm of my own.

“Tyler? Tyler, are you cumming?” asked Bryce.

“I… aah… oooh… no… not… not anymore…” Tyler gasped.

Bryce shot me an evil look. “He wasn’t supposed to cum yet!” he growled.

“Don’t look at me, Bryce. It’s not my fault.”

“I’m sorry,” Tyler said. “I didn’t… mean to…”

I reached up and ran a hand along my brother’s arm. “It’s ok, Tyler.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “It just felt too good…”

“Well, that’s ok,” said Bryce. Leaning over he gave Tyler another kiss on the cheek. “At least you got laid, huh?”

“Yeah,” Tyler said, a slow grin spreading across his face. Inside my vagina his still very hard penis twitched just a little. Looking down at me, he said, “Did I do ok, Amber?”

“Of course you did,” I said, only partly lying. For a virgin he’d done all right.

“Cool. I never thought I’d fuck my own sister,” he said with a giggle.

“I never thought I’d get fucked by my own brother,” I said with a giggle of my own.

Bryce rolled his eyes as he started jerking himself slowly. “I don’t know about you two, I just don’t know.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know what to say to that, Bryce,” said Tyler as he started slowly moving on top of me again. He suddenly pulled back, his young penis sliding out of me. “Except maybe for ‘fuck you’.” He grinned at Bryce.

“Yeah? Hellz, yeah!” Bryce rolled over and lay on his back next to me, legs lifted up and ass in the air.

Tyler got on top of Bryce, stroking his penis as he looked at the other boy’s body. “So… how exactly do I do this?”

“Here, let me help this time,” I said. I reached over and took my brother’s penis in my hand. I could tell that it wasn’t going to be lubed up enough. Shrugging a little I leaned down and put my mouth around Tyler’s erection, getting it good and slimy. That done, I lined it up with Bryce’s anus. “Push it in really, really slowly, ok?”

“Alright,” Tyler managed to say, taken aback by the fact that I’d just blown him for a few seconds. He started pushing, and I peered over his shoulder to watch as his penis began slowly sliding up into Bryce’s ass. It took considerably more effort for him to get it in Bryce than it took to get it into me, but that’s what happens when you have boy-boy fucking.

“Oooooh… yeah… god, that’s nice,” Bryce whispered once Tyler was entirely inside him.

“Yeah…? You really like it?” Tyler asked.

“Oh, yes.” Bryce put his hands on Tyler’s butt. “I’ve wanted to do this with you for a very, very long time.”

“Really?” Tyler gave a couple experimental thrusts into Bryce. “Damn, that’s nice.”

“Better than pussy?” I asked with a little grin.

“Uh… I… uh… wow, this is fun!” he said, starting to fuck Bryce in earnest.

“Wimp,” I said, smacking my brother on his bare butt.

“Ow!” Tyler paused, balls-deep in Bryce’s rump. “Hey, wait a second.”

“What?” asked Bryce.

“Did you guys plan this whole thing? You did, didn’t you!”

Bryce shrugged. “I wanted your dick, and Amber wanted… well, something else. So we teamed up.”

Tyler looked at me. “You planned to have me fuck you?”

“Well, that was kind of unplanned. It was nice, though.” I said, smiling at him.

“Yeah… it’s cool that I’m not a virgin anymore… everyone else I know is, except you two, and I think Angelo isn’t anymore. At least he says he’s not.” Angelo was a boy on his team. He was fourteen and very cute. I’d thought about doing him a couple times. Maybe after I got Colt.

Tyler started fucking Bryce some more. “Dude, if you wanted me, why didn’t you just ask?”

Bryce looked surprised. “Uh… cause I thought you’d say no?”

“Bryce, I’ve been having sex with Angelo, Spencer and Colt off and on for like a year now. I’ve even fooled around with Tobey a little. What makes you think I wouldn’t have done it with you?”

If Bryce had looked surprised before he looked totally stunned now. “You’ve, like, slept with the entire team?!”

“Pretty much, yeah. Just not Storm, Matthew or Ezra. Or you. Well, not until now,” he added.

“Fuck me!” Bryce said in tones of amazement.

“I already am,” Tyler said, thrusting some more.

“Ooooh… yeah, I’d noticed that.” He leaned up and kissed Tyler right on the mouth. “After we’re done, will you please tell me about all this?”


There was something very beautiful about two boys having sex, I thought to myself as I sat back fingering while watching. I’d never been much of a voyeur, but I could certainly get used to seeing things like this. It was really interesting watching their young bodies move as they screwed, especially when they started kissing as they fucked. Both were in good shape, had really cute faces and were just amazingly nice to look at. I was somewhat surprised I’d never thought about my brother in a sexual way up until now.

Tyler managed to last about five minutes inside Bryce before he grunted, pushed deep and started to cum. I pictured his sperm flooding up into Bryce’s young butt. I wondered what it felt like to ejaculate. There were times I really wished I was a boy.

“That was fucking sweet, Bryce,” Tyler said as he started pulling out of Bryce’s butt.

“No, wait! Keep it in for a few moments,” Bryce said as he reached down and started jerking off.

“What? Oh, you didn’t cum yet?”


“Oh. Well, here, let me.” Tyler took Bryce’s penis in his hand and started masturbating the other boy at very high speed. It wasn’t more than about thirty seconds before Bryce released a loud moan, and four huge spurts of sperm shot out of the end of his penis and all over his chest.

Once Bryce was done cumming he said, “Ok… you can pull out now…”

“Alright.” Tyler slid out of Bryce and lay down on the bed. He looked over at me. “Did you like watching that?”

“Yeah. I saw you and Colt doing it by the pool a few days ago, you know. That’s kind of what inspired all this.”

“Oh? Damn. I knew we shouldn’t have fooled around out there, but he really wanted to.”

Bryce kissed Tyler. “At least it led to you getting about as laid as any boy can be.”

“There is that.”

The three of us each took a quick break to cycle through the bathroom and get ourselves cleaned up. When that was done, we all got comfortable on the bed, Tyler lying between Bryce and I.

“So what about this story with you and the other boys?” I asked.

“Oh, well. Just sit back and listen, you two,” Tyler said, putting an arm around each of us as we lay next to him. “Settle down, cause it’s a long story.”


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.